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Jan 3, 2019
So I was reading some stuff just now about how paganism and other assorted woo is popular on both the extreme left and extreme right (I'm guessing Wiccanism on the left and Sons Of Odin LARPing on the right), and I had a revelation. I did a google search to see if anyone had meme'd this before, but it doesn't look like it.

Take horseshoe theory

Rotate it 90 degrees counter-clockwise

Superimpose it over an IQ bell curve.

(optional) Draw a little transparent box around the left prong of the horseshoe from around IQ 80 to 110, and label it "Overton Window"

EDIT: additional options:
(a) place another box over the center portion from IQ 100 to 150 and label that as where the OW used to be 20 years ago
(b) place indicators dragging the top-left corner of the box upward so that it also includes just the tip of the horseshoe's right prong, and label that as where internet trolls want the OW to go
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Jan 12, 2019
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Nicki Minaj coofcelled by balls, OSHA solves side effects by not reporting them


"Nicki Minaj, A Genius With Barely a High School Education, Not Getting Vaxxed Til She Does More Research"

If you have a college degree, you can tell everyone else what to do. It doesn't matter what your college degree is in, though, because all smart people go to college nyah :3 and all people who go to college are vewwy smawt :3 :3 :3 nyah.

She said her cousin's friend in Trinidad got the vax, his balls got swollen, and he was left unable to get a boner. Also, the friend's to-be wife had to cancel the wedding. I didn't read all her tweets because they were buried, but this is a case of "don't read too fucking far into it".

As of right now, her tweet's got 20.7K RT's, 88K quotes, and 118.5K likes. I don't know if it counts as a "ratio" or not. There's a bunch of people calling her stupid, telling her to "talk to a scientist" (as if they don't literally publish their work online, plenty of it with no paywall), and accusing her cousin's friend of lying about an STI.

"Normalize bullying people into getting the vaccine"

Not sure if that's supposed to be sarcasm, but that's literally what the "cool" kids are doing.

Could her cousin's friend be lying about an STI? Sure. I don't know him, I'm not his doctor, but neither does anyone who's dragging her over this.

I don't have anything against the people who are just busting her balls (pun intended) about talking about her cousin's friend's balls on Twitter.

Here's where things get interesting....Someone posted information from VAERS


"Why the skepticism of Nikki Minaj’s story? There are quite a number of reports in VAERS about post-jab testicular pain."

One reply, "VAERS is not a reliable source."

Another, "Anything with “VAERS” as a source is as suspect as vaccination causing swollen testicles.."

To which OP replies, "Yeah, so that’s why the CDC spends millions of dollars keeping VAERS up all these years. Your tax dollars."

The CDC literally says for people to report any side effects to VAERS. While it's possible that Russian bots, or the Hacker Named "4Chan", could be submitting bogus reports to VAERS, that is likely to be outweighed by people reporting side effects in good faith. I would imagine it's like Yelp reviews or something else where there will be a few instances of people who are like "Got the vaccine so I could go to the water park, and I had diarrhea by the time I got back," but that wouldn't be a barrier to looking at the reports holistically and drawing a reasonable conclusion.

VAERs is extremely up-front about the nature and source of the data, as well as potential flaws. Also, random people on Twitter aren't arbiters of what is a good source or not. You have 240 characters to communicate and no edit option. This is hardly the correct platform to jump all over people for not having footnotes and at least 5 academic sources in an APA-formatted bibliography.


Also, along with the proposed *honkhonk* vaccine mandate, OSHA has revoked it's existing guidance on side effect reporting. Previously, if an employer requires a vaccine as a condition for employment, the employer must report all side effects from the vaccine to OSHA.

"DOL and OSHA, as well as other federal agencies, are working diligently to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations. OSHA does not wish to have any appearance of discouraging workers from receiving COVID-19 vaccination, and also does not wish to disincentivize employers’ vaccination efforts. As a result, OSHA will not enforce 29 CFR 1904’s recording requirements to require any employers to record worker side effects from COVID-19 vaccination through May 2022."


If the vaccine is as good as it's purported to be, it doesn't make sense to have so much obfuscation. Blatantly removing the transparency that has been good enough for all other vaccines simply adds to the appearance that there's something dirty going on.

"With a mandatory vaccination policy, the guidance ensured that employees’ adverse reactions (with arguably little correlation to actual work-related injuries) could end up on a company’s OSHA recordkeeping logs—which could, in turn, negatively affect its insurance rates and, in some industries, its ability to bid for work."

This sounds extremely Chinese. Instead of not mandating something with the incidence and type of side effects this vaccine has (or simply not mandating anything at all), just hide the side effects and they don't exist anymore.

Once you piss off the maskurbators, it seems they take all possible liberties to say whatever they want.


"The media also lied in claiming Minaj said she wanted to avoid the Met Gala due to its vaccine requirement, which the rapper correcting them, '3 lies in a row from huge news platforms. I cited my young child as why I didn’t want to travel. But notice how NONE of them mentioned that? Ask yourself why that was.'"

That's basically it:

"Ask yourself why that was."

Why is there so much hiding? Why is there so much vitriol directed at people who question it? Isn't the essence of scientific thought critical thinking and asking questions?
Jan 12, 2019
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> So I was reading some stuff just now about how paganism and other assorted woo is popular on both the extreme left and extreme right (I'm guessing Wiccanism on the left and Sons Of Odin LARPing on the right), and I had a revelation. I did a google search to see if anyone had meme'd this before, but it doesn't look like it.

This trope goes back to the mid 19th/early 20th centuries. Archaeology is new, and there are artifacts being discovered in the Middle East and Europe. The Indians had their war for independence and a lot of British left there and returned to Britain with knowledge of Hinduism. Normal people who otherwise would have been whatever flavor of Christianity as was the norm in their group were finding out about pre-Christian religion through archaeology exhibits in museums and they thought it was cool. This happened during the Renaissance as well due to that time's renewed interest in ancient Roman and Greek art and literature, but it was more of an art and literature revival and some public interest in using pagan symbols and dabbling with things like divination, than an actual religious movement.

Naturally, people wrote books about these things, and people bought them.

Communism never really took to Paganism, but it was left in more of a bohemian/romantic, early quasi-anarchist, pre-Marxist thing. Those people were responding to urbanization, industrialization, and Victorian morality by idealizing the people they saw represented in archaeology. Things seemed better then, and Christianity seemed like the root behind all the strict morality and repression for its own sake. Also, Gerald Gardener was a libertine who wanted to look at tits. Now that more information has been discovered, Wicca really bears no resemblance to Celtic Druidism. It didn't matter because the occultism community ran with it, but someone like Aleister Crowley or Peter Carroll wasn't trying to recreate a specific ancient religion. Practically all non-Hermitic Western occultism derives from what Gardener did.

