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Apr 14, 2019
Hello! Baby here! A few of my stories have died down so, I’m now looking for a couple of good partners to bash our heads together and write an awesome story.

A Few Important Things​

Must be able to write at least 3 paragraphs: I understand there are times when the story dies down, as will the amount we will write. But, I’m warning you now, if I get a one-liner, I’m dropping the story. I want description. Tell me what they are thinking, feeling. Tell me their reactions and what they are doing.
All stories will be in 3rd person: This is non-negotiable.
I prefer writing through threads: I have been known to be convinced to write through PMs. But, it is very rare. Threads are much easier for me.
I play heterosexual pairings: I do play either gender. If you want me to play male, please let me know when you inquire about the story. That or I will assume I am playing as female.
I will play more than one story of the same plot: Even though it may be based on the same idea, every story is different with a different person. So, if you see that the one you like is taken, feel free to contact me about it anyways and pitch me what you have in mind!
I can be a slow-paced poster: My posts range from two or three times a day to once every three days. It all depends on what is going on in my life.
I prefer there to be a story to the smut: Smut will be in my stories; I just prefer there to be a connection between the two characters beforehand. There has to be a reason they are going at it.
Give me a heads up if you have to be away for a while: I’m actually pretty flexible on people who disappear suddenly. I just appreciate it if I get a heads up, so I know you are coming back at some point or not. If I haven’t heard from you for a while, I will take you off my active story list and set the story aside and start looking for something else. If you come back at some point, I have no problem picking the story back up.
Feel free to just send me a message of an intro post: If you have an introduction post of a story you really want to do, maybe someone dropped the story, or perhaps you just wrote it, doesn’t matter. Feel free to randomly send it to me. I’ll look over it and see if it piques my interest and I’ll let you know so we can move it to a thread or not!
PM me if you are interested: Send me a message of what you would like to do. May that be an idea of mine, one of yours, or just a simple pairing to brainstorm off of. Please don’t send me a message with nothing but “Would you like to rp.” That drives me crazy. Also, don’t post here.

The Yes list​

This is just off the top of my head. It’s not everything, so if you have any questions, just ask. I just figured I should give you something since I don’t have any kind of f-list to provide.

Pregnancy/risk of pregnancy
Temperature play (Example: Ice and wax play)
Pleasure control
Power play (Example: When the two character’s fight for dominance until one of them submit completely.)
Sexy clothing
Visuals (Warning: I will post pictures throughout the story. Some might be NSFW)
Giving and receiving oral
Foreplay and teasing
Light bondage
Marking (Example: Hickeys, leaving bite marks, and scratch marks)
Pet names
OOC (I'm a sucker for discussion and plotting random ideas and plot twists)
Realistic body portions. (I just want it to make sense.)

The no list

Extremes (Example: Extreme bondage, any kind of bathroom play, gore)
Anthros (I am okay with playing things like nekos though.)
Mom/Son Pairings (or playing significantly older females)
Mary Sue perfect characters (No one is perfect. I hate characters who have no problems at all)

Just a Few Ideas
Feel free to send me yours! I'm just putting up what I'm craving as of now. I also love to brainstorm and create new ideas with my partner. So, if you don't like any of mine. But still, think you want to write with me. Let's chit chat a bit!

He was beginning to feel a bit like a Zombie, honestly, it having been months since he got anything approaching a decent night's sleep. He'll just fall down onto his bed and collapse, now and again, and if he gets more than two or three hours then that counts as a decent night's sleep by his standing. Mostly, though, he was living a life harshly regulated by alarms and coffee. It hadn't been easy, and thank god he lived in the city where he could pretty much didn't have to drive and that his job was pretty much just... mind-numbing.. which was something he never thought he'd ever say in his life.

Once he'd gotten used to just-- not sleeping,-- he'd found the hardest part of it all was just keeping himself occupied throughout the long hours of the night.

He didn't notice Her until a few weeks ago, but rather or not that was because she was new to the area or he'd just never noticed her, that wasn't clear.

She lived across the street, in a nigh-identical apartment complex to his own, occupying some unit on the third floor. Near as he could tell, she didn't sleep much more than he did, if she did at all. He'd just noticed that there was always a light on up there, at first, but he had gradually come to learn more and more about his not-really-neighbor in Insomnia. She was about his age, pretty in a dried out 'needs more sleep,' kind of way that he imagined he shared and had managed to get a job slinging coffee at a nearby cafe.

