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Oct 19, 2020
United States

Hello! Welcome to my revamped request thread. My name is Paradox but call me whatever you want. I am from the Eastern United States and I am 21+ years old. I've been writing for over a decade now. I work full-time and I have a passion for sports and video games. More than anything, I am looking to experiment with new things while roleplaying, namely focusing on plot over smut and developing stories that will hopefully last a long time with some great partners. I am going to be more open to OOC chatter as well, so feel free to ask me any questions!


  • I am a laid-back, flexible partner who values communication. I will ask for my partner to be willing to communicate with me as well, whether you have new plot ideas or you are no longer interested in the story.
  • I do not ghost. It would be appreciated if my partner did not ghost, either. I would rather you let me know that you intend to drop the story if you are comfortable with having that conversation
  • My typical post length will be 400-600+ words, although my flexibility allows me to effectively write more or less, depending on my partner's comfort. Longer replies might take me longer to write, but overall, I can assure you 1-2 replies per week with the intention of replying as often as possible. I love writing! As promised, I am laid-back and set no expectations of how frequently you reply or what length your replies are.
  • I write in third-person, past tense
  • In the past, I have written more smut-heavy stories. I am still willing to do that, but I am hoping to explore more plot-focused stories with ratios closer to 70/30 plot: smut ratios
  • I am equally as willing to write in PMs as I am willing to write in threads, although I favor PMs
  • You can expect me to show enthusiasm about our stories and characters. I am also willing to take initiative in the plotting and writing process. It would be wonderful if you could do the same. I actively encourage and welcome input from my partner!
  • Doubling is not an expectation, but an option. If you've seen my request thread before, you might have read about my take on doubling. Basically, I enjoy doubling to be a quid pro quo element. I love being able to provide my partner with something they are craving and I would hope to receive the same in return. So, even if you are looking for something that I do not exactly outline in my request thread, please understand that I may still be willing to engage your story if we are doubling.
  • I enjoy playing male characters who are dominant in a male x female pairing. When doubling, however, I am willing to play any gender and any pairing
  • I prefer to roleplay fandoms more than anything else, but I am open to non fandom stories, too!
  • Romance is very important for me. I would like for our story to have some element of it. I am open to trying pre-existing romance or romance that must be built toward.
Kinks and LImits:


  • It feels important to reiterate that I am willing to double and play a canon character for you. I will be outright with my expectations and say that it is my hope to find partners who are willing to play a canon female character for me from these fandoms. Just know that I am willing to do the same for you, too! Also, I am not a partner who will be upset with you if your portrayal of the canon character isn't "accurate". Truthfully, if you can give me a character with an accurate name and face claim, I will be a happy camper! Now, here is my Master List of Fandoms:
  • Films
    • DC Extended Universe
    • Divergent (books, too)
    • The Hunger Games (books, too)
    • Marvel Cinematic Universe
    • The Silence of The Lambs
    • Star Wars
  • TV Shows
    • The 100
    • Arrowverse
    • Chicago Fire/Med?PD
    • Clarice
    • Criminal Minds
    • Cursed (Netflix)
    • Game of Thrones
    • Haunting of Hill House
    • Law and Order: SVU
    • Mandalorian
    • Manifest
    • Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
    • One Tree Hill
    • The Republic of Sarah
    • Roswell, New Mexico
    • Scooby-Doo
    • Stranger Things
    • Supernatural
    • Walker
    • The Walking Dead/Fear The Walking Dead/Walking Dead: World Beyond
    • Wynonna Earp
  • Video Games
    • The Last of Us (Both games)
    • Marvel's Spider-Man (Both games)
    • Red Dead Redemption (1 and 2)
    • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
    • Uncharted (all games)

  • Below, I will detail some specific plots I am seeking. Some will be fandom-related, some may not be fandom-related
I am seeking someone to play: Supergirl/Kara Danvers

Kara Danvers (born 1966 as Kara Zor-El) is the daughter of the late Zor-El and Alura. She was sent to Earth from the dying planet of Krypton to protect her younger cousin Kal-El (Superman). However, Kara's pod got knocked off-course by Krypton's explosion, sending her ship into the Phantom Zone where she slept for 24 years, while being suspended in time and not aging. Her pod later escaped, and Kara arrived on Earth, where she was placed with the Danvers family by a now-adult Kal-El, who was known to the humans as "Clark Kent.” Kara went to college and kept her powers a secret. Now, she works for Cat Grant at CatCo Worldwide Media as an assistant.

My story involves pairing her with a canon(ish) character. The character's name is Scott Klein and he was literally only mentioned in one sentence in season Two and never again. Kara was talking about how she stepped on her prom date's toes and broke his foot in high school. Now, one thing I love is romance, especially pre-existing romance. It gave me an idea to create Scott Klein for a roleplay. Basically, my version of Scott would be the first friend Kara made on Earth outside of the Danvers family. Scott was the same age as her and he decided to sit with her at lunch. They became friends and started dating when they were in high school.

In this version, Scott is not a minor character. Instead, Scott and Kara maintain a relationship through high school and through college. The plot begins in Season 1 Episode 1 before Kara has revealed herself to the world. Not even Scott knows who she is yet. They are living together in that apartment and I definitely want them to get married soon.

