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Feb 9, 2019
Note: If your character was part of The Masterful, I did save many of the original applications. If you would like to modify your original application but no longer have it, send me a message and I'll see if I have a copy.

How to Submit a Character Application:
Before submitting any applications, please read all information and rules for this group. For all new main characters, please fill out as much of the below Character Profile as possible. If desired, you may add your own additonal fields. If you are including photo references, please insert them as spoilers. Please format your profile in such a way as to make the individual fields easy to identify. Please wait for your character profile to be approved by me or other authorized group members before beginning to use the character. Thank you, and have fun!

Character Name:




Body Weight/Build:

Hair Color/Style:

Eye Color:

Skin Color:


Typical Clothing Style:

Additional physical appearance details: (You can include things like jewelry, breast size, penis size, etc.)

Position Desired In RP: (Examples: Member, Employee, Sprite, Nymph, etc. You may also suggest positions that are not listed yet or even apply to have an antagonistic role.)

Prefered drinks, food, etc: (If UC is a Member, this info will be especially helpful in making sure their stay at the Elysian is as enjoyable as possibles)

Sexual Orientation:

Sexual Preferences: (If YC is a Member/Client, please describe what kinds of Nymphs YC would find appealing. If YC is a Nymph, please describe what kinds of intimate services YC would be willing to perform and with what kinds of clients.)

Bio: (If YC is a member of Staff, please include an explanation of how YC became a slave/employee, etc., unless this is something you want to cover in RP)

Additional Information: (Add anything that's needed to be known about your character that you think would be relevant.)
Feb 9, 2019
Character Name: Wolf
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 5’8”
Body Weight/Build: slim with subtle musculature
Hair Color/Style: black, short with layers that may fall over the eyes
Eye Color: dark brown
Skin Color: pale
Race: Korean
Typical Clothing Style: modern, sleek, stylish, professional.

Additional physical appearance details: Wolf has two piercings on the lobe of each ear, usually wearing tiny silver hoops that hug close to the lobe. Until Penelope’s disappearance, Wofl never took off the collar he wore as a sign of his loyalty to her. Once she disappeared and he decided he had to step up, he finally removed the collar. However, he still wears the silver PM charm that used decorate the collar. The charm now hangs on a long silver chain around his neck, usually hidden under his clothes.

Position Desired In RP: Hades, owner of Elysian, head of his inherited underground empire.

Personality: Wolf is usually patient, collected, and observant. He was unshakably loyal to his Mistress. Even now that she is gone, loyalty is still the value he holds most strongly to. He is loyal to his Members and his Staff, doing what he can to look out for their best interest, and he expects the same in return. However, Wolf has been a slave since he can remember, and he served for a long time under a Mistress who was brutal in her retaliation if anyone ever crossed her. Because of the life he’s lived, Wolf has acquired some ruthlessness himself.

Prefered drinks, food, etc: Prefered drink are whiskey, soju or something else smooth and flavorful for slow enjoyment. If it’s a mixed drink, make it strong but not too sweet.

Sexual Orientation: Flexible.

Sexual Preferences: Originally, Wolf’s preference was for females. However, because of his androgynous beauty, both male and female Clients desired his services. Wanting to serve his Mistress to the best of his abilities, Wolf learned to be with and enjoy lovers of all kinds and genders. Even though he is no longer a slave, Wolf retained this openness and flexibility. However, he does usually prefer to be the one in control, especially if his image as the boss has to be upheld.

When it comes to sexual appetite, Wolf actually viewed sex as an activity he did enjoy, but one that he engaged in for the sake of his Mistress. Whether he was pleasuring his Mistress herself, taking on clients, or training slaves, sex was another part of his job. However, while dealing with Penelope’s disappearance and setting up his own business, Wolf didn’t have much time to engage in sex. He didn’t think much of it until he suddenly found himself feeling something akin to withdrawals. What this means, he’s not entirely sure and is still figuring it out.

Age 13-15
Around age 13, Wolf was owned by a small time pimp in Koreatown. Wolf has no memory of his life before this. He does not know where he’s from, who his parents were, or even what his real name is. Even his age is a guess as he does not know his birthdate. The name he goes by now is derived from a derogatory nickname his previous owner referred to him by, which was basically a demeaning way of saying “wolf pup” in Korean. Instead of hating the nickname, Wolf decided to own it. During this time, his only friend was a girl named Tannis, who was the only person who treated him like a human being.

