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Jan 3, 2019

-ღ´- Puppy’s Playpen -ღ´-

- About Me -

Hi there lovely, welcome to my request thread! I thought I might as well get things transferred now but it's currently under construction at the moment, so please bear with me while I get the coding worked out.

To start us off, it's nice to meet you~ please just call me Puppy! I’ve been writing creatively for quite some time now but have only been ERPing for the last couple of years. Needless to say, I can be a little shy and might need some encouragement from time to time though what I lack in experience and confidence I like to think I make up for in vivid imagination, attention to detail, immersive realism, and an eagerness to please~

I roleplay through PMs or Discord exclusively

- About You -

I’m looking for a special kind of storyteller. Specifically one that just so happens to have an affinity for puppygirls and petplay and also wants to tell a story woven in the midst of all the delectable naughtiness we come up with. I want someone who knows how to bring their character to life, who can evoke emotion, spark my inspiration, and make my heart race. I love people who can give me what I give them and aren’t afraid to get carried away and lose themselves in our roleplay. I’m looking for someone who is committed, communicative, and creative.

- My Roles -

Human Pet ♥
(a girl who is stripped of her humanity, sense of identity, and individual rights as she is put into her role as a puppygirl, treated like a pet, and trained into behaving & living like a dog)
Inumimi ♥ (a girl with dog ears and tail and puppy-like personality on an otherwise completely human body)

  • All characters will be 18+
  • Long-term ~ Please plan on sticking around! Developing a partnership and building a story take time. I'm not looking for quick one-shots or to write a straight up porno. I love to watch our characters grow and change and adapt as the story unfolds. I want us to build a lasting partnership and dive in deep together.
  • Literacy ~ Thoughtful prose and attention to detail are a must for me! I live for the finer details that far too often get brushed aside. I crave the depth of emotions, rich vibrant settings, character development, conflict, everything that makes a story feel entrenched with life. A decent grasp on grammar and spelling is required.
  • Length ~ I don’t adhere to an arbitrary word requirement, but I consistently write between 4 to 6+ paragraphs, though definitely more (rarely less) depending on the scene and my inspiration levels. I encourage you to meet or exceed me. So, obviously, no one-liners or short choppy paragraphs will be acceptable.
  • Ratio ~ I’m usually good with equal parts plot to smut so a 50/50 ratio is rather common. However, there always needs to be depth and plot present. Things need to make sense. I really don’t like writing one smut scene after another, it can get quite boring and redundant, so... be creative! I love to be surprised and I love when the pace changes from time to time.
  • Respect ~ All I ask for is your respect and some common courtesy. Please honor my time, energy, and the effort that I put into my writing. I will always do the same for you.
  • Communication ~ Don’t be afraid to talk to me ooc! I’m a sweet pup and I’m always happy to brainstorm and discuss anything you need. If you don’t like how something is going, all if you have to do is say the word and I’ll be happy to change things for you. If at any point you find you are no longer interested in writing together please let me know before dropping or disappearing. All it takes is a simple little message and I will completely understand!
  • Post Rate ~ Pretty please don’t pester me for a reply to the rp! Definitely let me know how excited you are to continue, but please don't let that turn to pressuring me. I have work and plenty other responsibilities to deal with on a daily basis so I can’t always reply quickly. My work schedule is hectic, I sometimes work 60+ hours a week. Which means at times I will likely only be able to post once or twice a week, though more or less depending on what’s going on irl and in game. I’m always happy to chat ooc most days even if I can’t write for the rp though!
Though I have a k-list, I find my taste can be a little picky
so instead of relying solely on a bare list I decided to create a somewhat extensive (and mostly custom) one of my own.

♡ Leash & Collar ♡ Caging ♡ Discipline & Reinforcement ♡
Uncut cocks ♡ Cum Diet ♡ Aftercare
Roughness / Force ♡ Noncon to Con Dubcon Total Subjugation
Hair pulling ♡ Face Sapping ♡ Marking / Cum Marking ♡ Clit & Nipple Play
♡ Hickies & Bruises ♡ Light to Heavy Bondage ♡ Lima Syndrome Branding
Teasing & Denial ♡ Possessiveness ♡ Abuse ♡ Stockholm Syndrome
♡ Creampie / Internal cumshots
♡ Coercion / Blackmail / Manipulation ♡
Innocence & Naivety ♡
Deflowering (vaginal, anal, & oral) ♡

Custom Kink Descriptions:
Caregiver | Owner
➥ So you want to be the Owner of your very own puppygirl? Well, with that title comes lots of responsibilities! I adore putting the Owner into the role of sole caregiver on top of complete and utter ownership of his puppygirl. He treats his puppygirl just as he would any other beloved pet. He must take care of her in every way in order to insure she is healthy and happy and eager to please him! Some of these responsibilities include- bathing, grooming, dressing (if applicable), playtime, walks, feeding & watering, house breaking, and much more!

