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Jan 9, 2020
Hey! Multi para Rper here! Looking for strictly MxM rps.

I’d like to keep all RPs and contact strictly to the forum please. Please PM if you’re interested in writing with me!
**Established Partners please feel free to double up on RPs with me.

  • I post frequently for the most part. I'm in MST zone
  • I'm very communicative about the RP and don't usually do small talk.
  • Nudge me if I haven't responded in a week. I'm pretty lax with poking partners and typically poke at 2 week mark
  • I'm looking for multi para writers. Please. 3+ paragraphs or at at least 250+ words per post. Spelling and grammar should be decent! I'm no expert myself.
  • I write/play Doms only with the rare occasional switch.
  • Plot over smut but give me a good story and the smut scenes can/will be plenty
  • Time skips are everything to me big or small
  • Multiple characters aren't a must but very much wanted. I mostly mean minor characters but we can talk about secondary couples
  • Dub con > Non-con but I will write both.
  • I have a very open Kink list but the hard no's are scat, vore, gore, and mutilation. Please refer to my "best hand" section for a quick run down of favorite kinks.

Posting: I'll post when I can but mostly early in the morning, and late at night. I'm MST zone. I will alert you when I'm sick/over busy/or not motivated. If my partner doesn't respond in 2 weeks I will message. If they don't respond in 4 weeks , I'm no longer interested and I will message you. If I haven't replied in 1 week please bump me.

What makes a post?: I will post 3 or more paragraphs (sometimes two paragraphs but really its not often). I expect the same unless the RP is at a slow point. But if it's just a few sentences for almost every post, I will speak up. I like to make the setting and the mood in each post. People call it “fluff” but my posts will contain MCs thoughts feelings actions and more. It’s my style. I will write as many details as my partner does.
I like spelling and grammar but I can't say I'm an expert. I also reply on my phone 90% of the time and my sleep schedule is literally so dumb, so I might reply with one eye open but I try to proofread each of my posts no matter what.

My starter posts can be very long. Don't let it scare you away if its 4+ paragraphs.

Communication: Please message me. For anything and everything. If you want to time skip, I will most likely be wanting to too. If you don't like something my character did, then let me know. This suppose to be fun/entertaining, don't make it painful. I'm very comfortable with speaking and plotting with my partners.

Plotting and Writing
I like to plot . If I'm the only one building this plot, then I will lose interest. I don't plot ALL the time but I will come up with ideas and let you know, even if it's something later down the line. But I usually go with the flow and let things play out in RPs.

Usually if you’re thinking to add a time skip, then 99% chance I’m thinking if one too. I believe that RPing is a series of scenes. I don't expect day to day, minute to minute of rping the story. That's just...a big no for me. I will write scenes that help develop the characters like dating scenes but expect there to be at least something in there that moves the story forward. I'm in no rush at all and usually ask my partner just in case they had something special planned without my knowing.

Plot to Smut Ratio:
I like 80% story 20% smut. I can do 50% story 50% smut but it has got to be balanced exactly like that. I’m not strict on this but some plots call for more story than others.

With that being said, if you play a good plot or feed enough into it, then smut scenes can be littered throughout. Usually the longer the story goes without one, the next smut scene is just as rewarding. I know a lot of writers here are only in it for the smut, but give me some story pretty please and I'll make smut happen for you.

I only play tops/doms for bedroom scenes. I rarely play a switch but I can for the right partner.

My characters range from dominant to soft but lately I've been leaning soft. If the plot doesn't call for a particular dom, then I usually just see how the wind blows. But no matter what my characters will do things that cause conflict. Maybe not for bad intentions (i.e lying or withholding information to spare YC's feelings only it makes things worse) but some of them can be complete bullies.

But here's a quick rundown of what I'm most interested in

Lycans- Pretty much anything that involves this will keep me happy. The RP does not have to have this aspect. Its really the knotting/tying as well as heat/rut kinks that come with this.

Omegaverse- My next best, only because we can keep everything that come's with the first but apply it to other species even humans. I am mostly looking for the submission/Dominance aspects with this as well as the heat/rut and slick. Slick is a big one for me since its just convenient for our characters haha. This is again not a must but hey if you want me my attention then here's how you get it.

