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Jan 16, 2019
Hello everyone

I try to get used to this little section of erotic rp's and Hope it will Help me to get a bit more expirienced in mxm rp's.

1. No instant Messenger. I Play over PM and thread only, so please don't ask for other way's.
2. No grammer Nazis please. I am from Germany, so i am Not really good in writing in english, so please don't complain about my writing. When you only can get Off by good grammer....grap one of this cheesy Love novels, that you can get at train Station Newspaper stands and Jack of to them.
3. I have a Life next to Text rp's, larping and Work. It can Happen, that i can't reply in a rp for some time. If you are waiting for my reply, please send me a PM to remind me. I will try my best to keep trak to my rp's. I will do the Same for you, when I think you could need a little reminder.
4. Please do Not Post in this thread. Send me a PM If you want to do a rp with me.

Totaly into: interracial/interspicies, huge cocks (11"+), latex-clothes, beastiality, creampies (anal)
Yes: Prostitution, porn Shooting, rough Sex, Gangbang, older partners, bimbo/slut
Maybe: forced Sex/rape
No: toilet stuff, Gore, vore, Killing, cripling and such gross stuff.

Craveings: The femboyboys/pairings/plots, I would Like to will market with an *. As more *, the more I want to Play them.

(MC x YC)
Prostitut x cop*
Prostitut x Business man/men**
Bullied x Bully****
Human x Anthro********
Cosplayer x Con-Visitor/Photographer**
Pornactor x Pornactor*
Star/Idol x blackmailer***

(MC x YC)
Slice of Life:
Prostitut x Costumers:

Fem-Schoolboy x Schoolboy:

Pornactor x Pornactor:*

Android x Human:*

Human x Android:**

Alien x Human:

Human x Alien:***

Elf x Human:

Elf x Anthro:*****

Elf x Elf:**

Anthro x Human:

Anthro x Anthro:***

Human x Anthro:*****

Will come later!
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