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Sir Wells

Jun 18, 2019

Name: Sela'il
Age: 26
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 217 Lbs
Eye/Hair Color: Pink/White
Build: Athletic/Muscular/Toned
Species: Feline Anthro
Orientation: Straight (Forced Lesbian/Other Allowed)
Slave Level: Fresh, Recently acquired
Kinks: All (Undiscovered IC Wise)
Limits: Bathroom Fetishes
Sexual Experience: Vanilla. She's had Male Partners before of her species, nothing else.
Personality: Defiant, Feisty, Charming(Once Comfortable)

Background: On the planet Sela'il lived on, she was considered a powerful Warlock. She's attuned to magic and is capable of handling most arcane abilities and powers, provided she has something capable of channeling her power through, such as her staff which was taken from her as well. However, the magics she was capable of wielding were nothing in comparison to what was brought to Capture one such as her by the Curator, Hitoshi. She was rendered powerless and brought to become part of the collection of Sir Wells. She is neither pleased with this nor willing to bow so easily. She is a very dominant Anthro, and being forced into submission is something she'll have to learn. Painfully or otherwise.​


Jun 27, 2019
Name: Greer Baskin
Age: 33
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 210
Eye/Hair Color: Blue/ Light Brown
Build: Muscular
Species: White Tiger Shifter
Orientation: Gay
Slave Level: New slave, only sold to Wells to save his family from downfall. He holds a bit of resentment.
Kinks: Dirty talk, Group sex, Toys
Limits: Bathroom play, Vore, Gore
Sexual Experience: He is new to the whole slave thing, so other than normal hook ups and such he hasn't experienced a lot of the things he'll come to see and do in the Estate.

Personality: Cocky and commanding, he isn't good with authority. He doesn't like to feel confined and tends to be short-tempered if he feels someone is disrespecting him. However, he is honest to a fault and isn't afraid to let you know exactly what he's thinking.

Background: Greer grew up in a shifter community as the head of his family. His father being neglectful and a gambler had pretty much pissed their families money down the toilet. Just when his family was on the verge of losing everything, Greer's father talked him into being sold to save them. If it wasn't for his younger siblings and mother he'd never would have agreed.

Now he belongs to Wells, even though being owned annoys the shit out of him. He won't run away because he sticks to his word, but he doesn't plan to make it easy on anyone either.


Jan 19, 2019

Name: Ookami
Age: About 19 looking
Height: 4'10
Weight: 190 lbs
Eye/Hair Color: Right eye gold, left eye blue / brown hair and fur with splashes of white fur
Build: Fit and Muscular
Species: Experiment "wolf centaur"
Orientation: Designed for pleasure for all, prefers being bottom to another male.
Slave Level: First time for everything! This will be his first time being bound and brought to The Wells Estate, never having been with an actual partner before.
Kinks: Will need to figure this out.
Limits: Also need to figure it out but I'm going to say vore, gore and probably bathroom play.
Sexual Experience: Never done anything like this before. He was designed to be able to please any partner and has a lot of sensitive points but there was an accident at the lab he found himself awake in the middle of nowhere and was raised by actual wolves until being captured and brought to The Wells Estate.
Personality: He is a relatively chill guy that is fairly friendly but can be a bit... feral at times. He can be a bit wild and will lose himself to all kinds of instincts. If woken on the wrong side of the bed, he might, just as easily snap and go into fight or flight mode and he isn't known to run.
Background: Ookami got his name from the random people that had been around him and his pack, screaming and hollering before running off or trying to straight up kill his family. He decided to call himself by the name that the people always called out because he had nothing else. He did observe humans at a safe distance and at least learned the language but for some reason... once he started speaking it, it all came so naturally to him. Ookami didn't have any memories from before the wolf pack but that was only because of the accident.

