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Jan 12, 2019
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You have been exiled from the Theocracy of Oriath. For your crimes you have been sent across the sea to the corrupted lands of Wraeclast to live or die by your own desire. May God punish you as you seek his forgiveness.
Welcome everyone. In regards to characters you are pretty free to decide how you want your character to be with the following guidelines:
  • There are no special skills you have received though training, you only have a basic strength and speed within human standards. Anything else is executed though the use of virtue gems. Such as a burning arrow or throwing a spectral copy of your weapon like a boomerang.
  • Magic, known at thaumaturgy, is little used and rare for normal people to have or use. Only important people in the church are allowed to experiment with it. Even the most talented exiles can do little more then shoot weak bolts of force without the use of virtue gems.
  • You are being washed up on the shore of Wraeclast. You have no weapons, items, or even clothes. Just your wits and your tired body until you can scavenge something.
  • Here is a list of Active virtue gems and support virtue gems.
  • This game will have sex, rape, death, blood, and other unwholesome things. This is dark fantasy.
Sexual orientation:
Backstory (Make sure you include the reason for being exiled):
Previous Occupation:
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