Fascism took to Paganism because they realized that Christianity was a foreign product (in the case of the Nazis, it was basically a Jewish cult). If the goal is to resurrect the nation in a more pure way, according to the ancient soul of the people, that meant returning to pre-Christian tradition. Both Hitler and Mussolini realized that deprogramming their countries of Christianity wasn't going to be easy. It seems that Hitler leaned into Pagan symbolism and subduing of Christianity more than Mussolini did. Mussolini saw the Catholic church as a useful vehicle for his authoritarianism, although Julius Evola (who he later banhammered) wrote to him advising him against that and to simply return to Roman tradition. On a funny note, Hitler's Pagan-esque views are why we have the sexy Oktoberfest dirndl -- he thought the present one was too modest and Christian, so he had it redesigned with a shorter skirt and lower neckline. The Nazis also had a fascination for Hinduism, because aRyAn.

People who gravitate to uncommon politics or religions are likely to have unusual personalities in other ways. It's hard to find anything on alternative religions, but I would assume that very high IQ (e.g. people inquisitive enough to be interested in and study alternative religion) and very low IQ people (e.g. suggestible people who started LARPing because they saw The Craft or Vikings) are who most likely gets into Wicca, Asatru, Odinism, Satanism, etc.


> Take horseshoe theory

Rotate it 90 degrees counter-clockwise

Superimpose it over an IQ bell curve.

Jews are first-place, but that's not really a mystery. It's well-known that Jews, especially Ashkenazim, have a high average IQ.

Hindus are the 2nd highest-earning religious group in the US. Christianity is broken into denominations, so I wondered if Hinduism has denominations. It does, I found, but they don't work the same. It's similar to how ancient Greece and Rome were, where some people concentrate on worshipping one of the gods more than others. It would be interesting to see how Hinduism ranks when broken up by deity-tradition. As a country, India has an average IQ of 82, and to quote a random internet comment, "Why is it that Indians are either super-geniuses or borderline retarded?" Caste system most likely, and the wealthiest Indians are able to come to America.

Atheists, agnostics, and "Unitarian Universalists" are up there too, which is also not unexpected. I don't know what goes on in a "Unitarian Universalist" church but I guess it's like a church for people who are a specific kind of "spiritual but not religious". *looks up a UU service* ...yea, this is fucking woo... East Asia is more atheistic and secular, while also having high income and IQ, but the reasons aren't simple. The Communists did suppress religion, but (modern) Shinto, Buddhism, and Confucianism are more like traditions or systems of thought than what an American Christian would classify as a RUH-LIH-JUN.

I'm not familiar with the difference between the Protestant denominations, because I do not care. However, I did a quick look, and it appears that the more "progressive" denominations (Episcopal, United Methodist, Lutheran, UCOC) - the ones that ordain women and are generally more LGBT-inclusive. Leftoids are more likely to go to college and get post-grad study. As much as I'm loath to give them credit for having a high IQ, that's what the statistics show.

I'm surprised that Orthodox Christians are as high as they are on the list. Greeks, Slavs, and Ethiopians aren't stereotypically wealthy ethnic groups, but I looked that up to and a bunch of typically-Orthodox ethnicities are above the US median income. The Ethiopians weren't listed, but there are other African ethnicities on the list and they're also above the median. All the Orthodox countries have an IQ below 100, and Ethiopia's is just 69. As with India, class matters, and America's probably getting the people with the means to get here, which means they're also of higher than average IQ.

I thought Islam would be higher on the list. The average IQs of Islamic countries are in the 80s, so somewhat between Eastern Europe and Africa. Although America didn't take a lot of refugees, we still did take many in proportion to the existing Islamic population. Where the existing people likely immigrated from or descended from the more intelligent upper class that had the means to purposefully get here, they're counteracted in numbers by destitute people who may be more representative of their origin countries.

That being said, it seems like the correlation between religion and intelligence (inferred from achievement) could be cultural. America doesn't have a good way to classify a religious versus secular Hindu, or separate a less religious non-Western person from a Westernized non-Western person. Different cultures also relate differently to religion; an American atheist may be more vocally critical of, specifically, Christianity, but a Japanese atheist may still practice the Shinto traditions for cultural reasons while not believing in the spiritual side of it.

This is gonna be conjecture from my own observations, but it may be useful to separate White Americans by culture. You could split them by Anglo-Saxon/Eastern-Southern European, as I do often; by Yankees/Rebels, by Colonial/Wild West, etc. Each of those events has a lingering influence on the culture and they layer over each other in ways that really explain why a given group of people are they way they are right now. The recent political divide is like a compounding of all these events, and it's causing two new cultures to split off. The point in relation to the rest of this, is that not every culture can be measured by the same yardstick and the same things associated with success in one culture aren't always the same in others.

I wonder what the IQ-to-religiousity correlation would be if blue states and red states, or registered Republicans and Democrats were assessed separately. If I had to guess, IQ and atheism would likely still map for the blue states, but there may not be the same correlation for red states. Probably the epitome of success in a red state is a six-figure, single-income, land-owning, male breadwinner family with at least two children and they go to church, so people trying to social-climb in that environment are only going to be motivated to maintain their religious ties. I'm not in a red state, but I prefer vaguely "red" company and I know that announcing my Satanic, Paganistic, whateverthefuck-ism would work against me, and make me look ignorant to these people, not make me look smarter.
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Jan 12, 2019
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Dream of Californication

I haven't been following this too closely, but California appears the results are in for their recall election of Gavin Newsom, the same governor (in a long line) that has contributed to homelessness, economic inequality, over-regulation, taxation, crime and violence, and proliferation of the Elitist Fuckface demographic.

Shasta is overwhelmingly pro-recall and pro-Elder, as well as major parts of the Valley, Gold Country, Desert, Sierras, and probably some other regions I don't know the name of.

public static void peopleLand (String input) {

    if input contains (*more counties voted*) {
        System.out.println "LAND DOESN'T VOTE, PEOPLE VOTE!";

I know it's not proper Java, it's a joke

The issue is there are so many fuckfaces who continuously vote for the continuation of California's piss-poor conditions living in the coastal megalopolis, that they get to choose how people with totally different values, lifestyles, and environments from them have to live. And it seems like they simply choose poorly. The obvious solution is to decentralize, so the coastal elites, their pet minorities, and the bourgeois petit fuckfaces who emulate them, can choose to live in their own mental filth without the power to ruin the rest of the state -and, arguably, the country - to the degree that they do now. However, that's too hard for the NPCs because they would rather infringe on everyone else's self-determination than be bothered to be aware of the culture and laws of places they travel to.

I'm not gonna delude myself into unironically believing we can achieve the abolition of government in favor of self-governing covenant communities or city-states, let alone an entire society of self-governing individuals (helicopters are not the answer). Ideally, social policy decisions would take place at the city or county level. Barring that, perhaps it's not the worst thing that the nation sacrifices California to Gavin Newsome. It's damage that he can't do elsewhere, after all?

