Gay Romance A Killer Catboy?!


Jan 5, 2019
21+ | he/him | looking for others over 18! | all characters involved will be over 18!

Gonna try to throw my hat into the ring of OC stuff! -- Akito, my cringy killer catboy (TW for blood and gun on his page!)
He's envisioned as a vaguely Ghostface-esque idiot who does also do a lot of killing. 🤷 Is also very gay. Maybe you're his survivor boy, or some detective on his trail. Maybe you just run a true crime podcast and plan to confront him. Whatever! A person he ends up dating and eventually pieces together that he's the one that's been doing some murders, or maybe they don't piece it together at all!
He's not a very good boyfriend, he's v clingy and whiny, but is entirely dedicated to them!

But if you'd like to hash out something with him, feel free to DM me here or on Discord: falk!#6930
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