Amidst the COVID craziness... Greetings!

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Feb 18, 2019

Hello there. Thanks for taking the time to peruse my post. I’m a designer living on the East Coast. I enjoy writing as a hobby and go out of my way to ensure minimal responsibilities at home so I can maximize the time available for my interests.

I savor the opportunity to write my own prompts. They usually involve an embellished sci-fi or fantasy-oriented backdrop, but rest assured that my ultimate goal is developing a chemistry between our characters (yours should be female). As our theoretical roleplay progresses, I promise that my focus will shift towards a character-driven romance, with plenty of juicy dialogue in between.

I think I'm a decent writer, but definitely not a natural one. It takes me time to write. My responses usually go through a number of drafts and revisions before I feel comfortable enough to post them. Writing which has clearly been crafted with copious amounts of TLC is a major, major turn-on, regardless of the delay between contributions.

Speaking of turn-ons, I relish the idea of perpetuating sexual tension between our characters. I like teasing and being teased. Detailing specific sexual acts is usually a chore for me, but I believe I do a decent enough job and will not hesitate when the occasion demands it. As far as kinks, I basically have none beyond mild BDSM and various forms of sexual denial. My feelings are that if your character isn’t turned on enough beforehand for missionary to do the job, then I’ve failed as a seducer.

I hope I don’t seem long-winded at this point. Feel free to start up a conversation via PM and I’ll happily entertain your questions. If you have any prompts you’d like me to consider, feel free to send those along as well. I’m always receptive towards other ideas and will fully invest myself in their development, as I hope you would do with mine. (As a general rule, I shy away from fandoms.) As far as the concepts I've developed so far:
  • Bag and Tag: A soldier in the future uncovers a helpless refugee from his past during a military operation. He can offer asylum from the looming reeducation camps, but what must she do in return to earn her keep? Please check it here.
  • Scout's Honor: A post-war Earth presents many challenges after humankind barely turns back an extra-terrestrial invasion. Will a chance encounter between two stray survivors forge a new friendship, or perhaps something deeper? JUST finished, please check it here!
  • One Disillusioned Hero: A former champion of the people has rejected their acclaim and resigned himself to a life of petty crime. Is a job-gone-awry what he needs to reclaim his sense of responsibility and adventure? An oldie but goodie. Check it here.
If you’d like some insight into my style of writing, you can have a look here.

Thanks again for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon! Let’s build worlds together!

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