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Milky Gateau

Jan 4, 2019
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I'm in a bit of a mood for it so I'm offering to make a couple of free icons to the first handful of people that ask.

If you've taken a look at my request thread, you may or may not have a good idea of how I like to on FD:

For these icons I'll probably be leaning towards more lowkey drawings--Things that won't necessarily take up too much time. And may or may not be more stylized than the examples above. Who knows! However inspiration strikes, I suppose.

Things I Won't Do
  • Furries (I'm just really not good at animal anatomy. Unless it's Animal Crossing)
  • Machines/Mechs
  • Full body (These will mostly just be busts otherwise all detail gets lost. Unless it's Chibi)
  • Trademarked characters (If they're from something it's not happening. But objects are fine)
  • Can't think of much else but I guess I'll let 'ya know if something's out of my scope.
This is all really informal, but if you want a free avatar feel free to ask and give me an idea of what you'd like. You want an OC drawn, sure--quick description of what they look like. You want just a rose, I'll draw you a rose. You want something more like a logo, sure I can probably whip something up. You want a Pokeball but customized, sure. You want just a normal sheep but all cute, I can do that. You want just a foot I will cry and ask why would you do this to me.

Only thing I ask is to let me know if you mind if it's more on the stylized/cute/chibi side or not, and to understand these will be taken as requests--not commissions. Meaning: there will be no WIPs and what you receive is the end of it. Unless I get a detail wrong there will be no revisions.

  • TheLadyIsAVamp
  • Prox
  • GeneralKathy758
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Jan 3, 2019
I'd be interested in this! I have an original character in one of my RPs that I'd like to request an icon of. She's a female Drow (elf with grey skin) who has long white hair and red irises in her eyes. I'd be fine with the icon just being her head and shoulders but if you wanted to try the body she's wearing a silver breastplate. I always picture her in a more serious style but chibi would be fine for me if that's easier :)


Hello! I have a character that I'd like to see! If it's possible to do two in one drawing that would be wonderful. My OC in a thread here is Valt, who is very handsome and pale with sharp blue eyes and black hair usually a bit in his face but otherwise he has a 'regular but attractive' guy haircut. If two is possible, I'd want his husband, Aedan, who is a high fantasy elf with long blonde hair with some green streaks and long pointed ears, emerald eyes.

This is so nice thank you!
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