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Aug 3, 2019
Hello there!

After a length absence once again, I have returned to scratch this sexy itch I have. ^^ Essentially, I enjoy playing Anthros or Monster Girls, but I'm not opposed to playing Human girls in certain stories and situations.

My highest craving is to play a sort of: Couple wants pets to keep them company and do housework and chores, one drunken night they're feeling frisky and decide to fondle and play with their inexperienced, unknowing pet, thus turning her into a sex slave of sorts. This would involve both parties playing multiple characters, the couple can be MxM, MxF, FxF, Poly, doesn't matter to me and we can even bring other outside non main characters in. I can play all three in this scenario, or one of a type if you prefer. All characters would have different personalities, so maybe one is more submissive, one more bratty, one more sensitive, etc etc. This is my highest craving, so if we can play it, that would be wonderful! As a side note, I'd be playing the pets, and you, my partner, would be playing the couple. Of course, we could have some switching up later, but I'd prefer this for the beginning.

As for my kinks, I'm into literally everything except for Scat, Watersports, and a couple other obscure ones that don't come up TOO often, but I'll let you know if they do. I'm a multi-para poster, posting quality over quantity, but I usually post roughly 2-4 paragraphs. I personally enjoy Throat Fucking, Pet Play, BDSM, Toys, Pain (If you're into it), Training (Such as Anal or Throat training to better pleasure).

Also, don't feel like you can't message me with an idea, I'll listen to most ideas, but I won't promise I'll play, do forgive me in advance. ^^;

Thank you for reading, hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Not open for further replies.
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