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Feb 14, 2019
Salutations and welcome! After taking a brief hiatus away from roleplaying to recharge, I am back and ready to write again. :)

About Me:
  • Live in EST; and in my late twenties.
  • A hopeless romantic.
  • Can post between 2-4+ multiple, decent-sized paragraphs per reply.
  • Write in third-person POV in paragraph format.
  • I consider myself intermediate/semi-advanced.
  • I am double-friendly and OOC friendly.
  • Am ghost-friendly.
  • I enjoy plotting and world-building with my partner(s).
  • I only play (main and secondary) characters who are in their mid-twenties and older.
  • I only do MxF romantic settings.
  • I only use realistic (celebrity/model) face-claims or written descriptions.
What I'm Looking For:
  • Someone who is 21+ (preferably 25+).
  • Double-friendly (who can play male characters) and OOC friendly.
  • Someone who can post multiple, decent-sized paragraphs per reply.
  • Intermediate/advanced writers only.
  • Third-person, past tense, perspective in paragraph format writers only.
  • Someone who uses realistic (celebrity/model) face-claims or written descriptions.
  • Plotting and world-building.
  • Story-driven, romantic stories (70% plot & 30% smut).
Protective/Dominate Men
Light/Medium Bondage
Sexual Frustration/Exhaustion
Vanilla Sex
Risk of Pregnancy/Pregnancy

Incest or Forced Incest
Heavy BDSM/Sexual Torture
Watersports/Bathroom Play
Huge Age Gaps
Anime Character/Settings
Professor x Student Pairings

Original Pairings/Settings:
(Roles= My Partner x Me)
  • Scottish Highland Laird x Time Traveling Woman
  • English Mill Owner x Irish Mill Worker
  • Detective Inspector x Female Physician
  • Circus Performer/Worker x Ringmaster's Daughter
  • Adventurer x Professor's Daughter
  • Union/Confederate Soldier x General's Daughter
  • Union/Confederate Soldier x Plantation Owner's Daughter
  • Union/Confederate Soldier x Time Traveling Woman
  • Texas Ranger x Politician's Daughter
  • Texas Ranger x Native American Chief's Daughter
  • Texas Ranger/Lawman x Time Traveling Woman
  • Lawman x Gun-slinger's Daughter
  • Detective x Mob Leader's Daughter
  • WWII American/British Soldier x Time Traveling Woman
  • WWII American/British Soldier x Childhood Sweetheart
  • Disfigured Veteran x Caregiver (Post-WWII/Fifties)
  • Secret Agent x Secret Agent (Mr. & Mrs. Smith-Inspired)
  • Paranormal Investigators (Husband & Wife Team)
  • Titanic-Inspired
  • Downton Abbey-Inspired
  • Jane Austen-Inspired
Fandom Universes:
(Canon x OC or OC x OC)
  • The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Seeking Eomer)
  • The X-Men (Seeking Marsden's Cyclops or Jackman's Wolverine)
  • 2009's Star Trek (Seeking Dr. Leonard McCoy)
  • Star Wars: The Original Trilogy or Legends (Seeking Han Solo, Kyp Durron, Jacen Solo, or Human Male OC)
  • Indiana Jones (Seeking Indy)
  • Harry Potter (Seeking Oliver Wood, Thewlis's Remus Lupin, or Male OC)
  • Narnia (Seeking Older Peter Pevensie or Male OC)
  • Aliens (Seeking Corporal Dwayne Hicks)
  • 1984's The Terminator (Seeking Kyle Reese)
  • The Phantom of the Opera (Seeking Butler's Phantom)
  • Priest (Seeking Black Hat)
  • The Vampire Diaries (Seeking Alaric Saltzman) - only on season 4
  • The Originals (Seeking Elijah Mikaelson)
  • Lucifer (Seeking Lucifer or Cain)
  • NCIS (Seeking Tony DiNozzo)
  • The Boys (Seeking Billy Butcher)
  • American Horror Story: Murder House (Seeking Dr. Ben Harmon)
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