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Feb 9, 2019
Please read all of the below information before submitting a character application and posting rp in this group. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to send me a message.


(This RP group is an offshoot The Masterful on The House of Eros. For those of you joining us from The Masterful, this RP is starting about 5 years after RP on The Masterful began.)

For many years, Wolf faithfully served his Mistress, Penelope Masters (aka the Goddess). As one of her first slaves, he was at her side as she built her massive empire of illicit trade from the ground up, doing whatever she asked, including selling his body, serving as her bodyguard, and overseeing the slaves at her Los Angeles nightclub, the Masterful. Eventually, he earned his place as her second in command, no longer a slave, but serving her loyally all the same. But, a few years ago, his Mistress disappeared, leaving Wolf to take charge and keep her empire together. Recently, Wolf decided to move to Las Vegas and launch his own business venture, an ultra exclusive paradise of hedonism called Elysian.

Guest: anyone who is indulging in the pleasures of Elysian, whether they be Members, off-duty Staff, or special visitors. (so an Employee who is off-duty and enjoying The Garden is referred to as a Guest).

Member: anyone who is on The List and has gained official membership at Elysian through the payment of fees or some other means. Members may arrive at Elysian at any time and stay for as long as they wish.

Client: any Guest who is actively engaging the intimate services of a Nymph.

Staff: anyone who works at Elysian, including Employees and slaves.

Employee: anyone working at Elysian for pay.

Slave: anyone owned by Wolf and/or working at Elysian without pay.

Nymph: a Slave whose primary role is to take on Clients at Elysian. Considered a member of Staff. Wears a thin metal collar that is gold in color.

Sprite: a Slave who does not take on Clients but, instead, is assigned other tasks. Considered a member of Staff. Wears a thin metal collar that is silver in color.

Pet: a privately owned, personal slave. For example, Members who have their own personal slaves may bring them along to Elysian. Or, exceptional Employees of Elysian may be rewarded through the gifting of a Pet. Not considered a member of Staff.

Harpy: a Slave who does not fit into any of the above three categories. This may simply be because they are new and still require training/breaking. Or they may be more akin to prisoners. Not considered a member of Staff. Wears a thick, heavy metal collar.

Resident: any member of Staff who lives in the Staff Living Quarters (Slaves are required to, and Employees have the option to).

Elysian Layout
Levels (from highest to lowest)
Level P: Parking and Main Entrances (security level 1: Members and All Staff)
Level 1: The Garden (security level 1: Members and All Staff)
Level 2: Guest Suites (security level 1: Members and All Staff)
Level 3: Supply Storage, Staff Break Room, kitchen, hospital, some offices (security level 2: All Staff)
Level 4: Staff Living Area (security level 2: All Staff)
Level 5: Dungeon, Training and Breaking Rooms (security level 3: Wolf, security personnel and other select staff)
Level 5: Security control center, armory, Special Storage (security level 3: Wolf, security personnel, and other select Staff)

Main Elevator:
All who enter must be on The List. No amount of fame or fortune will get you in at the door otherwise. Access to the Main Elevator itself is in an ordinary looking parking structure nestled between resorts on the Las Vegas strip. Most people park their cars and head off to the surrounding casinos and clubs. However, the basement level of the parking structure is reserved for VIPs, appearing, to most people, like a perk reserved for important patrons of the nearby resorts. However, entrance into the basement level is actually restricted to people on The List, and guards at the entrance make sure it stays that way. Once in the basement level, Members approach the Main Elevator, where additional guards greet them, check them, then accompany them on the ride down.

The Garden (Path, Pond, Pavilion):
The Garden is the main area of Elysian. Deep beneath the noise and grime of the streets above, the Main Elevator doors open to a long pathway through a living tunnel made up of vines covered in deep green leaves and fragrant roses. The path opens into what appears to be an outdoor garden when, in actuality, it is deep underground. The smooth, domed ceiling arches high above, lighted to look like a natural sky. The appearance of the faux sky usually changes throughout the day to mirror the time and weather in the world above, but can also be manipulated to mimic any time of day and any weather.

Ahead lies a open, airy space, at the center of which is a pool disguised as a naturalistic pond, complete with water plants dotting the edges. Scattered here and there around the pool are lounge chairs, some large enough to be beds, and blankets stretched over the soft grass and piled with soft cushions. Just beyond the pond is a large pavillion with elegant columns supporting an ornate roof. The Pavilion shades a wide bar with cushioned bar chairs and additional seating at tables. The bar itself is equipped to serve any drink Guests can ask for. If a Guest orders food, a dumbwaiter hidden beneath the bar has direct access to the kitchen downstairs which can send food up.