"All celebrities, rapists, gang members, illegal aliens (terrestrial and otherwise), gold diggers, hoplophobes, plastic surgery addicts, screamo bands, Antifa members, maskurbators, billionaires, champagne socialists, spontaneously-combusting EVs, crust punks, AOC, people with eyeball tattoos, militant vegans, IG thots, eucalyptus trees, and Marxists -- your demand for fair representation in the United States of America has been heard. In order to appease you while (more importantly) protecting the rest of the nation from your horrific tendencies and influence, you have been granted ONE equally disturbing state in which you may express yourselves in any disturbing manner you like. Please, for the sake of the nation, do not take this gesture as an indication of acceptance or go-ahead to branch out elsewhere. The rest of the nation is not, nor will it ever be, willing to accept that."

I wish it worked like that...

The problem with California is that there are so many people - specifically the fuckfaces - and that these people insist that the whole country becomes like them. I do not understand the necessity for this. I'm pro-choice, and while I believe a nationwide abortion ban is unconstitutional, if allowing the Bible Belt to be the Bible Belt is what ultimately makes people shut the hell up about it, then go nuts. I think states like New York and Massachusetts have dumb laws, and they have a right to be dumb like I have the right to never live there, but the issue that's fucking up the whole country is they think they have a right to make the whole country dumb.

Because many people are too stupid and lazy to participate in politics at the local and state level (election turnout demonstrates this...), we are now in a situation where there is a tug-of-war for the entire country, it's bringing out the worst in everything, and it's forcing everyone to pick one retarded side or another. The federal government was never meant to address the day-to-day, granular issues like what individuals do with their own bodies, or what they do on their property or in their bedrooms, and we're in this bizarre situation because for probably 50-60 years, we have been demanding it to.

Although the recall election came out in the fuckface's favor, it's a good sign that it happened in the first place. It should be a reminder for the rest of the country of the power and self-determination they can have if they think locally.
Jan 12, 2019
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Shidded on em

I'm really astounded that this took off the way it did, then again, the Branch Covidians are a zealous bunch known for witch hunts.

She posted a video from Tucker Carlson on Twitter, which got her lots of "u KnOw hE's a HuWhyTe SuPrEmAciSt RigHt????"

Based on his public persona, he doesn't appear to be. However, hypothetically, if he were it's still a step too far to say the sky is green just because he says it's blue. Attempting to bend reality because the person talking about it has the wrong political views are where we are as a society and it's dumb.

For the interest of consistency, I have questioned whether my own vaccine hesitancy is influenced by politics. For one, I had no intention of getting it when Trump was president, knowing by that time that my age and health status gave me a practically 100% chance of being asymptomatic, or getting it and recovering without incident. Secondly, I was skeptical about side effects, especially absent animal trials. I'm actually rather disappointed that it's working out to be a "leaky vaccine" that controls symptoms instead of creating immunity. Even then, it apparently reduces death rates even if the people still get COVID and become ill, so for people over 65, the vaccine still seems worthwhile.

Alex Jones had a video about the "leaky vaccine" and "walking tumor" chickens and it was so bizarre that I listened to it several times trying to figure out what the hell he was talking about, but eventually I figured it out. Marek's disease is a neurological disease in birds, caused a virus related to the herpes virus, which is completely unrelated to any coronavirus. It causes lymphomas (tumors), paralysis, skin lesions, and leads to the bird dying because it can't walk or breathe. Nearly all domestic chickens are vaccinated as chicks or while still as the egg, but the virus is a "leaky vaccine" which controls symptoms but the bird can still carry and shed the virus, transmitting it to other birds. Due to the nature of the vaccination, the virus responded by becoming more virulent, resulting in a high likelihood of an unvaccinated chicken dying from contact with a vaccinated or unvaccinated chicken carrying the disease.

The conclusion it seems he drew was that having total inoculation with a shitty coof vaccine - a "leaky vaccine," as we have - could result in the coof virus evolving to be more virulent, which would result in whole populations requiring continuous booster shots as a sort of life support and thereby forcing them to become fully dependent on the government/big pharma. Giving or withholding life-sustaining boosters could be used to manipulate behavior, especially in conjunction with a social credit system.

"'With the hottest strains, every unvaccinated bird dies within 10 days. There is no human virus that is that hot. Ebola, for example, doesn’t kill everything in 10 days.'

In fact, rather than stop fowl from spreading the virus, the vaccine allows the disease to spread faster and longer than it normally would, a new study finds. The scientists now believe that this vaccine has helped this chicken virus become uniquely virulent. "

"It’s important to note childhood vaccines for polio, measles, mumps, rubella and smallpox aren’t leaky; they are considered “perfect” vaccines. As such, they are in no way in danger of falling prey to this phenomenon."

"'Previously, a hot strain was so nasty, it wiped itself out. Now, you keep its host alive with a vaccine, then it can transmit and spread in the world,' Read said. 'So it’s got an evolutionary future, which it didn’t have before.'"

I've seen reports of cancer diagnoses increasing among the vaccinated (who are likely to be over 65, e.g. a demographic with a naturally higher rate of cancer due to age). That could be due to how, early on when hospital crowding was an issue, there were some people who couldn't even get into the hospital - for something like getting a doctor to look at their "weird skin spot" or other symptoms - if they weren't going there for the coof. Eventually all those people started going to the hospital again. There was also the question of fertility. People over 65 are at increased risk of cancer, regardless, and they're not concerned about fertility. So, even if the vaccine caused either side effect, both may be considered preferable to many compared to dying of the coof.

Speaking of the fertility impact...

"A total of 35,691 v-safe participants 16 to 54 years of age identified as pregnant. Injection-site pain was reported more frequently among pregnant persons than among nonpregnant women, whereas headache, myalgia, chills, and fever were reported less frequently. Among 3958 participants enrolled in the v-safe pregnancy registry, 827 had a completed pregnancy, of which 115 (13.9%) resulted in a pregnancy loss and 712 (86.1%) resulted in a live birth (mostly among participants with vaccination in the third trimester). Adverse neonatal outcomes included preterm birth (in 9.4%) and small size for gestational age (in 3.2%); no neonatal deaths were reported. Although not directly comparable, calculated proportions of adverse pregnancy and neonatal outcomes in persons vaccinated against Covid-19 who had a completed pregnancy were similar to incidences reported in studies involving pregnant women that were conducted before the Covid-19 pandemic. Among 221 pregnancy-related adverse events reported to the VAERS, the most frequently reported event was spontaneous abortion (46 cases)."

"Although not directly comparable, the proportions of adverse pregnancy and neonatal outcomes (e.g., fetal loss, preterm birth, small size for gestational age, congenital anomalies, and neonatal death) among participants with completed pregnancies from the v-safe pregnancy registry appear to be similar to the published incidences in pregnant populations studied before the Covid-19 pandemic."

