Elysian (Offshoot of The Masterful)

Feb 9, 2019
Hello. Some of you might remember the group rp that was on House of Eros called "The Masterful". The premise involved a character called Penelope Masters who ran an underground empire. The group itself revovled around her Los Angeles based nightclub called The Masterful, where guests could indulge in alcohol, drugs, sex, and whatever else they desired. In that group, I played Wolf, her personal slave and second in command. Since the person who played Penelope became inactive, I decdied I'd make an offshoot of the original group in which Wolf opens his own, similar business in Las Vegas.

The general idea is the same. Elysian is a place where people can go to indulge in hedonism without worrying about judgement from others. The RP is both smut and story based. There are already a few people who used to be part of The Masterful, but we'd love to have more.

Characters we need are slaves, slave trrainers and breakers, various other members of staff, Members/Guests of Elysian, etc.

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