When Wolf was 15, Penelope saw him and, feeling he had potential, acquired Wolf from his previous owner. This was just before Penelope began building her empire, so Wolf was with her practically since the beginning of her career. She treated him well and he was so grateful to her for bringing him into a better life that he vowed his undying loyalty to her.

Age 15-18
Since Penelope is against underage prostitution, Wolf spent the first few years of his new life being shaped to be the ideal all-purpose pet. He learned skills such as dance and acting to one day please clients, and was also trained in armed and unarmed combat to serve as her guard. When he was 18, he was trained in pleasure before taking on clients. Wolf did everything he could to excel in every aspect of his training so that he could be of most use to his Mistress. He even began taking care of her other slaves and pets as she acquired them, both to make himself more useful, and because he felt empathy towards them. Even though his primary motivation was to repay his Mistress, Wolf was also driven by the desire to gain earn as much respect as possible so he would never again be used as he had been before he’d met Penelope.

Age 18-21
Around the age of 20, Wolf was finally rewarded for his dedication and became Penelope’s right hand and overseer of her slaves and pets. During the time he had been with Penelope, Wolf had not seen Tannis. When he suddenly changed hands, he was not able to tell her goodbye and he thought he’d never see her again. One day, Tannis just so happened to show up at the Masterful looking for work. The two quickly rekindled their old friendship. At age 21, Wolf also became head of security. Because of his many duties, he was rarely given to clients except the occasional VIP who made a special request.

Age 21-25
For a while, things went smoothly. Wolf himself was technically no longer a slave, but stayed faithfully by his Mistress’s side. Business was booming, and Wolf finally had a chance to start finding his own identity in a leadership position. Then, without warning, Penelope disappeared, and Wolf suddenly found himself as the head of her empire. After working incredibly hard to keep the empire from collapsing, Wolf finally felt everything was stable enough for him to get a little change of scenery. He moved to Las Vegas and started up a business venture of his own.

Feb 9, 2019
Character Name: Randon Lyall (When not proclaiming himself to be the Prince of Sin City, he prefers to be called Lyall because he feels that going by his last name makes him seem more distinguished).
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Height: 6’5”
Body Weight/Build: Tall, muscular
Hair Color/Style: Dark black hair, short but with some length on top. Short, well-groomed beard and mustache.
Eye Color: Light, amber brown.
Skin Color: Tanned
Race: White
Typical Clothing Style: expensive and stylish
Additional physical appearance details: usually wearing something big and shiny from his large watch collection.
Position Desired In RP: Member, supplier of drugs, slaves, and other illegal commodities.

Personality: Selfish, arrogant, hedonistic, presumptuous, pretentious, and always on the lookout for someone vulnerable to toy with.

Prefered drinks, food, etc: Lyall only consumes the best that money can buy. However, he isn’t very knowledgeable about what actually makes good food and drink good. He is just interested in having and bragging about having the rarest and most expensive things. Therefore, when ordering, it is typical for him to just say something like, “Give me your best.”

Sexual Orientation: Mostly straight.

Sexual Preferences: Randon Lyall, of course, only desires the most attractive of lovers. However, what turns him on even more than physical appearance is how powerful he feels when he is taking advantage of someone, particularly someone innocent and/or unwary. He loves the rush of dominating someone and taking what he wants, especially after he’s played with his prey a bit first. So, although he’ll usually focus on females, if a male seems like he’d make a good target, Lyall might go after him too, especially because subjugating another male males him feel even more dominant. Lyall’s usual M.O. is to lure someone in with his good looks, charms, and wealth, and, once that person is hooked, use that person as he pleases or even turn that person into a slave to sell or give away.

Bio: Randon Lyall’s family has been involved in the seedier side of Las Vegas for generations. So, Tedman Lyall, Randon’s father, was already a wealthy man when, decades ago, Las Vegas was still mostly surrounded by desert. But, from the 1990's to the early 2000s, when the older hotels began being demolished to make way for much larger and more luxurious mega resorts, Tedman Lyall added a great deal to his already considerable wealth. He invested in several of the new resorts, which, in turn, attracted many more visitors, increasing the demand for the illegal goods provided by the Lyall family.

