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Jul 23, 2021
Hey there, not sure how to properly write this out but I’ll give it a try. Haven’t roleplayed in a while so I’m looking for someone to roleplay with. A few things before I get into the details.​

  1. All together, I have been Roleplaying for about 10 years, give or take. That’s not consecutive, of course, I have taken breaks from time to time due to real life priorities and what not, but I have always had a love for story telling. When it comes to a level of literacy, I’m not sure where I’d fall under, but I know who to craft a story. I understand the importance of setting and descriptors. If I had to throw a title to it, I’d say I’m just “Literate”. I would never give you a one liner or less then a paragraph or two, but my basic posts probably never go more then seven paragraphs or so. I want to give my partner enough to work with, but not so much that it feels like their reading a short novel.
  2. When it comes to grammar or punctuation, I’m not perfect, but I do reread my writing before posting to make sure it as correct as can be. Of course, there will be typos from time to time and I might cut off sentences a little to early on accident. But with that being said, I never rush myself to get a post out. I take my time, read over your reply a couple of times, and draft out what kind of response I’d like to give you. If I have a clear cut idea of what I want my writing to convey, it does make the process easier, but that also does take time. So if I take some time, it’s probably because I’m making sure my reply conveys the message I want to get across.
  3. So because of my process and real life obligations, I can post about every two to three days. Maybe even in one day, but that’s really only when we first start the roleplay or if I’m inspired in that moment. I have a full time job that I work during the day so my free time is allocated to my nights or when I have off days. I also have other things that take some of my free time; it’s not that I won’t have time for roleplaying, but it will definitely be something I’ll have to juggle along with my other hobbies. I will let you know if my post is or will take longer to get out, but if I haven’t replied in a week, just know that I haven’t given up on the RP.
  4. Now, when it comes to the position I tend to play, I usually roleplay as the Top or Seme as it’s also know. I know how to play Dominate Tops, Submissive Tops, but my characters tend to be Himbos, the dense but lovable muscle jocks. Those are my favorites to play but I can play a whole range of other characters, depending on the type of roleplay I’m doing. When it comes to my partners character, I prefer them to be the Bottom or the Uke. I’ll start by saying that I really like a true lay vanilla paring when it comes to our characters. That means Big Top/Small Bottoms. I know that’s a pretty over used stereotype, but I like to keep it simple that way. I’m all for Submissive Top/Dominate Bottoms but as long as it’s clear cut that the small one is the catcher and the big one if the pitcher then it’s all good in my books.
  5. On the subject of characters, I love typing out profiles and bios, but I know that can be a bit much at times. I really only want a simple profile of your character (i.e., Name, Age, DOB, etc.) i don’t need to know there aspirations and dreams or there full backstory, but the simple basic information works for me. Also, when it comes to reference, I prefer illustrated character references. Nothing against using real face models, but I do like a bit of exaggeration when it comes to references of our characters. The exception to that is literal anime characters; again nothing against the use of those reference, but when its a recognizable character, it throws my immersion for a loop and turns me off. Safest way to know if I’ll enjoy your character I just to run it by me. I’ll do the same if asked.
  6. The last thing has to deal with PwP, or Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot. I like some erotic fiction, but I love it more when there is a story behind it all. If all you want is to write some smut and call it a day, then i might not be the right partner for you. I need a good reason to continue the roleplay and smut isn’t a good enough reason. I want to tell a meaningful story, whatever the plot may be and watch our characters grow as people. I also love watching relationships grow (or fall apart) and everything wonderful and flawed about it. Will there be plot? Yes. Will there be porn? Yes. But just one or the other won’t do. So know that if you wanna roleplay with me, it’s something long term, both of us creating something we could be proud of.
Alright, sorry for all of that and it went on longer then I thought it would, but I hope it conveys the idea I’m trying to give for what kind of roleplay partner I’ll be. I do have to note that when it comes to kinks and stuff of that nature, I’m pretty open to most anything, as long as it isn’t hardcore. If you have questions about certain kinks you can message me about them and I’ll let you know if it’s gets a green light or pass.

The last thing I’d like to mention is that if you are interested in roleplaying with me, send me a PM/DM as I’ll mostly reply to those more often then not.

Now, onto plot ideas.

Story Name: Just for a Moment

Story Synopsis: YC is a fresh out of High School graduate, starting college in the next semester. They live with their windowed father and their grandmother. The previous year, YC lost their mother (I’ll leave the reason up to you) and have been coping with the loss. One night, a friend invites YC to a party, typical college frat party, and that’s when he bumps into MC. From there, the story evolves into a complex yet comforting relationship between the two of them, MC trying to help YC find his way in the world and accept the loss of his mother.

Subject Themes: Angst, Loss, Coming of Age, Comedy

Story Name: Darkest Night

Story Synopsis: 20 years ago Sun went out and Earth was shrouded in everlasting darkness. Supernatural being called Umbralings began to spring up and killed everything they saw. MC is a wander, traveling the world and helping where he can. One day, he comes in contact with YC a normal looking human, but with a well hidden secret. YC is the only know human with powers similar to the Umbralings, having been genetically altered by scientist. The two join to together and travel around, while trying to find out more about YC mysterious and forgotten past.

Subject Themes: Post-Apocalyptic, Dark Science Fiction, Other Worldly

That’s all I’ve got for now. Honestly I’m really only looking for one of these to be taken. I don’t have plans to do more then one roleplay so once I’ve got one going, my searching will be closed until I get to a point where I can fit more time for another.​
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