The Garden is expansive and actually has many different sections that reflect different styles of gardens and climates. Feel free to use your imagination and create your own corners of the Garden for your characters to enjoy.

Wolf’s Office:
Wolf’s office is located inside the Garden, tucked away into a section that looks like a Japanese zen garden. The office itself looks like a large tea house from the outside, with a quiet stream running by.

The Menagerie:
A corner of The Garden is occupied by a collection of exotic animals on display in naturalistic enclosures. Guests can view these creatures from comfortable lounges and chairs set up in front of the thick glass that separates them from the various beautiful and possibly dangerous inhabitants. And perhaps, for Guests with certain tastes, a much closer look can be had as well.

Scattered throughout the garden are various hidden alcoves, somewhat shielded from sight by plants that are carefully shaped and placed to serve as walls and barriers. Some of these hidden alcoves have their own smaller pavilions, whose curtains can be drawn if those inside want even more privacy. Other alcoves have ornate stone benches or tables, and even some columns and pedestals which, in most gardens, might display statue or ornaments. However, in this garden, the columns and pedestals are instead equipped with various restraints with which to bind living works of art, instead of ones made of stone.

Nymph Alcoves:
The Nymphs of Elysian have their own private Alcoves as well, for which they can request individualized set ups (particular plants, furniture, lightning, etc.). The entrances to these private Alcoves are locked behind garden gates which can only be opened by the Nymph that the Alcove belongs to or other staff with security clearance.

Guests wishing to extend their stay, have a quick rest or clean up before rejoining the world above, or desire more privacy than is provided by the Garden and Alcoves may request a Suite. Each Suite includes a kitchen, living room, office, master bedroom with bathroom, and guest bathroom.

Staff Break Area:
The break area is available to all Staff. The main room has a central lounge area (with couches, chairs, tables, etc) with changing stalls, makeup vanities, and roomy lockers lining the walls. There is a separate shower room with shower stalls and even a small gym room with workout equipment.

Staff Living Area:
All slaves are required to reside here and are given their own rooms (unless sharing is requested). Employees may also reside here for a small deduction from their pay. There are several hallways lined with doors leading to individual quarters, each containing at least one bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen. Residents may tailor their quarters to their wishes and/or needs.

When entering the Staff Living Area, the Staff Elevators open into a large common room which includes a lounge area (with a TV, couches, chairs, etc.), long dining tables, and a buffet kept stocked with meals and snacks by the kitchen. Attached to the central common room are other rooms such as an entertainment room (with video games, pool tables, etc.), a gym and pull, and a library.

Staff Entrances:
Usually, only Members and higher-ups use the Main Elevator. Staff use other, hidden entrances. The main Staff Entrance is located in the same parking structure as the Main Elevator but is on the other end of the basement level in a section reserved for vehicles belonging to staff. The elevators here take staff down into any level that the individuals have access to.

There are other hidden staff entrances scattered around the Las Vegas area, all disguised as plain, boring doors in nondescript locations. These doors lead to stairs going down to platforms, from which staff can board small monorails. These monorails take passengers to level 3. From there, Staff Elevators can be taken to other levels of Elysian.

The Dungeon:
The Dungeon is a area on Level 5 that is made up of the Training Rooms, the Breaking Rooms, and the Holding Pens.

Training Rooms:
Training Rooms look a bit like bedrooms. They are comfortably and beautifully furnished with beds, sofas, and other furniture and have their own bathrooms. However, these rooms are specifically designed to facilitate in the training of slaves. The wardrobes and shelves hold all manner of accessories and tools. The furniture is equipped with special gear as well.

Breaking Rooms:
Breaking Rooms are the more sinister version of Training Rooms. They are also equipped with various pieces of special furniture, including a bed, but there is no special attention to luxury here. The floors, ceilings, and walls are mostly bare concrete with drainage holes in the middle of each room.

Holding Pens:
The Holding Pens can house anymore from brand new slaves waiting to be trained or broken to prisoners awaiting their fate. There is a lot of variety amongst the different Pens. Some look more or less like motel rooms, with beds, tables, and even small bathrooms. The only difference is that the doors cannot be opened from the inside and have small slots for looking into the Pens with or sliding in trays of food. Other Pens are much more like prison cells with bare concrete walls, stainless steel toilets and sinks without any privacy, and uncomfortable bunks.