Because of his family’s wealth, Randon Lyall himself has grown up with every luxury he could want. He spends much of his time enjoying the glamour and debauchery of Sin City, but he also participates in his father’s underground businesses. Randon supplies high-quality drugs to venues such as Elysian. But the part of his career he pursues with the most gusto is the taking, selling, and keeping of slaves.

Feb 9, 2019
(Originally posted in the temporary character applications thread by Kohane24)

Character Name: Ayasha Jacobs

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Height: 4'9

Body Weight/Build: 87 lbs and Petite

Hair Color/Style: Black

Eye Color: Green

Skin Color: Tanned

Race: Native American

Typical Clothing Style: Expensive Tastes, varies between very revealing and somewhat modest

Additional physical appearance details: Ayasha is very petite in every aspect, down to her breasts which are a B cup. Her skin is unmarred, except for a dreamcatcher tattoo along her side.

Position Desired In RP: Wolf's Pet/Slave

Personality: Before becoming a Pet/Slave Ayasha is nothing more than a spoiled brat. There was a time when she was humble and kind, putting others before herself. This was due to her grandmother raising her as her parents were often too busy with work to pay attention. Unfortunately, even her grandmother couldn't protect her from the trauma she faced at a young age. Nonetheless she remained humble, until running away at age eighteen and her grandmother passing shortly after. Ayasha once more fell prey to her manipulative and spoiled nature. This is something that is corrected once taken into Elysian.

Prefered drinks, food, etc: Sushi, Sweets (specifically cakes), Fruity Cocktails, but can handle most booze. Nonalcoholic drink of choice is cream soda.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual, but will play with women if requested of her Master.

Sexual Preferences: Males

Bio: Pending



Mar 7, 2019
Character Name: Fox (Actual name Unknown)

Gender: Male (Very feminine and easily mistaken for a girl)

Age: 19

Height: 5'6

Body Weight/Build: Lean with some muscle

Hair Color/Style: Red (It grows fairly quick so sometimes he ties it back)

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Pale

Race: Irish-American

Typical Clothing Style: Very Plain, sticks to earth tones.

Additional physical appearance details: He wears a dog collar around his neck with a tag that has very faded writing on it, the origin is suspected to be from a deceased animal. He has various scars on his body from years of abuse and handling animals. Specifically a a large scar on his thigh, looks to be from an animal bite of sorts.

Position Desired In RP: Menagerie, Pet

Personality: Fox is very animal-like, depending on his senses for everything. He always seems timid and on edge, very distrusting of most people. There are rare times that he aggressive, but its best to not piss him off.
Prefered drinks, food, etc: Milk and Any kind of meat (with he exception of seafood)

Sexual Orientation: See bio

Sexual Preferences: Submissive

Bio: Fox was born into the circus life, however this circus was not normal by any means. It was made up of selfish and cruel people who were only interested in money. From the moment he was born, he was abused. At the age of seven his mother died, the cause was unknown but anyone could guess she was probably murdered. The Ringmaster noticed Fox's special affinity with animals and put him in charge of caring for the various exotic creatures the circus had smuggled. This led to unexpected developments, Fox became alienated from human contact. He grew to have special relationships with the creatures ( in more ways than one). Ultimately Fox became an animal himself, shut out from society and having always been treated like an animal himself. This was inevitable. Once the Ringmaster found out, he beat Fox to death and left him in a ditch. Until Wolf found the boy barely alive and purchased the animals from the Ringmaster.

More to be added? I'll add more detail in time

Additional Information: Fox is a mute by choice and doesn't know much about the outside world due to his upbringing.

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Jan 12, 2019
Character Name: Tannis O'Riordan

Gender: Futa

Age: 25

Height: 5'8"

Body Weight/Build: 157 lbs/Curvaceous but toned musculature.

Hair Color/Style: Sandy blonde/Long kept up in ponytail or cut short at shoulder length

Eye Color: Slate gray

Skin Color: Light brown

Race: Hispanic/Irish

Typical Clothing Style: Hoodies, jeans, snug fitting workout clothing from time to time. Sometimes dresses formally for the occassion.

