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Apr 8, 2019
<I guess this will serve as my storage place for ideas! Status: WIP>

Story/Pairing Ideas
My Role x Your Role
Yes! | Awesome | Cool

Longer Term

Woman Turned Succubus x Husband
Very loosely inspired by InCase's Invitation comic

A prudish couple's happiness is rudely interrupted by a strange cult of unknown origin. The woman is kidnapped and held for their 3 nights as her betrothed (or husband if you prefer) searches for her. On the 3rd night, he finds her laying in the ashes of the cultist's destroyed church, seemingly unharmed. It's not until he brings her back home that he notices a change in his love's urges and appetites.

<My idea is that the cult performed a ritual on her that made her a hybrid of human and succubus. This leaves her in a state of needy sex for sustenance and desiring increasing levels of kink. This is initially an unwelcome change for her partner, so much so that he seeks a cure for her. Eventually, however, he warms to her new condition. In the end, he may even choose to take on incubus characteristics of his own.>

Multiple Supernatural Ladies x New Home Owner (Beetlejuice inspired)
Your character has just purchased a new home at a suspiciously cheap price. The house is a fixer-upper in need of a little do-it-yourself TLC... that also happened to have been built over a weak point between this realm and that of the supernatural. Among your characters surprise housemates and passerby are a lonely ghost, a coven of witches, and a scheming demon.


Townswoman x Warlock
A young woman makes her way deep into forbidden woods to find the rumored lair of a mysterious warlock. She walks in on him (much to his annoyance and her embarrassment) and begs for his help. Her husband is threatening to leave her over her infertility, so she has come to the warlock for a cure. Although the warlock is not overly fond of people, the woman's husband in particular, he agrees to help... for a price.

<My intention is for the townswoman to decide to leave her husband and become the warlock's apprentice, having a spark of latent magic unknown to her before meeting the warlock. We can also change the husband to a recently ex-husband to avoid the adultery if that's preferred. This could turn into a longer RP if you're interested in exploring the teacher-student relationship. I'm particularly interested in having something like this happen.>

New Monster x More Experienced Monster
Inspired by BootyDoc's Seras Has to Have It Comic
A previously mundane woman finds herself over her head in the world of the supernatural. Luckily, she has a mentor of sort. Someone to guide her the ways of the night. Too bad she hasn't quite figured out how to control her desire for them.

<As in the comic vampires come to mind for this one. However, I think this could still work with werewolves or some other type of monster.>

Office Worker x Office Worker
Inspired by this comic
After an innocent mishap, two coworkers realize that they share a passion for kink and a boredom with the hum-drum grind of work. Thankfully, in each other they have a much welcome distraction.
Potential Characters: Cute, Timid New Girl or All-Work-&-No-Play Overachiever

Trainee x Personal Trainer or Fellow Gym Goer
Just a simple pairing of two people getting hot and bothered at the gym

"I Think We're Alone Now" - Lover x Lover
After being cooped up in a house or apartment with thin walls and prudish neighbors, a couple heads out to a remote cabin for some fun. With no one to tell them to quiet down, they're intent to make each other's moans echo across the surrounding mountains.

No Thanks
Rape/Non-Consensual | Racism or Race-Play | Underage or Age-Play | Gory Sex | Inflation | Bodily Waste | Bestiality | Incest | Rimming (Giving) | Fisting | Vore | Anal to Mouth | Anal to Vaginal | Physical or Verbal Abuse

Let's Talk About It First
Violent Sex | Furry

Cool Beans
BDSM | Combat Violence/Gore | Exhibitionism | LGBTQ+ | Lactation | Spanking | Gags | Strap-Ons | Anal Beads | Shapeshifting | Futa

Gimme Gimme
| Impregnation/Risk of Pregnancy | Creampie | Romance | Quickies | Enemies to Lovers | Rivals to Lovers | Tentacles | Face-Fucking | Suits (It's basically lingerie for dudes in my opinion) | Magic | Mad Science | Blindfolds | Spit-roasting | Double Penetration
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Apr 8, 2019

Djuna Mortellos
Character Name : Djuna
Age: early 30's
Body: 5'8", strong, athletic
Race: Human with Yuan-ti ancestry
Occupation : Cultist Sorceress

Personality : Djuna is driven, focused, and cold on the outside. Djuna is an ambitious member of the Order of Dureg Crinsus, a fanatical cult which has bastardized the values of the elder god of union, beginnings, and lust as an excuse for conquest, rape, and excessive cruelty. Djuna was born into the cult and has never known any other way of life. For those who can get past Djuna's tough exterior, Djuna is curious and a lover of beauty (both physical and non-physical). She has a somewhat skewed idea of morality and just the world in general. However, Djuna is not a hopeless case. She has an open mind, great revere for deities, and a thirst for the truth.


❤ Magic - Djuna is quite the little sorceress. She is by no means all powerful, but she is a something of a prodigy. Djuna's magic does have one critical drawback. She has always been taught to draw the energy for her magic out of unwilling souls and negative energy (hatred, disappointment, fear, etc.) instead of using positive natural forces. Djuna's talent lies in modification rather than creation.

❤ Satchel - Djuna always keeps herbs and potions handy in the satchel. In the past she's also enchanted her satchel to use it as a weapon.

Favorite Things :
❤ Positive Reinforcement
❤ Bondage
❤ Spanking
❤ Toys

Ren Tyler

Name: Renee "Ren" Tyler
Race: Human
Age: 24
Occupation: Former Waitress
Sexual Orientation: Straight

❤ New Things
❤ Excitement
❤ Traveling

Character Personality: Ren is an extrovert who loves meeting new people. She's very friendly and is quick to make small talk and flirt, though she does keep an air of innocence about her.


Name: Livynia "Liv" Athanas
Info: Liv is an OC of mine that I've used in D&D inspired settings. She's a flighty, adventurous mix of rogue and sorcerer. If you're curious, here's an old, unfinished comic featuring her. Liv would be fun for a quick romp (she encounters a minotaur in heat/a half-orc she owes money to comes to collect the debt/etc) or a longer adventure.

Evie Conway

Name: Evelyn "Evie" Conway
Age: Late 20's
Motivation: Redemption
Physical Description: 5'6", Slender build, short dark hair, dark eyes, caramel colored skin, no obvious nationality
Info: Evie Conway is or was an agent of an agency that she has no plans of disclosing. Other than being a bit quiet about her past, she's actually very nice and not too terribly mysterious. She'd much rather be gardening or administering first aid than pulling guns and going on missions, but we'll see how long that lasts.
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