"We also do not know the total number of Covid-19 vaccine doses administered to pregnant persons, which further limits our ability to estimate rates of reported adverse events from VAERS data. Among pregnancy-specific conditions reported to the VAERS after Covid-19 vaccination, miscarriage was the most common. This is similar to what was observed during the influenza A (H1N1) pandemic in 2009 after the introduction of the 2009 H1N1 inactivated influenza vaccine, where miscarriage was the most common adverse event reported by pregnant persons who received that vaccine."

The meaning I derive is that results are not conclusive enough to say whether the mRNA vaccine causes infertility or negatively affects pregnancy, but they're also not conclusive enough to positively say it is guaranteed safe. It seems that the majority of "no evidence of coof vaccine causing infertility" articles are copypasta, as the MSM is conflating a lack of evidence with positive proof to the contrary.

Knowing that, it's as if the idea is normalized that the government owns everyone's body, there is the potential for forced abortions, experimentation, organ harvesting, and sterilizations for "the common good" like "reducing carbon"? We may be in a frog-pot - intentionally or unintentionally - where small intrusions on our freedom and autonomy are priming us to accept, or even find comfort in, slavery and objectification.

Hopefully, Nicki Minaj doesn't cave to the Branch Covidians. Whether she decides to get the vaccine or not, it would be cool if this were the start of a trend of public figures advocating for body autonomy. Maybe the normies will start questioning authority and distrusting big pharma and oligarchs like back in the Occupy days.


There's a fucking lot to question...

Tim Poole pointed out something funny...Nicki Minaj is part of Young Money, which is (iirc) Lil Wayne's label, and Lil Wayne got dragged a couple years ago for publicly supporting Trump and claiming he wasn't a victim of racism. In that context, triggering leftoid bootlickers with vaccines and Tucker Carlson is one way, certainly, to assert yourself as "The Female Weezy".
Jan 12, 2019
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"C'mon *poke* an insurrection..."

There was another rally in DC for a number of those arrested on the Jan 6th event, who seemingly are just being held in custody for no good reason.

"The rally, organized by former Trump campaign staffer Matt Braynard, is aimed at supporting people who were detained after the Jan. 6 insurrection — about 63 people held behind bars out of the more than 600 charged"

They don't have trial dates, no bond, etc. so there's no reason they should be imprisoned for that long without being found guilty in court. Also, keep in mind that the people killed on that day were civilians killed by the police, including a cop who blind-fired and killed an unarmed woman who posed no immediate threat to him. That incident was likely downplayed because the racial optics didn't fit the dominant narrative.

As it turns out, there were more police than actual protestors at the recent rally. There were "several hundred" protestors. Which portion of them were undercover cops/feds is unknown.

"Many commenters on online platforms like Telegram that are popular with the far right disavowed the rally, saying they believed law enforcement was promoting the event to entrap Trump supporters. Some urged their followers not to attend an event they said was secretly organized by the FBI."

As an aside, this article is giving me brain damage...

"Persistent attempts to rewrite the narrative of the violence and panic of Jan. 6, and the increasing volatility behind the lie that the 2020 election was stolen..."

"...Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in an effort to disrupt the certification of Joe Biden’s victory."

Wow, how totally irrational of them. They certainly have no reason to believe that.

"...extremist groups such as the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers..."

Unlike these fine people, who are not remotely extremists. I know because the SPLC says so.


"Far-right online chatter..."

Thanks for reminding me to rightthink.

"...platforms like Telegram that are popular with the far right..."

Thanks for reminding me so I can rightthink about Telegram. Thanks so much.

"Donald Trump was still using his platform [to] continue spreading election misinformation, ratcheting up his attacks as the week wore on..."

Why would he do that? Makes no sense.


It was sparsely attended, and apparently mostly by old people. I'm not sure if they did so in the boomer spirit of believing everything on Facebook, or just not giving a shit in that weird, jaded way that old people sometimes do. Retired old people milling around like, "What are you gonna do? Get me fired? I have arthritis. You gonna say I attacked you? You wanna hit an old man?"

Old people and cops.


This guy was allegedly detained for having a weapon, then released when the police found he was one of their own. There was a real good one of a blatant undercover cop and I'll add it if I find it again.

I would have a modicum of respect for leftoids if they continued to be anti-cop, instead of going in the exact opposite and going along with cop-enforced authoritarianism. I've not trusted cops when Bush was president. I didn't trust cops when Obama was president. I didn't trust cops when Trump was president, I continue to not trust cops, and there's very little that will change my opinion in the future.

It's the lack of integrity for me, but the majority of these people - I have to keep reminding myself - are planarians who respond to stimuli, moment-to-moment, with no sense of continuity.
Jan 12, 2019
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Met Gala fashion analysis


Above her shoulders looks amazing, but then it's like...grandpa's draws, someone's upcycled jeans from My 600 Pound Life, and jelly flipflop heels.

1/10 Fire whoever did this.


Her hair and shoes look nice, and the fabric would be nice if that were a normal-looking dress/pantsuit. However, I don't get the appeal of the "pregnant easter egg" look. There's a train but I can't imagine how it looks in the back other than it's coming out the bottom like a toilet paper dispenser. I also just noticed it shows some degree of sideboob, so is this a...sparkley...easter egg-shaped formal dungaree??? I entertained the possibility that this could be a maternity dress, but if that's the case, unless she's on some level of sarcasm, this is still hateful.

1/10 Hateful.


Rihanna and A$AP Rocky went in a Bad Blanket/Good Blanket theme that's sort of city-meets-country, 90s-meets-60s, minimalism-meets-kitsch. They look very comfy. In other pictures, you can see that Rihanna's blanket has a vague shape of a mermaid dress with pleats. It's difficult for make things that have the appearance of bagginess while still being the correct shape.

8/10 Comfy, but I question how do you use the bathroom in that.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went as themselves but their avatars haven't finished loading. I like that the masks have the features embossed (?) and they didn't simply stretch a piece of legging over the their heads. Another cool feature is that the dress is constructed in a way that the trains don't sag it down in the back or distort the shape. The outfits also look comfortable.

9/10 My only question is does it come with a bag to put the ponytail in when she takes the hood off, or is that attached to her head?


If I saw this picture thinking this outfit came from Fashion Nova, it would be a great outfit in that context. However, knowing this is supposed to be artistic, it doesn't work. It looks like really stereotypical "club clothes". The necklace and shoes are probably the best parts. I'm assuming that small bag is some kind of Birkin, which reminds me of when LV bags were in style in the late 00s and girls wanted something LV but couldn't afford an actual bag, so they'd buy the smallest item possible just to say they had something LV. Long nails are cheugy, and they would look better all red.

5/10 Could be better. Whoever talked her into/didn't talk her out of the alternating white & red nails should be fired.


I get a "LuL i'M ssssssoooooOoO rAnDuM XDXDXDXD~~~~ BADGERS!!! I have ADHD!!" vibe from this. It might be the combo of the green hair and black emo makeup for me. There's nothing actually creative or original, it has a feel like he bought the fugliest shit he could find and wore it together as if it was supposed to represent creativity or something. Maybe the skirt is custom, but there's nothing interesting about it apart from the fabric being fugly.

