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Apr 14, 2019
I've been meaning to take the time to make one of these for a while now. I finally found the time to do that. This thread will list all my active, inactive, and dropped stories. I will even link the stories I have found from my time in HouseEros before the switch--(I couldn't find many since I'm terrible at technology and had a hard time searching). Some stories are listed as inactive but may not be dropped and may be picked up again at any time. It just means my partner hasn't responded in a while or has been put on hold. Feel free to read any of these and enjoy!

I will also use this as my apology and absent journal. So, if I will take a while to post, I will try to let everyone know here. Thank you!

Current availability to post: Open most of the day except Sundays and Mondays

Active Stories

Teach Me W/ PitViper - PMs (Sub/Dom - Age difference - Modern -Romance)
Under construction

Inactive Stories

The Chosen Ones W/ MR Mason Hess (Fantasy - Action - Modern - Romance)
There has been a war between God and Satan since the beginning of time. Though, Satan's ranks grown powerful and started turning the tides. His corruption has reached the heart of men. To try to gain control again, God created the chosen. Children born with the gift of innocence. Though, even the chosen were not immune to Satan's corruption if he got his hands on them. So, God sent protectors, Guardians to guide these children. Still, no child has been able to live long enough to grow into adulthood. And he believed they never would. He believed they would all be damned and turned into corruption and join the ranks of Satan. So, he would kill the Chosen before that happened. But then he met her. A chosen who knew nothing of who she was. A chosen who was already a young woman and unbound and vulnerable. Would he kill her too, or decide to actually protect something for the first time in 500 years?

Discontinued Storie

What Insomnia Did For Me W/ DarkDesires (Modern - Romance)
About two neighbors who have a common problem of not being able to sleep. They begin to meet up in their many restless hours of the night. But, the uncontrollable attraction they feel to one another might be a problem for the other's current relationship.

Damned W/ Knix (Modern - Romance - Vampire)
There is a secret society of vampires. To keep this a secret, certain vampires are assigned to kill any rouges and guide any newly turned vampires the rouges may have made to prevent any more rouges. Nicklaus is one of these vampires. Though, to avoid any unwanted responsibilities, he kills the rouges as well as any newly turned. However, on one of his assignments with a rouge, he comes across a newly turned woman. He feels an overwhelming urge to protect her and instead of killing her, he decides to take responsibility for her.

Disguised W/ Knix (Modern - Romance - Gender Bender)
After her family goes into a financial crisis, Alexia is forced to take care of her sickly mother and younger sister. However, all the jobs available don’t provide enough income. That’s when she runs across an ad in the paper for a job that pays more than enough. The only problem, only men can apply. Determined to do anything for her family, she dresses up like a man, even changes her name and gender on paperwork, and to her surprise, she gets the job! But, can she keep this up when she is so attracted to her boss? Plus, they spend every working hour together, even sharing hotel rooms!

Chronicles of the Prince and the Lacuni Princess W/ MacCloud (Medieval - Fantasy - Romance)
Under construction

The Black Tower W/ Humon (Fantasy - Adventure - Action)
They are on the verge of another demonic desolation. To prevent this the black tower has been training Mages and Templars to fight this evil. Through the bond a Mage and Templar make they have the power to overcome the demons. The story is about a princess who is one of the strongest Mages they have seen in a while and a prince from a rivaling kingdom who will become her bonding Ward. They must get over their past and differences to survive and fight.

The Things I Would Do To Forget You W/ Real_RP (Romance - Modern - Drama)
She has loved her best friend for many years now. Though, he has shown no signs of loving her back. She feared confessing her love, not wanting their friendship to suffer because of it. So, to try to get rid of her feelings for him, she decided to try to date someone else in hopes she would fall for him instead. It didn't go as planned. The man she dated was mean and possessive. Once her friend noticed he couldn't allow it to continue and soon confesses his own love. But, when the man she was dating threatens her, what happens?

The Forgotten Prince W/ Humon (Romance - Action - Adventure - Bits of Fantasy)
This is a story we started before the switch between sites. It's a story about a princess who is being hunted from the Duke of a neighboring Kingdom who wants to force her into marriage. One day while under attack a ranger saves her. However, there was something about this ranger that made her think of a boy from her past.

To Be Mine W/ Knix (Fantasy - Romance)
The Elvish and Humans have always been at odds with each other for as long as history could remember. But now a greater force is threatening both kingdoms. The two decide to join forces to fight. To ensure the treaty would be secure, they make the prince of the humans and princess of the Elves marry.

The Reawakening W/ Knix (Supernatural - Romance - Modern)
A woman obsessed with the supernatural hears a rumor of the Vampire King sleeping inside a tumb that cannot be opened. She decides to go and see for herself. When she gets there, the tumb opens to her touch and she sees a man inside looking to be asleep. When she reached out to touch him, he opened his eyes. A story about love once lost then found again.

The Business Arrangement W/ MadMax (Modren - A bit of Dub-Con)
Two competing companies decide to merge. However, before that was accomplished the CEO of one of the companies died, leaving behind a will. "My daughter must marry the current CEO of the company for 6 months for the merger to happen" It was an outrageous request. Especially since the current CEO was her current husband's father!