Biting/marking- This. That is all I have to say. Usually this is from a Dom aspect but I make all my Doms love a bit of love bites back.

Powerbottom/Dominant Sub- Whew. It doesn't mean that our characters will have role reversal but I like a sub that knows what he wants and can take the lead sometimes.

Humiliation- I love to see either MC or YC blushing and embarrassed. But I'm weird in a sense that YC likes being teased or bullied for liking (insert here). I usually have MCs tease or try to make them feel bad. This can go for anything but its notably in regards to kink shaming YC or typically paired with a sexual punishment that YC is plenty turned on from.

Public Scenes/Sex- Nothing like a lot of blushing while getting hot and heavy in a public place.

Oral fixation/Sex and Fingers in mouth- Yeahhh this is more so a control thing for me. Nothing else. Either MC will be heavily on the receiving end of a oral sex or on the giving end. Some times both.

M-preg/Risk of pregnancy- Its not a must for me. But its nice!

Cuckolding- damn its really just a humiliation tactic and I'm quite new to this kink.

Daddy Kink-I won't even mention this kink when plotting, haha but, this is a good pet name if YC wants to make MC crazy for them. Incest not required at all. I actually prefer it not to be.

Corruption: Corrupting another character or MC being corrupted. Doesn't matter.


My plots are below but if you think you have a plot that would be perfect for us to write together, then please PM me! Thanks for your attention!

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Jan 9, 2020

[OPEN Plots]

**Any of these can be added on to, or changed but the main gist is being given and should remain the same!**

?The Horrors of Hunting
Hunter x Hunter/Lycan
YC and MC are hunters, long term best friends and perfect partners. They lost touch after MC moved away for a while but he is called back by his family to help with an outbreak of lycans going 'berserk'. YC and MC reconnect but under difficult circumstances as the town becomes infested with lycans.

Just when things seem like they are looking up, MC or YC is bitten except it hasn't turned him yet. There;s a chance he can stop the turn/change but they have to wait for certain time. They have to deal with the new changes as well as the possibility of the hunters in town finding out.

Possible Plot points:
-YC or MC's current partner is bitten and goes berserk

?Forgotten but not Erased
Ex soldier x Ex soldier
slow burner
1950s AU

YC and MC fought in the war together and joined the military as best friends. They were secret lovers while in the service and had plans to return back and live and run away together. The base they stay at was horribly bombed, leaving YC stuck under a collapsed building but was found alive and in a coma. Without a family to go back to MC is by YC's side everyday until he wakes up 8 months later. MC is beyond happy but YC doesn't remembers nothing about their time in the service.

YC and MC lived in the same town so MC travels back home with him. YC has dreams that he feels are familiar but feels like they have no meaning. MC is obviously heartbroken but tries to remind YC of who he is.

?Love thy Neighbor
Neighbor x Cheating Husband
While YC has not been receiving the attention from his busy husband, he has been seeing the new neighbor across the street. The two have hit it off rather well and play a risky game on not being found out. Just when YC thinks about possibly breaking things off between him and his husband, his mate suddenly takes up making a grander effort to be a better mate after a new work promotion.

**Note: Smuttier than most plots**

?Losing Touch
Husband x Husband
Slow burner

MC and YC work busy jobs. At first when they married everything was very smooth before YC graduated college and was able to find work in his chosen field. That is when things started to become out of touch for them. MC thinks YC is cheating and YC thinks just wants a divorce. The two are not very communicative and have been fighting before finding out the truth. They ultimately make a plan to reconnect.

Possible Plot points:
-MC's co worker/business partner blackmails YC

?Obeying in Fear
Master x Servant
Darker Plot

Alphas are considered the dominant type in this verse with betas and omegas living in fear of them. They are considered the better human. However there has been reports of a drug making alphas go crazy to the point of homicidal effects which than puts them in jail or in their grave.

Omegas have been used as the lower class of humans and serve alphas or betas. They are usually bound to their alpha when serving under them. Some omegas are able to live freely if they do not establish a bond with their alpha. MC hasn't established any kind of bond with his servants until YC is hired. MC works in a political place of power and with alphas starting to drop left and right, MC could be a prime target.