2/10 How's 8th grade?


Where the White women at? Oh, there's one. Beyond the fact it looks extremely itchy, it kind of looks like a 50s dress that got cut in half, which is probably the point. The top looks fine, the top and midriff look fine, the top and skirt look fine, but the skirt and midriff don't look good. That skirt would look better around her waist, or if it were worn low, fitted around her hips. I don't understand the latex medieval-looking belt.

6/10 Pull your damn pants up.


A few other people did the sheer dress thing as if someone doesn't do it at every event, but this is an original take on it. The print distracts from the fact it's so sheer, but it creates an interesting effect with her skintone variations. Whoever picked this knew exactly what they were doing.

9/10 Only knocked a point off because it looks cold to wear and the scarf/cape thing doesn't look like it would compensate.


For me, this goes into the same bucket as Kid Cudi's outfit. It looks like something a high school cybergoth from 2007 would DIY for a photoshoot. It's edgy but there's nothing particularly creative about it.

2/10 "The teacher yelled at me, so I rolled my eyes back in my head and started making dial-up modem noises."


It's an evening dress, but it's a dragon-alien. It's 3d but it looks like a drawing. This is probably the most aesthetic thing I've seen so far. Making things deviate strongly from conventional shapes or relying on exposure is usually a shortcut for making something avant garde, but sometimes you just need an interesting dress that's not a piece of fetishwear or an architectural monstrosity.

9/10 Only knocked a point off because those scales look like they'd be easy to irreparably crinkle if you sat on them wrong.


Jan 3, 2019
This looks like fun. A bit like staring at modern art and trying to make sense of it. I want to have a go at it too.

#1: Looks like a baby in a diaper dragging a blanket. Must be one of those weird Hollywood fetishes.

#2: I can't beat 'pregnant easter egg'. You win this one. Her facial expression makes it look like she's one of the 'special' kids who found some shiny material and got wrapped up in it, got caught, and now thinks the whole situation is hilarious.

#3: The one on the left is obviously the villain from Snow White. The one on the right is another baby wrapped in a blanket, except this one might have actually been a rug off the floor. That rug really held the room together, man (and I hope he's wearing something underneath it).

#4: The female looks like a ghost that runs around haunted castles. The male looks like every rich person's nightmare when walking through a bad area at night (probably intentional).

#5: Trick-or-treating as a combination of RuPaul, Michael Jackson in Thriller, and Cousin Itt from the Addams Family.

#6: The bouncer was supposed to keep people like him out.

#7: Kind of looks like a cake to me. But otherwise it's one of the most normal-looking outfits in this list.

#8: Zulu war paint. Looks pretty cool actually, except it should have stopped at the neck. The face paint makes her look like a drag queen (or is he?)

#9: Why are there so many Halloween costumes here? It's September. She/he/whatever is supposed to be one of those high-pitched robots from Doctor Who, right?

#10: The hairdo reminds me of Ruby Rod in the Fifth Element. Only she's materializing in a puff of smoke in one of those cel-shaded Zelda games.
Jan 12, 2019
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Met Gala fashion analysis 2


More Fashion Nova I guess? Apart from the fact it looks like club clothes, I can't tell if it doesn't fit her well, or doesn't work for her body. The "sexy sports uniform" meme is cheugy.

2/10 I suppose it could be worse, but it's not good either.


Ignoring for a moment the text and the wearer, this is a boring dress. It has a "made-to-measure over the internet by a mediocre prom shop" vibe.

I suppose her fans think she wore this to the Gala as a trolling gesture. Nobody can seem to decide who "The Rich" is. Unemployed Communist teens think anyone with "more" than them is rich. People on welfare think a family making $400k is rich. People making 6 figures think millionaires are rich. Millionaires think they're not rich, it's the billionaires that are rich. Anyone saying "Tax the rich" means "Tax everyone richer than me".

1/10 The dress is dumb. The person is dumb. The statement is dumb.


It looks like Edwardian-meets-Shibari without looking like literal fetishwear, and the partially-attached long sleeves give me Renaissance vibes. The coat looks like a portable hugbox. I can't tell if it's feathers or fur, and $5 says that's silk inside but if I were wearing this, I'd be inside it the whole time like a turtle.

10/10 Looks and practicality-wise, I have nothing bad to say.


I guess it's just a set of velvet Prada modern westernwear set (the shape reminds me of Carhartts) with some generic oxfords/work boots, a white t-shirt, some bling, a Dreamworks hat, and a Shrek baby. The Prada set is kind of nice, I guess, but I don't know what was supposed to be accomplished here. I guess the Dreamworks hat matches the Shrek baby, but y tho?

3/10 Bababooey


Another man in westernwear, but this is less Carhartt cowboy and more leather club cowboy. To each their own, but I can't help but feel this outfit is rigged to be ripped off to reveal a chest harness, and a metallic gold jockstrap. It's also somehow a Michael Jackson cosplay.

3/10 *that "burping" beat from "Pony" by Ginuwine starts playing*


Modernism when you're self-aware of the ridiculousness of the contrived nature of men wearing skirts to virtue signal wokeness. I'm not against non-bifurcated garments for men, it just always seems so forced and uncomfortable when most celebrities do it. Some people have a personal style where, when they wear something androgynous it seems totally cohesive with their whole being. Then there are people who have a very conventional male or female appearance, no history of gender bending, but then they go all-in with the androgyny in The Current Year and it seems uncanny.

3/10 Not the worst, but it's in the "try-hard" bucket.


This looks like a "mother of the bride" outfit. The bottom half of the outfit isn't bad but the fact it looks like a dowdy jumper dress is incongruous and distracting. The collar is probably the worst part, not helped by the little necklace thing. I can't tell what the sleeves look like, but I can't imagine any sleeves that will keep the dress from looking weird on its own.

5/10 No, Edith, I will not stop playing my drum set at 7 in the afternoon. We don't even have an HOA. I don't know where you're getting that from.


Surprisingly, this formal floral bank robber getup isn't from the same designer as the pregnant easter egg dress despite the same sequin flower motif. It's a little ridiculous but I don't hate it. I have no idea who this is, but he's got hand tattoos and slashes in his eyebrows so I get the vibe that he's eccentric anyway and this is just a step up from his regular style, so it's not a case of "The clothes are wearing him". The Mr. T set instead of literally anything else was a good choice.

7/10 Nothing really bad to say about this, but is an outfit good on its own, or is it good because it matches the person it's on?


I like the subtle red and black stripes and the velvet and how they don't remind me of a Willie Wonka cosplay. However, the satin buttons and lapel feel cheugy and overused to me, like the $30 velvet jackets from Wish. But what if they were l e a t h e r?? I don't know who this person is, but this suit isn't the best suit for him because he seems very washed out in it. It would look better on someone either very dark, very light, very ginger, or with very light skin and very dark hair.

4/10 A case of the clothes wearing the person.


