A Newbie Emerges

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Jan 18, 2019
Sweet Home Alabama
I signed up for HouseEros but learned about the transition so decided to just go ahead and come here. I am new here and hope to be around this site for a while. So, here goes nothing. By the way, I suck at introductions.

I've been roleplaying for about 12 or so years. I wasn't the best whenever I first started but with the help of some friends, I learned how perfect my writing abilities. Though, no one is truly the best or perfect, right? I started roleplaying when I was 16 on a chat server but my friends left while I stayed behind and roleplaying on there hasn't been the same. Since then, I've been writing through the forums, both regular and adult, and the stars aligned as to where I met some of my old friends on them. I've been writing on the forums for about 9 or so years and some of the sites have shut down while others are still quite active as I hope this one is, too. I just really want to broaden my skills elsewhere, to be perfectly honest. My adult writing skills anyway, which I am pretty well at, as well.

If you want to see my best writing then you should see in these genres: romance, modern, medieval or historical, superpowered and certain fandoms. Though, with fandoms, I prefer creating my own characters for them and just using the universe along with whatever plot we collaborate on together. There's also probably more genres but that's all I can think of now. I am big on collaborative plotting as not one person should be doing all of the work by themselves in roleplaying.

Wow. This seems like a request thread mostly. Sorry about that and uh, I am unsure what else to add as I am terrible at introductions. Oh! Guess I could add that I am a homosexual male but write as males and females respectively along with all sexualities. I do not prefer one gender over the other. I also tend to be polite, respectful, kind and just all things nice to everyone that I come across. I don't think I have a mean bone in my body although, I am sure I do but I hardly almost never shows it.

Okay, think that I am finally done. If you have any questions or concerns(please don't have any concerns. lol) then feel free to voice them below. Hope to chat and write with you all soon! Also, apologies for the length in advance. I usually do really long introductions because I like to ramble. A lot.
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