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Apr 4, 2022
Eric Myers is is 21 and finally heading college . He parks his Mustang car in the park zone and getting out of his car while fixing his sun glasses. he was there to stay away from trouble while having a college education on being a ph.ed teacher and a trainer . Once he got into his room , he headed bathroom and started to shower . He is 5 ft 11’ and has a muscular body . He is a kickboxer and state champion so he was good at fighting. He had his clothes in bathroom and also his robe so he wasnt to be walked in on naked into room.

When done with showering Eric walks out of shower slowly into bathroom. He dries himself with towel first then he picks up his boxers , jeans and tshirt in order and dressing into them. He leaves bathroom and heading the room with bed , he walks there and slowly gets to his bed , moving his head and shoulders some to get his body more comfortable . He lays over bed slowly over the covers and moves his hands up under his head . He is watching the ceiling now and closing eyes . Breathing slowly and just thinking to himself .

Flight was tiring but the most tiring thing was his visiting relatives. They were all asking him stuff about his family and his schooling . He was there to be a pyhsical education teacher , he had scholarship for his being a kickbox champion in UK in U16 – U17 – U18 and U 21 categories . As scholarship only covers his school an dorm costs , He still needed Money and he was thinking where he can work in school , a club , a restaurant or library ? It was the question he needed to answer after getting his school schedule. He gave up thinking much and reached to his phone , he turned it on and found a soft music . Listening it and trying to sleep with the soft music. He didnt know dorm management made a mistake and wrote his name is Erica though.

This is my starter post , MxF is a must and this is open to Smut but it wont be the center of scene....
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