Yet again, no idea who this is, but if you showed me pictures of a bunch of headshots and a bunch of outfits, this guy would be an easy match. He would look weird if he were in a regular suit.

10/10 I tried to find something to criticize and couldn't.
Jan 12, 2019
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Met Gala fashion analysis 3 (last one)


This is who gives you a quest series before you realize they were the game boss you had to beat this whole time and they sent you questing for items they needed to complete their immortality spell, and all that's needed now is a blood sacrifice. That means you. I like this as an outfit. The sword is apparently made from melted-down AR-15s. So edgy. So progressive. Didn't you marry a guy who sold (sells?) flamethrowers? There's a weird contingent of anti-2A people who are like "We should ban guns and give everyone swords." I don't disagree that swords are cool, but why not both? In Texas, you can open carry both a sword and a gun just as the mighty Ares intended.

8/10 Only knocked 2 points off for virtue signaling.


Who took this person's midsection? Obviously she has long legs, but it looks like her waist and boobs are at the same level (the black bow thing). After a minute of finger-blocking parts of the outfit. I think the bulk of the sleeves make my mind think "hips" and mentally move her crotch up to slightly above the line of the higher sleeve poof, which makes her arms look abnormally long, and her torso completely disappear.

2/10 Not flattering at all on this person, but perhaps it might work on someone else. The fabric looks nice and it looks comfortable.


Ahah! We found the qUiRkY girl. In addition to being fugly, it looks very uncomfortable. Maybe she can remove the horse head and panniers, but where do you store them? This outfit looks hard to pee in. I can't imagine sitting at the dinner or whatnot with a fucking horsehead shoved under my chair.

1/10 Quirky. Quirky. Quirky. Quirky.


I like the sleeves and skirt a lot, but the bodice gives me meat dress vibes. Keeping the wrapped look but making it a criss-cross or a deep-v would look more aesthetic.

6/10 This is definitely a power-stance dress from the waist down, but the top is confusing.


This is an Amish Tradwife D/S fetish roleplay dress. I don't care how anyone else explains it. That being said, I don't get the vibe of it being edgy for its own sake without a touch of originality. Tilda Swinton or Billie Eilish could wear this, I think, but this person doesn't seem subversive and eccentric enough to look natural in this dress.

6/10 A bit awkward but could look good on someone weirder.


This dress is very flattering on this person. That being said, it doesn't look particularly comfortable. For one, it looks heavy as fuck, unless all the hanging things at the bottom aren't strands of pearls, beads, and rhinestones. Still, if only the pearls are pearls, and everything else shiny is a sequin, that's still a lot of pearls. Secondly, because it's heavy, it probably has a legit, steel, waist-compressing corset for shape and weight distribution. Third, it's probably noisy as fuck. Finally, thinking about sitting in a hard chair and feeling pearls or beads against my back or butt bones, or the beads squeaking/scraping on the chair makes me nauseous.

2/10 Pretty but impractical, a sensory nightmare. Probably good for photoshoots and videos, but not for having to interact with the world.


The top part looks like the Trix rabbit with his mouth open, but is it terrible? There's certainly worse. The bottom looks like clown JNCOs. Why the running shoes? What's the goal here?

3/10 The top could have been part of a mediocre dress but not with a sauna suit.


I don't know anything about this person, but I guess he's trying to say "THE WORLD IS LITERALLY GAY" although he looks like an average accountant. We got a body-face mismatch going on. The boots are very Harajuku, which is fine. The pants remind me of pajama pants; live your life, I suppose. For the top, graphic aside, we have another case of men wearing a frumpy old lady style with the buttoned polo and the little necklace. What I really want to know is this...does that thing around his shoulders become a globe if he stands a certain way? Can he curl up in the fetal position, tuck his knees into the shirt, pull some kind of hood over his head, and become the planet Earth like a Transformer?

5/10 if he can become Earth, 2/10 if he cannot but it could be worse.


This is, at least, more structurally interesting than AOC's political statement dress. It reminds me of something from Star Wars, but there's still the issue of it looking kind of cheaply made, or DIY'd by someone unskilled at sewing. That's fine at your local hipster bar's alt prom, but you would think celebrities who can afford mansions could get a satin applique that lies flat and doesn't look obviously freehanded (not in a good way). For a moment, I thought it could be a reproduction of an antique dress that was handmade by amateurs. It's not, but apparently the colors are a reference to suffragette ribbons.

2/10 While I would like to be treated like an adult instead of being a protected quasi-child, making an ugly dress about it doesn't do anything for me.


This person has a boyish fop look, so joggers with a tuxedo jacket looks natural and not excessively weird to me. Somehow the tux jacket being buttoned up, as it's not traditionally worn, helps it blend. It would look cooler with the transparent white Virgil Abloh/OFF-WHITE Converse.

9/10 I like this outfit, but I'll nitpick anyway.


Jan 3, 2019
I was wondering when the horsehead dress would come up, since I saw that one elsewhere. I have to say that these photos make the capitol rioters look downright normal by comparison. Even the viking would have been a 3/10 at best compared to this lot.

So I'll drop my 2 cents, knowing nothing about fashion but just recording my first impressions:

(post 2)
#1: The wasp-waist cutout makes it look like an image you would see in a funhouse mirror.

#2: I prefer Melania Trump's message: "I REALLY DON'T CARE DO U?" Otherwise it just looks like a bridesmaid's dress.

#3: A safe outfit, although it also kind of looks like one of those rolls of rawhide you give to a dog to chew on. But that's just nitpicking.

#4: Why is he carrying a green alien baby? That's weird, man. That's weird.

#5: Yeah, you said it best: 'leather club cowboy'. I guess we know where he's going after the gala is over.

#6: Definitely this guy tops the QAnon viking with that space alien pokemon hat of his. The skirt... actually made me think of antiquity, like Ancient Egypt where guys wore skirts all the time. It seems like that type of style.

#7: Yeah... grandma in military boots. Definitely going to the gay fetish club after the gala.

#8: Looks like the kind of thing you'd see at Burning Man, if you replaced the flowers with LED lights.

#9: From the waist up I'm getting a Hugh Hefner vibe.

#10: Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, if Joseph was a drag queen.

(post 3)
#1: Looks pretty cosplay... although I notice the pattern looks very similar to the Zulu war paint lady, except with the colour scheme inverted. I wonder if they were done by the same designer.

#2: A judicial robe combined with an adult diaper, and a bald-head tattoo like in that one anime. Normally when you see someone like that on the street you try not to make eye contact and just go about your business as if they're not there.

#3: A horse head... why? I don't get it.

#4: I see what you mean about the meat dress. It's a nice design. But the texture of it, at least in that photo, does unnervingly look like someone flayed her skin to expose the muscle underneath.

#5: Latex outfits make me think of that movie, 8mm.

#6: With regards to the weight, I'm guessing that lady (is it a lady? I can never tell with these people) is used to carrying a lot of weight around. If her legs can take it, more power to her. It looks nice.