How he was "Born" was simply that he had been built in a lab. A group of scientists were so obsessed with fantasy in there little bubble worlds, that they became scientists just to prove that fantasy could exist. They experimented on humans and animals, not caring about anything other than what they set their mind to. They put on just about every dangerous criminal list, becoming known for human trafficking and trafficking exotic and illegal animals to experiment on. It took most of their lives but the group became these huge crime bosses, running operations that one wouldn't think possible. Almost all of their experiments ended in failure after failure.

However, by some stroke of luck, they were able to take the embryo from a dying pregnant woman, and were slowly able to mix and genetically add wolf's DNA into the sequence. It was not easy and the result could have come out as anything but they were careful while constructing it, always needing to watch every second of the day for changes or problems. In the end, they succeeded and Ookami was born. They coded language into the human brain and grew it to nearly the size he is now, never sure he'd survive. However, one day, the police raided the place and one scientist wouldn't let the police take there work and blew up the building. Ookami managed to survive but when he came to, he had no idea about anything until the wolves took him in.

Now, a few years later and knowing a little about language and how to behave... kind of, Ookami was caught and knocked out by a hunter from another planet, tied up and carried off.
Jan 4, 2019


Name: Pyrrhus Flamesinger
Age: 23
Height: 5'1
Weight: 132lbs
Eye/Hair Color: Red
Build: Short and Lithe
Species: Fire Elf
Orientation: Pretending to be straight
Slave Level: Is looking for a chance to sit down and work something out with the Master of the house and isn't a slave as of yet.
Kinks: Size difference and secretly into the idea of not having to hide behind closed doors.
Limits: Vore, Gore, and Bathroom Stuff
Sexual Experience: He will pretend that he has zero experience with men as he's feigning disinterest in them. Zero experience with women due to not being interested in them.
Personality: Haughty, spoiled, and used to getting his own way due to who and what he was. He can also be a bit aggressive at times if anyone mocks him for his height. He's the sort that will be difficult to deal with at first but it's more of a prickly outer shell due to what he's dealing with at the moment.
Background: Pyrrhus is, or at least was, the prince and heir to a kingdom of fire elves that were renowned as amazing magic users and smiths that can craft powerful magic weapons. Pyrrhus is the youngest child of the king but at the same time the only son so despite his young age he was meant to end up as the king of his country one day. At least until a coup occurred and his family was wiped out and another family installed. It was only due to the aid of his most loyal knights that he was able to escape at all.

He spent a couple years on the run before catching wind of one called Sir Ethan Wells and of those that he collects and keeps as his own. Pyrrhus knows full well that there is no going home, no taking back his kingdom, that those that once supported his family are long gone. He also knows that going forward that if he were to be seen in public anywhere that his enemies know his name or face that he will end up dead.

He's heading to meet with Wells in hopes of keeping that from happening.


Jan 19, 2019

Name: Mafuyu
Age: Appears mid to low 20s
Height: 5' (standing on all fours)
Weight: 210 lbs
Eye/Hair Color: Red eyes, white with black and gray hair and fur
Build: Thin but packed with dense muscle
Species: unknown (Seems to be some kind of leopard centaur)
Orientation: Pan sexual (Prefers women over all but come on... Look where we are)
Slave Level: Brand new to the estate
Kinks: Pinning down his victim and showing them they can't defy him, Cum inflation, noncon, Punishment (Though he will never admit it)
Limits: Bathroom play, vore
Sexual Experience: He's never actually done it with anyone before, he'd just been cut off and kept in a cage for a long time like a circus cat.
Personality: Cool and cold, keeping his distance from most unless he wants to engage and likes to prank sometimes by involving himself in general "Cat thing" Like laying cross someone just before they get up so they feel like they can't. Laying right on books someone is reading, Staring at birds for hours, Knocking things off tables and so on, long naps. He is fully aware of his actions and chooses to partake anyway.

