A Non-Guilty Pleasure Dragon Ball Z/Super Request Thread (M4AplayingF)

Mr. Vyce

Jan 3, 2019

Come forth, divine dragon! Grant my wish for some canon x OC Dragon Ball Z/Super smut, peas and carrots!
All characters must be written/played as 21 years old if they aren’t already older.

Hey there, one and all! This will be short and sweet: I'm seeking a lighthearted, campy tongue-in-cheek Dragon Ball Z/Super line with a firm leaning towards smut and unrepentant hardedged "Fuck you!" positivity. I have a male Saiyan OC named Razini I'm looking to play in the setting opposite some female canons; his bio, a writing sample, a kink list, and a list desired canon ladies are all viewable on this specific F-list.
I want to maintain the setting's comedic shonen action and campy tone. Highspirited adventure, over-the-top fight scenes, plenty of silliness, humor and comedy, witty/sexy banter, fluff, loving romance (be it rough and intense or softer and sweeter), playful sensuality, quiet/subtle moments of character growth, people genuinely having fun and enjoying themselves, quite a bit of smut...that kind of stuff. Want a line with a rough balance of story and smut? I can do that. (We can include as much--or as little--build-up as you want.) Want a shameless sex-fest where an intricate long-term narrative isn’t required to justify lewd funtimes, or the storyline’s a thin excuse tying smutty scenes together? I can do that too.

Like I said...short, simple and to the point. :p

I’m male (for those who’d consider that a dealbreaker) and am looking for partners who’ll play female (or possibly futa) characters. Your RL gender's a non-factor to me: All I care about is whether you enjoy/are enthusiastic about the line and take pride in your writing.

Medium-wise, I'm open to playing over E-mail (favorite), Google Docs, or PMs.

I typically write 2-3 sizable paragraphs in the 3rd-person POV per post, which I request partners be able to at least match. I am a fan of OOC chunnering and spazzing out about lines, elaborating on personal headcanons, sharing character-reflective media and such.

Open to one-shots, short-term and long-term lines (if we mesh and circumstances allow).

Kinks are in the linked F-list, my general preference being sex positivism and mutual pleasure for all parties involved (which doesn't preclude kinky shenanigans). Everyone consents, all parties retain their basic dignity (no one's degraded and made to feel "tainted" or ashamed for enjoying themselves), and there's nothing "rapey" in mood or tone.

❤ One specific guilty pleasure kink I'm seeking is clean footplay (the female being the receiving party). Giving attention upon a female's bare or nylon/stocking-covered legs and feet. I'm wanting for this to be an extension of foreplay, body worship, humor, teasing sensuality in fully savoring the female form or mutual pleasure. It wouldn't necessarily dominate or be a defining kink, but I do ask that potential partners not deem its inclusion an automatic dealbreaker.
❤ I'm also craving fluffy, fiery romance! You know, lines where the relationship isn't the main source of conflict, and characters being in happy, healthy, positive and generally stable pairings aren't deemed dull or "boring". Perhaps our characters have a "challenging-yet-happily" relationship, constantly snarking and scrapping on equal terms but always having each other's back. Perhaps they're loving equals with some role-reversal where they're very different but not laughably incompatible. Something like that.

👍 Anal/assplay (always clean)
👍 Curvy/”thicc” women
👍 Light bondage (blindfolds, silk scarves, fuzzy handcuffs, light waxplay, hands and soft/feathery/silken things)
👍 Tickling
👍 Clothed/semi-clothed sex
👍 Outfit play (especially women wearing nylons/stockings/pantyhose and dresses)
👍 Light foodplay
👍 Humorous/sexy banter and playful dirty talk (think "You naughty little minx" rather than "You filthy little slut")
👍 Rough loving passion and intimacy (characters being pinned down, powerful affection and lovemaking)
👍 Destructo-Nookie
👍 Use of powers/abilities during sex
👍 Light pain (biting, scratching, spanking)
Pointedly dark themes/settings and "misery porn". I have a strong aversion to lines where every altruistic act invariably serves as the foundation for future treachery or atrocity, character growth and development only comes in two flavors (emotional nutshots and tragedy for its own sake) because suffering and pain are romanticized, it's always rape o'clock, and everyone's an unlikable jerkass, aggresssively abrasive/miserable "2broodingnwangsty4u!" edgelord or gratuitously/psychotically malicious sociopath congenetically incapable of warmth and trust.

Sex negativism. I'm not really keen on emotionally-sadomasochistic relationships or consistently abusive/manipulative/traumatic/degrading sexual encounters centered around making someone "lesser than".

General awfulness. Fetishizing/eroticizing discrimination (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, hate speech/slurs, etc.), infidelity, anything "rapey" in tone/feel, graphic brutality and torture, filth, bad hygiene, "slobby" characters, bodily excreta (smegma, mucus, pus, vomit, etc.), and anything that belongs in a toilet or exits an ass.

Pillow princesses. Painfully spineless damsels-in-perpetual-distress who never exercise any personal initiative, are wholly ignorant/innocent about sexual matters and don't display sexual self-agency, or treat sex as a loathsome/tedious chore to dispassionately endure.

A laidback and casual post frequency (1-5 posts a week) is preferred. I'm very patient and willing to wait for a considerable length of time as long as I'm kept in the loop. Otherwise, I'll archive the line if two weeks pass with no response (a quick "My life's currently a dumpster fire; I need to pause this" will suffice).

I'm ditch/ghost friendly and will not chase after or "poke" errant partners. If we need to put the RP on temporary hiatus or end it for whatever reason, let me know; it is what it is. (If you want to resume a line, reach out and we can talk about that.)

So if this interests you, please don't reply on this thread. PM me with the following:
  • What from this ad specifically interests you
  • Whether you're looking for a one-shot, short-term, or long-term line
  • Some mutually-shared kinks (if you have an F-list, please feel free to share the link)
  • Any turn-offs and RP pet peeves/dealbreakers you have (so we don't step on each other's toes)
  • A writing sample (to see if we mesh style-wise, as well as it just showing confidence on your end)
  • Anything else you think is relevant or I should know
But if you aren't interested, then thank you for reading through this quick ad anyway! Please take these Dragon Balls with you, in the hopes they will grant your RP wishes. :)

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