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Jan 3, 2019
the astral clocktower
C U R R E N T ☆ R O L E P L A Y S
(This includes only on-site RPs.)
~{ Modern/Dreamscape, a dreamer, a traveler, endless pots of coffee }~
mxm with Atti

In the End
~{ Postapocalyptic, an irradiated survivor and his cryogenic recluse }~
mxm with DeeShadium

Life Hack
~{ Modern, crime, a hacker student and his teacher prey }~
mxm with Lady-Gothika

U P C O M I N G ☆ R O L E P L A Y S
~{ Medieval/Fantasy, princesses, arranged marriage, definitely 0 romance }~
fxf with Blood and Jokes

H I A T U S ' D ☆ R O L E P L A Y S
Please note that some threads here are not officially hiatus, but count currently as slower paced, though I do expect potential replies. This is not a judgment as to pacing, but rather a way for me to better get a handle on what my actual current RP load is.

An Apocalypse, Dorkly ☆
~{ Modern/Apocalyptic, a 'zombie' and his dandy, a smol and his xtol }~
mxm & mxm with SJpaodoeknyR aSvteanrhloilndgt

Nathanielcest: Nathaniel Dies at the End
~{ Modern/Apocalyptic, a Nathaniel and his Nathaniel, somebody dies probably}~
nxn with SJpaodoeknyR aSvteanrhloilndgt

D I S C O N T I N U E D ☆ R O L E P L A Y S
In general, I am not opposed to continuing any of these RPs at some point, if you'll just let me know. I dropped many of these in June 2020 due to some personal reasons, so if you catch me back in action, please feel free to hmu then.

Are You Alone Now?
~{ Modern, supernatural, ghosts, crime, a grumpy detective, a haunted criminal }~
mxm with ChibiMonkey

Beta and Switch
~{ Modern, omegaverse, alpha criminal, omega beta weaponsmith }~
mxm with MahlyekiDyavol

Beyond the Garden Gates
~{ Supernatural/Fantasy, a master, a ward, and a beast among the fetid woods }~
mxm with Vanic

Blood and Coffee
~{ Modern/Supernatural, blood, coffee, romance }~
mxm with Sky Reed

Bound by Fear and Heartbreak
~{ Modern, supernatural, forbidden love among the ghosts }~
mxm with StarryLunaHime

Bring on the Night
~{ Supernatural, a vampire and his hunter }~
mxm with Esoterica

A City, Darkly
~{ Modern, supernatural, a 'detective' and his dandy, a smol and his xtol }~
mxm with Jaden Starling

~{ Medieval/Fantasy, curses }~
fxm with Crow

Of Dark Lords and Cabbages
~{ Fantasy, a dark lord and his cabbage farmer }~
mxm with Blood and Jokes

Dark Web
~{ Modern, crime, a hacker and his victim neighbor }~
mxm with MahlyekiDyavol

Desperate Times and Unreasonable Measures
~{ Sci-fi, a space gladiator and his master space dork }~
mxm with Blood and Jokes

Extra Deluxe Special
~{ Modern, romance, masseuse and client (and brother) }~
fxm with Chibi Monkey

Fall from Grace
~{ Postapocalyptic, supernatural, a demon hunter and his unwilling guardian angel }~
mxm with Giant_Meteor

From the Sea
~{ Modern, fantasy, a shark and his two-legged captive mate}~
mxm with midknightblue

Game On
~{Modern, Yakuza, cyber cafes, mystery }~
fxm with Yume Kuribayashi

Of Kisses and Curses and Kingmakers
~{ Fantasy, curses, kissing, a prince and a half }~
mxm with Blood and Jokes

Mortal Games
~{ Medieval/Supernatural, all the characters and their boy/girlfriends }~
fxf & mxm with midknightblue

~{ Modern/Fantasy, classmates, a magical 'prince' and his 'knight' }~
mxm with Sei

Rendezvous at Roanoke
~{ Modern/Dystopian, 24 inches of cowboy }~
mxmmxm with Jaden Starling

The Queen's Bride [PM]
~{ Supernatural/Fantasy, a demon queen and her angelic bride }~
fxf with Catharsis

~{ Scifi, adventure, kissing, a space prince and his knight }~
mxm with kombatwombat

Strangers in Paradise
~{ Modern, mystery, strangers in paradise }~
fxf with Punishment

Thievery Corporation
~{ Modern, crime, a detective and his criminal witness }~
mxm with venveras

Undercover Husbands
~{ Modern, spies, suburbia, kissing, texts about cats }~
mxm with Blood and Jokes

Vacation to Zombie World
~{ Modern/Apocalyptic, zombie survival, polyamory }~
mxmm/mxm/mxm with Jaden Starling
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