Background: Mafuyu was owned by only a few rich men that liked the idea of a dangerous leopard as a pet but he was kept away from people because of that same reason. So, he liked to act up and break expensive things until they got irritated and sold him off. Now he had been taken in by a well known slave trader instead of an exotic animal trader. As soon as the slave trader laid eyes on the creature, he gave Wells a call saying he had a special treat, free to use for a week and if he liked it, he could keep it. He'd been in business with Wells for some time and he always made sure the slaves knew the rules of how to behave... Not that they always did, they were just made aware of the rules.


Jan 3, 2019
Somewhere other than nowhere.

Name: Eirkas Morleth
Age: 24
Height: 5'10
Weight: 146lbs
Eye/Hair Color: Hazel eyed, Black haired
Build: Average, slightly thin but fit.
Species: Half-Elf
Orientation: Bisexual
Slave Level: New, Recent acquisition.
Kinks: Not picky about fetishes though bondage, caging and flogging are particular IC and OOC fetishes. Though he hasn't totally discovered himself either.
Limits: Bathroom fetishes (Both IC and OOC)
Sexual Experience: Virgin
Personality: Kind enough though rude to the offending party. Defiant yet has his limits. Has a slight temper if provoked but is calm yet apathetic.
Background: Through his life he has been ostracised by not only humans but by elves on account of his origins. Born to a human mother and an elven father, the latter of which walked out and left him alone with a single parent. Eirkas has never found much stability. Eventually leading to him winding up running with a criminal gang. Maybe to get back at humans, elves or society in general? Who knew? If his life had been better then maybe he wouldn't have made rash decisions.

Said decisions would cost him dearly many years later as the new boss of said gang, who had a distaste for elves and especially half-elves. Sold him out, literally. So he ended up in an exotic slave market. Being the only half-elf there he caught the eye of Wells or perhaps an associate and was brought to the estate. Eirkas swore on the way he wouldn't break but everyone has their breaking point.

Free Bird Fly

Feb 27, 2019
Sindri "Dri"


5 feet 3 inches

115 lbs

Eye/Hair Color:

Luminescent green eyes (no pupils surrounded by black) | Pure white


Kaerilian (also simply known as the "Kaeri")


Slave Level:
New | Moderately Rebellious


-Bondage (light to moderate) (rope, cuffs (leather/metal/whatever), ties, etc.)
-Light-medium pain play
-Orgasm control/denial
-Clothing denial
-Poly relationships/multiple partners
-Rough sex
-Risque sex

-Punishments (spanking/whips/etc)
-Being dominated
**I'm pretty flexible when it comes to kinks so if you are unsure and would like to try something, please just ask. :)**

-Extreme bloodplay

Sexual Experience:
Virgin (anally)
-Has had limited sexual experiences.

Sindri is an extremely curious creature, his attention span may lack at times which is why he needs a firmer hand than most. He can also be rather stubborn, mostly to get attention or to be playful. It takes quite a bit to truly push Dri and get him mad, more like he gets extremely annoyed and will deny his master his obedience just to push the other. He can be pretty observant despite seeming off in his own world at times, he is witty and has a sharp tongue and isn't afraid to ask questions or speak his mind, even during times when he knows he shouldn't. And while he may come across as a stubborn and mischievous creature, Dri loves nothing more than to be taken charge of, even if he denies it.


Sindri comes from an exotic, far off planet known as 'Kaerilia.' It is full of amazing sights, the landscape on Kaerilia lush and incredibly dangerous. His people lived within the tops of the tall, vibrantly colored trees in small to large tribes or clans. The Kaeri are hardy creatures, their silky skin incredibly difficult to penetrate, and they have the unique ability to make themselves blend into whatever background they are presented with, like a chameleon but on a significantly more powerful scale, as they can change their overall appearance like a shifter, and also have strong mimic or more like "scanning" abilities. When they "scan" a new species they can retain not only their physical appearance but their mannerisms and even their language(s). Sindri is a young Kaeri, so his abilities aren't as finely tuned/honed as an older Kaeri, he still struggles with his shifting abilities but he excels in camouflage. One of the possible reasons that Kaerilia is not so widely known is not only because it is very far away, but because its atmosphere is harsh, and only creatures that are immune to a substance known as "Aether" can survive without a protective suit around them. Dri grew up on Kaerilia, and while Kaeri are naturally curious creatures, Dri was more so than usual and would often go out and explore Kaeri's lush landscape by himself.

