Current Character Roster

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Feb 9, 2019
This is a list of all of the characters in Elysian, along with the username of the rper and the character's current position. Any titled positions are written in blue.

Character RPerCharacter's Position
WolfLittleTreeWolfHades, owner of Elysian
Randon LyallLittleTreeWolfMember / Supplier of Illicit Goods
Hector BrandLittleTreeWolfEmployee / Trainer / Breaker
Ayasha JacobsKohane24Prospective slave/pet
FoxKohane 24Resident of The Menagerie / Prospective slave/pet
Tannis O'RiordanRafEmployee / Bartender / Bouncer
Jury KnightWonderingEmployee / Bodyguard / Prospective Aegis
Victor "V" / "Vee"anPanEmployee / Prospective Hestia
Alister MortonZenozinePersonal Pet of Hector Brand
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