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Jan 3, 2019
This group is still a work in progress!!!

As the title suggests. This will be a group RP set in the universe and inspired by the Final Fantasy franchise. As the games are set within their own self-contained worlds I thought it would be a great idea to start up my own. Featuring some epic and of course sexy adventures. Of course, recurring monsters (Malboro's, Cactaur's etc), classes, creatures (Chocobo's, Moogle's etc) will feature no matter the setting and theme.

As for the setting and theme, that is still undecided. Whether I want to choose a more traditional medieval fantasy (FF9, FF12) or a modern fantasy theme (FF7, FF8 FF15) is entirely up for debate. I can easily cross that bridge when I get to it. Such themes would also determine story. The story would most likely include the entire group, possibly each party having their own select adventures while sticking to the overarching plot of the group.

You don't have to have in depth experience of the games to join. It doesn't matter if you've only played one game or them all, or even the MMO's (FF11, FF14).

Details will be expanded upon much later. This is just an interest thread. Of course, I'm open to suggestions for story, setting, battle systems etc. For now, I'll close with a simple character sheet and some select jobs. You can create a hero, villain or a neutral character. There are also no limits into how many characters one can submit. I've deliberately left out characters starting skills and stats/attributes as I'm undecided on how those should be allotted. One rule however is that they must match a character's job, for example Black Mage's excel in magic but are pitiful in physical strength and defence. White Mage's are great healers and buffers but have little to no offensive magic. Warrior's/Knight's pack good health and are great in physical offence and defence but terrible agility.

Below is the character creation sheet should you be interested. Species examples are the likes of the Burmecian's (FF9), Viera (FF12) or plain human. There's no shortage of interesting races in the FF universe. Alignment is self-explanitory. Lawful, Neutral or Chaotic, you know the drill. Jobs meanwhile will be below the character sheet, with character examples. There are only a few select jobs just to give an example but you can make your character one that isn't listed. Even hybrid jobs (Kimahri from FF10 for instance is a mix between a Blue Mage and a Dragoon) are allowed.

Character Sheet

Warrior/Knight - A standard physical class that fights with swords. Some choose to wear heavy armour. Poor agility but great physical attack and defence. Notable Warriors include Steiner (FF9)

Thief - Nimble rogues that specialise in stealing. While quick on their feet they can't take much abuse or dish it out. The thief class includes Locke (FF6), Zidane (FF9) and Rikku (FF10)

Black Mage - Proficient in offensive magic. As such they can do a lot of damage with their spells but physical attacks will destroy them. Palom (FF4), Vivi (FF9) and Lulu (FF10) are examples.

White Mage - The field medics. While they can't use much offensive magic, if at all they are great healers. Aerith (FF7) is one such.

Blue Mage - An oddity. They mostly specialise in learning and using enemy abilities. Quistis (FF8) and Quina (FF9) are two.

Dragoon - Dragon knights that fight with Spears, Polearms and Lances. Have a knack for aerial combat. Kain (FF4), Cid (FF7), Freya (FF9) and Aranea (FF15) are Dragoons.

Above was just an example of classes. There are more of course, including glaring omissions like Summoner (Summoners can also share White Mage abilities, like Garnet (FF9) and Yuna (FF10) But as I said, feel free to make your characters a class that is not listed.


Jan 3, 2019
I've thought of a process by which a character's starting stats and skills would be decided upon. Please be gentle, I haven't done anything like this.. o.o. For the demonstration I'll use the Black Mage class. Typically they will look like this


HP: 380
MP: 92
Strength: 5
Defence: 8
Magic: 20
Magic Defence: 30
Agility: 5
Luck: 17
Evasion: 40
Accuracy: 3
It's worth noting the three highest stats except HP and MP are magic, magic defence and evasion. Indicating the Black Mage would have a higher base in those stats to start with compared to their weakest which would be strength, defence, agility and accuracy. They would also know only the base spells and nothing advanced like Fira or Firaga. They, as well as other characters start off with no protections such as Confuse protection or Poison ward.

I haven't worked out all of the kinks. But the idea here is to use a dice roll or a random number generator to roll a characters base stats, while sticking to the pros and cons of the class. Like the Black Mage here.

All stats, except for HP and MP will cap out at 255. HP caps at 9999 and MP at 999.

As suggested in the first post. Any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns then fire away. I'm trying to make this fun for everyone.
Jan 4, 2019
Just out of curiosity, is there gonna be a big battle system that makes the stats a necessary and important thing? Or will it be more RP heavy? Kinda curious about what you're plotting in that aspect. ^_^

Also, I'm watching this one at the moment and sort of waiting to see who else is interested. I write M/M so wanting to make sure it's my sort of RP in that aspect or at least that there are some other M/M writers among the crowd. <3


Jan 7, 2020
I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy so if this gets off the ground I'll be in. My major concern is that none of the systems are actually determined beyond a vague proof of concept. I'd kinda like to know what I'm getting into before I get into it. I'd also like to know if there will be a battle system or if this is going to be more RP heavy where the stats are only a vague determination of what you can do while RPing.


Jan 3, 2019
Well stats and of course battles will be part of the whole group but the most important things are plot, character development etc. I actually considered removing the whole attributes system at one point but decided against it. My worry was how the outcomes of fights were going to be decided when the party runs into them. To be fair, that still is a worry.

And everything is still pretty much a vague proof of concept before I iron everything out. I am of course open to suggestions.

Story wise, I'll leave it open ended and as such, it gives players the chance to alter the world through their actions. Naturally the overarching plot remains the same.
Some party members might join because they really do want to save the world, others just for the thrill of it while some might have ulterior motives. It's entirely up to you.

- Ancient crystal split and scattered across the continents.
- Evil Empire is also searching for said pieces.
- Parties form to search for the pieces to restore the crystal for benevolent or nefarious purposes.

Barebones and cliche as it sounds, it needed a basic plot skeleton.

And as for the groups sexual preferences for characters and such. Everything is welcome. Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and even Asexual.


Jan 3, 2019
It's been a while and I've been doing some thinking. In regards to the battle system should it be removed completely to focus on the story, kept in but simplified or be left as is?

Personally, I'd either remove or simplify it but I want to hear what others think. Removal for now sounds like the best option.


Jan 8, 2019
Maybe we could first experiment a little with a simplified system, if it doesn't work then focus only on story, and if it does work then we could decide if we keep it or use the original system, just an idea tho

Cannon Dragon

Feb 14, 2019
Honestly in my experience with stuff like this it goes three ways with one core thing.

Good posts are rewarded, bad are punished.

As for stat stuff.

1: Simple stat system with points to buy and upgrade things ( Less than 12 works. Over seems to confuse people.)

2: No stats just moves and earn moves with time.

3: From the start everything is unlocked, just a limit on how much awesome can be done before characters lose steam.

And I tend to make up my own classes in stuff like this, nothing over powered though.


Jan 4, 2019
Is this where my Dark Knight edgelord fantasies become a reality? Lmao.

From experience being in another role play group that has a system of sorts, a simplified system may work best since you’ll need to keep track of each player’s stat gains and skill gains. It’ll be a lot of work on your end. (Wouldn’t want players managing that because they might pull a fast one and make themselves stronger than they should be)

I’ll keep an eye on this for now. I’ll want to see the system before I commit.

Cannon Dragon

Feb 14, 2019
It should be also noted that most worlds of Final Fantasy fall under dungeon punk.

That meaning technology can or not exist, but does not have to be tech, could be magic to allow said Scott fi stuff. ( Looking at you FF 4, 6-9 and so forth. And yes 9 is dungeon punk because most tech needed the magic mist stuff to function.)
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