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Jan 9, 2019
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I’m a bit full up on plotty rps. And I think a more smutty comic relief thread is in order so I came up with this! Pm me if you’re interested.
Well basically...

This might not be too fancy cause I’m just looking for one more partner (maybe two), to scratch some of these cravings I have right now.

About me I’ve been rolyplaying a few years, I’m not the best writer there ever was but ehh I’m satisfied with my skill currently. Check my posts for examples of my writing. If you want a longer example just tell me, I got you.

Right now I do enjoy longer replies but if you can give me 2-3 paragraphs I’m good with that (Maybe one if your uninspired cause it be like that sometimes). I might post more than that if I’m inspired or really into it. Don’t worry about mirroring my length in those cases.

For the purposes of this rp I would love it if we could both play a healthy mix of tops and bottoms

Also...we can talk links and things I’m plotting but generally my no goes are most toilet play, sexualized gore, vomit, dd/lg or the gay variation of that is, ABDL, castration/emasculation and blood parent/blood child incest.

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Aka: A young gentleman’s guide to getting ass, and taking cock like a Pro!

“I’m called Eden, for being inside me is paradise~!”
Name: The Little Black Book: Eden
Age: Ageless
Race: Book Spirit
Orientation: Gay
Position: Switch (Can lean bottom if that’s what your into lol)
Hobbies: People watching, Thinking of smutty completely false stories to tell people, Guessing what the dick of every guy he sees is like, putting enchantments on unsuspecting mortals
History: Eden was once heir to prosperous kingdom. But it was soo boring! He shirked his duties whenever he could and went off often to play with bards and entertainers (of various kinds). When he reached the right age he made passed through a royal edict (while his father was away) that all men must refrain from shaving their beards. As he preferred them. It was then that the citizens knew that such a frivolous person would never be able to handle the throne. But he didn’t care about his birthrights. He never asked to be a king.

After this the king focused his efforts on his second son for the throne and he was largely left to do as he pleased. And what he pleased was to have a battalion of muscled men, ready to please him whenever he wanted. That was how he began created the largest harem that the country had ever seen.
Things were truly great. He was never happier.

However, things took a turn for the surprising, when he was considering his 100th consort he inadvertently offended a god, by criticizing the size of his human avatar’s manhood. Feeling humiliated the god decided to but a curse on the unsuspecting prince and separate him from the body he loved so much.

I’ve been bogged down a lot with a bunch of heavyweight plot rps. Don't get me wrong I love them but I haven't been able to practice writing smut! So I came up with this. Inspired but the manga I’m reading, “Little black book vs blue blood”

There’s a legend of a prince who was so lustful that he rewrote the law to let him have as many consorts as he desired. He was slowly building up a harem of almost 100! Not only that but it of 100 men. Not a single woman was ever seen in his bedchambers. It is said that that prince was punished by the gods for his extreme and shameless show of lasciviousness and nowadays it is used as a fable to scare young noble men and women into practicing celibacy until marriage.

But in one reputable household (could even be the royal family!) one man wishes his son would take even a single page from that slutty prince’s book! His son is already well beyond the age where he could’ve taken a wife, or at least a consort but he shows not even the smallest sign of interest. There even rumors that the house’s only son is impotent. This won’t do, so in his desperation he recalls about a family heirloom of theirs: a book! Passed down for generations this heirloom is supposedly a holy instrument blessed by the gods to contain any answer one is seeking. Hoping that the book will contain the solution to his son’s impotence he gives it as gift on his son’s birthday.

To the young master’s(prince’s surprise) when he is trying to read the wretched book a sudden bright light blinds him. And right where his book once was there’s a gorgeous young man with no clothing to speak off sitting in his lap.

The man claims to be his book and announces that he will cure his impotence so he will be able to lie with a woman and continue his family line. There's only two problems with that. The young master (or prince) is super GAY. And horribly awkward around either sex.

But with the help of the spirit of the little book and its holy powers of enchantment this awkward young man will not only have ample opportunity to lose his pesky virginity but also may just be able to build up a manly harem of his very own!

OOC: So here’s the ideal situation, you play the Young Master/Prince and I'll be the little black book. And we can both play whoever they decide to target and pursue for their growing harem.

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