Misunderstood W/ MacCloud (Modern - Romance)
Under construction

Thicker Than Water W/ Helly (Incest - Modern - Romance)
Under construction

The Bride of Lyonhall Castle W/ Wuthers (Romance - Victorian Age)
Under construction

The Forgotten Dragon and the Branded Princess W/ Brunty54 (Fantasy - Romance - Victorian Age)
Under construction

What Insomnia Did For Me W/ Beautiful Happenstance (Modern - Romance)
Under construction

The Bond That Should Not Be W/ WitsAndRage (Fantasy - Romance - Adventure)
Under Construction

The Things I Would Do W/ Heartless Danny (Modern - Romance)
Under Construction

A Dragon's Heart W/ The Raven (Fantasy - Adventure - Action)
Under Construction

If It's Forbidden, Why Does It Feel So Right (Continued Here) W/ DemonofDesire & BigBrotherBreeder (Modern - Incest - Romance)
Under Construction
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Apr 14, 2019
Okay! I’ll start this off with a list of my main likes and dislikes I have made. I don’t have an F-list, and quite honestly, I don’t plan on making one since I find it annoying. Heh. So! Here is a list I’ve made myself of some things I enjoy and dislike. I update this pretty frequently, so check back occasionally. <3


A few things I like

Risk of pregnancy
Temperature play (Example: Ice and wax play)
Pleasure control
Power play (Example: When the two character’s fight for dominance until one of them submit completely - preferably MC)
Sexy clothing
Visuals (Warning: I will post pictures throughout the story. Some might be NSFW)
Giving and receiving oral
Foreplay and teasing
Light bondage
Marking/Staking claim (Example: Hickeys, bite marks, and scratch marks, lips stick stains, marking with cum.)
Pet names
OOC (I'm a sucker for discussion and plotting random ideas and plot twists)
Tight pussys to large dicks. (Nothing so big that it doesn't make sense)
Experience partners playing against inexperienced. (Personally, I prefer to play the inexperienced. Though, I not against playing the more experienced one)
Possessive and overprotective partners
Things that involve the sense of smell. (Example: Omegaverse pheromones, Perfume/cologne)
Sleep sex (Example: YC takes advantage of MC's sleeping helpless state and fucks her awake. This could be consensual or Non-con or drugged)
Fated pairs
Love-hate relationships
Knot locking
A man in a suit
Playing a virgin
Vanilla Sex
Rough/angry sex


Extremes (Example: Extreme bondage, any kind of bathroom play)
Characters that don’t have a human form. (Example: Humanoids or demons that look more monster than human)
Anthros/Furrys (I am okay with playing things like nekos though.)
Harem FxFxM (I have made exceptions to this if you are not wanting this to be more of at threesome thing)
Decay/Zombies/Post-apocalyptic/aliens/Science Fiction
Mom/Son Pairings (or playing older females)
Mary Sue perfect characters/Doormat characters (No one is perfect. I hate characters who have no problems at all)
Playing a main character over 40 (Have made exceptions to this.)
Overly shy men (I’m fine with shy characters, just not if they are so shy they can’t take any initiative at all)
Licking armpits
Anal (Not exactly against this, I would just like this to be an occasional thing)
Excessive feet play​
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Apr 14, 2019
You know what they say, on to the next, aye!

So, I have collected an array of plots throughout the years. I’ll post them here and update this when I come up with more. I tried to label and organize them the best I could. But, I admit, I got a bit lazy on some. xD The ones I may need some convincing on will be striked out. I'm always willing to hear your ideas if you don't like mine!

Current craving: Omegaverse or instinctual drive in a story. Romance. Pregnancy. Affectionate doms.
<3 = willing to play male.

He was beginning to feel a bit like a Zombie, honestly, it having been months since he got anything approaching a decent night's sleep. He'll just fall down onto his bed and collapse, now and again, and if he gets more than two or three hours then that counts as a decent night's sleep by his standing. Mostly, though, he was living a life harshly regulated by alarms and coffee. It hadn't been easy, and thank god he lived in the city where he could pretty much didn't have to drive and that his job was pretty much just... mind-numbing.. which was something he never thought he'd ever say in his life.

Once he'd gotten used to just-- not sleeping,-- he'd found the hardest part of it all was just keeping himself occupied throughout the long hours of the night.

He didn't notice Her until a few weeks ago, but rather or not that was because she was new to the area or he'd just never noticed her, that wasn't clear.

She lived across the street, in a nigh-identical apartment complex to his own, occupying some unit on the third floor. Near as he could tell, she didn't sleep much more than he did, if she did at all. He'd just noticed that there was always a light on up there, at first, but he had gradually come to learn more and more about his not-really-neighbor in Insomnia. She was about his age, pretty in a dried out 'needs more sleep,' kind of way that he imagined he shared and had managed to get a job slinging coffee at a nearby cafe.

He felt a weird kinship with her, despite not knowing her name or the least thing about her, other than just a figure he'd see in the window, now and again, with whom he shared the occasional wave at ungodly hours of the evening when they spotted each other. He'd pondered going and visiting her cafe, just to say hello and introduce himself, but he could never figure out a way to do it without coming across like a stalker. Plus, it wasn't like "can't sleep" was all that much to have in common, really, so who knew if they'd even get along in the end anyway? say that he was surprised when he had a knock on his door at 2:45 would be an understatement.

There she was, though, when he opened the door.

"Hey... You're welcome to come in, I guess... Coffee?"

--- I had envisioned this to be a fun little light-hearted story. I would like the two to be able to joke and tease each other freely, so a personality that could fit that would be best. If you want him to be shy, at least don't make him too shy to where she has to step up and do everything.
He was always different. Different as in, he was a true rebel; never taking orders from anyone, never taking shit from anybody and had only been living for himself ever since he could remember. He was considered a 'bad boy'; one young man which every young girl should avoid but couldn't help wanting to, at least, have a taste of him. Then came a day a young woman managed to get his interest, and even better, keep his interest, which is a rare thing for himself and anybody.

