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Jan 13, 2019
The highway to the DANGER ZONE

Alektra, whose secret identity is Sarah Cunningham, is the daughter of a Jewish deli owner in Brooklyn and a mechanic father who was hardly ever home. But when he was he taught Sarah how to repair cars and build her own simple robots. She was hardly let in there because being in the shop for too long could irritate her asthmatic lungs. Walking was also a challenge for most of her life due to stunted bone growth development.

But there’s never been a challenge that the bespectacled, quiet Brooklyn girl couldn’t think or build her way out of. So along with a strict physical exercise regimen, she also built herself a simple exoskeleton to assist with both breathing and movement. Many iterations and accidents later, she was inspired by her heroes Batman, Captain America and Iron Man to make her getup into a full powered armor suit, and then added electric gauntlets for extra oomph in her punches, a jetpack to make her fly, and a modified M16 rifle capable of firing sonic rounds and other non lethal ammo. Her gear is not nearly as advanced as Tony Stark’s for now, but Sarah and her mother hope that Justice Academy will give her the tools to build herself into the next great hero.

Powers: Flight and super strength when inside the extremely tough exoskeleton and power armor she designed herself

Skills/Weapons: Close quarters combat, electric gauntlets that can capture, absorb and expel lightning, stun rifle with various non lethal ammunition types such as sonic rounds and restraining foam.

Weaknesses: An extreme amount of damage could cause her suit’s power or hull to fail, and then she would be forced to use her basic exoskeleton. Additionally she has breathing issues and mobility issues without the suit, although not as severe as they used to be.
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