**Note: I'm thinking that Dri gets picked up by slavers on one of little "outings" and then shipped to some galactic auction or whatever and that is where he is discovered by Sir Wells. Always up for suggestions though! Perhaps Wells himself came to Kaerilia looking for a new planet only to find Dri instead?**

Sir Wells

Jun 18, 2019

Name: Briza Dalael
Age: Somewhere in the 300s
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 134 Lbs
Eye/Hair Color: Blue/Silver
Build: Athletic/Toned
Species: Drow
Orientation: Whatever She Wants, When She Wants
Slave Level: Briza has been employed as an Inspector and Punisher by Wells for a number of years. Recently she's been gone on a retreat of sorts, only recently returning to the Estate to return to her duties
Kinks: Torture, Pain, Flogging, Spanking, Marking, Branding
Limits: Bathroom Fetishes
Sexual Experience: She's been around for upwards of 300 years. She's fucked everything from Humans to Treants (It was a smaller one, she was curious)
Personality: Forward, Blunt, Non Caring

Background: Briza lived with various Drow cities and encampments, always becoming their Executioner due to her love of causing pain and usually hurting someone to the point they barely remembered who they were. She's lived a long life, and has many years ahead of her, however she started growing tired of all of the politicking that came with how many of the worlds started taking part in. Then she met Ethan Wells. Wells was interested in adding her to his collection, however she didn't like the idea and attacked him, being rather easily subdued. She could feel the power the man controlled when she got close to him and Wells decided rather than make her submit, to employ her and allow her to escape that sort of life she was starting to hate and truly embrace her wonderfully sadistic side.

((OOC: Briza is for the females who need inspecting as well as the Darker forms of RP that some players might be interested in. Wells will still be used for the darker forms as well, but I like to have options for character interactions. ^^ Sue me))​

Sky Reed

Staff member
Jan 1, 2019
In Your Bed
Name: Seth Seymour
Age: 21
Height: 6'1
Weight: 150
Eye/Hair Color: Blue/Gold
Build: Athletic/Well-Toned
Species: Mandararui/An Angel
Orientation: Virgin/Straight
Slave Orientation: He was sold to the Wells Estate even though he is royalty, he is also known as the Prince Of Oil, French origin, the last generation of the Winged Clan after the fall of the empire of Saudi Arabia he was captured and was sold as a gift to the Wells Estate. He is a bit feisty so he was sent straight to the cages and the estate was warned that he will always try to escape and go back to his homeland.

Kinks: One of the slave hoarders said that pretty "ice princess" they already gave him a name because he is like a leopard that will try to bite and escape, so they always have him in chains and secretly said he probably likes being tied up, try to train or discipline him would probably get kicked or bitten.

Limits: Scat, Vore, Gore and bathroom play

Sexual Experience: He is a gift taken from his homeland, he had never been with anyone yet, and he was supposed to be set to marry soon but was captured before that happens.

Seth is the last one from the winged clan, but unfortunately, he was born with a deformed soul, which he considers a shame and has an inferiority complex about it.

His clan was originally a clan of Tengu (or angels in France), but with time, the number of snakes or the Jyanome's in the clan surpassed the already rare winged ones.

Because oh his noble origin, Seth was raised to become a leader, with a cold-hearted, mean, calculating, and cruel side that he shows to the world, someone powerful that can handle everything and that is better to stay away and not mess with. That is his famous dark side.