--- This one is open for interpretation and has many possibilities. We could play it in a modern setting, or change it to something different like he is the good-looking prince. Hell, we can even through in a bit of fantasy and make him some kind of supernatural being. The point would be, he was sought after and left a trail of broken hearts behind him because no one could keep his attention until he met her.
She is gorgeous, affectionate, and has a natural carefree nature. Although her characteristics seemed to place her in the spotlight more than not, she was never one to judge those who were misunderstood. He was a bit of a risk-taker, known as a tyrant among his peers. As handsome as he was, there weren’t many who were even bold enough to speak to him. That was until the day he met her.
He is madly in love with her. The whole world around them doesn't treat them right. Her father is abusive even though he'd admit she's the only thing that matters to him. He asks her a question that enforces inner turmoil in her. He asks her to leave with him.
My character and your character have been the best of friends since the toddler days. However, when they have become older, they have developed deep feelings for one another but each are too afraid to admit it. It’s been years my character has waited for yours to show any sign to become more than friends. now at the age of 20 and tired of waiting she gets a boyfriend. when she denies her now-boyfriend of sex, he becomes abusive. she starts getting bruises and her friend is concerned and determined to find out why… What will happen when he finds out everything? her boyfriend was the one doing it and worse she was only with him to try to lose the feelings for the best friend she has loved for so long.
Not only was she dragged to a party she didn’t want to be at, forced to drink drinks she would rather not drink, and watch her friend hang all over a man she’d rather not be around, her friend just had to introduce her to some guy. A very, dashing, a way too smooth of a talker to want nothing more than an innocent chat, guy. The girl had caught his attention, sitting alone at the bar as her friend wandered off with his best friend. So, he asked for an introduction. She was timid, and the more he got to talk to her, the more he just wanted to corrupt her.
This idea would be set in an omegaverse between a male alpha and female omega. Through the years science had found that people could be paired off of how compatible their genetics was instead of making a connection romantically. They found that genetic pairs were more stable, and had an uncontrollable attraction to the other due to their genetics being so compatible. Soon, the government made genetic marriage a requirement, and once someone turn of age, they would be paired to their marriage partner.

MC, an omega female gets paired to an Alpha who has great influence, could be financially or just knows people in high places. The point is when they meet the meeting goes wrong and he harms her (how he does it can be discussed) and his influence can cover up what he has done. MC escapes and hides in YC’s shed. YC is an unpaired Alpha who moved out of the city to the middle of nowhere to try to start over from something. (up to you) One night something catches his attention, a sweet aroma coming from his shed. When he goes to investigate, he finds MC, bleeding, and in heat. The moment he sees her he has the overwhelming urge to protect her, to possess her. My omega.

Little did he know MC was actually his intended genetic pair stolen from him from the other Alpha.
In a world where Alphas were known as the elite while being an Omega was everyone’s worst nightmare. Jobs were scarce for them due to their heat affecting others and the suppressants were expensive. There seemed to be only one option for an Omega to survive. Prostitution. Down on Main Street, there was a brothel for anyone looking to sleep with an Omega for the right price. MC happened to be a female Omega working at this brothel. She was cursed with stronger pheromones then most and the special suppressants required were extremely expensive. The only way to afford that was to work here and after a tragic event, she was determined to do whatever it took to get those suppressants.

But, the moment YC sees mine, he offers to pay for any and everything she needs as long as she becomes his mate.
MC is a female Beta, living a mediocre life as most Beta's do. YC is an Alpha, they could be friends already or simply strangers who crossed paths at the wrong time. The point is, the moment MC starts feeling sick, it would be YC would comes to help. Only to find out that MC is actually going into her first heat, and since she is a late bloomer, her pheromones are overwhelming. Can YC resist the urge? Or will he teach her what being an Omega is really about during her first heat?
It's somewhere in the past, the rather but-not-so distant past where women struggled to attain employment. Excuses are prevalent, such as 'this job is not cut out for a woman.' Women, if at all employed, were mere secretaries or receptionists. However, this job, as advertised by a respected business man was for a personal assistant - only men to apply.

She's desperate for money, with a sick (sister/father?) that she has to care for at home. The money would help greatly, and this businessman is sure to employ her... as long as he thought she was a man. She disguises herself and takes a carriage to the businessman's building. She waits in a room filled with others, seeing as woman after woman runs out in tears. They didn't go through the efforts of disguising themselves. Finally, it's her turn. She ends up getting the job, only to realize exactly why her new employer wanted a man on the job.

---Could also switched to a modern setting if you prefer.
There's a guy and a girl. They met, fell in love, and thought there was no one else for them. Graduation came around and the guy got accepted into a university either across the state or the country. Going to college was his dream. So, of course, he has to break up with the girl because it was not fair to them to stay together if he was leaving... Four years later, the guy comes back. He is still in love with the girl and wants to make things right with her, but there's a catch. The girl has a three-almost-four-year old child. He does not know that the child is his until she is ready to tell him. So, what happens when they both want to get back together, but the girl is afraid of getting hurt by the guy. Will the new child bring the two together or tear them apart?
MC is someone with obsessive OCD. It’s so bad that she is unable to touch people without gloves or constantly washing their hands until they bleed. YC is a therapist who decides to try to cure MC. But, he has an ulterior motive. He wants to taint the clean and untouchable woman.
MC is a snobbish rich bitch that gets everything she wants and dominates the school. Everyone knows to not upset her or else she would make their life a living hell, and most of the time it wasn't even her that did the bullying, she would just toss her many goons out to do the dirty work. Well, YC is the new kid who happened to be her new target. He tends to keep to himself and has got fed up with this treatment, so he has devised a plan. He blackmails MC so that she has no choice but to obey him. Still, she is silently trying to find ways to get herself out of this situation.
Well for this story, my main idea centers around fraternal twins (or could be changed to just brother and sister if you're not comfortable with twins) who have shared a bedroom forever, since their parents can't afford to get a bigger house. The brother's overprotective feeling is turning into something deeper, and soon he finds his love for his sister might not be as innocent as a brother's love should be. He attempts to push her away in order to try and get rid of the feelings, but as time goes on the feelings only grow stronger. Where we begin could be the night he finally can't take the feelings anymore, and either confess, or kisses her, whichever, and perhaps he tries to convince her to feel the same. We can basically go from there, build on the concept. Perhaps throw in a pregnancy, that would make for a more dramatic storyline although that's completely up to you and your limits.
My character would be popular, but not of her choosing. She’s very smart, great athlete, and gorgeous. However, can be rough around the edges when it comes to men. She would rather focus on her academics.

