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Jan 1, 2019

[ Name ] Ikari Shizuka
[ Nicknames ] Shizu
[ AGE ] Eighteen
[ Height ] 5'7"
[ Weight ] 133lbs


> Honest > Strong-Willed> "Charmingly" Cynical > Independent > Observant


He loves texting, and might be considered a bit of a phone addict.
Shizu grew his hair out to help hide the scarring around his left ear
Not a big fan of being touched, though he tolerates such contact from children.
Has one hell of a sweet tooth ( just hand over that bag of sugar thank you. )

Shizuka never thought himself to be different from any other boy his age, he liked watching cartoons and playing with action figures just like anyone else. He wanted to play outside a bit more often but his mother was always to very anxious and hovered over him, making it difficult to even consider going further than a few inches from her whenever they would visit the playground. In part that was why he had been thrilled to learn that he'd be attending school with other students soon, that his father thought it would be a good idea for him to interact and learn in an environment away from home. Of course his parents had been assured that the students and staff had been informed about Shizaku's 'condition' and that the children would be understanding. It was to be a trial run, and for the first few days everything seemed fine until Shizuka became the focus of one particular student's brand of rough housing.

Despite trying his best to make friends with Tomoharu, he just couldn't seem to get through to him and with spoken word out of the question he resorted to writing notes. But that had backfired as another student had caught him leaving a missive in the other boy's shoe locker and went about the school claiming that Shizaku had left a love confession for the other boy...something the deaf boy hadn't caught onto, hadn't quite understood until it had all blown up in his face. During the tussle that followed, one of his hearing aids had been yanked out and his ear injured in the process. This coupled with the fact that Shizaku could no longer hide the several sets of hearing aids that had gone missing ... his parents stepped in and demanded retribution. For a time Shizuka blamed himself, he felt that it was his fault for being different. As usual his parents were there to hover and coddle, to assure their son that everything would be alright but for once in his life that reassurance felt hollow ... more than likely because for some reason that he didn't quite understand, he really did want Tomoharu to like him and the other boy seemed to hate him for no other reason than being himself. 

Presently Shizu is attending college and staying on campus much to the dismay of his parents, as the incident having fueled him to push himself harder as opposed to shutting down as his parents had expected.  No longer bothering with hearing aids, he is fully reliant upon JSL and tends to keep himself busy with volunteer work and his studies. Not to say that he doesn't have friends but he doesn't go out of his way to make them.​

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