?Sweet Comfort
War General x King
Wanted: sub/uke

MC and YC are in love but the only thing that keeps them from being together is the king. YC is the mate to the king but the king is almost never home. He is blood thirsty and stays on the front lines of battle whenever he can. YC was used more like a regent to stand in his place and rule the country while he is gone. MC and YC fall in love as they deal with the hardships of running a war sick country.

Possible Plot points:
-Assassination attempt on the MC or YC
-The king comes back home briefly and or declares that war is over and is here to stay
When there is No Light
Prison Warden/General x POW
dub-con and/or noncon
light bondage
Dark plot

YC is a POW, him and his whole squad were captured about a year ago. Things are decent in the camp, the barracks are clean, and conditions are decent from sickness, but food and the way they are treated are no good. YC's best friend/lover is getting sick , and the infirmary wont help...or don't care since YC's friend/lover has a history of trying to escape and injuring an officer in the camp. YC hates to think that he has to go back to MC for help. Having already been his play toy when he first got to the camp, YC knows that if he seeks help from MC he will be treated much better, and get medicine for his friend/lover.

Possible plot points:
-YC tries to refuse MC who then starts punishing his squad mates and or best friend
-YC and his squad tries to escape the camp and YC and a few others get caught

**I still keep these up just in case someone would like to take one of them and put a spin on them! Otherwise I do not typically have two of the same plot at all. **

Faster than a whisper
Clan Heir x Clan heir
Wanted: Feisty but submissive sub

Non-con into Dub-con
Historical Time Period (Japanese)

Plot: MC and YC are to be wed. They hardly know each other but they are to sleep with each other to seal the marriage, the night they are wedded. YC wants no part of MC but MC forces him. MC is trying to do what's best for both the clans , since a marriage will bring the two together and they will be able to expand their land and defend against other shared rival clans being that they are two of the smallest ones in the area.

MC is actually very forceful at times and YC knows this but tries to do what's best for his clan as well. When YC finds out he is pregnant , MC tries to change the relationship and how things go.

Feelings will be developed soon/later in the relationship.

A Beautiful Catch
Master thief x Priest
Light bondage

A large and wealthy church is raided one night and burned but not only that the priest that was within it was kidnapped. YC a virgin and innocent priest is taken to MCs camp. MC a well known and highly wanted Master thief who leads a good number of men into raids. MC has an eye for YC and makes him his.

Possible Plot points:
-YC tries to escape
-MC returns hurt and YC choose to nurse him back to health

Trapping Love...
Hunter x Lycan
forbidden love

YC is son of a famous hunter in town. The forest that surrounds the village is infested with lycans and so far the population of them has declined. MC is a lycan undercover in the village. He takes a strong drug that keeps his shift under control. YC knows MC is a lycan, having been the first lycan he had caught when he was younger, and they developed a intimate relationship in secret. MC and YC visit each other whenever YC goes on hunts at night.

During a full moon, MC is unable to control himself and visits YC while he is at home sleep, mating him. YC's father knows something is up, but cant figure it out meanwhile MC realizes that his drug is becoming useless.

Making a Sacrifice

Tribe Chief x Prince
Rough Sex
other kinks

YC is given to a Tribe as a peace offering, once a war between has been finished. YC hates this tribe to the bone, but does as he must. He is unaware that MC takes him as a mate, and insists that he does what a mates purpose is.


His Word is Law

Cross dressing (light or heavy)
Consensual (or light non-con)

Others to be discussed

YC is married off to MC, it is modern day but YC is brought up to be married off and obey his husband. Everything is great, the wedding is perfect, even the wedding night! Until the next day, YC hears MCs house rules. A roller coaster of emotions happens between YC when he is not allowed to leave the estate, realizes that there's no way out of this.

More events to be plotted


Punishment as a Reward
Army Sergeant x Enlistee
Rough sex
Non/Dub con

YC is under the command of MC who pretty much makes him the joke of the squad. YC secretly enjoys the humiliation and punishments. MC finds this out and the two explore a different and secret relationship after MC takes a punishment way too far (non con/dub con) only to find that YC liked every second of it.
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Jan 9, 2020
Bump just to avoid lock. still very much closed from new rps for the time being.


Jan 9, 2020
Bump just to avoid lock. still very much closed from new rps for the time being.
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