Confronting the Dragon


Jan 3, 2019

I'm impressed with how disciplined and well organized these protesters are, compared to other cases like the Yellow Vests, BLM, and Occupy. The vandalism, while regrettable, seems to be focused on public property, unlike how the Yellow Vests were burning people's cars, etc. When they throw molotovs, they aren't directly targeting police, but instead the area around them to limit their movements.

I'm also struck by their appeal to the USA as the only nation powerful enough to save them from the prospect of a brutal Chinese crackdown (how embarrassing to be British right now). "CHINAZI" is the graffiti of choice, and they call upon those who fought fascism 75 years ago to do so again. Of course, this time, the God-Emperor's chosen weapon will be a great golden sword with Twitter-birds on its hilt, and the words DAZI VOSTRI on its blade, meaning "Your Tariffs".

I don't know if this is true, but I've heard that on average, Chinese people have 5 points greater IQ than European gentiles (for some reason, Jews were tested separately from other whites??). This could go a long way to explaining why these protests are so well-run compared to elsewhere in the world. Steve Bannon said in an interview (below) that Chinese people living under English Common Law would be unstoppable, and what happens next might be proof of that... and also a real life demonstration of what happens when you go out and confront a dragon, as Peterson would say.

Some words from one of the leaders of the protests:

Jan 12, 2019
United States
I'm glad they were able to influence their leadership to cooperate. That's a life and death issue probably for many, considering how China views dissent.
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