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Apr 14, 2019
I've been meaning to take the time to make one of these for a while now. I finally found the time to do that. This thread will list all my active, inactive, and dropped stories. I will even link the stories I have found from my time in HouseEros before the switch--(I couldn't find many since I'm terrible at technology and had a hard time searching). Some stories are listed as inactive but may not be dropped and may be picked up again at any time. It just means my partner hasn't responded in a while or has been put on hold. Feel free to read any of these and enjoy!

Active Stories

The Forgotten Prince W/ Humon (Romance - Action - Adventure - Bits of Fantasy)
This is a story we started before the switch between sites. It's a story about a princess who is being hunted from the Duke of a neighboring Kingdom who wants to force her into marriage. One day while under attack a ranger saves her. However, there was something about this ranger that made her think of a boy from her past.

The Things I Would Do To Forget You W/ Real_RP (Romance - Modern - Drama)
She has loved her best friend for many years now. Though, he has shown no signs of loving her back. She feared confessing her love, not wanting their friendship to suffer because of it. So, to try to get rid of her feelings for him, she decided to try to date someone else in hopes she would fall for him instead. It didn't go as planned. The man she dated was mean and possessive. Once her friend noticed he couldn't allow it to continue and soon confesses his own love. But, when the man she was dating threatens her, what happens?

To Be Mine W/ Knix (Fantasy - Romance)
The Elvish and Humans have always been at odds with each other for as long as history could remember. But now a greater force is threatening both kingdoms. The two decide to join forces to fight. To ensure the treaty would be secure, they make the prince of the humans and princess of the Elves marry.

What Insomnia Did For Me W/ DarkDesires (Modern - Romance)
About two neighbors who have a common problem of not being able to sleep. They begin to meet up in their many restless hours of the night. But, the uncontrollable attraction they feel to one another might be a problem for the other's current relationship.

The Chosen Ones W/ MR Mason Hess (Fantasy - Action - Modern - Romance)
There has been a war between God and Satan since the beginning of time. Though, Satan's ranks grown powerful and started turning the tides. His corruption has reached the heart of men. To try to gain control again, God created the chosen. Children born with the gift of innocence. Though, even the chosen were not immune to Satan's corruption if he got his hands on them. So, God sent protectors, Guardians to guide these children. Still, no child has been able to live long enough to grow into adulthood. And he believed they never would. He believed they would all be damned and turned into corruption and join the ranks of Satan. So, he would kill the Chosen before that happened. But then he met her. A chosen who knew nothing of who she was. A chosen who was already a young woman and unbound and vulnerable. Would he kill her too, or decide to actually protect something for the first time in 500 years?

Inactive Stories

The Black Tower W/ Humon (Fantasy - Adventure - Action)
They are on the verge of another demonic desolation. To prevent this the black tower has been training Mages and Templars to fight this evil. Through the bond a Mage and Templar make they have the power to overcome the demons. The story is about a princess who is one of the strongest Mages they have seen in a while and a prince from a rivaling kingdom who will become her bonding Ward. They must get over their past and differences to survive and fight.

The Reawakening W/ Knix (Supernatural - Romance - Modern)
A woman obsessed with the supernatural hears a rumor of the Vampire King sleeping inside a tumb that cannot be opened. She decides to go and see for herself. When she gets there, the tumb opens to her touch and she sees a man inside looking to be asleep. When she reached out to touch him, he opened his eyes. A story about love once lost then found again.

The Business Arrangement W/ MadMax (Modren - A bit of Dub-Con)
Two competing companies decide to merge. However, before that was accomplished the CEO of one of the companies died, leaving behind a will. "My daughter must marry the current CEO of the company for 6 months for the merger to happen" It was an outrageous request. Especially since the current CEO was her current husband's father!

Misunderstood W/ MacCloud (Modern - Romance)
Under construction

The Bride of Lyonhall Castle W/ Wuthers (Romance - Victorian Age)
Under construction

Thicker Than Water W/ Helly (Incest - Modern - Romance)
Under construction

Dropped Stories

The Forgotten Dragon and the Branded Princess W/ Brunty54 (Fantasy - Romance - Victorian Age)
Under construction

What Insomnia Did For Me W/ Beautiful Happenstance (Modern - Romance)
Under construction

The Bond That Should Not Be W/ WitsAndRage (Fantasy - Romance - Adventure)
Under Construction

The Things I Would Do W/ Heartless Danny (Modern - Romance)
Under Construction

A Dragon's Heart W/ The Raven (Fantasy - Adventure - Action)
Under Construction

If It's Forbidden, Why Does It Feel So Right (Continued Here) W/ DemonofDesire & BigBrotherBreeder (Modern - Incest - Romance)
Under Construction
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