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May 9, 2019
For all and any general inquires. Updates will follow.

No. While slavery is an element of the setting, it does not make this a slave game.
While the pure family bloodlines are a part of the story; players can just as much opt out from RPing that type of content. Still for story reasons purebloods of that family are expected to be engaged to another member of the family as these practices are viewed as normal to their upbringing. I am fine if you don't want to play out 'keeping it in the family,' persay. Though to be fully squeamish to concept of being betrothed, married, etc to an existing family member(be it player or npc) is another thing and probably best you avoid playing such characters if it is an issue.
No. There are others. I just don't feel the need to write an entire encyclopedia of all the variations of fantasy races out there. I believed I nailed the prime examples down of what will probably be played by most normal writers; along with a few exotic races thrown in the mix. If you want to play something not listed, run it by me first.
See. This is where it may get somewhat confusing. Present technological level of the game is Victorian/Steampunk due to the setting of where things are taking place. Demons, Horde, and the majority of races had mostly been in a medieval age; till the crossover and final takeover of Andelia. Therefore one can take it as a mixture of Medieval/Victorian/Steampunk as setting goes. Hell, probably the biggest of inspiration can reflect towards an old PC rpg known as Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magic. Mostly towards technology as it took a combination of medieval meets Victorian meets fantasy. This RP is not really base off that.

Common examples would be steam powered trains, zepplins, steam ships, factories, electricity from lights, telegraphs, flintlocks, and probably few other inventions. There will be a mixture of attire for Medieval times and Victorian times and still individuals that feel more homed to carrying older weapons than the newer firearms.

Obviously no automatic firearms. No cellphones, no automobiles, no missiles, no television, or anything else modern. But hey, look on the bright side, pretty sure toilets, plumbing, moving pictures, chocolate, and use of mail/postal services were a thing during those times. Along with few others I am probably forgetting.

Also if you really unfamiliar with Victorian techno and want to brush up then Victorian Inventions.
They don't mix. A concept I am borrowing from Arcanum, but magic and technology are two opposing sides. For instance, someone tries to cast a spell on a train, zepplin, steam ship will either have the spell blow up in their face or cause the vessel to go haywire. It all depends on how much magic one is capable of or the level of technological interference they have around them. Someone with high magical aptitude would fry a vessel. Therefore use of magic is considered dangerous around general machinery.
There is. Not in an universal, modern sense though. At some point I will probably work on a few or at least focus on Demons/Empire. I doubt I will start making religions for all the other races; cause there will be a fuckton of different entities/beings they worship all from humanoids to trees and rocks and even silverware.
As for usage of magic; again it is something I like to leave up to players as long as they don't go overboard with it. Therefore the learning of magic can come in different ways either from; culture heritage of races that are adept and knowledge pass down from families, finding a suitable tutor that may be willing to share his/her knowledge with a disciple, or being militarized into academies for the truly gifted. These are the general prime examples I can think of. Casting and usage is obviously the knowledge of principles of a spell which most practice with visualization, concentration, and their general teachings to bring whatever they want into effect. A lot of novice mages tend to use 'chanting,' which is completely unnecessary for the outcome of a spell.

Within this setting magic is divided into eight fields of study. Each field has a sub category of its own of powers. Below may get bit long winded as I am copying part of this from character sheet index I have and trying to add onto it with examples.

Those outside Teraheart bloodline may only be capable of mastering one subcategory variation of magick less they are rare offspring of Teraheart bloodline and only then they can master two variations.

Teraheart bloodlines are bit more powerful and can wield up to four subcategory masteries. (Example Conjuration: Creation/ Enchantment: Emotion Manipulation / Abjuration: Armor Summoning / Illusion: Disappearing) Or they can focus on more than one mastery in a subcategory; but can't go beyond that. Overall they only get four masteries to choose from.

Other races(that are magical inclined) can either master one field of study(Example Armor Summoning) and have no further access to other magic. Be intermediate in two fields of study(Example Healing/Telekinesis) or be basic in four fields of study. Or mix of one intermediate and two basics. (With the only exception being if your character is half Teraheart then those options would be doubled.)

Abjuration: The power to protect/heal.
Armor Summoning
Force-Field Generation

Conjuration: The power to transport living and non-living things.

Divination: The power to gain information.
Extrasensory Perception
Magic Sensing

Enchantment: The power to influence the minds/emotions or alter aliments of objects.
Alter Property
Emotion Manipulation
Mental Manipulation

Evocation: The power to control the forces of Nature for a variety of effects.
Elemental Manipulation (Must chose one element to major in: Fire, water, wind, light, earth, or dark)
Energy Manipulation (Must chose one source to major in)

Illusion: The power to create illusions.
Psychosomatic Illusion
Subjective Reality: create illusions that become partially real.

Necromancy: The power to manipulate the forces of Death.
Undead Manipulation
Ectoplasm Manipulation

Transmutation: The power to transform living or non-living things.
Elemental Transmutation
Energy Transmutation
Humanoid Transmutation
Creature Transmutation

Which I see basic level the obvious barebones of that field, such with elemental manipulation of fire you could only do simple things/weak capabilities. A small baseball fireball at most that will do first degree burns. Teleportation would only get you a few feet. Mostly just 'parlor' tricks.

Intermediate level: Teleport could be anywhere within line of sight. Fireballs possess more mass and volume, capable of third degree burns if not much defense is provided against it.

Mastery: Teleportation would be anywhere one may of had of knowledge. One can forget fireballs and rain hellfire down on a place if they wished.

But also larger and more destructive magick is time consuming to cast as would be powerful protective magick, summoning, and the like.
Players are allowed to have as many characters as they can reasonably maintain. Also you are free to NPC. NPC sheets themselves will be much more shorter than the general character sheets as I expect some characters will likely have NPCs to accompany them if that player wants to multi/into that.
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