Your character would be unpopular. People assume he’s a delinquent because he’s been in some fights—Which he did not start, He rides a motorcycle—Because it’s cheaper than a car. The thing is, everything everyone says about him isn’t true. He’s actually a pretty nice guy, just got dealt a bad hand.

For some reason or another, the two of them registered on a dating website and run into each other. Eventually, they meet, completely surprised by who they see. They’re both a little hesitant, but over time they realize they have more in common than they thought.
Guy and girl meet at a party, hook up for a night, and part ways. Sometime later he hears this girl is living on the street as her father is the local pastor, once he finds out she’s pregnant he does anything he can to help her, giving her a place to live.
Her brother has always been very protective over her, making dating difficult when he would more or less scare off her dates. So, after finally getting frustrated by it all, she confronts him. He explains to her that he just wants her to be with someone who would protect her and love her. Out of frustration, she blurts out, “Well, I might as well just date you then!”

And of course, his response would be, “I’m fine with that.”
Daddy has had his daughter by his side, her entire life. When she decides she wants to have relationships, daddy shows her that he can provide all the romance and sex that she could ever need.
YC just had his engagement dropped and in the spur of a moment, he decides to propose to the first girl he sees – MC. And to his surprise, she agrees.
MC is called home for an engagement meeting. In a desperate act to get out of it, she asks YC to act like her boyfriend, and to her surprise, YC takes their fake dating very seriously. Are they supposed to be so intimate in a fake relationship?! He could be a stranger, a boss, a friend. Let’s discuss!
I first envisioned MC being like a Neko or a human with some animal characteristics (ears, tail) She would be a slave and bought by YC who is fascinated with her. He feeds her, cares for her, and dotes on her, slowly getting her accustomed to the new lifestyle. When he thinks she is ready, he begins to slowly show her intimacy in a way that doesn't scare her, but is firm enough to let her know that he will have her.

Of course, this could also go with her being a simple human slave.

Modern | Fantasy
There are children who are born into this world who have the ability to save it from its continuous ruin. However, these children are not immune from being corrupt themselves. If these children give in to the constant temptations and tragic events that seem to be attracted to their innocence, then a demon is formed. To prevent this from happening guardians set out to find these children and guide them as they mature. In return granted various inhuman abilities for their protection. The stronger the child’s influence, the greater the abilities granted to the guardian.

He was legendary, known across all other guardians for his strength. However, his inability to protect his charge had tormented his every waking moment. Soon, he had come to the conclusion that the best solution to their survival was to kill the children before they grew old enough to know the hardships that was destined to come their way and prevent any change of anymore demons from being formed. That’s when he came across her. One of the blessed children. However, she was no child but already a young woman without the protection of a guardian. How the girl resisted the demon’s transformation for so long without any guidance seemed impossible but, it sparked a sense of hope in the man.

---There are two key points in this story. One is that it takes place in the modern world, just as we know it. So that makes setting easy. The main difference is that there are certain people out there who have been chosen by god. They were born pure somehow, and if they can survive to a certain age, they would ascend to be the new angels of heaven, as angels have slowly died out over the passage of time. However, if these children become corrupted, they become fallen angels, and swell the ranks of Lucifer. For that reason, God created protectors, special people who gain phenomenal powers when bonded to one of the children. These protectors are irresistibly drawn to these children. Certain children are destined to be more powerful angels than others, and for that reason the protectors bonded to them are even more powerful than normal. Please keep in mind, MC will not be a child. The point of this story is that she is one of the chosen but has grown into maturity without a guardian and not being corrupted, which is why YC is so fascinated in her.

Medieval | Fantasy
No matter where she wandered, the tales of her witchcraft would follow. Soon, she found It was better to live in solitude within the forest many feared to venture. He began to invade her territory, ignoring the rumors behind the witch of the woods. Perhaps he was curious, or simply stupid and didn’t believe in superstition. No matter his reasons, he came religiously. Even so, she wasn’t foolish enough to reveal her abilities. Or, so she thought…
The various kingdoms and nations were hardly ever at peace from each other or even from their own people. Strife riddled the lands between the Moon Sea and the Blighted March like rotten crops in a diseased farm where the owner ran off. There are a few multi-national organizations, however, that seem to cross boundaries. The White Oder of Swords, a group of holy knights that hunt down evil wherever they find it, is based in the southern nation of Torimor but has Forts of Swords in every nation except two. One of those, Eidany, is home to the Academy, the protectors of history and maps that holds the respect of every nation and governs every major library. The second where the White Swords are not accepted is the place of their claimed enemy, Amiland, the home of the Black Tower.

The mages, the men and women of the Black Tower, gather those from all nations that show promise to learn magic. There they are trained through a rigorous process that either seems them ascend from prospects to acolytes then finally to full brother or sister mages. Everyone from the poorest man to royalty are accepted, regarded all as equals and trained at least to the point where they are no longer a danger to others.

