Feral Romance (Alone in Wilderness)


Mar 17, 2021
Feral Romance (Alone In the Wilderness)

Hello Everyone,

Do you want to play as a male canine opposite of my female canine, and make her into your mate? Read On!

I am on the search for an advanced or novella writer who would be interested in a story about foxes or wolves. I say story as I do want there to be story, and not only sexual content and themes, although I know that those could come up in the beginning and throughout the story. As for a bit about myself, I am a female writer who has been role-playing for more than a decade. I can write near every kind of story under the sun but at the moment I am interested more in darker-themes and horror and transformation kind of scenarios. I tend to write about six to nine paragraphs per post, and I can write far far more when inspired or with a partner who provides similar content. I love descriptions in my posts, and I love the motivations being written into posts to add more content into actions and responses and well every aspect of storyline!

For this idea I am toying with the idea of playing an adult man who is somehow changed into a female animal, and I am leaning towards a vixen (fox) or wolf. I am open to how this transformation occurs and also the reasons that it occurs. It could be some kind of a curse. It could be some kind of punishment from a rival or deity. It could be some kind of laboratory experiment or an accident. In either case, our former man is now trapped as the most beautiful female vixen for several hundred miles in every direction, and she is also at the onset of her heat which could lead to some confusing emotions and feelings of restlessness. If not some added hostility since of course she would not be interested in a male of her kind (... right?) and of course she would oppose being courted (... right?) by said male of her kind if he is now her provider?

I am open to the male being natural born canine, or another human turned into canine, such as a duel gender-bender transformation. In either scenario, I picture the new animal instincts being quite compulsive if not down right difficult for her to resist. I imagine that those millennia of humane inhibitions would vanish in an instant and leave her more open to her instincts and her desires now as a vixen. If not adding to the confusing and restlessness, and those other emotions... I am also open to her male companion taking on a more "active" and "dominant" kind of role as normal male canines would, such as snarling or threatening her into submission and inspiring some fear into her heart as she is new to this whole canine experience, if not also somewhat embarrassed by the new thoughts and feelings and of course her feminine form!

Dive into the mindset of a sexist and chauvinistic man given a taste of his, or rather her own medicine. As the ones she used to call bitches are now not unlike herself, and the males around her may turn out to be far more like how she used to be than the new delicate vixen would have preferred... For her personality, I was thinking more of a prideful and Tsundere kind of personality and then move fro there as needed... I am also open to themes of pregnancy and abuse and forced feminization, but simply let me know those things well in advance... I like to think that I am fairly collaborative and open-minded to a number of themes. and also ideas and passions. I have a rough idea of what I would like to see from the story, and I imagine you do as well so let us collaborate and discuss, and see what each of us are comfortable with!

NOW If you made it this far you are a good boy *pets head*! I do at this point want to add that I am NOT interested in only sex scenes. If I had to place a number to it, I am looking more for around ninety to ninety-five percent story and cuddles, and the remaining five to ten percent being actual intimacy and sexual content. I do not mind when this lines up, whether the male claims her right away and then uses other means or whether this is more of a slow-burn and a hostage-captor kind of attraction that builds since I imagine my character would be quite dependent on your character... I must stress, I will run away very fast if you are only interested in sexual content. It is not my cup of tea, even if I would not mind exploring a "little bit" of it in this scenario as it is a unique perspective to explore and see how our new lovelier bitch does?

If you made it all the way to the end, tell me your favorite breed of canine when you message, and I hope to hear from you soon - I promise I am a girl worth the effort of brainstorming with :p



Mar 17, 2021
Hello Everyone,

In addition to my other thread, I thought I would post this one as a more general recruitment thread.

In this thread I will consider ALL story concepts that meet the below criteria, so if you have an itch for a theme or character than this is your chance. I have done more or less every theme that could be imagined over the years, if you have an idea you would like to try odds are I am willing provided you can meet my below criteria:

Interested? Well before we begin here is a little about myself I have been role-playing for many years and I have been told I am won of the best (and won many awards on various sites). I tend to write about six to nine well sized paragraphs but can write far more as inspired. I tend to write a lot of descriptions and motivations to draw the reader in and make it feel more like they are there. I tend to write a couple of times per week and I always communicate when I will be delayed. I have never simply dropped a storyline in my life, and I always provide notice if I am losing interest and would like to change up the direction or offer to change up the concept entirely.

My collective works are now more than 2 Million Words (mhmm...) and for those who do not know what that equates to. It is more than the entire Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings Franchises collective. I am now approaching more than the both of them combined. I like to write, and I like to write long-term. I am the kind of girl most role-players dream of, and most of my partners I have been with for several years and I simply happen to have some free time on my hands to find a special few.

What are my requirements for your story idea:

- I must be allowed to create whatever character I would like for storyline, and fair warning I will most likely be playing as a male-turned-female!
- I must be able to see a writing sample before we begin, and I would like someone who can write at least six paragraphs if not closer to nine!
- I am looking for someone who enjoys collaboration and OOC discussions to move storyline ahead. If you do not like this, we wont get along.
- I am looking for someone who enjoys open-minded stories and original themes. If you want pre-existing characters we wont get alone either.

What must your storyline not have: (okay I lied there are a few I will not consider)

- All Futuristic or Post-Apocalypses World
- All Gothic Themes (Vampires, Demons)
- All Stories where I must play as a male
- All Stories with more than 10% Sexual Content

* Note: I do not consider cuddling and kissing and hand holding sexual. I consider clothes off penetration to be sexual. Molesting, eh that is Grey Area :p

Now then, if I have still held your interest up to this point (yeah, yeah, I know a lot of rules right?) feel free to start posting your interests and your stories. I would ask for proposals to be worded as a single sentence (e.g. Noblemen turned into young woman and pressured into marriage). As that will allow the story to be more open-form and open to discussion to find themes that we would both enjoy. If you say a sentence that interests me than I will send you a message and we will go from there!

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