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May 9, 2019
BE (Before Empire)

3583 - 3692: Resources upon the Continent of Respain begun to dwindle, conflict among the various demonic tribes and factions became unavoidable and was soon escalated into a full war.

3692 - 4121: The excessive use of powerful magic from the Teraheart faction begun to have negative effects upon the Continent. Respain was soon changed into a bleak and disastrous world to live in. Weather within those lands was warped; new storms were created from hellish fires during summers, poisonous gases during springs, and even icy rain that was capable of spearing through flesh during the winters.

Also within this time period the Beast Master faction had grown negligibly smaller. Many creatures on Respain had drew nigh to extinction from the backlash effects of the war, but they weren’t the only ones. Demons within the primary opposing two factions were quickly being wiped out; either dying from the magical influenced storms or starvation if battle for the lands didn’t devour them first.

Xaiver Teraheart became king of his faction after the untimely death of his father during this period.

4121 - 4122: Shortly a year later, members of the Teraheart faction discovered an odd vessel crashed along the shorelines. There were no survivors, but from the debris allowed valuable information to be scavenge. Among these were maps of an incomplete, drawn charter which lands beyond theirs was never before believed to exist. Speculated, yes. Still, with few resources and with the gravity of the war with the much larger Cerabuhm Tribe a decision needed to be made. It wasn’t just the Teraheart faction at stake here, many demons were on the verge of extinction; something that would become true if they still battled over what resources lingered on a dying land.

4122 - 4123: Xaiver Teraheart soon arranged a meeting with the Cerabuhm tribe leaders. At that time he was accompanied by a few of his heirs. He proposed a ceasefire and alliance with what had been a long term enemy. Naturally, the opposing tribal leaders were at odds ends. There were a few that saw reasoning behind it while the others that were divided expected it as some form of trick. In the end, Xaiver truly believed there were lands beyond their own and made one simple declaration that would change the fate of everything.

“We face a crisis that will gradually consume us all in time, upon these lands. There are realms beyond this trifle world that we dwell; lands that would provide better living for our kind and their generations of children. Too long has blood been needlessly spilled between us, it is time to put an end to that and look towards our future. I am willing to stake my head on the possibility that we are not the only ones in this world. I come to you all to see if there are those that are willing to send forces in joining in an expedition to see if such is true. If it does prove false, then you can do with me as you see fit; however if it is true. If there are other realms for the taking. Then we should make this alliance into a more official Empire with me as its Emperor. You will all be Kings and Queens of whatever lands you desire, as long as you all serve under me then there will be no further need of infighting.”

4123 - 4126: Within the next few years, ships were built and used to set sail for the voyage of new lands by following replicas of the original charter. The continent known as Gandona was the first of discoveries and soon word was sent back to the faction leaders within Respain.

4127: The official conjoining of two long enemy factions into what would later become a powerful Empire.
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May 9, 2019
AE (After Empire)

0 - 231: Colonization along one of the shores of Gandona was made by the Empire. It didn’t take long for other inhabitants and beasts of this land to be discovered and hostilities were naturally made with the primitive residents.

231 - 331: Efforts were made to subjugate the the official residents of Gandona. Within this period of invasion there had been many turns of events that transpired.

331 - 333:The official, tribal residents of Gandona were soon realizing the threat the demon invaders possessed. While they themselves were divided by various tribes and species that contested territory through skirmishes among one another; they soon were quickly banding together as a Horde in hopes of repelling the invaders.

333 - 433: Despite their conjoined forces and larger numbers in size, the Horde still suffered heavy casualties.

433 - 434: A few clans of the Horde alienated themselves from the rest and decided it was better to serve under the Empire than meet death or enslavement. They also saw the promise of glory and conquest.

434 - 758: Centuries of bloody war followed, inevitably with the remaining resistance of the Horde being conquered by the invaders and the clans that had decided to join them.

758 - 1000: An unsettling peace followed for the next few centuries. Within this time colonization continued within Gandona and territories were divided. Still, there was a lingering distrust and fear for resources of what may followed with what happened to Respain.

1000 - 1013: Laws were soon established within the Empire to further establish rule and ensure some sense of safety within the ranks. These laws would also concern future citizens of the Empire or even that of slaves as a binding contract to maintain peace and order.

1013 - 1125: Following the creation of laws, the Empire allowed its forces to further branch out to explore other lands beyond Gandona. With an excess of forces under their wing they were able to shift their attention on their growing conquest.

1125 - 1129: There were two initial targets made at this point. One being the continent connected with Gandona, known as Nividale. The other being an icy mass of land out on sea known as Vendile.

1129 - 1403: Very few made the trip and returned from Nividale to live to tell the tale. Later it was mostly believed to be abandoned as a target. During this period, members of the Empire were soon branching out and forcing their colonization within Nividale.

1403 - 1404: Within that year Xeo Teraheart leaves Gandona on a personal exhibition and desire to conquer Nividale for himself after hearing the many rumors and dangers of the land.

1404 - 1503: Wolfmen soon join the Horde. Also within this set frame the factions of the Drow decided to serve the Empire.

1503 - 1942: Many races within Nividale were soon enslaved and conquered by the Empire. No word has followed in regards to Xeo’s departure.

1942 - 2243: Another period of established peace and the entitlement of lands and rule being divided among Terahearts and the Cerabuhm tribal leaders.

2243 - 2250: Andelia becomes the next target of conquest. These lands are also speculated belonging to the original creator of the charter.

2250 - 2432: Efforts of colonization upon Andelia are made. Barbaric tribes of humans and Amazons soon join the Empire while others are conquered. Civilized cities had proved to be more difficult in conquest with a significant technological difference between the two forces. (With Andelia being on an Industrial Revolution boon and the invaders still in medieval ages.)

2432 - 2743: Heavy casualties on both sides. ‘Divine Intervention,’ even being made by that of angelic beings called upon by the mortals whom worshiped them. This following period was probably the bloodiest of wars throughout the Empire’s history.

2743 - 3000: Xeo finally returns from his expedition, joining the invasion of Andelia. With him he brings forth monstrosities none have ever seen before; undead fiends under his wing and more that can soon rise to serve him with the constant supply of bodies on both sides. The humans and angelic forces at this point can no longer put up much of a fight being assaulted by two large forces of Demons and their Horde minions along with Xeo and his undead abominations. The capital Old Warren falls to these invaders.

3000 - 3500: A five hundred year peace follows. Most of the realm has been conquered and now under rule by the Empire. Now within this period there are many questions arising and alliances being made with the King upon his deathbed. What will become of the Empire after his passing? Who can be trusted to rule in his stead? What groups can still be counted upon in their allegiance to the Empire? Distrust not only growing among the building blocks of the Empire itself of Teraheart and Cerabuhm, but also among that existing family and even fellow tribe rulers.
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