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Feb 8, 2019
Located deep in the magical forest of Faywood, was a small village of ferals, demi-humans, and those with the ability to transform back and forth between the two. It was on this very warm and sunny Summer day that Donny, a male dog-demi-human who can also transform into a feral dog was on his way to his normal fishing spot. With one hand carrying his trusty fishing pole firmly, the other carried a straw-woven basket which would be used to carry any and all fish he hoped to catch today.

Once the young-nude male arrived at the long-running river to the South of the village, Donny then took a seat at the edge of the clear-blue flowing water that was both clean to drink as well as filled with lots of fish to capture. The male-dog-demi-human then casted his line into the water and waited for a bit as none of the fish seemed interested in his special insect-blend bait that normally worked before. After a few more castings of his line and no bites, Donny felt like taking a nice nap. So he then takes two rocks and both props the fishing poll up while also bracing and weighing it down for it wouldn't fall over or be pulled into the river itself. Then Donny decided to change into his feral-dog form in order to be more comfortable while he then lays on his back and begins to close his eyes for a nice long nap. His hind and front legs spread open wide allowing the warm sun to shine down upon his chest, belly, and even his sheath and tip which was poking out a bit both pink and pointy.


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