#7: Scanning from top down I thought it looked okay until I saw the Hammer pants. That just ruins it.

#8: I'm guessing he's supposed to be Gay Columbus. They're probably doing a best costume party down at the club, and he's competing to upstage the leather cowboy.

#9: It took me a while to figure out what her dress said. It says, "Equal Rights for Women"? What a boring thing to put on a dress. Who is she directing this message to? The king of Saudi Arabia? I don't know what ERA YES means, but it looks pretty cringe anyway.

#10: Again, the bouncer was not supposed to let in anyone wearing tennis shoes. Otherwise it would have been a sharp outfit.
Jan 12, 2019
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Don't do your own research. Just consooom vaccine and get scared of new variant

I feel homicidal when anyone calls the vaccination a "Fauci ouchie". Lay down on the tracks, spread your legs, and fuck yourself with a freight train.

Anyway, the drastic cunt is warning us of a "monster variant".

"'One of the reasons why we want to make sure we get as many people vaccinated as we possibly can is that viruses will not mutate if they don't have the opportunity to spread and replicate. So the more dynamics of viral activity you have in the community, the greater opportunity you give to the virus to mutate. So it's one of those things that you're vaccinating now to prevent the next mutant coming, the next variant from coming,' he said."

Remember the chickens Alex Jones was talking about?

The coof vaccine, and the chicken vaccine for Marek's disease are "leaky vaccines" that don't prevent the virus from being carried or spread. Both vaccines only control the symptoms. A "perfect vaccine" like the one for polio or chicken pox causes the body to eliminate the virus so the individual doesn't continue carrying it and cannot spread it. Herd immunity with "perfect vaccines" can cause the virus to disappear completely from the environment. Smallpox and rinderpest were made extinct with this type of vaccine, and it's the same type that is in the process of eradicating polio and malaria.

Instead of the vaccine for Marek's disease being "perfect" and leading to the eradication, or near-eradication of this chicken disease, the "leaky" vaccine only made it vastly worse. As the quote said in the article a while back, before the vaccine, there would be occasional, worse strains of Marek's disease. However, the nature of the disease caused it to burn through a small population of chickens before having nowhere to go and disappearing just as quickly as it appeared. After implementing this "leaky" vaccine, the mutated form of the virus is guaranteed to kill any unvaccinated chicken, and kill them far quicker than the "wild" variant of the virus.

It doesn't take a degree in biophysics to understand that airborne viruses that spread easily evolve to be less deadly because it requires less "effort", and the quick spread also means the virus is interested in leaving its hosts alive so it can mutate and spread throughout the population again, and again. Viruses that aren't airborne but spread through blood, feces, saliva, etc. must be disturbing enough to the host's body to cause symptoms like bleeding and vomiting/diarrhea (ebola), lack of normal fear and salivation (rabies), or itchy sores on the body to expose the blood and lymph when the host scratches them (various poxes).

The fatal symptoms of Marek's disease - the lymphomas, paralysis, organ damage - seem to be side-effects of the mechanism it uses to spread through dander, as feather follicle lesions are another symptom. Using a vaccine that permits the virus to do just enough to replicate in the host and spread but suppresses symptoms mean that the virus' impact on the host is no longer a limiting factor to its evolution.

If Fauci is as erudite and ineffable as leftoids make him out to be - or even has a basic understanding of biology - he should know what widespread use of a leaky vaccine could lead to, as well as the conditions that would cause the virus to "become lazy" and become more benign like the common cold (reminder: the cold is another type of coronavirus).

"Dr. Anthony Fauci Tuesday warned that COVID-19 could mutate into an even more virulent 'monster variant' if the pandemic is not stamped out with mass vaccination."

"Researchers from the University of Oxford found the viral load reduction can be wiped out by the Delta variant which is now dominant in the UK.
While evidence demonstrates that vaccines significantly reduce hospitalisations and deaths, scientists now believe those infected by the Delta variant can still harbour similar levels of virus to those who are unvaccinated.

Previous research found that double jabbed people with the Alpha variant had far lower viral loads than un-vaccinated people, stoking hopes that the virus would spread less the more people were vaccinated.

However this has been thrown into doubt and raises questions about vaccine passports and recent changes to the NHS app, which work on the assumption that double-jabbed people are less likely to spread the virus."

If they have the same viral load, it means the virus is able to replicate in their bodies.

If it's replicating, it's mutating.

If it's mutating, it's adapting to its environment.

If the environment, through mass vaccination with a "leaky" vaccine, doesn't cap the severity of its affect on its host, then Alex Jones was right and this is "Human Zombie Chicken Disease".

"Conventional wisdom is that natural selection will remove highly lethal pathogens if host death greatly reduces transmission. Vaccines that keep hosts alive but still allow transmission could thus allow very virulent strains to circulate in a population."

"The imperfect-vaccine hypothesis attracted controversy, not least because human vaccines have apparently not caused an increase in the virulence of their target pathogens. But most human vaccines are sterilizing (transmission-blocking) or not in widespread use or only recently introduced. Moreover, unambiguous comparisons of strain virulence and the impact of vaccination on transmission require experimental infections in the natural host—clearly impossible for human diseases"

"Thus, in accordance with the imperfect-vaccine hypothesis, vaccination enabled the onward transmission of viruses otherwise too lethal to transmit, putting unvaccinated individuals at great risk of severe disease and death."

"Vaccine failure in the face of virulent pathogens has been documented for at least two viruses other than MDV: feline calicivirus and infectious bursal disease virus in poultry. Both cases are also associated with long-term use of leaky anti-disease vaccines. Our data are also consistent with hypotheses purporting to explain virulence increases in two well-studied wildlife systems"

At this point, based on his actions and comments, Fauci is either retarded or evil. I'm "following the science" and the science says he can get fucked.

Unless he knows something from the gain of function research in Wuhan...

Court document below, unfortunately not searchable. The Intercept alleges the NIH rep broke the law by declining access to the Wuhan lab grants to view the research. Exhibits A, B, and C (beginning page 13) show the correspondence.

What's been puzzling me is what the meaning is of all this. Was it all a mistake? Is this strangeness simply the uncoordinated shufflings of an inept bureaucracy and under-qualified elected officials?

I wonder what the story would be if Trump were in office? During the early stages of the 'rona, both Biden and Harris are on-record saying they wouldn't get the vaccine if Trump said to do so. What changed? Not the vaccine...that's remained essentially the same when it was developed while Trump was in office.

Would Trump have done mandatory vaccination? I lean toward no. He caught the coof and treated it with hydroxychloroquine, so it makes sense he may have promoted treatment over vaccination, and supported use of ivermectin. With options available to prevent with a vaccine, or treat as-needed with a medication, there would be no need for mandatory vaccination.