He felt a weird kinship with her, despite not knowing her name or the least thing about her, other than just a figure he'd see in the window, now and again, with whom he shared the occasional wave at ungodly hours of the evening when they spotted each other. He'd pondered going and visiting her cafe, just to say hello and introduce himself, but he could never figure out a way to do it without coming across like a stalker. Plus, it wasn't like "can't sleep" was all that much to have in common, really, so who knew if they'd even get along in the end anyway? say that he was surprised when he had a knock on his door at 2:45 would be an understatement.

There she was, though, when he opened the door.

"Hey... You're welcome to come in, I guess... Coffee?"

--- I had envisioned this to be a fun little light-hearted story. I would like the two to be able to joke and tease each other freely, so a personality that could fit that would be best. If you want him to be shy, at least don't make him too shy to where she has to step up and do everything.
He was always different. Different as in, he was a true rebel; never taking orders from anyone, never taking shit from anybody and had only been living for himself ever since he could remember. He was considered a 'bad boy'; one young man which every young girl should avoid but couldn't help wanting to, at least, have a taste of him. Then came a day a young woman managed to get his interest, and even better, keep his interest, which is a rare thing for himself and anybody.

--- This one is open for interpretation and has many possibilities. We could play it in a modern setting, or change it to something different like he is the good-looking prince. Hell, we can even through in a bit of fantasy and make him some kind of supernatural being. The point would be, he was sought after and left a trail of broken hearts behind him because no one could keep his attention until he met her.
She is gorgeous, affectionate, and has a natural carefree nature. Although her characteristics seemed to place her in the spotlight more than not, she was never one to judge those who were misunderstood. He was a bit of a risk-taker, known as a tyrant among his peers. As handsome as he was, there weren’t many who were even bold enough to speak to him. That was until the day he met her.

--- Once again, open for interpretation.
He is madly in love with her. The whole world around them doesn't treat them right. Her father is abusive even though he'd admit she's the only thing that matters to him. He asks her a question that enforces inner turmoil in her. He asks her to leave with him.
There's a guy and a girl. They met, fell in love, and thought there was no one else for them. Graduation came around and the guy got accepted into a university either across the state or the country. Going to college was his dream. So, of course, he has to break up with the girl because it was not fair to them to stay together if he was leaving... Four years later, the guy comes back. He is still in love with the girl and wants to make things right with her, but there's a catch. The girl has a three-almost-four-year old child. He does not know that the child is his until she is ready to tell him. So, what happens when they both want to get back together, but the girl is afraid of getting hurt by the guy. Will the new child bring the two together or tear them apart?
My character and your character have been the best of friends since the toddler days. However, when they have become older, they have developed deep feelings for one another but each are too afraid to admit it. It’s been years my character has waited for yours to show any sign to become more than friends. now at the age of 20 and tired of waiting she gets a boyfriend. when she denies her now-boyfriend of sex, he becomes abusive. she starts getting bruises and her friend is concerned and determined to find out why… What will happen when he finds out everything? her boyfriend was the one doing it and worse she was only with him to try to lose the feelings for the best friend she has loved for so long.
No matter where she wandered, the tales of her witchcraft would follow. Soon, she found It was better to live in solitude within the forest many feared to venture. He began to invade her territory, ignoring the rumors behind the witch of the woods. Perhaps he was curious, or simply stupid and didn’t believe in superstition. No matter his reasons, he came religiously. Even so, she wasn’t foolish enough to reveal her abilities. Or, so she thought…
The various kingdoms and nations were hardly ever at peace from each other or even from their own people. Strife riddled the lands between the Moon Sea and the Blighted March like rotten crops in a diseased farm where the owner ran off. There are a few multi-national organizations, however, that seem to cross boundaries. The White Oder of Swords, a group of holy knights that hunt down evil wherever they find it, is based in the southern nation of Torimor but has Forts of Swords in every nation except two. One of those, Eidany, is home to the Academy, the protectors of history and maps that holds the respect of every nation and governs every major library. The second where the White Swords are not accepted is the place of their claimed enemy, Amiland, the home of the Black Tower.

The mages, the men and women of the Black Tower, gather those from all nations that show promise to learn magic. There they are trained through a rigorous process that either seems them ascend from prospects to acolytes then finally to full brother or sister mages. Everyone from the poorest man to royalty are accepted, regarded all as equals and trained at least to the point where they are no longer a danger to others.

