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Jun 8, 2019
Gaianesians are gorgeous near-human aliens who evolved away from the rest of humanity for 50 000 years, and their females are bred on the slave trade worlds for sex slavery because they're perfect for it. For one: They are stunningly beautiful and well endowed in the breast and thigh department. They're athletic and great warriors which makes them more fun to implant in the brain stem with nano slavery chips. When their hair is pulled, it activates what's called a "Reflex" and they become dizzy and slutty and will consent to anything sexual even if they originally had no interest in sex. It just kills any inhibitions or standards they have and makes them want to fuck. In addition pulling their hair makes their eyes and hair glow purple, as do their alien body markings. What makes Gaianesians funny is that on their planet females are actually the dominant gender, and they enslave and pacify their own males. Most Gaianesians are fascist feminazi man-haters on their own home world. This makes them particularly appealing to horny male slavers who want to prove a point. Once captured the treatment of them is often merciless and their "reflex" is used against them over and over again to turn them into hopeless cum-guzzling sluts who live for nothing but cock.

Based off this story: Free Sex Stories & Erotic Stories @ XNXX.COM Credit to author for the concept. Definitely recommend you read their work.

Plot 1: I would like to play a Gaianesian Soldier (all Gaianesian soldiers are female) on the front lines of a war against another planet. Most likely a planet dominated by men, since those are the kind of worlds that Gaianesians tend to pick fights with. They are basically Amazons and see no place for men in positions of power galaxy wide. basically the plot is pretty simple, The Gaianesians are going to get out maneuvered, most of them killed, and MC is going to be the lone survivor who gets captured as a prisoner of war for intel. It'll be extremely easy to torture information out of her because of her Reflex.

Plot 2: MC is a female Gaianesian traitor, and she is exiled on her own. Most of the galaxy sticks their nose up at Gaianesians because they are actually fascist Female Sepremacists rather than true gender equalists like most members of the Republic. She really has no idea where she's going to go in her little private star ship. She has no friends on her home world and she can;t go back there. This one is pretty open ended. She could get kidnapped. She could become unlikely friends with a man. Or she could take a wrong turn and end up on a slaver world.

Plot 3. MC is a Gaianesian Spy, encroaching deep into man-controlled slavery territories. She she is a pretty intelligent, competent spy who can kick a lot of ass. But we both know where this is going. her ego is huge and her balls are bigger to be doing this. If you're familiar with the story above, we could even have her investigate Aghara-Penthay dressed as a guy.

Plot 4: MC is a young rookie galactic cop from Gaianesia and she has a partner and they go investigate a drug ring headquarters. Unfortunately when they get there, everyone's home and they have a lot more guns than the two officers do. Partner gets lit up with bullets. MC gets shot in the gun hand and in her bulletproof armour and it only knocked out from the shock of the blood loss and impact. She is captured by the drug lords and mercilessly raped by everyone.

Plot 5: Gaianesia has a rival planet in the same system called Harka-Ringworld. This is where Gaianesians are selected as prime breeding material just because they're so pretty and powerful and perfect. In this rp MC isn't even born on Gaianesia. She's a born slave on Harka Ringworld which has the same ethnicity as MC but is run by men instead of women. She is born a slave and is told from a young age that she's going to be breeding material. I can play this girl young if needed. 18+, allow the build up to make her scared. I want her to live in a cage surrounded by cages that house hundreds of other Gaianesian girls.

Incest Pairings:

Plot 6: Two Gaianesian twin sisters trapped on Harken-Ringworld get chipped with the nano slavery technology and one of the passive continuous effects of the chip is that they love each other and are sexually attracted to each other. Even though before they got chipped, sex with each other would have repulsed both of them. Hell they weren't even lesbians before. Bully/Master decides to make them both his bitches, and gets control of the slave chips to make them do whatever the hell he wants for his entertainment.

Plot 7: A Gaianesian Woman disagree with her planet's pacification of men, so she rescues her brother from his fate as a passive worker, and takes him off world. The two of them develop closer feelings than siblings problem should because she really saved his life. Testosterone takes over him and they fool around, with him grabbing her hair and activating her Reflex. He grows addicted to the power it has over her and becomes a dom/master over his cute sister's pussy. Eventually he takes her to Aghara-Penthay's orbital station to get her outfitted with a slave tattoo and a slave chip and she consents to it because he's her master.

Plot 8: MC is a Gaianesian thief who has left her homeworld and is stealing from wealthy members of the republic and trying to get ahead in this capitalist society the only way she knows how. She decided that her next big heist is going to be a Republic military ship, a star fighter that she can drive to another planet and then sell and start stealing again. But when she gets in the ship, the AI inside detects her and hits her with sleeping gas. The Republic Military is not too impressed her when they find her sleeping in the pilot's seat.

Polt 9: Cierans are a lab-created hybrid breed of Gaianesians who have been genetically engineered to be breeding stock and sex slaves on the planet Aghara-Penthay. Some are kept as pets due to their docile, lovable, and friendly nature. Their intelligence is dulled. Their looks get passed on to their children but their low intellect does not, making them perfect submissive toys for all kinds of rich men who want kids but no wife drama. They're born to be cute, adorable and fuckable. Often times, Aghara-Penthay will sell these beautiful alien lasses to men around the galaxy. The Gaianesians hate that these hybrids exist.

I recommend you read this story by the same author as the story I linked above: Free Sex Stories & Erotic Stories @ XNXX.COM

- Cierans still have a Reflex like regular Gaianesians
- All Cierans look like Porn Stars/Super Models
- Sadness and Depression don't exist for a Cieran
- Anger doesn't exist for a Cieran
- Pain doesn't exist for a Cieran unless it's a serious injury
- Cierans never cause drama
- Cierans are never bitchy or complain
- All Cierans are constantly just happy to be alive
- They always have a positive can-do attitude
- No matter what you do to a Cieran she will keep being happy, helpful, and eager to please
- Pulling a Cieran's hair makes her horny and ultra sensitive, and the pulling may incite a rather slutty female moan if she's not expecting it


Big part of these rps can be the nano slavery chip device that gets embedded into a woman's brain stem. Prevents her from thinking about self harm and suicide. Prevents her from thinking about violence towards her oppressors. She can't defend herself. Prevents her from tampering with, destroying, removing, or even thinking about the slave chip. And most importantly, makes her follow her master's every command flawlessly. This is optional of course. The reflex by itself can be a fun way to tame them if you don't want absolute control.
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