A New Take On D/S ERP (LF: literate f sub; fantasy worlds preferred)

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May 11, 2021
Hi there, I'm Nott. I'm a highly skilled roleplayer and I'm looking for a literate partner.

My character starts telling yours what to do. This could be subtle at first, a few nudges here and there about how to sit, how to stand, how address him, and so. "Don't cross your legs in my presence." "You will come to me when I snap my fingers." The list lengthens, the rules get stricter. "You will keep yourself soaking wet, but you're not to cum without permission." Maybe she's confused, intimidated or desperate to please, but she finds herself instinctively submitting to him despite her embarrassment.

Might this occasionally verge on light godmodding? Kind of; I don't want to control her, but I will assume compliance. This is not a bad thing if it's done skillfully. I suspect that at least one reason people find it more interesting to play uppity submissives than submissive submissives is that the standard RP format is biased against submissive submissives, because standard RP etiquette (which was not designed with D/S ERP in mind) requires that I provide your character space to make the decision to obey over and over again even when it would be bizarre if she did anything but. It isn't for everyone, but I've been told that the experience of being walked through a scene in this way can be thrilling.

If all goes according to plan, consent or lack thereof doesn't come up. I prefer dubcon, short for dubious consent. I've acquired a pretty good feel for this, but to be honest I don't need to try very hard to make it feel natural. Every form has its limitations, and the standard RP format cannot represent this sort of coercive relationship adequately. My way has better flow. Relax, follow my lead, and you will start to like the fact that you lack a degree of power afforded to you in standard RP format, enjoy the discomfort this engenders. It might help to remember I'm not expecting anything more, watching your character cope with her situation is incredibly hot.

Now, does this mean you can't play "tough" smart mouthed girls full stop? Not exactly. See the first plot if that's your thing.

Some quick stuff:

I have a type: slim, nice tits, long hair, and I like feminine fantasy archetypes like elves and healers, as you'll discover below. I like to play huge men against smaller women, which puts me in charge of what happens in a 10 foot radius around my character. You will be pushed, pulled, bent over, forced up against stuff, etc. Some kinks of mine are humiliation, public humiliation, forced nudity, objectification, sexism, rules, blowjobs, punishments, orgasm control / denial, servitude, and mind games. I'm certainly willing to do modern plots (see below), but the wide open skies, beautiful girls, sprawling wilderness, rugged manly adventurers and lawlessness of fantasy worlds just seems to lend itself to what I'm into. Everything fantasy's critics say about it being a sexist genre is true and perfect for our purposes.

I'm not a fan of uppity subs or anything involving scat.

I should also mention I prefer frequent, short sex scenes to a few long ones. ERP sex works because of the context, the narrative. I want hot sex with many suggestive details, but getting bogged down in a scene is awful. It's like porn - mechanical. I'd say that 70%+ of what I write is sex, but - how do I put this? - it's not like watching porn. Every scene has a point to it, and taken together they form a descent into submission narrative. This is why I prefer longer-term RPs. Plotwise, I prefer low-stakes stuff - we're not going to be saving the world, that's boring.

Finally, not to wear you out, I like time realism and that means montage-esque time skips, another possibility opened up by this style - otherwise we move too fast IC.

Option 1,"Rescued" (fantasy) (priority)

You play a beautiful, wild princess of a northern tribe of wood elves, headstrong and proud - at least that's how she imagines herself. Kidnapped by orcs at war with her people, she is rescued by a human mercenary from the south. A hulk of a man even bigger than the orcs he does away with to get her. Without understanding exactly why or even that she is, she is terrified of him - albeit grateful. Now, she wants and expects her to take her home, given the reward her father promised, but he needs her to be a guide on his journey further north, through the mysterious mazelike wilds that only those with fey blood have a hope to navigate - and what's the point of having a woman around camp if you can't put her to her best use?

This creates a fun contradiction for a talented writer to explore - a princess who is used to being "headstrong" only because she can get away with it, desperate to project a fierce image, who nevertheless finds herself obeying out of fear while trying to pretend she's unfazed, partially because she is deluded that she is, rationalizing each little defeat as no big deal or even a good thing, keeping up all bark and no bite, etc until she no longer can.

