Crap, I have to say hi

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Jan 5, 2019

You've probably seen me lurking around here or not, or your one of the few who've RP'd with me (or not). I was Zoria on the last forum and I'm here now in my true form, MYSTYDJINN. Y'see the real reason that we transferred here is because the last house couldn't contain all of my cringe. This was a last ditch effort to avoid tearing the site apart with the mere presence of my awkward meme ineptitude.

But now we're here and we're all good.

Look at my profile for my discord or poke me here, it matters not to me, though I will say you're more likely to catch me on Discord (but if you catch me here you'll likely get a longer answer).

So to reiterate my hello, but with the awkwardness I promised: Hello Guys, Gals, and non-binary palls! Tired of life? I don't know what to tell ya, but I hear eating ass (specifically mine) can do wonders for the soul~<3
Not open for further replies.
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