1. PetPrince

    Dark Fantasy Gay His War Prize (Dom Wanted)

    The Kingdom of Lucaerus and The Kingdom of Ceva have been at war for months now. Ceva finally get's the upper hand and the recently crowned King of Ceva negotiates a treaty. The King and his subjects will continue living as they always have if the king gave away his youngest son as a war prize...
  2. sophia_sub

    Dark SciFi Straight [f4M] I used to be a bright student, now I'm your obedient suck-pet [Discord]

    You finally completed it. The device has a sophisticated MRI scanner that allows it to scan the brain in real-time, providing information about the different areas of the brain, their level of activity and interpret thoughts and commands faster than the body is able to execute them. It could...
  3. Trigon

    Original SciFi MxF - Bimbo Training Collar

    So here is the basic scenario; you are outfitted with a shock collar that is built with with mini-MRI's or EEG brainwave sensors, giving it the capability to monitor your thoughts in real time. As long as you are a good girl, nothing bad will happen. But if you so much as think otherwise, an...
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