Additional physical appearance details: A few flaxen strand of sandy blonde hair hang in her oval shaped face loosely, usually keeps her hair up in a ponytail and out of her face. Has soft full lips, a strong but feminine shaped chin, a pointed nose, slender brows, and long dark lashes. Her body is noticeably voluptuous upon immediate observations though her muscle tone is visible in her arms, somewhat along her abdomen, and in her calves. She has a pair of plush GG breasts that wobble in pert fashion with every step she takes. A plump bubble butt sticks out behind her like a shelf that one could balance a drink on if they dared to try. Thick thighs and wide birthing hips complement her ass that swing tantalizingly with a delicious wobble each time she walks. A thick ten inch dick with taut balls hangs between her thighs over her plump muff.

Position Desired In RP: Bartender/Bouncer

Personality: Calm and collected for the most part with a bit of sass to her personality. Not above being sarcastic towards people who annoy her though deep down quite empathetic and willing to offer a listening ear.

Prefered drinks, food, etc: Pizza, buffalo wings, mangos, maybe a salad, and tea.

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Sexual Preferences: Dominant futa, men, and women. Open to light bondage as well as being spanked on her scrumptiously large ass. Being bent over and fucked roughly by a strong and domineering partner. Kinks would include: Cum inflation, pregnancy, excessive cum, large cocks, double penetration, gangbang, and anal training.

Bio: Tannis is little more than an outsider who got hired off her friendship with the owner of Elysian. At least she had been hired back then to the club that the both of them had been working at as a bartender. Looking to help her friend out further, Tannis has offered to continue her role as bartender as well as bouncer if need be thanks to her background in martial arts.


Mar 19, 2019
United States
Character Name: Jury Knight

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Height: 5’8”

Body Weight/Build: Slender/Lean

Hair Color/Style: Brown / The style is something like an unkempt bob. The hair falls any which way in front of his face.

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Ivory

Race: Pacific Islander + Caucasian (Mixed Race)

Typical Clothing Style: Formal, Neat, Black and White. Most often seen wearing a white button up and black pants/shoes.

Additional appearance info: In spite of how he may feel, his face tends to have the expression of someone who is brooding/deep in thought. He has a mole on the back of his neck, one on the right side his chest (his left), one beside his navel, and another on the outside of his left ankle.

Position Desired In RP: Personal Bodyguard (in the interviewing process) with potential to be promoted to Aegis.

Personality: Quiet and serious, honest and purposeful. He is a dedicated worker, doing any task he’s given completely and as efficiently as he can. He is used to serving, and thinks rarely of his own wants/needs/interests. He is unused to any displays of affection, or of being seen as a romantic interest. He has no experience with being in a relationship, or with being genuinely cared about. Having grown up with experience in underground dealings, he is cautious of others when he meets them, studying them. Jury does not like to see anyone treated unfairly. Jury always follows rules; even if he himself does not benefit. He desires doing something that serves an important purpose.

Prefered drinks, food, etc: Chilled fruit, Deserts that include ice (Italian ice, shaved ice, etc.). Cat’s tongue; He cannot handle spicy foods, or anything too hot.

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Sexual Preferences: Unknown; He is inexperienced. However, he seems to quite like being praised...

Jury spent the majority of his life as a servant, making his way through the hazy world of the underground surrounded by shady business. His birth parents sold him for drug money after he was born, leaving him to be taken in by a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Bryce (named after their town. Certainly not their real names), who used him for unpaid labor as soon as he was old enough to do any. He spent his days in the fields outside the small wooden shack he and others lived in, and spent his nights on a stiff cot. He knew no better than to do as he was told, and as he saw others doing. He worked.

After Mrs. Bryce discovered how quick Jury was at learning, he was quickly enrolled in class after class and lesson after lesson, the couple intent on reaping any benefits they could from their investment; This little boy. They had him taught anything, everything. Science. Mechanics. Archery. They had him practice racing, gymnastics, shooting, not knowing what they would use him for yet... but wanting him to be talented at whatever that might be. As a child, Jury was interested in books about fantasy. After reading one about royalty, he was absolutely certain that he was in training to become a knight. This dream kept him occupied for years, this image of an amazing luxurious castle and a beautiful king or queen to stand beside. Someone he could be proud to work for.