Personality: He can be nice and approachable but he was trained well since at a very young age he was led to rule a country and coming from a different background, and origin he can be aloof and shy but he is a good guy, he is known he is destined to serve, love and to hold the future partner he is going to end up with.



Jan 3, 2019
Somewhere other than nowhere.
Name: Solenlae
Age: 29
Height: 5'10
Weight: 133lbs
Eye/Hair Color: Crimson eyed, white haired.
Build: Lithe, Toned
Species: Drow
Orientation: Bisexual
Slave Level: New, recent acquisition. Used to be responsible for acquiring and breaking slaves for Wells.
Kinks: Everything vanilla and dark. Solenlae is the kind of woman to sleep on racks.
Limits: Bathroom fetishes (Both IC and OOC)
Sexual Experience: She has been around.
Personality: Polite and cordial yet cold. Sadist and Masochist rolled into one. Her frequent dealings with humans has 'humanised' her somewhat. In the sense that she doesn't act like a usual Dow at times.

Background: She is known only by her nickname, "The Spider.". A slaver with ties to the Drow homeland and many others, Solenlae is quite mysterious. Most people never dealt directly with her, only her subordinates. She ended up in Wells 'care' after the usual Drow treachery which ended up with her syndicate collapsing. Though not that she minded. She had dealt with Wells on numerous occasions and knew the power he possessed. She would work for the stronger side but keep a rebellious attitude.

She is also well acquainted with Briza Dalael. As a friend? enemy? or frenemy? No one can really say.
Jan 4, 2019


Name: Amaryllis or Amy
Age: ??
Height: 5'7
Weight: 125
Eye/Hair Color: Blue/Red
Build: Curvy and lithe
Species: Alraune/Flower Fae Hybrid
Orientation: Pan, but most enjoys toying with men.
Slave Level: Works for the house as the live in healer/doctor. Due to what she is as well as her control over plants she's able to make all manner of interesting drugs, aphrodisiacs, and the like for people in the house to use. On top of that she also makes normal medicines as well that can speed up healing, cure infections, and so on.
Kinks: Experimenting on people with her various concoctions, binding people with her vines, toying with those with alpha personalities.
Limits: Vore, gore, bathroom stuff
Sexual Experience: Seems experienced enough though from the position of one that is in charge of any given situation. Most of which she's learned since coming to Wells's place.
Personality: At first glance she appears to be a very helpful, very sweet sort of person. If she is just doing her job and tending to a wound she definitely is that first and foremost. Extended time with her will show off what she is really like though. She's the sort that likes to be in control of anything that is within her personal space, especially when it comes to either her room or the clinic she works in.
Background: Amy's origins are a bit of a mystery. Where she originally came from having been lost through the various people that have owned her through our her years. She was taken from a place that she calls the 'First Forest' though what plane or planet that might be located on is unknown even to her. She was transplanted time and time again growing from being a normal flower with powerful healing properties into a being with a humanoid form and those same powers. She went from place to place even after that, helping to heal one stupidly rich person after another, something that started to grate on her a bit.

The more she swapped hands, always for an untold amount of money, the more apathetic she got to their needs. Until in the end she was ordered to heal yet another who was in her mind a selfish jerk. The final person before Wells annoyed her to the point that instead of healing them she saw to summoning some special spores that caused the group around her to go mad and kill one another.

From there she was left alone in the green house of those she'd 'dealt with' until someone found her for Wells. It was proposed that she didn't leave the green house because of money but instead because she decided that it's what she wants to do. She was told that she'd be able to go to a new place where she could heal all manner of people and not just rich, greedy jerks. A place that she could actually enjoy herself to the fullest due to what said place is like. After a few different visits Amy finally agreed to test things out. She'd meet with Wells, check out his house, and see if she could obtain something there that she hadn't gotten in any of her past homes.

Much to her delight there is much to enjoy in this new place and she's seemed to have bloomed in both her interests and her powers. To this point she's actually liked serving Wells and tending to all of those in his home.
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