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Jul 11, 2020
In Your Memories
Hi everyone! I'm Alexia.

Currently Full on RP's

Writing style & such:
  • I can play both top and bottom characters. I don't really have a preference as long as the RP has a nice theme.
  • I write in 3rd person, using the past tense. I do not join 1st person RP's sorry.
  • Please no one-line responses. I understand that at times it can get shorter but I'd say 1 paragraph is my minimum. During smut scenes, it's okay to keep it short for a back and forth.
  • When starting an RP I like to create character sheets; it's just a nice way to put it in a visual perspective and know a bit about the character.
  • If needed I can play more than one character in the RP; in case of a side story and such.
  • I don't like love triangles, female intervention in the storyline of our characters, and/or purely smut themes.
  • Favorite genre/s: historical, supernatural, romance, time-travel, contemporary-modern, tragedy, horror.

-Furries/Beastiality (Anthro)
-Abuse: sexually, mental, emotional, verbal (unless agreed)
-Real-life pic
-Cheating on characters (unless agreed)
-Rape(unless agreed)
-Trans characters
-Feminine male characters (unless agreed)

**If you feel your kink is on the extra side just ask if I'm willing to do it**

-S/M relationships
-Cum-Swap <3
-Large age gaps (all 18+)

For more info see this list
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Aug 7, 2020
I'm interested in the plots you've posted!
I'm new to this website but I'm experienced at RP.
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