At the age of 14, Jury was sold to a man looking for the next best act for his traveling entertainment show “Cirque Vanguard”. Jury’s archery and knife-throwing skills were shown off, along with other various tricks taught to him by his new and callous master. Once more he had to go through grueling training to learn yet another thing he was urged to master.

At the age of 16, sick of his current life, Jury began to use time he should have spent sleeping to sneak out and do odd jobs for anyone who needed something. He saved up his 10’s and 20’s for years, and finally, when he was 23, he could afford to pay for his own freedom. That is, until his master decided that he wanted more money than that. Jury could be free, yes, but if he did not pay the interest his master felt that he was owed by a certain date, Jury would have to return and perform as an entertainer for his show for another two years. Jury agreed. A contract was signed. And so, the young man went off to find a job. The very first job he could truly choose for himself.

Additional Information: Unless required to do otherwise, Jury is very gentle when handling anything or anyone. His skin is typically cool to the touch. Since becoming freed, he carries a visible handgun in a holster on his hip, and multiple concealed weapons on him at all times. Having no known surname, he is the one who named himself “Knight” sometime in his childhood. After years of doing target practice, he rarely misses.

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Jan 9, 2019
The BreadBox
Character Name: Victor

Nickname: “V”, “Vee”

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Height: 6’4”

Body Weight/Build: Tall, with a firm but not wide build.

Hair Color/Style: Blond, medium-short in length that is almost always styles nearly out of his dace and eyes.

Eye Color: Hazel

Skin Color: Fair

Race: Caucasian: Of a Norwegian mother and an American father with unknown origins.

Typical Clothing Style: Comfortable, prefers lighter, or pastel colors even, and dislikes dark or very bright colors. Unless it's black; which he also wears a lot of.

Additional physical appearance details: For his nearsightedness, he wears thick framed rectangular glasses.

Position Desired In RP: Housekeeper, with interest be potentially holding the named position: Hestia

Personality: Despite his imposing height and somewhat elite appearance, V has a gentle disposition and is very sensitive and mindful of the other’s feelings and circumstances. He couldn't imagine hurting or raising a hand against anyone, and likely would never do so unless absolutely necessary. He is meticulous in his work, and particular to the point of being somewhat of a control freak about it. Even if someone offers to help him, it'll often end up in him either doing everything over anyways or micromanaging the other person’s work the entire time.

Prefered drinks, food, etc: V doesn’t enjoy the taste of liquor straight up, and when he drinks he does prefer mixed drinks that mask the flavor of the alcohol. Not picky about foods, and can stomach pretty much anything. He does not eat many sweets more out of habit than dislike of them.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Sexual Preferences: In the infrequent instances that a guest approached him he found that he was able to entertain both men and women with equal levels of comfort on his end, leading him to believe that the sex of someone was not all that important. However generally V does not view sex as something done for his own enjoyment, but rather something done to appease and please others. His behavior reflects this, as he often defers to his partners wants and wishes, whatever those might be.

Also due to the fact that the patrons once served were sometimes violent and abusive to him and the other staff, he is prone to flinching and clamming up when aggressed too strongly.

Ages 1-3
“V” was born to a woman working at the spa, Shangri-La, and her patron. His mother Sofie, like many women there, worked there in order to pay off a large debt she owed to the owner. Sofie met the rare sympathetic soul and with his help she successfully fled from the so called paradise to start over somewhere.

Her new life did not include a strange, absent, man’s child. Some time after his third birthday, V was left in the care of the the women still working at Shangri-La, effectively becoming a ward of establishment and taking on his mother’s abandoned debt.

Age 3-16
Without much memory of his actual mother and father, V was jointly raised by the women that came and went from Shangri-La, with only the owner to look to as any sort of father figure. They bounced him between their homes, some who had their own apartments, and some who lived in the rooms provided to them as an extension of their “pay”. A few women, pooled their minor savings together so that he would be able to attend school and hopefully be able to escape the cycle of debt and internment that they were all trapped in. During these years, he attended school and worked at the spa as required to pay off his mother’s debt. At this point, he naively believed that the spa was a completely legitimate establishment despite the strange unmarked packages that he was sometimes tasked with delivering or picking up, or the bruises that his foster mothers seemed to get randomly.