Naming | Renaming
➥ Choosing a new name for your puppygirl as a sign of dominance and Ownership!

"Good girl", "Pet", "Dog"
➥ Always praise the puppy, but never let her forget her place. I love the use of these words, demeaning or not, feel free to get creative.

Bathroom Control (House breaking)
➥ Most puppygirl's will come untrained and with little bladder control, so accidents are bound to happen! To remedy this teach her and reward her to use the bathroom outside in the yard (or even at the park o.o), you can also always discipline her accordingly if she's having trouble learning n///n. Wetting and potty time ONLY, no scat / soiling please!

Creative Punishments
➥ Spankings aren’t always the appropriate punishment for a puppygirl and can get boring if that’s the only way you can think to reprimand her. Sometimes more creative, or gentle, solutions are necessary for her to get to trust and obey you.

Speech Restrictions
➥ Make it to wear your puppygirl can only communicate, or is allowed to communicate, using puppy noises and mannerisms. Disobeying will result in punishment. She's a puppy now, after all, and puppies do not talk like a human.

Pillow Grinding
➥ When puppy just can’t help herself or when Owner tells her to. Can include other forms of dry humping; stuffed animals, Owner’s leg or thigh, the arm of the sofa, Owner's foot/shoe, etc.

Inspections & Vet Checks
➥ As a caregiver YC will be required to give puppy periodic “inspections” or hire a speciality petgirl vet in order to make sure his pet is staying healthy and happy. Inspections can also include kinkier things like checking her breast and all of her little holes, to more embarrassing things like weight (usually when she’s looking a bit thin), potty time, etc.

Beloved Captive Pet
➥ The act of YC abducting MC character as a manner of seduction, showing YC’s love and need for her by not being able to part with her and taking her away with him.

Affections & Endearments
➥ All forms of affection are encouraged! Puppygirl’s require lots of petting and cuddles and greatly love kisses and soft caresses. Give her head pets, little scritches behind the ears, a curled finger stroking gently down her nose or against her cheek, just be gentle and sweet to your puppygirl and I promise you will be rewarded with all the love and devotion a puppy can give.

Sexual Licking & Non-sexual Licking
➥ Licks are a puppygirl’s favorite type of kiss! Whether it’s Owner’s cheek as a form of endearment or excitement, or licking where Owner tells her to, your puppy will adore sharing lots of licks of love!

Embarrassment & Humiliation
➥ I use these words somewhat interchangeably. Sometimes humiliation might be a little too harsh, and you’ll come to find that I prefer a bit of softness, even in my noncon. But I absolutely adore often including things that embarrass MC and make her blush excessively, sometimes (especially) even to the point of tears.

Conditioning & Degradation
➥ Like the above, these two can be used interchangeably, though not always. I prefer this used as a means to remind puppy (if the scenario requires it) that she is nothing more than a dog. His pet. His property. Conditioning her to a point that she fully accepts and loves her place as a sweet, loyal doggy.

Heat | Forced Heat
➥ Inumimis can go through heat as part of their physiology and human puppygirls can be forced into a similar state through drugs, potions, or injections. Will be accompanied by excessive female wetness, slight fever, involuntary humping, lowered inhibitions, and acting up (behavioral changes can include being more demanding, vocal, uppity etc.)

Showing off & Exhibitionism
➥ There’s not much hotter than an Owner who loves to show off and share his good little puppy. Whether to a small group of his close friends, or during a larger soiree he’s holding, at some point he introduces them to his new pet and lets them ogle and gawk, praising her while he parades her around on her leash, walking around on all fours and going around and letting them pet her and maybe even play with her if he deems them worthy. This can also be for more of a public humiliation piece if he’s forcing her into the role. I especially find this scene hot when it’s a group of elite businessmen or nerdy, overly appreciative middled aged otakus. Pretty much open to any exhibition pieces, so just ask if you want to include something!

Scent Play & Scent Marking
➥ Usually accompanied by the “sniff” command, or some word of your choosing. Crotch sniffing, footgear worship, and footplay can all fall under this category. For scent play he may force her to smell his crotch, or just his underwear. Making her learn to love and even get wet at the very scent of him. For something a little more embarrassing he could force her to smell his boots, or sniff and lick his feet while she's curled up at them, etc. For marking he could rub his underwear/balls/cock on any part of her, particularly her face, or he could have her keep/hold his underwear or socks in her mouth for certain amounts of time, as a punishment, to humiliate her, etc. You get the idea!