They are protected by the Knights of the Ward, also known as the Templar, that both keep the mages safe and keep the world safe from the mages. The warders, the Templar, are considered some of the best warriors in the world, imbued with the bond between them and their wards. This bond, the extra level of consciousness, and the empowered magical equipment that the Templar have access to make them truly the deadliest men in the world… aside from the mages themselves

they are a few centuries overdue a demonic desolation, and there are some scholars in the Academy who believe that this might be because they had already so decisively sealed the demons away after the last desolation. The human kingdoms want to believe this is true, of course, but perhaps in one later story arc one scholar has found conclusive proof that the demon gates are about to open and another, much more terrible desolation is about to take place, and there is a movement to discredit them and deny the truth.

--Long story short. Your character is a prince and mine a princess. Their fathers are at war, so they consider their selves enemies. However, in the black tower, everyone is treated as equal. Meaning their title doesn’t exist there. he would be a Templar and mine, a mage. They would be paired together or bonded.

I was thinking of making my character, the mage, one of great power. The amount of potential the girl has is frightening to the black tower. Which is why the pairing of an enemy was crucial. If she would to get out of hand an enemy wouldn’t hesitate to kill her. Maybe the reason she is so frightening is because of a prophecy, the proof.
Stumbling upon a strange stone among others, a young princess takes it home. The rock appears to be nothing special, just a water-washed rock that's smooth as can be. The more she holds it, though, the more she can feel what seems to be a heartbeat. The more she holds it, the hotter and louder the heartbeat seems to get. Over the course of several days, occasionally curling up with the stone to sleep as the winter is threatening her kingdom greatly, she falls asleep with it one night. When she awakes, the stone is glowing a bright orange and feels as hot as coals. Pushing the rock away, not wanting to burn herself, she places her palm against it and feels a sharp pain as the stone burns her, the rock rolling and hitting the floor, cracking like an egg. Out of the egg comes a small dragon, enamored by her presence and seeing her as his mother.

She can only hide the dragon for so long, though, until her tyrant of a father throws the beast out into the cold, pulling her inside and convincing her that it is a demon. No dragons have been spotted for centuries and it has to be a trick of the mind

12 years later, the princess is coming of age for marriage soon, and her marriage will be the lifeblood of the new king's heir, as no woman can rule and her brothers have all died in the brutal, harsh war. Among all of the suitors, the princess comes across a letter from one that bears the same mark that was burned onto her hand by the egg years ago. The letter merely states that they need to meet, as she is "destined" to marry him from the day that he had hatched from the egg.
Her father, the King, had grown mad over the passing years. Starting unneeded wars, sending his children to death without any concern for succession of the throne. As time passed his mind only grew worse. It was said that a dragon's heart (or could even be something simple like a tooth, or his saliva had some sort of healing effect) ground up and boiled into a drink would cure any ailment. Tired of seeing her kin die and wanting to save her people from ruin she set on her journey to the dragon.

--I would like the dragon to have a human form. Perhaps she finds him wounded in his human form and helps him recover. They would grow closer as they depend on each other to survive. I have a few ideas on how she finds out he is the dragon. But, lets discuss this a bit
The Lacuni were once a proud and noble people, their domain stretched across all the southlands. From the edge of the great Urutan sandsea in the east to the Hyperborian Mountain range in the west. They were the masters of their homeland, the forest nation, a great land of massive trees and swamps as far as the eye could see that dominated the landscape in the south. The great jungles of the southlands grew thick and wild, their trees reaching to the sky as tall as some of the greatest of man made castles with their leaves forming a great canopy that bathed the forest floor below in perpetual twilight. The Lacuni's were masters of this realm, perfectly adapted hunters, with ears and eyes that enabled them to see and hear in under the dense canopy and a tail that aided their balance moving quickly through the tangled underbrush.

What made the Lacuni civilization so great was not their natural agility and honed senses, but the affinity and love for nature that each and every one of them carried within their hearts. Their life was not one of industry and war, like some other races, but a life of natural harmony and balance that stemmed from their magical attachment to the powerful force of life itself. They were a peaceful shamanic people with a love of mirth, celebration, and feasting, but they were also warriors of fearsome cunning, defending their realm from all threats, using their natural magic to bring the very forest to their aid. The Lacuni are an ancient race, excelling in both wisdom, knowledge, and having honor beyond all others. They have inhabited the great forests of the southlands since the beginning of recorded time.

The race of men stands in stark contrast to the Lacuni and their peaceful ways. Men first entered the lands of Finsha only one thousand years ago, making great pilgrimages across the Urutan. They arrived in the north to find a land that was wild and fearsome, hostile in every sense of the word. The races and creatures that inhabited the north were ones that didn't share the Lacuni mentality of peace. Great hordes of orcs roamed the plains with their warbands, while giants, trolls, and gnolls occupied almost every crag or cave that the humans came upon for shelter. Those first couple decades were the hardest for mankind, small isolated tibes of humans fought for survival against the wiles and hostility of the land of Finsha in the north. Seeking refuge, a small group of men made their way into the forests of the southlands, they were desperate to escape the dangers of the north. In a chance meeting the Humans came upon the Lacuni who helped them regain their strength.

Seeing the wild spirit of their ancient ancestors within humanity, the Lacuni lended aid to the young race of humans who were crossing the Urutan and gave them weapons and guidance for life in the Land of Finsha. So began an inseparable alliance between the Lacuni and man-kind. The tribes of humanity were rallied under the first King of Finsha and they went forth into the north with renewed vigor to tame the hostile lands. Soon enough the Humans had made their own small home amongst the great wilds of the North and it was the Lacuni's hope to steward over the young race and help them become harmonious with the lands like they were. For a time this worked, but something happened that was unexpected. Humanities link to the magical aspect of life was not like that of the Lacuni's. Those few who were magically attuned amongst the humans did not appeal to the life-giving forces of nature, but to the destructive and powerful arcana of the elements. Humanity performed feats of magic that were unknown even to the Lacuni and it became clear early on that the potential of humanity seemed limitless. There were those who were righteous among man-kind, but there were also those who sought power and self-gain, a trait that began to infect the pure and noble Lacuni.