All staff can have multiple positions. For example, an employee might be mainly a bartender, but also perform as an entertainer on certain occasions. Or a Nymph might take on clients but sometimes serve as a guard.

General Staff Positions
The same person can have more than one of these positions. Any Staff (employee or slave) can hold these positions.

Attendants: Attendants are tasked with making sure that Guests have everything they need and want. Although guests many, of course, go to the bar themselves, they can also call upon attendants to bring them what they desire, whether it be food, drink, drugs, or even toys.

Bartender: Bartenders, well, tend the bar. They have all the training necessary to make sure guests imbibe exactly what they desire.

Kitchen Staff: A fully staffed kitchen runs round the clock to provide both delicacies and healthy meals to both guests and staff.

Guards: Guards are the trusted men and women who ensures the safety of everyone at Elysian. There are both the visible guards (in their typical dark clothing and sunglasses, positioned at entrances and throughout Elysian and manning the control center) and covert guards (who function as other members of staff or even blend in as guests, but are ready to spring to action when needed).

Doctor and Nurses: There is a hospital on level 3. All staff can have their medical concerns seen to here, free of charge. Sometimes, the medical staff may be called to other levels and may even attend to guests in the case of an emergency.

Housekeepers: Housekeepers maintain the cleanliness of almost all areas in Elysian, including the Suites and Staff Living Areas. They have access to and maintain levels 1-4. Level 5 is only maintained by security staff and Wolf’s personal servants.

Gardeners: Gardeners take care of The Garden, mainly tending to the many plants and some wildlife.

Menagerie Keeper: Keepers handle and care for the exotic animals on display in the Menagerie.

Entertainers: Performers with various skills (juggling, dancing, contortion, etc.) entertain guests in The Garden.

Trainers: Trainers teach others to both give and receive pleasure through guidance, demonstration, and positive reinforcement. Some trainers may teach other specialized skills that would entertain Guests as well, including dancing, singing, and instrument playing.

Breaker: Breakers discipline Nymphs and teach them with more aggressive methods than trainers do.

Slaves: Slaves are owned by Elysian/Wolf and do not receive pay. They work to earn their keep instead. What their role is depends on what category they fit under.

Nymph: A Nymph is a slave whose primary job is to provide intimate services to Clients. While on-duty, Nymphs entertain, flirt with, and sleep with Clients. When on-duty but not actively “entertaining” a Client, Nymphs may lounge, stroll through The Garden, dance or perform other talents, whatever provides Guests with appealing eye candy.

Sprite: A Sprite is a slave whose job is something other than providing intimate services to Clients. Sprites may perform the role of almost any of the above and below listed positions (besides Nymph, of course).

Titled Staff Positions:
Any gender can hold any of these position, regardless of the gender of the eponymous mythological figure. For most of these roles, an individual would only be able to fill one no more than one at a time. Any Staff, employee or slave, can hold these positions.

Hedone: named for the goddess of sensual pleasure, this person is the chief trainer whose main responsibility is to train Nymphs in the arts of pleasure and entertainment. As the more nurturing counterpart of Algos, this person uses a firm but gentle hand in teaching others to take and give pleasure, as well as entertain through beauty. All other trainers answer to this person. This person can also be requested to train employees and guests, as necessary or requested.

Algos: named for the personifications of mental and physical pain, this person is the chief breaker. While Wolf prefers that his Nymphs be trained in a positive way, he understands that there are some that need a more aggressive approach. As the more sadistic counterpart of Hedone, this person disciplines Nymphs who refuse to be obedient. All other breakers answer to this person. This person can also be requested by guests who desire training as masochistic subs.

Argus: named for the never-sleeping, many-eyed guard in the service of Hera, this person is the head of security for Elysian. This person is responsible for overseeing all security personnel and that the wellbeing and privacy of everyone at Elysian are protected.

Nemesis: named for the goddess of divine retribution, this person pursues and punishes anyone who inflicts or threatens harm to the safety, secrecy, and prosperity of Elysian. If a Member skips out on fees, Nemesis makes sure debts are paid. If someone harms a slave or employee, Nemesis makes sure it will never happen again.

Aegis: named for the shield that both Zeus and Athena carried, this person is Wolf’s personal bodyguard, assistant, and manservant combined, helping Wolf conduct business, making sure his personal needs are met, and serving as his constant protector.

Ganymede: named for the prince of Troy who was so beautiful that Zeus kidnapped him to use as a cupbearer, this person is the bar manager. All bartenders answer to this person.

