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Jan 12, 2019
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Lioneye's Watch
Tarkleigh - Father of the Brood
The de facto chief of the Watch. He, along with Nessa, do their best to help new arriving exiles to Wraeclast.

  • age 38
  • Straight
  • Exiled for smuggled booze
  • Group leader and jack of all trades. Wants to bang Nessa. Currently injured in his left eye. Armed with a ship's boarding axe, a pair of daggers, and a crude hunting bow. Wears baggy pants, a linen sash, and one leather boot.

Nessa - Mother of the Brood
A shipwreck survivor, not a branded criminal, and The de facto "mother" to the sickly brood of the shore encampment. Nessa uses her medical skills to tend to the wounded and dying who pass through the encampment.

  • age 29
  • Straight
  • Shipwrecked
  • Healer and vendor of medicine. Armed with a long knife (I think? I can't tell what that is in her left hand). Wears a patchwork skirt and bandeau bra, and is barefoot.

"Captain" Bestel - Bard Extraordinaire
"The name's Bestel, captain of the good ship 'Merry Gull'. Alas, my Merry Gull is gone. My crew is gone. But my wits remain... after a fashion."

  • age 45
  • Bisexual
  • Shipwrecked
  • Former sailor who claims he was a captain. Bad poet. Skilled carpenter. Rumored to have been the ship's carpenter on the Merry Gull. Armed with a driftwood club. Wears tattered shorts and a captain's hat that's full of holes, and is barefoot.

  • - age 40
  • - Straight
  • - Shipwrecked
  • - Former crewman of the Merry Gull who lost his voice years ago from a throat injury. Was one of the scavengers in the group, but now he is laid low with disease and everybody avoids him, whispering amongst themselves about how soon he's going to die and they'll need to throw his body outside the walls before it turns. Unarmed, barefoot, wears smelly rags just like the zombies on the coast.

- age 67

  • Straight
  • Exiled for heresy
- Former baker, now acting as the group's cook, and part time entertainer. Too old to be of use in any other field. Unarmed and barefoot. Wears tattered shorts and a threadbare jacket.

- age 36
  • Straight
  • Exiled for possession of stolen goods
  • Former tailor who secretly ran a fence operation and thieves guild in Theopolis until he was raided by the ebony legion and sent into exile. Armed with a driftwood quarterstaff and a rusty dirk (and has some other crude weapons in stock). Wears a loose leather vest over his bare chest, baggy pants, and crudely-made sandals.

- age 31
  • Straight
  • Exiled for blasphemy
  • Formerly a fisherman on Oriath until he offended one of the templars. Now he's a scavenger and part time builder. Healthy enough to fight, but too cowardly and unskilled to be of much use. Armed with a crude three-pronged fishing spear and a short fish-carving knife. Wears a ragged shorts, and is barefoot.

- age 25

  • Straight
  • Exiled for cowardice and insubordination
  • Former soldier in the ebony legion, and sole survivor of an ill-conceived expedition to Riben Fell. Suffered a broken rib in a fight with some cannibals last week, so now he's on night watch until his injury heals. Armed with a crude hunting spear and a round wooden shield. Wears tattered pants and cloth-wrap slippers.

- age 20

  • Straight
  • Exiled for blasphemy
  • Former manservant to a templar in Theopolis until he struck his master in defense of his sister's virtue. Now he's a scavenger and part time fighter, although he lacks any formal combat training and is very inexperienced. Armed with a rusty shortsword and a sling. Wears ragged shorts and is barefoot.

- age 18

  • Bisexual
  • Exiled for witchcraft
  • Former maidservant to a templar in Theopolis until she refused her master's advances. Now she's a scavenger and part time cook, and sometimes also helps Nessa prepare medicine. Armed with a crude fishing spear and a chipped knife. Wears a ragged shirt and shorts, a tattered cloak, and is barefoot.


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