This new form of magic was different than the kind that the Lacuni had known since the beginning. It was wild and unpredictable, with streams that delved deeply into dark places. In the right hands it was a tool of great value, but in the wrong hands... it was a tool for chaos and destruction. Many of the Lacuni, interested in this new power, left the natural magic of their ancestors and embraced the raw power of the new arcana. Through this new magic and the passage of time the Lacuni civilization began to fall. Prior to this only the purest of Lacuni could access the natural power of magic through study, meditation, and practice, but now there was a new outlet that didn't require a pure heart and mind. Civil war soon engulfed the southlands and the Lacuni were divided amongst themselves over those who kept the peaceful old ways and those who strove for power through means of darkness. One night a great battle took place in the Lacuni capital in the heart of the forest. All of the elders and nobles were killed and the great king of the Lacuni was slaughtered at the hands of his own brother, who had embraced these new and cruel ways.

All hope was not lost, in a desperate act of heroism, one of the King's own guards escaped the castle with the young baby princess of the Lacuni. They ran to the only place that they knew was safe for them... to the north, into the lands of the Humans. The guard brought the Lacuni princess before the human king in secret and begged him to keep her safe and secret until a time when she could lead a revolution and reclaim the throne. Bound by the honor of his ancestors the king accepted and harbored the young girl. He promised to always keep her close at hand to teach her the ways of a true King as her people had taught humanity long ago. She was raised in the palace with the King's own son and was made the queens own hand maiden. She was present at every meeting of the King's court so that she might learn the ways of nobility.

It wasn't long after the death of the Lacuni King that the new dark lord, the brother of the King led the armies of the Lacuni northward to attack the humans. The dark lord had no knowledge that the princess had been spared, rather he sought to expand his borders at the expense of humanity. The war lasted fifteen years and it was a bloody struggle unlike anything the lands of Finsha had ever seen before. The acts of the evil Lacuni were so gruesome that the aspect of life that had sustained the race for so long was shattered and the Lacuni began to change in both mind and physcial form. They lost their beauty and gracefulness for something that resembled that of a true beast, they became the Leshrac, a fallen being that was more animal than man. Even the forest itself turned on them, growing wild and hostile, producing deadly creatures and turning against the Leshrac themselves.

Kingdom wide persecution spread to all the remaining Lacuni for fear that they would kill humans and they were exiled from the human lands to their old lands in the south. Many traveled there expecting death at the hands of the Leshrac and in most circumstances that was the case. The great human king knew that he couldn't keep the pure Lacuni princess for fear of riots from the people knowing that the king himself was harboring an enemy of Finsha. When she was but a young girl he disguised her and kept her safe in the guise of a young human girl ( a servant). The changing alliances had altered the circumstances and the princess was no longer allowed in the kings court, the King went even so far to keep her away from his own son, who had been her playmate since she had arrived in the Kingdom.

Now twenty years after than fateful night when the princess was brought before the king, five years after the end of the war with the Leshrac, things have changed in Finsha. Humanity is now the great beacon of hope and the prowlers to the south are a constant real enemy. The Human prince has grown into an aspiring young commander and the time for his inauguration into manhood has come. Taken from the practices of the Lacuni themselves, the Human right of kings states that a King must yield his powers to his eldest son or daughter in the twentieth year of his life so that the new King might have a mind that caters to the new generation, the future of the kingdom. A prince can only take power if he has taken a young princess of noble descent to be his wife so that they might produce a new heir. This marriage is arranged through a dazzling ceremony where all the human lords from all over the kingdom bring their eligible daughters to the palace for a three day courtship festival. The festival was based upon the ancient Lacuni practices where the King would seek the life giving spirits of his people and use their natural attachment to nature to help choose the best pairing. It was a flawless practice that always resulted in loving relationships, but humans take a different approach. Without a true connection to the aspect of life human marriages are often decided by who can offer the largest dowry to the King. In this sense the arranged marriages are often more political than brought from a place of true love.

It's a nerve-wracking time for the young prince and with all the nobles coming to the castle, guards and servants are stretched thin. It is by chance that the Lacuni princess is thrust into the service of the Prince during this time as his servant. The days leading up to the ceremony will be hectic and somewhere in there the prince will learn the identity of his new companion, but not her true link to the Lacuni throne. All things considered, a gathering of all the human nobles and their families would also be a perfect time for the Leshrac to strike. The story would take us on a journey to restore the true Queen to the Lacuni throne and we'd have lots of fun on the way!

--- One thing I want to mention, the Lacuni are more like a neko, a human with cat ears and a cat tail. While the Leshrac are more beastly, the corruption turning them more into were-cats and taking away their human features. I’m not married to this idea. If you want to change the species to like elves and dark elves, no problem! But, the whole point would have to be that MC and her kind would not be human.
For centuries, humans and elves have been at odds. After a great deal of fighting, the two races simply ended all interaction. That would be fine except for the growing power of the orcs. It seems each day there are new attacks on the human border from the freshly spawned creatures. Now they are manageable, but spies have reported armies massing. What will the human kingdom do?

The human king knows his army is vast, but fears it will not be enough. Reluctantly, he reopens talks with their less-hostile neighbors, the elves. Treaties and alliances are discussed, but faith in the papers and handshakes are weak. Something must be done to strengthen it. So it is decided that the oldest human prince will marry the elvish princess. The people of both kingdoms are left in an uproar, but the kings refuse to hear dissent. The marriage of their children is the best way to strengthen the alliance.


No one was as beloved as the Princess. The people adored her, loved her. If news of her death got out...

