1. K

    Fandom Gay LGBT Autumn Cravings: Tolkien-Verse and The Elder Scrolls

    Greetings and Mae Govannen, fellow Roleplayers, I hope this day finds you well :p (In the Works - I will add some more ideas later) So, I have come here to find someone to join me on a little adventure in, as I said in the title, either the Tolkien Universe (The Silmarillion, The Hobbit and...
  2. PrincessGumdrop

    Gumdrop's Gardens

    Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Come and enjoy Gumdrop’s Gardens "Rules of the Garden" (AKA About Me): ~ Follow the site rules, first and foremost. ~ I prefer you PM me if you are interested, I will rp via PM or thread (potentially Discord). ~ I am a moderate to advanced poster (2-4+ paragraphs) I...
  3. B

    Seeking bottoms/submissives to torment! <3

    Hello. Here's the dealio: I'm looking for a couple roleplays. Just a few to hold my interest for however long I feel like sticking around this time. I can't promise super long-term, but not sure how long short-term would be. If you're looking for a smut buddy, I'm your butt buddy. :) What I'm...
  4. PetPrince

    Dark Fantasy Gay His War Prize (Dom Wanted)

    The Kingdom of Lucaerus and The Kingdom of Ceva have been at war for months now. Ceva finally get's the upper hand and the recently crowned King of Ceva negotiates a treaty. The King and his subjects will continue living as they always have if the king gave away his youngest son as a war prize...
  5. Janslow

    Gay Looking for MxM Roleplay Partners

    Hey there! I'm Jake, and I'm bored and horny. We can all relate, let's be real here. I actually play a lot of D&D, however, so I find that I can be very good at being descriptive and crafting a good ass scene, if that intrigues you. I'm looking for any sort of pairing, as long as it's two dudes...
  6. Abyssmaluser

    Canon Fantasy Fandom Gay Original SciFi Abyssmal's plots for conquest (Subs wanted! DM if interested and specify which plot you want/character you want me to play as!)

    Looking for people interested in two RP plots! Here they are and the characters in question! I'll post my kink list in spoilers after and settings I know after that! Plots Characters (list of all 5 characters here) Kinks (feel free to tell me if any aren't ok/excite you) Setting list
  7. Master Pain

    Hazbin Hotel Anyone?

    Yeah I’ll admit it I fell in deep love with Hazbin Hotel. Haven’t seen it? It’s on youtube! Highly recommend. Anyways! I was looking got some Alistar x Angel Dust shenanigans or any other sort of pairing. Let me know if you’re interested.
  8. sweetkitsunegirl

    Fantasy Gay Original Kit's Search

    Hello everyone. I'm Kitsune or Kit. I am a uke or bottom. That being said I can be a power bottom or in control. I don't go crazy about grammar mistakes as we all make mistakes. I am not here to write novels and not interested in being lit. However I don't like one liners as it does make it hard...
  9. lucky_b4_life

    Lucky One Way or the Other MxM (Looking for Dom) (Willing to do FxM) 11/19

    Lucky one way or the other: Welcome to my search page. Here you will find several story ideas that I will attempt to keep up to date as much as possible. I will start by saying that I mostly play MxM stories. However; if the pitch for a MxF story line is pitched in the correct manner I am not...
  10. M

    Gay LGBT Original Romance SciFi Western Long-Term Incest | Dad/Son | Multiple Genres | Literate | Discord (Plot Ideas Added)

    Hello! The title really sums it up for me. I'm looking for a long-term incest RP, preferably featuring the father/son dynamic, with the option to play in/with multiple different genres, and with a literate partner than is okay with using Discord. That's the short of it, but I'll elaborate more...
  11. K

    Chubby Femboy Request

    I'm looking to do an mpreg RP. I'm fine with almost anything,so don't be afraid to suggest fetishes to include. Even if I'm not into it,I definitely won't judge you for liking it. I typically prefer short replies(3-5 sentences),since it is easier for me to keep things going that way. Pm me if...
  12. Lady Faust

    Deals with the Devil [1x1, MxM, MxF, FxM, literate]

    Lady Faust's Roleplay Information Posting Schedule: I will try for at least once a week. I'm not always great at communication, so feel free to PM me if I seem to have forgotten, and I'll probably write a letter apologizing for real life. >.> Post Length: 500-1500 words on average, depending on...
  13. Z


  14. Ryuu-chan

    Fandom Original •☆ Ryuu's Chamber of Secrets ☆• (Updated and Open!)

    Hello! I'm Ryuu, previously a user on HouseAdonis/Elysium. Found my way back to this forum after thinking it had been deleted into oblivion. :,) I've been roleplaying for over half a decade. Feel free to suggest your own plot ideas! This list is always updating and RP spots are unlimited Please...
  15. Jackalope

    Wordy Wordsmiths Wanted [MxM]

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Hello, Traveller! I'm Jackalope! I'm from the United Kingdom and when I'm not under a country-wide lock down, I have a 9-5 job that makes me most active during weeknights and over the weekend. Though I do try to reply to my partners daily, if not every other day, but at the moment I am...
  16. Ideduce

    Fandoms inside. Examples Draco x Ron, Myncroft x Lestrade, witcher, LotR plots inside

    Likes: Edging. toy use, voyeurism, masterbathing, rival shipping, friend shipping, body worship, fluff, light bsdm Dislikes: Omega universe (I like some ideas from it but not many so I'll just pass on this and yeah I've tried it a few times), bathroom things, incest, rape(I mean it can be in...
  17. novablues

    [OPEN] Novablues Seeks Writing Partners

  18. shimmersong

    Some random ideas (search for futa and femboys)

    Just looking for few some few rps. I am not looking for a lot as I am currently busy. I am not looking for anything literate as I do not have the time to post for that long. Please Read: I can do up to on paragraph (6 sentences.) Times I am are at random. I work full time and going to college...
  19. Flare

    Flare's Pairings & Idea Requests

    Hey, my name is Flare. I'm a 20 something gender neutral individual who's been roleplaying for a little over a decade. I've done various different kinds of roleplays with many different people so there's not much that surprises me or that I'd be opposed to. I'd appreciate it if you'd take a look...
  20. Ted_MxM

    Dark Gay Horror Original SciFi MxM, masc bottom/vers

    TLDR: Will play a range of masc(ish) bottom-to-top/vers Mostly looking for chat style RP or shorter more frequent posts (prefer Discord) with cis male characters. Not into filth, furries, or really feminine guys. Most genres and normal non-filth kinks are ok Fav Kink: Coercion **Beijing time...
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