Be Careful Who You Get Friendly With (with Lo DeBale)


Feb 12, 2019
@Lo DeBale

Cindy was headed out to the 'party of the year', as her best friend Mandy had called it. It was the last one before school was over for good, and she planned on celebrating big time. Her parents were always strict with what she did, where she went, who she spent time with to the point of ad nauseam. She had plenty of friends they didn't know about, and thank God for that. She just never brought them home, and certain clothes were always hidden away, except for parties like this. They were about to graduate after what seemed like forever, and she was going to a local community college in the fall, mostly due to lack of funds. Her green dress was all sorted out, but she was changing at Mandy's to be on the safe side, and putting on her makeup there. Oh, if her parents knew the kind of things she wore behind their backs. Nothing slutty of course, but definitely 'outrageous' for an upstanding Christian such as herself. She very nearly rolled her eyes at the thought, she was a Christian, but wasn't born with a stick up her ass like her parents always seemed to be.

She was all ready to go, and piled into her 2016 Corolla before heading over to Mandy's, the party was at 8, and leaving at 6 gave her plenty of time to get ready and all. The only outward sign of her upbringing was her favorite necklace, which she wore just about everywhere. She called Mandy to let her know she was on her way, and would be there in five minutes and hung up her phone before throwing it on the passenger seat. She'd also left a note for her parents, claiming she was going to a bible study at Mandy's, knowing her friend would always cover for her. It was the last hurrah before college, and she was so ready for it, it wasn't her first party at the school, but most likely her last. Newsom High was leaving another group of students on the world's doorstep, her class being the latest one.

Only the graduating class was supposed to be there, but as she glanced around she saw a few juniors there too, probably because this was one of Adam's infamous parties and there were a few that were there as a result. His huge house was almost full when they got there, and she was glad she didn't have to drive over there, the parking situation was bad, six cars on each side of the street and cars all over the lawn; typical. It wasn't supposed to be a makeout party, but a lot of times it turned out that way, and she usually steered away from that; her parents always said once you started a lot of times you didn't stop, and she had no intentions of getting pregnant. Of course, the school bully was there, having gotten piss drunk already. He was already making out with one of the cheerleaders, Buffy, on the couch.

She headed off to the kitchen, not trusting anything outside of maybe the keg that looked already empty, and helped herself to a rum and coke, though it turned out she put too much rum in it. She wasn't drunk, but it was stronger than she'd wanted. Well, at least she knew nobody slipped anything in it, she wouldn't have put it past some of the jocks. She sat down on the couch, next to an unfamiliar face, and grinned. "Hey, I'm Cindy... Cindy Bergen. You graduating on Friday, too?" she said nervously.

Cindy is 18, 5'8, 130 lbs, 38d, bubble butt with red hair and blue eyes
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