...when she was discovered in her room, the victim of an assassin, there was a panic amongst the royal family but everything was quickly taken care of by the Vizier. He found her, a peasant girl with little in the way of royal graces but who bore a remarkable resemblance to the late Princess. They garbed her in riches, trotted her out for public appearances, and then kept her more or less to herself the rest of the time. It wasn't a bad life, better than the one she'd escaped from (and could never return to), and even if she didn't really belong it was sometimes possible to just.. pretend.

It's likely she'd have been little more than a pretty doll, dressed up and put on display, if it wasn't for Him, her betrothed. An arrangement had long ago been made that 'they' would be wed and a merger between their houses entered into that would greatly benefit both. It was vitally important, and with the Princesses' death, utterly impossible. Unless, of course, they could groom this peasant girl to fill the role. So, when she wasn’t being trotted out before the peasants, she was being trained in matters of grace and taught courtly manners. The rough spots in her common speech were hammered out, slowly, and she was taught what was necessary about matters of the lordly folk whose lives had always been so far above her.

All so that, tomorrow,-- when he finally arrives,-- she'll be able to meet the man that she'll be expected to marry.

However, they don't know, of course, the rest of the plan...

...nor, indeed, the aims of the people that had the Princess killed in the first place
Nearly two decades ago, a rogue lord formed an army and overthrew the royal family. Ever since, he has had a nagging suspicion that the previous king’s son was still alive. His advisors told him it’s impossible since the boy was only 7, but he can’t bury the thought. In the northern reach of the kingdom, the Prince lives but has no recollection of his past. All he knows is that he’s one of the best rangers in the north and has a new job; to escort a noble woman and her envoy to the neighboring kingdom. Something about her seems familiar, as if he’s known her his whole life. The noblewoman feels it too, thinking he reminds her a lot of her childhood friend, the late prince. Once his past is revealed, memories flood the prince-turned-ranger… and he knows what must be done.
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The girl had always been one of extravagance, always caring about the materialistic sorts. Clothes, jewelry, shoes, purses, everything had to be name brand and overly priced to prove a point to the ones around her. Her room was no exception to this. She had the second largest walk in closet in the house—besides her parents’ massive closet, of course. Which was full of clothing and shoes that she had barely wore more than once, sorted in perfect, almost obsessive categories aligned the wall in selves. One wall holding the many array of shoes. Heels, sandals, any and everything a girl could ask for planted on display as if to show off her perfection as another wall held her purses, the other a row of clothe neatly hung in the same fashion. Everything on obvious display.

As if that wasn’t obnoxious enough. Then, there was the room itself. Just like the closet, it was massive. The walls were a canvas of the current most beautiful women there were, a constant reminder for her goal of what she aspired to be. Well, appearance wise, of course. And she wasted no expense to achieve that goal. There against one of the walls, was a large Hollywood makeup desk, fully equipped with every kind of makeup, brushes, lipstick, everything for any sort of look she wanted to achieve on any sort of day. Next to that stood a large floor three-sided mirror, which was no doubt only there for the sole reason to boost her own ego by admiring herself every chance she got. Of course, there was also the wall full of jewelry, once again, on obvious display. Necklaces, bracelets, an entire wall filled with trinkets that she had probably only worn once—if that.

To top everything off, there was the bed. A massive bed located in the back of her room. It was as luxurious as every item in this room. Of course, she had to make sure she had only the best of mattresses. It was soft, as if sleeping on a cloud, and the plush pale rose comforter that blanketed the bed was just as fluffy, matched with authentic feather pillows that felt like your head was sinking into heaven. Yet, that wasn’t enough for a Queen such as Elise. She had to top it off with a lavish canopy. Four posters on each side of the bed held up the lace curtains that draped over the side like water. Of course, like most everything in this room, it was for show, majority of the time, the curtains were tied up neatly to the posters.

Elise thought herself a Queen and her room every bit proved that, and with the way she had their father wrapped around her little finger, she easily got anything she asked for. And if he ever got word of this little stunt Logan was pulling, who knows what he would do. That is, if Elise was willing to drop her pride and admit Logan had outwitted her, of course.

By the time Logan had finally ventured into her room, the drug had completely sent her mind into such a haze that even the slumber she fell into was dark, deep, and dreamless. She had barely even made it to her bed before she collapsed, her face planted into the plush blanket as her legs dangled off the edge of the bed. When Logan yelled, clapped, even shifted her body, turning her to her back and sprawling her limps out, Elise never reacted, her pretty face remaining completely still, and for once one may think she was… Harmless.

When the truth was, the girl was defenseless, completely and utterly at Logan’s mercy. And that was becoming more and more clear by the way her thin black tank top rose above her navel, the bottom of her naked breasts peeking out from under the thin cloth, threatening to slip out, leaving her more vulnerable than she had, and would’ve ever allowed herself to be. Making things worse, her tiny pajama shorts had risen against her mound, making a perfect mold of the shape of her pussy. And even as Logan began his assault, running his touch along the smooth skin of her arm, the girl could do nothing.

Not. A. Damn. Thing.

However, the more his hands ran across her body, the more the sensations entered her mind. It was as if she was stuck in a dream she couldn’t wake up from, a dream she didn’t understand. She could feel his hand upon her body, feel the way he caressed down her exposed stomach, her luscious womanly curves, as if enjoying every moment of teasing the untouchable skin Elise had prided in herself, soon lifted her shirt further to finally expose her naked breasts. The moment his hands fell upon them, her lips parted, a ragged sigh escaping her lips as her eyebrows knitted together. The slightest of reactions to his touch, making it quite clear that no matter what she may try to say, she desired a touch of a man, even in the thickness of her dreams.

