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Jan 5, 2019
Hello, darlings! :D

  • I think of myself as literate, in terms of length. Don't have to worry if English is not your first language. It's my third language, so I will not be judging. I am also dyslexic and have ADHD, so mistakes happen. I may accidentally write the wrong word or finish a sentence sooner than I intended (without realizing it). In terms of length I'm at my happiest when it's 3+ paragraphs, but as long it's not less than 1 paragraph with barely anything to move the story along I'm happy. I let inspiration and what's going on determine my post length, so I won't add fillers to fluff up the post length. I feel this only damages the quality. I highly prefer reading a 10 paragraph masterpiece with all the detail over a tiny reply that contains only the minimum of content. I also prefer role playing in threads.
  • As far as sexual preferences go, I can play any role. Top, switch or bottom. At times I don't mind what role I take and other times I am feeling more submissive. I never let that preference influence their personality and I'm honestly pretty crap at writing characters that are themed around being adorable. Because, quite honestly, I bore even myself. So needless to say, I don't like playing against them either. I prefer models for references, but I can go drawn. I do demand that all anime pictures clearly look 18+. I mention this especially as I find a majority if them to look underaged.
  • I want to also add that if you are contacting me about a role play, you should have an idea in mind of what you want to role play. Even if it's not written out here, that's fine. In the past I've played nice and responded with "what did you have in mind", but from personal experience the outcome is never what I want. This is no personal judgement, but I adore planning and plotting for a new role play. I love gushing with my partner and discussing everything and anything that crosses out minds. I am looking for partners to love this as well.
  • I do not have a kink list. In terms of sexual desires I am a very open minded vanilla flavor. So if there's anything specific you want to know if I'm okay with, ask away. I can share right away I've never tried BDSM and I am not a "Pain=Pleasure" person, though I certainly do not judge two consenting adults for their choices.
Possible Fandoms
When it comes to fandoms I prefer to take the universes as inspirations for our own original characters. However, if you are craving to play a canon character against my original character then message me. Here's a list of possible fandoms.​
  • Skyrim
  • Fallout 4
  • Outer Worlds
  • Pokรฉmon (humans only, everyone over 18 and no new trainers (because they are only 10))
  • Charmed (original TV series)

Random other things I like

  • Fantasy - MAJOR CRAVING
  • Demigod x Human/Elf/Demon
  • Supernatural
  • Good guy and bad guy
  • Mafia
  • Gangs
  • Submissive teacher MC and dominant student YC - CRAVING
  • Incest - CRAVING
    • Note: I'll only play a submissive role for incest. Just personal preference.
  • Prison
  • Medieval
  • Omegaverse - New to the genre
  • Small town
  • Historic
  • Ancient civilization
  • Arabia, modern or historic
  • Country boy hunter x Assassin in hiding
  • Gang/mafia recruit x Gang/mafia veteran
  • Bodyguard for hire x Man in trouble and/or on the run
  • A-list celebrity x Random stranger that doesn't recognize them
  • Playboy assassin x Very hot target
  • Married man x Maid
  • (Married) Celebrity x Assistant
  • Hitchhiker x Bad boy (Not to be confused with stranger danger)
  • Priest x Lover (modern or historical)

I love mixing together various genres and pairings to create a story that's uniquely ours.
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Jan 5, 2019
Bumping since I just got this unlocked. Hold on while I think of somethings I'd love to do. :)
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