One of the Pets
➥ I love it when the puppygirl is shared with her Owner's other canine companion and having her treated as a pet alongside him. Going on walks together, being fed at the same time (but not necessarily near each other), having playtime together, caging together, everything. I love pairing her with a really massive canine so he pretty much towers over her when they are being walked side by side, just like her and her Owner. My favorite beasties include doberman, anatolian shepherd, german shepherd, and great danes (knotting may be included)

Mind Control Devices
➥ Particularly in the form of a collar or ears (see - The Convention) that can alter her behavior in some way. Not an all-powerful device, but something that will make his training of her far easier in noncon scenarios. The device will likely only function as a means to stop her from speaking human words (forcing her to use puppy noises or nonverbal communication) and making her more malleable to his training and commands.

➥ A perfect way to show the puppygirl her place. The act of stepping on the sub, placing any part of her beneath a strong, heavy foot but particularly the head/face to force her down into submission.

Forced Rimming | Rimming
➥ Turn your pet into a true puppy by making her lick and worship every inch of you, even the most humiliating parts.

➥18+ girl with a preferably 40 or over male. This can be negotiated a little, as I don’t mind men in their 30’s, but any younger and I quickly start to lose interest. You also get definite bonus points if your character is a silver fox or sports some salt and pepper in his hair.

Size differences
➥Big Dom (over 6’2” - muscular, chubby, or dad bods all acceptable) x small sub (delicate, petite, 5’0” to 5’3”)

Ball Worship
➥Honestly, balls don't get enough adoration, in my humble opinion! And puppy's love balls! So all puppygirls will enjoy giving them the love and attention they deserve! Licking, sniffing, nuzzling, sucking, you name it - Puppy's going to love it~

Teasing & Denial
➥Don’t just jump right into things! The teasing, tension, foreplay, build-up... is oh-so much more important than just getting straight to the sex! Remember to build the excitement, the frustration, and playing around with all the different ways to tease, simply creating so much tension that we’re both just dying to finally reach that delicious peak in the story!

Panty Play
➥While not always applicable (since most puppygirl’s are usually naked n///n ) I think it’s so cute when Owner puts her in a pair of special little panties that have a hole for her tail and everything. She’ll love being told how adorable he thinks she is in them. The playing part includes things like teasing her through them, making her get them all wet with her excitement or embarrassment, or have her rub herself on something while she’s still wearing them (see - pillow grinding)

Finger Sucking & Licking
➥ YC putting his fingers in her mouth either for the pure aesthetic and feel or to have her clean food or her/his juices off of them. She will also lick his hand/fingers as a form of affection.

Fingerjobs & Hands
➥Kind of a reiteration of the above kink, but more of a focus on YC’s hands. Please don’t leave this detail out for me, I have a hand fetish and would love for you to describe YC’s hands. Have him use his big fingers often, stuff her little holes with even just one, or have him feed her his scraps from the table by hand and have her lick them clean after he’s done eating.

MFM (Multiple Partners | House Pet)
➥ What puppy doesn't love (or secretly love) being the center of attention? This doesn’t have to be limited to only two males and can include 3+ / gangbangs if you like. See- Showing off & Exhibitionism for more information on this particular kink.

From behind
➥Not necessarily for just sex (though doggy is a favorite of course ;p ) but teasing her breast and playing with her from behind is incredibly hot.

Anal Play & Training
➥While I am not all that interested in anal sex, I absolutely love anal training with fingers, toys, and plugs. Anal sex itself isn’t appealing to me (unless you are very special!) and I would prefer to keep that bit out, although you’re welcome to elude to it. However, if it’s included please fade to black. That being said, you are absolutely more than welcome to include any and all forms of anal play as much as you like!

Scat, Torture, Snuff, MFF, Dog food, Anime/Hentai reference, Unsolicited NSFW images

Plot Puppies

All of these are just rough, basic concepts I have come up with to give a better idea of
the types of pairings and stories I'm looking to play around with!
Feel free to add in or change up any detail, everything is up for discussion!




Room for More:

Tentatively Accepting:


Your Very Own Puppygirl...