I said this before, but Trump wasn't calling the shots when it came to the 'rona. He was following the advice of Fauci and the CDC, so it's possible that we may in a softer version of the trouble we're currently in -- the lockdowns, mask mandates, "leaky" vaccines, and new variants. Then again, although the 'rona was far outside Trump's expertise (as if it's in Biden's...), he may have teamed up with Rand Paul against the Faucists, and held Fauci to some sort of accountability around his involvement with the Wuhan lab.

I also wonder about the public's perception of the vaccine. I already posted the screenshot memes of leftoids doing a 180 on the vaccine under Biden vs. Trump.

Perhaps - this is definitely a conspiracy theory - this had been cooking for a while. What if Fauci realized that spreading a virus - in collaboration with the occupying Communist government of China - could be an excuse to broaden the more-difficult-to-trace mail-in ballots, which would give them a fast shot to controlling the handling of the virus. The CPCC wipes out the old people using state resources, the Chi-Com sympathizers in the US use vaccines to create a "monster variant" that eventually becomes amped up so any unvaccinated person is likely to die from catching it.

It seems very plausible under those circumstances, that if the 'rona goes the way of the chicken virus through use of "leaky" vaccines, any unvaccinated human will likely die. With a social credit system not totally off the table, and criticism of the government punished through loss of points, people who do not wish to obey will have the vaccine withheld, either left to die from the artificially-mutated 'rona, or be forced to leave society entirely.

I laugh, but as it stands, I cannot work for a corporation (at least I prefer small employers), go to certain cities, or travel by plane. If I had a kid, they wouldn't be able to attend licensed daycare or in-person public school. I cannot join the military (not that I'd want to) or attend certain in-person college. There are concert venues right now that I cannot go into. Even without a literal social credit score, or an app to view it, my non-compliance with the government dogma effectively translates to what would be considered a moderately low social credit score in the Chinese Communist society.

Being the type of person I am, who doesn't value the bourgeois life of high salaries, large concerts, big city life, bars and restaurants, vacations and hotels, movie theaters, and shopping, this isn't a huge loss for me. However, for others, who have themselves embedded in this life, they may be willing to compromise their beliefs, or turn a blind eye to injustice, to maintain the level of affluent American hedonism they and/or their families have become accustomed to.

On one hand, while it's novel to dip a toe in from time to time, there is nothing for me in that life. If it came down to compliance or moving away, I would move. There's a lot more I could do without in order to retain some freedom. However, the solution isn't to continually run away from things because eventually you run out of places to run. The reality is that over half of the country hates this shit, and for a while, they've been somewhat kept in check by "If I say the wrong thing, I'll get fired. Something's gonna happen to my kid. We're gonna be unsafe," but it's a lot harder to be alienated when other dissenters make themselves visible. When someone bold - even fuckin' Nicki Minaj, or all people - stands up, it can create a cascade of people feeling safe to also stand up.
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The Democrats are really giving me unhinged rage

Janet Yellen is the secretary of the treasury, a Democrat, and an octogenarian fuckface.


Anyone from the on the news for getting confused and driving their BMW 5 Series through a store front window-demographic shouldn't be running the nation's anything, yet here we are...

To pass the 🤡"infrastructure" bill🤡 that costs $4 trillion dollars, the Democrats are demanding to raise the debt ceiling, and the Republicans are telling them no because there's no fucking way to pay for this shit because the majority of it is just shit.

Threatening to default on the national debt - which would hurt us plebeians the most - if the Reps don't allow the Dems to raise the debt ceiling is Janet Yellen's fucking response.

The Republicans have got to stop playing nice with these shit cunts.

This is obviously a strategic movie. If defaulting were such an impending emergency, you would think she would have said something BEFORE the Republicans declined the raising of the debt ceiling. Who event knows if it's a salient threat, or simply Janet Yellen rattling her saber...?

"Republicans are fuming over Democrats’ decision to try to pass a $3.5 trillion spending bill on their own and are trying to force them to include a debt suspension in that measure. Republicans believe it would force Democrats to 'own' the debt, providing fodder heading into next year’s midterm elections, where they hope to win back the House and Senate.

'If it’s such a great vote for them, they’d be doing it by themselves,' Scott said."

But how do the Democrats see themselves?

"'Let's be clear: With a Democratic President, a Democratic House, and a Democratic Senate, Democrats have every tool they need to raise the debt limit. It is their sole responsibility. Republicans will not facilitate another reckless, partisan taxing and spending spree.'

It's a particularly rich position for McConnell since Republicans unilaterally passed the tax cuts in 2017 that turbocharged the deficit spending highway the US has been driving on for decades. They also approved the first round of pandemic relief passed under former President Donald Trump."


"There's plenty of hypocrisy to go around. Republicans complain that Democrats' spending proposals add too much to the debt. Democrats complain that Republican tax cuts add too much to the debt."

Get fucked.

I sampled a few of this guy, Zachary B. Wolf's other articles. They read like fucking 4chan parodies of what a lolberal soyboy would write.


hooh...that's enough of that...

Anyway, if the Republicans insist on not raising the debt ceiling and Janet Yellen defaults on the national debt, the Democrats will likely all band together with their media outlets to blame it on the Republicans and not the $4 trillion Democrat 🤡"infrastructure" bill🤡. Any inevitable tax hike from said bill, they will likely find some way to blame it on something Trump did.

At this point, I wonder if the Democrats even feel strongly about every single 4 trillion dollar with of things in the 🤡"infrastructure" bill🤡, or are they doing shit to see what's the most egregious thing they can get away with? The Republicans are so hung up on playing the "good guys" - because they've been called "Nazis", "Russian assets", and "White supremacists" for four years - that they're not going to stoop to the same level.

The Bible says it's a sin to lie, and to love your enemies.

The Havamal says to be honest to honest people and to be polite to strangers, but your enemies are not entitled to your honesty or kindness.

The Republicans could stand to use the left hand.


What will happen to us plebeians if Yellen actually defaults on the national debt?

For one, investments would be kaput. Interest rates on things like mortgages and business loans would skyrocket. Unemployment would return to around 10%. The GDP would take a 4% hit.

"The research found, citing simulations of the Moody’s Analytics model of the nation’s economy, that the nation could lose nearly 6 million jobs.

'That means real GDP would decline almost 4 percent peak to trough,' it said, adding that 'the unemployment rate would surge back to close to 9 percent” and “stock prices would be cut almost in one-third at the worst of the selloff, wiping out $15 trillion in household wealth.'

'Treasury yields, mortgage rates, and other consumer and corporate borrowing rates spike, at least until the debt limit is resolved and Treasury payments resume. Even then, rates never fall back to where they were previously. Since U.S. Treasury securities no longer would be risk free, future generations of Americans would pay a steep economic price,' the report states."

I don't know if that would equate to another Great Depression-type situation, but at this point it's very difficult to see any ending to the economic situation in the US that is particularly sunny.

Maybe the only way out is through.

Maybe Turtle Man needs to stand his ground, look that hag in the shriveled eyeball and say, "IIIII'mmmm the baaaaaaad guyyyyyy."
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