Ages 16-18

At this time, he learned the true nature of the place the he was calling home. The VIP areas and baths, were only accessible by guests with the highest membership. It was a place he was not allowed in during business hours.
There, the women of Shangri-La sold their bodies to guests.This was where the marks and bruises on his mothers came from,
They were not allowed to impose and discretion on guests that requested their services, nor were many restraining rules places upon the guests. He was now not as naive as he had been, and recognized the suspicious nature of their patrons and.the people who gave him those packages.

Ages 18-21
He was finally permitted to enter and clean the VIP area, and saw exactly what kind of duties were expected of them, that none of the workers were able to skirt. One day, they had a female patron who payed special attention to him and who flagged him down to talk several times during her visit. He didn't think much of it, but later that same women along with the owner approached him. She had purchased an exclusive membership and wanted to request his services. Though reluctant, V was under the same obligations as any employee and thus had to accept it. After that he would be approached by patrons, both male and female, for entertainment and became something of a commodity at Shangri-La.

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Feb 9, 2019
Character Name: Hector Brand

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Height: 6'

Body Weight/Build: Muscular but not bulky

Hair Color/Style: Pale blond, worn in subtle waves that fall past his shoulders.

Eye Color: very light green

Skin Color: light

Race: mixed white

Typical Clothing Style: Hector enjoys wearing soft fabrics that feel good against the skin. Whether dressing casually or more formally, he always looks put together.

Additional physical appearance details: Hector doesn't go heavy on the jewelry. But he likes to be prepared. So, he wears a special belt that, when removed, turns into a leash and a leather wrist cuff that can turn into a collar. You know, just in case.

Position Desired In RP: Hector is a professional trainer of slaves and pets. Although he works for other clients as well, he has recently begun working primarily at Elysian. He trains slaves owned by Elysian as well as slaves or subs brought in by Members.

Personality: Hector loves his work and particularly loves making peopel submit to him. He doesn't have a shy bone in his body and will say and do pretty much whatever he feels like. Though usually cool and collected, he can have a unpredictable streak.

Prefered drinks, food, etc: Hector enjoys luxuriuos delicacies, especially french pastries served with champagne.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Sexual Preferences: Whether it's for work of purely pleasure, Hector enjoys being in control. His particular passion is turning a sub into a pet (as in acting like a dog, cat, etc.). On the rare occassion though and with the right person, Hector may be inspired to be the sub, but only with a partner that especially piques his interest.

Bio: Hector has been a professional trainer and breaker for years. Although he was based mainly in Las Vegas, catering to the rich and famous, he did do some work for Penelope Masters in the past. Therefore, once Wolf moved his base of operations out to Sin City, Wolf contacted Hector and asked if he'd be interested in working for him on a more regular basis.



Jan 3, 2019
Da Frozen North
Character Name: Alister Morton (Mockingly can be nicknames Alice)

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Height: 5'5"

Body Weight/Build: 122, slender build, his hips are slightly wider and he lacks a lot of the more prominent masculine traits.

Hair Color/Style: Light Blonde, Longer bangs with a pixie cut

Eye Color: Hazel, almost blue eyes

Skin Color: Pale with a small touch of tan

Race: Human, Caucasian

Typical Clothing Style: Business Professional.

Position Desired In RP: Slave Pet

Personality: Alister is a clever observant young man, but he is weak willed and prone to bending to the will of others, but this should not be perceived as giving up. Despite living under the thumb of others Alister works towards his own goals, adapting and dealing with whatever he is given.

Preferred drinks, food, etc: Likes sweets, had a distinct love for sweet ice tea and is easily motivated with sweets.

Sexual Orientation: Believes himself straight, but has never experimented or explored his sexuality

Sexual Preferences: Due to his standing Alister will refuse nothing, any and all kinks are on the table, he lives to serve now.

Bio: Alister served as a criminal accountant. He was skimming funds from his employers and was building a tidy sum for himself to disappear with, but he never got the chance as he was found out and given a choice on how things would end for him, he would be killed and his body discovered somewhere with dignity, or he would live and put himself up for auction. Alister ended up agreeing to go for auction. He did not fully understand what he was signing up for, all he knew was that he was not going to be killed.

Additional Information: At some point in his youth Alister got himself laser eye surgery, removing his need for glasses, but he never stopped having the habits of a person with glasses, and from time to time still reaches to the bridge of his nose to push at the glasses he no longer wears.
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