Unknown to the public an underground organization has been working on creating and developing the perfect humanoid pet for many years now. They focus on splicing genes and imprinting specific mannerisms and behaviors, though the science still isn’t quite there yet and some non-favorable puppy traits do get transferred into the subject on most occasions. YC can be an average joe kind of guy who just happen to finally hit his lucky break and discovers this organization through surfing the deep web (maybe he even thinks he’s ordering an actual exotic pet?), or he could be a wealthy businessman who is introduce through an elitist client or work partner. One way or another, YC comes to acquire one of the very first pets of her kind. “For her safety during transport” she’ll arrive to her new home unconscious. The drug should wear off within 12 to 24 hours, but it’s up to you to decide what to do with her while she settles in and how to introduce her to her new home once she finally awakens. Your puppygirl will come knowing a select few commands (of your choosing), but will likely only know how to “speak”a few humans words. She will mostly verbalize using ruffs, yips, whining, and whimpers but can learn how to “speak” per her Owners personal desire.
Best Girl...

YC is a middle aged “otaku” who sees MC one year at an anime convention. He’s had a bit of a secret (or not so secret?) love for “mimis” for some time now, so when he sees her cosplaying as some character who canonically has animal ears (from an anime we've created together) he knows that she is the perfect girl for him. He likely will follow her around and take pictures of her, and after eventually finding out her real name, proceeds to stalk her online once the convention is over. He spends the next year developing a way to hypnotize her or create a mind control device (i.e. a collar or even a set of ears like those Brainwave neko ears, but they would be realistic puppy ears instead) that would turn her into the petgirl of his dreams. It’s up to you to decide whether he kidnaps her, drugs her, and forces her into the device or if he manages to manipulate and persuade her into dressing up for him, maybe getting her a little drunk while she's innocent to the fact that once she puts on that final accessory she will start losing more and more of herself to the devices power forever until she’s his perfect, obedient little puppy. The convention itself can last from 3 days all the way up to a week. The device is optional and more blackmail/coercion scenarios are available. He will spend the remainder of the convention teaching his new puppygirl her place as his pet and at one point, when he's satisfied that she'll obey him, he takes her out on collar and leash and goes about his con activities, letting all the other con goers be jealous of the sweet little pet that he is leading around
To Love and Obey...

MC is a down on her luck young woman who is struggling to juggle work and school to try and appease her strict, overbearing parents who force her to overachieve. YC is recently divorced and has been fishing the internet for the perfect girl for years now. Eventually YC meets mine online from stumbling across her tumblr or other form of social media and instantly begins preying on her innocence. The two grow closer and he becomes a source of reprieve for my character, but he sees her vulnerability and struggle, and of course the way she responds to his attention. He knows he has her wrapped around his finger and he starts to develop feelings for her but decides that while he does adore her he knows she is perfect for molding into the pet he’s always dreamed of. He charms and manipulates his way into her heart until he eventually offers to take away all the stress and responsibility in her life with the condition that he will own her from then on. He will be in control of her every decision and she is to be his devoted pet. MC being virginal and naive, has quite the surprise coming when she finally arrives at her new home, soon discovering that when he said he would be in control of everything, he really meant everything...

❥ This scenario doesn't have to be limited to that form light manipulation and blackmail, but could include heavier aspects such as him hacking her computer and finding some naughty photos that could kill her scholarship and get her fired.
An Auspicious Situation...

They meet on a single, fateful day. For her it was a dream come true. For him, it was the beginning of a fever, a try on his restraint.

YC is a wealthy and successful music composer, frequently traveling from his homeland of (foreign country; high preference towards Hungary, Poland, or UK) to his estate in the US, attending concerts, recording new compositions, and leading a life of lavish wealth and success. Because of his status he has a reputation to uphold and an image to maintain. However, when he sees her at a meet-and-greet she sparks a fire in him that refuses to go out. He can't find it within himself to let her go, to accept the fact that he would likely never get to see that sweet face again, or those big, round puppy eyes glittering up at him as if he were the moon. She had been so timid yet so excited to be meeting him, reminding him of a sweet little puppy dog eager to meet a new friend but still so shy as she held her excitement back. He couldn't get her off his mind and he knew that his life would never be complete if he did not have her. And being a man of great means and great financial power, he hires one of his own bodyguards, a harden man who would have no qualms with his request, and arranges to have her kidnapped and delivered to his home. Once she awakens he plans on giving her an offer she could never refuse. He could give her the world, everything she had always dreamed of. A life at his side. He would treat her like a pampered pet princess. Though only on the condition that she be his for as long as his heart desired.

By force or by coercion she makes the agreement and seals her fate to begin the slow and gradual transformation into the perfect pet of his dreams.

However, as time goes on the bodyguard, who is never far from sight, perhaps begins to harbor some affections of his own, watching as the girl becomes a beloved pet that he himself cannot help but desire.

