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Apr 8, 2019
<I guess this will serve as my storage place for ideas! Status: WIP>

Story/Pairing Ideas
My Role x Your Role

Supernatural Ladies x New Home Owner (Beetlejuice inspired)
Your character has just purchased a new home at a suspiciously cheap price. The house is a fixer-upper in need of a little do-it-yourself TLC... that also happened to have been built over a weak point between this realm and that of the supernatural. Among your characters surprise housemates and passerby are a lonely ghost, a coven of witches, and a scheming demon.

Trainee x Personal Trainer or Fellow Gym Goer
Just a simple pairing of two people getting hot and bothered at the gym

I Think We're Alone Now - Lover x Lover
After being cooped up in a house or apartment with thin walls and prudish neighbors, a couple heads out to a remote cabin for some fun. With no one to tell them to quiet down, they're intent to make each other's moans echo across the surrounding mountains.


Liv (D&D inspired)
Liv is an OC of mine that I've used in D&D inspired settings. She's a flighty, adventurous mix of rogue and sorcerer. If you're curious, here's an old, unfinished comic featuring her. Liv would be fun for a quick romp (she encounters a minotaur in heat/a half-orc she owes money to comes to collect the debt/etc) or a longer adventure.

No Thanks
Rape/Non-Consensual | Racism | Underage | Gory Sex | Inflation | Bodily Waste | Bestiality | Incest | Rimming (Giving) | Fisting | Vore

Let's Talk About It First
Violent Sex | Furry

Cool Beans
BDSM | Combat Violence/Gore | Exhibitionism | LGBT

Gimme Gimme
Monsters | Impregnation | Creampie | Romance | Quickies | Enemies to Lovers | Rivals to Lovers
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