Corona Virus


Jan 3, 2019
Yeah, Taco Bell is pretty terrible, from what I've heard. The prize should at least be something with actual meat in it. Americans need to haggle better with their freedoms. Maybe they can swing some free X-boxes or something. Try to get some circuses to go with your bread.

On a side note, when I saw the map that was all red, at first glance I thought it was a prediction of the 2020 election. Unfortunately by being all red it obscures the condition of the most severe states. There should be another colour specifically for Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, and California. Then we can compare that with the status of lockdown restrictions by state, particularly whether or not bars are open. That would be a good test of the bars hypothesis.


Nov 5, 2019
That would be a great graph. It would be hell to actually make, considering states have mandates, cities/towns have their own mandates, some like in my mother's town only allow seating outside, others do or don't limit totals inside, etc. It would be impossible to get really detailed correlations considering all the factors involved.

But reports are that tracing infections leads to parties and bars/restaurants. That's easily Googlable. I live in a country that quickly squashed the virus with isolation travel restrictions for hot zones. So, that's pretty convincing anecdotal evidence. Whether I/you/we like how it got done, nature doesn't conform to political hyperbole. Most of the other stuff I typed out was glossed over, so I think I'm gonna bow out of the convo, at least for a while.
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