❥ This plot could go one of several ways and is completely open ended. The bodyguard subplot is not necessary, although I would very much love to include it. The bodyguard could be seen as more of an antagonist, choosing to go about pursuing MC by going behind YC's back, knowing she can't speak so their secret will be safe. Or, YC could notice his bodyguard's interest and decides to allow him the privileged of sharing her.
The Service Dog...

wip ❥[b/]These are both very rough concepts and basically just little drabbles I've been thinking about. Any and all details are subject to change. The basic concept is simply all about a soldier/soldiers being the Owner in this situation.

Plot A:The military has known for decades that their soldiers work best and more efficiently when they have someone that relies on them. That's why in the past during their training they are given a small pet to look after, to teach them care, responsibility, and compassion. However, the military also knows their men's performance goes up and they think more clearly when they are in good spirits and well satisfied. This leads the top military scientist to create the best of both worlds. Puppygirls. Each puppy is given to a single squad, platoon, etc. to whom she will bond with and must rely on to care for her. In return she offers them complete obedience and submission, a loyalty and love that knows no bounds.

Plot B: Revolves around a soldier who loses himself during active duty, life just wasn't the same for him after the war. It's when he returns home from his second tour that the PTSD sets in. He turns to alcohol and violence to try and silence the war that continues to happen in his mind. But still, the aggression and loneliness eat away at him. That is, until he stumbles across the concept of a life-long companion in the form of a human girl. Obsessed, he begins the long and arduous task of finding the right girl, the right pet to call his own. The hunt takes longer than expected, so when he finally finds her he can't wait any longer. Using his skill he easily snatches her up one night and then begins his intrepid journey of breaking in his brand new puppy.
Brought to Heel...

To his dog, every man is Napoleon; hence the constant popularity of dogs...

Growing up YC always had a chip on his shoulder and a fire in his veins. Authoritarian, domineering, and pugnacious it came as no surprise to the people in his life when he decided to join the police academy fresh out of high school. His parents hoped it would give him a sense of purpose and keep him out of trouble, his friends thought he was going to be a hero some day. Yet for him it wasn't about having a sense of heroism, or a need to protect and serve, or even because he felt like it was something he was always meant to do. No, YC has never craved anything more than power and control. And being a cop? Well, that's the best of both worlds, especially given the added perk of near impunity. He's spent years riding his high horse and getting his hands dirty when big brother isn't watching, taking liberties and never pulling punches. Despite this he's still carving out his name on the rungs as he climbs the ladder of success with the hopes of one day becoming chief of police, a title he feels he rightfully deserves.

MC is from a lower class family who liked to give the appearance of living beyond their means. With both of her parents owning a small convenience store chain, there were moments in her life she hardly saw her parents at all and practically had to raise herself. From afar they pressured her to hold her education above all else, even if that came at the expense of her social life and mental health. She endured, but not without the help of a few little pills here and there, easily acquired from one of the many friends in her class with prescriptions. Striving for something she wasn't sure she even wanted, she had been a candidate for valedictorian in high school, graduating with one of the highest GPA's in her class. However, that first year at college away from home changed everything. She made new friends and started going to parties and feeling like she was actually living for herself rather than her parents for the first time in her life. She started smoking weed to take the edge off and school gradually became something trivial and eventually she started blowing off classes and letting her grades suffer until eventually she flunks out. When her parents discover this they are furious and end up cutting her off and calling her a disgrace.

Now basically orphaned with no money, lost in life with no direction, MC crashes for a while at one of her friends places where she continues smoking weed as a way of coping with things until she can find a job and a place to live. She gets mixed up with the wrong people and at some point she winds up at a dealers house or making a deal where YC might see, and while he arrest the other's, he has a different idea in mind for the naive little girl who is so obviously in over her head. He knows she's in a place she doesn't belong and he would hate to ruin her pretty polished record. Besides, he's always wanted a pet he could do anything with, an obedient collared dog he could kick around or even cuddle if he so wished. Whatever he wanted. Because after this she would be his property, completely and utterly owned by him.

❥ looking for mostly non-con to con situations for this, with an emphasis on verbal and physical abuse, degradation, humiliation, conditioning, and discipline and reinforcement. YC is meant to be cruel and manipulative and sometimes loving Owner who develops a soft spot for his sweet pet.
The Stray...
~coming soon~

If you made it this far & actually read over everything
Thank you! You're the best~
Please make sure the title of your message has a cute icon
(heart, flower, etc.) or something equally cute
just so that I know you've paid attention to my rules!
if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me

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