Femboy seeks MaleDoms to Sissify and Genderbend him...


Jan 25, 2019

-Only seeking men for this idea!-

I have two lovely ideas here catered towards fans of the genderbending and sissification genres...please check them out and by some chance that you think little ol' me is worthy of your attention then please feel free to send me a PM! Looking for some short-term / one-shot stuff (Hey, if we enjoy each other, we could totally try for something a bit longer!!) for a series of quick romps!

I desperately NEED to get in touch with my feminine side!!
1) Poof! Genderbending is awesome! The shock and shame that comes with diminishing cocky boys is hot! I’m searching for someone in the wild who could help me meet my fantasies! I’ve been wanting to have my character genderbent! (It would be great to have huge tits and wide hips, along with slender quickie hands, or even longer hair! Super girly princess clothing, maybe?!) without any hope of ever returning to a gross boy again! Rather it be as a form of punishment, revenge or just some undesired effect from a curse is subjective. It could come from mind control, seduction, or even include other depraved kinks such as age regression, to list a few ideas, but whatever does happen, I hope that I'll be locked in my new form...forever!

I don't mind creating a new one just for the subject of the play. We could discuss something and come up with something super cute!

2) On the other hand? I think it could be fun to just take a gorgeous looking femboy and sissify him up! Dresses, garter, make-up, maid-play, stuff like that! Yeaaahhhhh, maidplay is super fun for a subby little soul!! Everyone wants their own personal maid to cook and clean up for them, right? W-what better way to do so then to make one?! I'm sure he would resist a little at first, but ultimately, the end result will be a beautiful looking 'girl'...

Some fun TF Examples I could think of:





Goo Girl



...and plenty of more ideas I could be okay with!!!

Kinks: Breast Expansions! Feet! TF, obviously! The use of drugs! Scary bondage!! Tentacles!!! GM/DM & Dice-oriented adventures! Biosuits and Parasites!! Cursed clothing!! Tribadism (obviously so much more too!! I'd love to hear your kinks as well!!!)

As for a plot, I'm all ears!!! I'd love to set a world up for our enjoyment!! Please let me treat you like my overlord and stroke your ego...

You are more than welcome to send me a PM. I rp on-site.
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