The plot begins when Kara saves Alex's plane from crashing. Scott is a police officer so he was on shift and preparing for emergency actions as the plane almost crashed. However, he saw the newscast and he obviously would know that it was Kara. Then, he goes home that night. Kara knows that he would have seen her and she ends up confessing to him, probably worried that he was going to leave her once he found out, but he reassures her that there is nothing to worry about, that he loves her no matter what. Eventually, the plan is for him to work with the DEO as well so he can be working closely with Kara during her superheroine-ing.

Additionally, I am willing to pair Kara with Barry Allen or Mon-El instead

I am seeking someone to play: Maggie Greene

Maggie Greene and my male OC have been best friends ever since they were little. In high school, they started dating, becoming more serious as they progressed through college. Now, just a year removed from college, the zombie apocalypse begins. This will be set in Season 1 of the show, starting with my OC and Maggie living in the city as the outbreak begins. We pick up from there as they attempt to make an escape back to her family's farm. The plan is to eventually join the show plot as well, mixing in our own twists and turns.

I am willing to pair her with Glenn Rhee if you prefer.

My biggest craving right now is based on the television show Fear The Walking Dead. Have you only seen The Walking Dead? That's fine! Have you never seen either show? That's fine, too! You do not need to have seen the show itself, or even The Walking Dead. I am going to explain what I am looking for, here.

I am asking you to play Alicia Clark. Here is a link to her wiki page: Alicia Clark (Fear)

Don't feel like you need to educate yourself on every single detail. Truly, the only two things I ask of a partner is to keep her name and face claim true. If you can do that for me, I will be happy. I will not nitpick your replies to see if you played her accurately or not. I am easygoing.

Her mother is named Madison Clark. Her step-father is named Travis Manawa. Her older brother is named Nick Clark. When Alicia was thirteen, her father was killed in a car accident. When that happened, her older brother, Nick, became a drug addict. It stuck him in this cycle of going to rehab, getting clean, leaving rehab, and using drugs again. Even though Alicia is a straight-A student who stays out of trouble, her mother seemingly neglects her and focuses entirely on Nick.

It leaves Alicia feeling like she is unimportant. She plans to attend the University of California at Berkley, pursuing her dreams of becoming an artist.

This roleplay begins during Season 1 of the show. Don't worry about the specific events of the show. It is something I can take care of when we get into the plot points of the show. On her wiki page, you may read that she has a boyfriend. However, I am pairing her with a male OC, who replaces him. The OC is named Brian Strickland. I am willing to use anyone you want as the face claim. I just want him to be appealing to my partner.

Brian and Alicia have been lifelong best friends. His own father died when he was young - a police officer killed on the job. His mother is a doctor who died at the start of the outbreak, treating sick patients at the hospital in Los Angeles. It leaves Brian on his own.

Brian and Alicia have been in a relationship ever since they started high school. He has a football scholarship to attend the same college, too. Madison decides that he can stay with her and her family while he makes the transition since both of his parents are gone, which is how he ends up with Alicia and her family when the world ends.

I'm looking for a happy, fluffy romance. I am not looking for some drama-filled romance with cheating. I want the drama they face to come from the world around them. There will be plenty.

This is my biggest craving right now. Again, you do not need to know anything about the show or the character. I am patient and willing to provide as much information as you need.

I am seeking someone to play: Sarah Cooper

I would like to pair Sarah with a male OC. He's on the police force in Greylock and has been in a relationship with Sarah for a few years, so he supports her along the way of running a new country. With him being a police officer, there are opportunities for action mixed in as well, along with some show plot lines.

This is technically non-fandom but it is heavily based on "The Republic of Sarah". I understand not many people have seen the show, so I figured I would extrapolate the important pieces of the show in case someone finds the premise interesting enough.

YC and MC live in a small town. A mining company, Lydon, finds Coltan, a resource that can be used for certain electronics has been found in the small town. The majority of the town (population 1900 people, roughly) want to fight the mining, not wanting to lose their property. Some people would lose their homes and be displaced. YC finds a loophole where the town technically sits on an area of land between the United States and Canada, never legally or legitimately claimed by the United States. The small town claims independence as its own country to stop the mining from happening. It leads to this small town becoming an independent country, which leads to drama and chaos because starting a new country is not easy!

I enjoy original zombie apocalypse stories as well. Below are a few possible plots that can be played out:

1. Celebrity status: Imagine an apocalypse where society is being rebuilt. Settlements are being established. To capture the feeling of the old world again, musicians and artists return. Some musicians travel from one settlement to another to perform. YC could be an artist, musician, actress, etc. that entertains different settlements. MC would be her trusted bodyguard, keeping her safe during the travels

2. Separated/Reunited: At the start of the outbreak, our characters are close friends or in a relationship, but they are kept apart by circumstances. A few months into the outbreak, they reunite


  • Thanks for reading my new and improved request thread. I hope this might catch some new eyes. I am looking to improve myself as a writer and broaden my horizons, so this is my attempt to do just that. Please do not hesitate to message me if anything looks appealing. Have a great day!
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