Now, for this one, what I'd love is for the first sex scenes to be nbd, just a sort of foreplay really; they'll happen relatively early (I'm thinking mildly forceful seduction in the middle of the night) but I'd be thrilled if your character just sort of accepted it, kind of liked it, was too scared or confused to ask too many questions, etc. The real turning point will be when she leads him astray after their first week together and he punishes her.

Option 2, "The Healslut" (fantasy)

Now, healslutting is a kink that originated in Overwatch. It now has a subreddit and plenty of fan art. If you're a gamer, you'll know that healing is a kind of submission. You can't do anything by yourself and you require protection. You're more like a piece of equipment than a respectable class. You kind of deserve to be the party fucktoy. The idea of having a sexy healer girl "equipped" like gear really appeals to me, so we're going to run with it in another Dungeons and Dragons inspired world.

Like the above, we can play it two ways (a) your character is an eager white mage, the newest member of a party of adventurers; she has a crush on the handsome party leader, but her performance is lackluster and she keeps messing up in little ways. Eventually, he "puts his foot down." And (b) your character white mage who has long been pursued by an adventurer. Once they made love. Twice he asked her to join your party, be his healer, but both times she refused. Eventually, after not seeing her for six months, he finds he captive in some dungeon amid other treasures; filthy, hungry, in rags, but otherwise unharmed - and ready to be thrown into the loot pile.

Option 3, "Making Ends Meet"

Another D&D inspired fantasy world. This one is admittedly kind of barebones, but let me know if you a bright idea to spice it up.

You play a struggling adventurer, the leader of a small party just trying to make ends meet; I play a much more successful rival whom she is annoyed by and slightly jealous of - a sorcerer of a powerful lineage. When things go wrong on an assignment and two of his own party members die, he convinces her party to leave her and join him instead. Without a party to rely on, she finds that she is unable to take on serious assignments, leaving her with no choice but to parlay with him in hopes of rejoining her former companions.

Option 4, "the House Rules" (modern)

Similar to 3 but in modern times. I'd set it on the first day of college and I'd make it a bad boy x good girl thing, a piece of shit drug dealer and a beautiful but shy student who waited too long to find a place to stay. From the moment she steps through the door he's aggressive. The conceit is that she never works up the courage to ask "what's going on?", even when he starts writing 'House Rules' for her on the dry erase board in the hallway- things like, "you are always to shower with the door unlocked", "you will show me your tits on demand", or "you will strip to your underwear and wait on your hands and knees for me by the door when you return home after school".

fantasy variant: it's a college where students learn magic

Option 5, "Date Rape" (modern / sci fi)

Your character is a first year foreign exchange student in a future where women over eighteen can be legally bought and sold, used and abused; misogyny is pervasive. Your character meets a very charming young man on campus, perhaps in one of her classes. He asks her out for coffee and the first date goes well, but it is clear he views himself as her natural superior. It's kind of exciting: he has no issue forcing her up against the wall and yanking down her panties for his use when he gets bored of the conversation. She's too flustered to challenge him, and ends up submitting to his demands. I'm thinking that in this world the object of dates is more predatory than in ours i.e. to dominate your date, so if you don't have her total submission by the end of the night you're kind of a pussy. That means it's normal to e.g. make her address you as 'sir', discipline her, keep her trapped on your lap while you ask questions, undress her in the middle of the coffee shop, fuck her when you get bored, etc (and women in this country don't accept dates unless they are okay with this). Anyway from then on, any time or place he feels like it, he fucks her, whether it's at a movie theater or a park, and even while expecting her to keep up her end of the conversation. Otherwise he remains quite charming. Until she finally confronts him about it and finds herself getting fucked in the ass until she has tearfully apologized for questioning his right to use her whenever and however he sees fit.

If you are interested, PM me ASAP. If you don't have much of a post history, please make it substantial! I'll RP over PMs, IMs, and email in that order of preference. If you are secretly a man pretending to be a woman do not tell me, as I will find myself unable to RP with you even though *intellectually* I believe it shouldn't matter.
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