They are protected by the Knights of the Ward, also known as the Templar, that both keep the mages safe and keep the world safe from the mages. The warders, the Templar, are considered some of the best warriors in the world, imbued with the bond between them and their wards. This bond, the extra level of consciousness, and the empowered magical equipment that the Templar have access to make them truly the deadliest men in the world… aside from the mages themselves

--Long story short. Your character is a prince and mine a princess. Their fathers are at war, so they consider their selves enemies. However, in the black tower, everyone is treated as equal. Meaning their title doesn’t exist there. he would be a Templar and mine, a mage. They would be paired together or bonded.
Stumbling upon a strange stone among others, a young princess takes it home. The rock appears to be nothing special, just a water-washed rock that's smooth as can be. The more she holds it, though, the more she can feel what seems to be a heartbeat. The more she holds it, the hotter and louder the heartbeat seems to get. Over the course of several days, occasionally curling up with the stone to sleep as the winter is threatening her kingdom greatly, she falls asleep with it one night. When she awakes, the stone is glowing a bright orange and feels as hot as coals. Pushing the rock away, not wanting to burn herself, she places her palm against it and feels a sharp pain as the stone burns her, the rock rolling and hitting the floor, cracking like an egg. Out of the egg comes a small dragon, enamored by her presence and seeing her as his mother.

She can only hide the dragon for so long, though, until her tyrant of a father throws the beast out into the cold, pulling her inside and convincing her that it is a demon. No dragons have been spotted for centuries and it has to be a trick of the mind

12 years later, the princess is coming of age for marriage soon, and her marriage will be the lifeblood of the new king's heir, as no woman can rule and her brothers have all died in the brutal, harsh war. Among all of the suitors, the princess comes across a letter from one that bears the same mark that was burned onto her hand by the egg years ago. The letter merely states that they need to meet, as she is "destined" to marry him from the day that he had hatched from the egg.
For centuries, humans and elves have been at odds. After a great deal of fighting, the two races simply ended all interaction. That would be fine except for the growing power of the orcs. It seems each day there are new attacks on the human border from the freshly spawned creatures. Now they are manageable, but spies have reported armies massing. What will the human kingdom do?

The human king knows his army is vast but fears it will not be enough. Reluctantly, he reopens talks with their less-hostile neighbors, the elves. Treaties and alliances are discussed, but faith in the papers and handshakes are weak. Something must be done to strengthen it. So, it is decided that the oldest human prince will marry the elvish princess. The people of both kingdoms are left in an uproar, but the kings refuse to hear dissent. The marriage of their children is the best way to strengthen the alliance.
He has lost everything. The love of his life and family. His clan and home. If he could sleep for the rest of his immortality, he would. However, the moment his eyes opened fifty years sooner than needed, to see a mere human witch demanding his services for revenge, he decided to change his meaning for life. Yes. He would help her. He would kill those who killed his loved ones. He would kill every last one of those damned vampires and anyone who got in his way. He would kill his own kind
There are children who are born into this world who have the ability to save it from its continuous ruin. However, these children are not immune from being corrupt themselves. If these children give in to the constant temptations and tragic events that seem to be attracted to their innocence, then a demon is formed. To prevent this from happening guardians set out to find these children and guide them as they mature. In return granted various inhuman abilities for their protection. The stronger the child’s influence, the greater the abilities granted to the guardian.

He was legendary, known across all other guardians for his strength. However, his inability to protect his charge had tormented his every waking moment. Soon, he had come to the conclusion that the best solution to their survival was to kill the children before they grew old enough to know the hardships that was destined to come their way and prevent any change of anymore demons from being formed. That’s when he came across her. One of the blessed children. However, she was no child but already a young woman without the protection of a guardian. How the girl resisted the demon’s transformation for so long without any guidance seemed impossible but, it sparked a sense of hope in the man.

There are two key points in this story. One is that it takes place in the modern world, just as we know it. So that makes setting easy. The main difference is that there are certain people out there who have been chosen by god. They were born pure somehow, and if they can survive to a certain age, they would ascend to be the new angels of heaven, as angels have slowly died out over the passage of time. However, if these children become corrupted, they become fallen angels, and swell the ranks of Lucifer. For that reason, God created protectors, special people who gain phenomenal powers when bonded to one of the children. These protectors are irresistibly drawn to these children. Certain children are destined to be more powerful angels than others, and for that reason the protectors bonded to them are even more powerful than normal.
Just before my character's older brother died from an illness, he handed over MC a cell phone telling her “with this cell phone you will be able to get in contact with Buddy, He will be there when no one else is…”

MC talks to ‘Buddy’ every day, although she has never met him, he is her rock. he means the world to her. Even though MC is being bullied everyday she tells Buddy that everything is fine and her day was good… never knowing Buddy is actually watching over her from a far the whole time knowing everything that is going on and never knowing ‘buddy’ was by her side the entire time.

---loosely Based off the manga Dengeki Daisy.

I left a few of them 'open for discussion' for the setting. Meaning I feel they could be either modern or fantasy. It depends on what we come up with! Thank you for reading this! I think that’s if for now. PM me if you are interested!
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