Hestia: named for the goddess of the hearth, home, and family, this person is responsible for overseeing the wellbeing and care of all residents of Elysian. But their primary focus is to make sure that the slaves of Elysian are well taken care of. This person helps those just moving in with settling in. This person’s areas to take care of would be the Staff Living Quarters and Common Areas on levels 3 and 4. All housekeepers answer to this person.

Paean: named for the physician to the gods (and possibly an alternate name for Apollo), this person is a doctor, the head of the medical team at Elysian, and person responsible for the health of all Staff and Residents of Elysian. All other medical personnel answer to this person.

Hesperis: this person is named after the singular form of “Hesperides”, the maidens who tended Hera’s tree which produced golden apples. This person is the chief groundskeeper of The Garden. All gardeners answer to this person.

Hades: named for the lord of the dead and the owner of all the riches within the earth, this is Wolf’s title. Wolf is the head of his former Mistress’s empire and the owner of Elysian. Everyone answers to this person.

ID Numbers:
Everyone at Elysian has their own ID (identification) number. ID numbers are needed to access anything that locks (elevators, doors, registers, etc.) via touchscreens equipped with fingerprint scanners. Each digit of an ID number corresponds with a particular fingerprint. To correctly enter an ID number, each digit must be pressed with the appropriate finger. Each individual’s ID will grant him or her access to areas where he or she is cleared.

EID Numbers:
Everyone also has a EID (emergency identification) number, which is slightly different from their ID number. If an EID is entered, access is granted as usual, but a silent alarm is tripped, alerting security to the location of the EID input.

Elevator and Monorail Access:
All passengers must enter their ID numbers. Elevator and monorail cars are equipped with sensors that will detect how many people have boarded and will not move until all passengers are accounted for. Once ID numbers are inputted, passengers will be let off onto levels they have clearance for.

Suite Access:
All guest and staff suites are accessed through ID number entry as well. Suites can only be accessed by the residents to whom they belong and certain staff with clearance (such as guards, housekeepers, etc.) If guests or residents wish for others to have free access to their suites, their ID numbers can be added by security.

Privacy and Secrecy:
What happens in Elysian actually stays in Elysian. No one, staff and guests alike, is allowed to speak about Elysian outside of the premises. Inside, no photography or video recording are allowed. There are security cameras hidden everywhere, recording both video and audio, but just as guests are bound to secrecy, so is Elysian sworn not to allow information about the guests to leak.

Security Levels:
Each individual is granted a certain level of security clearance. Almost all entrances/exits, storage, and transportation modes require the input of an ID number with the proper clearance level.

Security Level 1: Members, Guests, and all Staff
Security Level 2: All Staff
Security Level 3: Wolf, security personnel, and other select Staff
Security Level 4: Wolf only.

Information On Slaves:
  • All Slaves at Elysian fall into one of the following categories: Nymphs, Sprites, Pets, Harpies.
  • Nymphs and Sprites are considered members of Staff. Pets and Harpies are not because Pets are the personal companions of whoever owns them and Harpies are either still in training or are prisoners.
How Slaves Are Acquired
Having been a slave himself, Wolf has certain attitudes about slaves. The following detail the ways Wolf does and does not acquire slaves:
  • Slaves may voluntarily give him ownership of themselves.
  • Slaves may be given to Wolf by other owners as gifts.
  • Wolf may buy slaves from other owners, but only if doing so would improve the slave’s situation (for example, if the slave was being mistreated by his/her former owner).
  • A captured enemy may be forced into becoming a slave as an alternative to death or other consequences.
  • Someone is found who would have died if not for Wolf’s intervention and doesn’t have a life to return to. He/she brought to a Holding Pen, given medical attention if necessary, then given a choice: become Wolf’s slave and be taken care of, or go back to his/her dead end life.
  • All slaves wear a metal collar that locks into place and cannot be opened without a special key. These collars can be any color and all come equipped with a metal ring to which leashes and charms can be attached.
  • Nymphs, Sprites, and Pets all wear very similar thin metal collars. However, Sprites and Pets always have some sort of tag or charm on ring on their collar, signifying that they are not to be used by Clients. Nymphs wear no charm or tag on their collar, signifying that they are available for the entertaining of Clients.
  • Harpies wear much thicker and heavier metal collars. The weight and slight discomfort of the collars are meant to motivate Harpies who are in training and to punish those who are being kept as prisoners.
Information On Paid Employees:

How Employees are Hired
Because people can't openly speak about Elysian, prospective employees can’t simply hear about Elysian and apply for a job. But , there are still many ways employees could become hired.
  • People who already know about Elysian can recommend prospective employees to Wolf or his staff.
  • Prospective employees might put the word out that they are looking for jobs and someone at Elysian may hear of it.
  • Prospective employees may become noticed by coincidence.
  • etc.
No matter how an individual becomes a prospective employee, information on the individual will be gathered and reviewed. Then, either Wolf or another trusted representative will approach the candidate (whether through an arranged meeting or not) to see if he or she is interested.