Even if that man was her lame brother.
Oh, boy. He was so responsive already. Those gravely groans of his vibrated his Adams apple with a seductive tone that heated her own arousal. Honestly, she had been doing this so long that most of the time she just went through the motions, not really all that aroused until they stuffed their cock inside her. Well, it wasn’t like any of their customers went out of their way to make her feel good. The foreplay was always skipped, hell the pretty much the only thing she was ever used for was a hole to fuck. It was to be expected though, and by this point, none of that mattered. She didn’t do this for her own pleasure – she was only in this business for the money, and there was plenty of money for lonely men who just needed a good fuck.

Oh, you know I do.

A mischievous smile painted her lips. He seemed so hesitant at first, but, with a little well played seduction always had the man rearing for more. He had planned to pay her for the simple directions, but she couldn’t charge him nearly enough for something so innocent – not without being a scam artist. She may be a whore who fucked for a living, but she had her pride. Unlike other’s she had known, she tried to be fair – as fair as she could afford at least, and she never stole. If she just went around stealing all her client’s things, she would never have any clients to begin with. Besides, Elise was a firm believer in karma.

Suddenly, big, strong hands clasped onto her plump ass, pulling her plush against him. He was so handsy, almost eager to explore her, and when one of his hands slowly slid between her thighs, pressing up against her moist folds, her breath hitched in her throat. He really didn’t know how this worked, did he? While touching her so intimately wasn’t exactly off limits, she was just something that was rarely done, and she didn’t want to make him feel like her was obligated to try to please her in return. But, before she could explain that, he was asking for a blowjob.

That, she could do – gladly.

A smirk curved her lips, “Whatever you want.” Without another word, she took a step back, putting some distance between them as her eyes drifted to the bulge in his boxers short, trying to determine what she had to work with. Well, she could honestly say that she wasn’t expecting to see what she saw. He was well endowed, by the simple bulge, she could see the inches threatening to spring out, the fabric molding around his thick girth. From what she read from him, he was suffering from some sort of heartbreak, and the thought of leaving such a prize seemed unthinkable.

Stupid woman.

Slowly, Elise knelt to her knees before him, slim fingers hooking the hem of his boxers before sliding them down his thighs, watching as her prize strung to life. Smiling, her eyes darted up to watch his expressions as her fingers wrapped around the base of his shaft, positioning it high as her head dipped to take one of his balls into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around one of the globes, sucking lightly before pulling away and flicking her tongue over the wet ball teasingly – then she moved to the next, her hand stroking his length with a lazy hand. Soon, she released his scrotum, her tongue sliding up the underbelly of his cock, slowly inching closer, and closer to the tip. Once at the top, her wet tongue circled the crown, flicking the bottom a few times before finally taking him into her plump lips, eyes never leaving his.

This is what she loved about blowjobs, watching the pleasure filter through her client’s expressions, knowing she was doing her job well – and if she did a good enough job, they always came back. And by the look on Alex’s face – this wouldn’t be their only session. Slowly, she tested the waters, wrapping her lips firmly around him, suckling until her cheeks hallowed before inching lower, lower, lower, until the crown of his cock hit the entrance of her throat – then pulled back, teasing him until he wanted it so bad he wouldn’t be able to handle it. She repeated the act several times, until she was finally ready to get serious.

Her hands grasped his hips, and without much warning, her pace picked up. With one swift movement, he was buried deep in her throat, her mouth pumping him in and out of the constricting flash, massaging him with every gag, gurgling as her saliva spilled down his cock and dripping onto his hefty balls.
Her body moved on pure instinct. It was a side of her that she didn’t realize she was capable of, a side of her that was powerful enough to secure any desire she wished. In truth, Elise hadn’t the experience to truly know what would make Skye tick. He said he wanted to leave – to give her time to calm down. Perhaps that was the best option for an Omega in the throes of her mating cycle. The things they had done already in their heat-induced mind. He had already gifted her fertile womb with his seed, an action that had a serious consequence if it took root. A consequence the two had yet to discuss. She was still so young. Was a child something she wanted? Was that something he wanted?

The significance of this possible outcome was irrelevant. She knew what she wanted, and in this moment, she didn’t give a damn what it would cost – and she would do anything to make sure she got it.

Victory never tasted so sweet. He kiss her with impatience, and in that moment she knew she had won. A soft moan of delight vibrated against his lips, her body moving closer, sinking her mounds into the palm of his hands, eagerly taking advantage of his touch.

You should rest, El...

Still, he tried to reason. She didn’t say a word. She didn’t need rest. She needed the Alpha before her to touch every inch of her small body, and just as the thought echoed in her mind, his lips hit hers in a losing battle of self-restraint, his claw tickling her skin as if sought out his prize for finally submitting to her temptation.

You should eat something, at least...

His protests had no merit. The scent of his growing arousal was thick in the air. It was clear what he truly wanted, and if he just gave in, he would eagerly get it. Still, she urged him further – ensuring she would see victory no matter what. Closing her eyes, she tilted her head, exposing their mating mark on her neck as his lips traced her skin. “I’ll just eat you.” Every bit of him, from head to toe. She would gobble him whole and ensure he could never escape.

I’ll stay… I promise I’ll stay.

Delight. Desire. Satisfaction. He admitted defeat – his finger finally finding the source of her aching arousal as a prize. She gifted him with a sharp gasp of pleasure, her hips squirming at his persistent contact upon her bulb, her thick slick coating his digit in possessive lust. The sweet scent tainting the air around them grew more potent in her seduction. “Promise me you’ll never leave.” She insisted. “Tell me you’re mine, and only mine.” Tender fingers fell upon his chest, tracing the curves of his muscles as they dropped lower, lower, stopping at the waist band of his pants, fingers dipping into the fabric and tracing back and forth across his skin. “Promise me and I’ll do whatever you want.”
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