Rules for Characters

General Rules for Everyone
  • Do not openly speak about Elysian or anything that goes on there in the outside world. Secrecy is paramount.
  • Due to the above rule, new Members and Employees don't just hear about Elysian and apply. Instead, they are invited, possibly through recommendations/nominations made to Wolf or his staff.
  • No unapproved people may be brought into Elysian.
  • No outside weapons are allowed within The Garden, except for those who have clearance (guards, etc.). Any “weapons” meant for play (knives, whips, etc.) may be requested from attendants. Staff and Nymphs may keep approved tools in their private areas.
Rules for Members/Guests
  • Most guests pay membership fees, while others may be granted membership in exchange for services or as a gift.
  • Most services at Elysian are covered by membership, which means guests do not have to pay extra for food, drinks, drugs, the use of suites, or the company of Nymphs. Guests simply check in and enjoy the all inclusive luxuries of Elysian. Some special requests, however, may require an additional fee. For these situations, guests simply put the charges on their tab. No passing of cash or cards is ever necessary.
  • Guests may bring their own personal Slaves (aka Pets) to Elysian. However, these Pets may not be pimped out while at Elysian as this could damage Elysian’s business.
Rules for Staff
  • When off-duty, Staff are allowed to become Guests and indulge in the pleasures of Elysian as well, as long as they are not impeding the enjoyment of Members.
  • Employees are paid through cash or check, but can decide to receive payment in the form of “services” from Nymphs.
  • Employees may not sleep with Nymphs unless doing so is coming as part of the employees’ pay.
Rules for Slaves
  • All slaves (Nymphs and Sprites) are belong to Elysian and the establishment’s owner, Wolf. They are expected to do what they are told and may not own money or property.
  • Slaves are not paid but, instead, work to earn their keep. They are, however, given everything they need and may make special requests, which are more likely to be granted if they earn favor.
  • All slaves must reside in the Staff Living Quarters and are not allowed to leave Elysian without permission.
  • All slaves wear a collar, which is a simple, thin but solid metal band that fits snugly around the neck. Once put on, the band permanently locks closed and can only be removed by cutting or breaking. Sprites (slaves who do not take on Clients) have silver colored collars. Nymphs (slaves who take Clients) have gold colored collars. Slaves in filling special positions may be assigned collars of other colors.
  • Overall, Wolf strives to treat his Nymphs fairly and cares for their wellbeing. However, disobedience will be punished, especially if the disobedience is severe enough.
Sex Rules for Everyone
  • The Employees and Slaves of Elysian are there for the pleasure and enjoyment of guests. However, guests are not to treat them with excessive roughness. No Employees or Slaves may be greatly harmed except by their Master or those carrying his authority. Any physical damage caused to Nymphs during intimate services must be superficial and quick-healing. (This is not to say that non-consensual roleplay or roleplay involving more serious bodily harm cannot occur, as long as you, the writer, understands that it’s against Elysian’s rules and your character may face consequences).
  • Nymphs are the only people at Elysian who sell their bodies. Because intimacy with Nymphs is a commodity, it can not be given away freely. Nymphs are only allowed to sleep with Clients (Members or Employees who are receiving a Nymph’s services are part of their pay).
  • To put it simply, everyone can have sex with everyone else. The only exception is Nymphs, who can only have sex with Clients, Wolf, whoever Wolf orders them to, and trainers/breakers.
Rules for Writers:
  • Please treat each other with respect.
  • No god-moding.
  • To the best of your abilities, please proofread your posts and use good grammar and clear language. This will help us understand each other and have interesting RPs.
  • For every new character, a Character Application must be submitted. Please wait for approval from me before using the submitted characters.
  • Writers can have multiple characters, but please stick to a reasonable number that you can manage.
  • If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, please post your status in the thread titled “Taking Leave”.
  • Please keep RP rooted in reality. No outright fantasy elements.
  • If you have any suggestions for changes or additions that can be made (for example, if you have ideas for other Staff positions), please don’t hesitate to share your input and ideas.
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