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Feb 27, 2019

"A Place in His Heart" -- New Plot (4th post below)
"A Change of Heart" -- New Plot (4th post below)
"Without Restraint" -- Old Plot (3rd post below)

-These rp's I've already created a thread and a character/characters, all you have to do is either pm me that your interested in picking it up or just reply to the thread.-
Birds of a Feather (OPEN) -- fantasy, vampires, shifters, master x pet, looking a seme, multiple characters, world building, dark.

Hello, and welcome to my plot thread. I have been roleplaying for around 8 years now so I have a bit of experience. I mainly a Mxm/yaoi rper, though I have down MxF rps in the past, they don't interest me as much anymore. I work a lot during the summer since I also attend college, but I tend to get on at least a couple of times a day, however I am also on multiple different roleplay sites. I am a descriptive, third person roleplayer and I expect my partner to be the same way as well. I tend to only play uke characters but if a plot calls for sekes/switches or if we play multiple characters (I usually do), those tend to be sekes as well. I am pretty open to kinks, so really all you have to do is ask if you would like to try something, the worst I can do is say "no." I'm into a lot of 'taboo' kinks, so even if it sounds crazy, please don't hesitate to ask! I won't bite your head off I promise.



1. As stated above, I only play uke/power bottom and seke roles. Which means I am looking for seme and seke partners!

2. When it comes to side characters/side pairings, they will be sekes, unless expressed otherwise or if my partner wishes to play the seme role for a particular pairing or all side pairings! Just let me know!

3. I love multi-character rp's, so most of these storylines will call for side characters. It's just more realistic that way.

4. I am looking for descriptive, third person partners please. I'd like at least 2 paragraphs per reply, but around 2-6+ paragraphs would be amazing! I adore detail.
So if you want to write a novel post, go right ahead, no ones stopping you. ^.^ Decent grammar and punctuation would be great too, it doesn't have to be perfect, but I don't want to be deciphering your posts.

5. Smut will obviously happen, depending on the storyline, it could be centered around smut or centered around plot, I have a mix of those kinds of plots listed below. I am also fine with a lot of 'taboo' things, such as: incest, mpreg, non-con, etc.(can't think of more at the moment.) Some storylines may require these, in others it might be optional. Please tell me what you are not okay with!

6. I can make the thread and start the rp, unless you would like to, I will automatically do it. ^~^

7. I'm pretty lax with kinks, so if you want to try something, please tell me. I will not do: Watersports/pottplay and vore.

8. If you have an ideas, storylines, suggestions, questions or just want to chat, please come talk to me! I'm a friendly person and will always be willing to listen to what you have to say. ^.^

9. Most importantly have fun! That's what rping is really all about!
Please pm me if interested in any of my plots!


**The role in (parenthesis) is the role I will be playing. If there aren't parenthesis around a pairing you can chose who you wish to be!**

Basic Pairings:
*= new pairing.
fledgling x fledgling
(vampire prince) x vampire king
vampire x human
witch hunter x witch
witch x mythical being
vampire x hunter
Dragon shifter x (mythical being)
werewolf x mythical being
vampire master x (human slave)
(vampire slave) x human master
mermaid x other mythical being
angel x mythical being
demon x mythical being

(prince) x dark knight
(kicked out prince) x knight
samurai x (concubine)
King x (concubine)
(prince) x wounded knight
(prince) x knight
prince x prince
(Light prince) x dark prince
healer x (sick prince) (vampire or non)

model x photographer
model x model
rival model x rival model
(celebrity) x crazy fan
celebrity x (anti fan)
teacher x student
popular x (nerd)
popular x (rebel kid)
dance instructor x (dancer)
dance instructor x (new student)
Single parents.
Celebrity scandals.

Scientist x (test subject)
Test subject x test subject
Rich guy x (servant)
Caretaker x (blind male)
kidnapper x (kidnapped mute guy)/(kidnapped)
Pirate captain x (stowaway)
Pirate captain x (disguised prince)
Rival pirate x rival pirate
Alien x human
Alien x alien
FBI Agent x (alien)
Human x (falling star turned human/I have a prompt for this)
Human x (pet turned human)
Ringmaster x (slave)
Sadist x (masochist)

Assassin x Assassin
High profile Target x (Assassin)
A God x (Human)
Doctor x (patient)
Mental patient x mental patient
Guard x (mental patient)
Older brother x (younger brother)
Pharoh or Egyptian God x (servant/slave)
*Stuck in a video game
*Master x (half bird half human creature/winged male)

Or suggest your own pairings or plots! You may also mix these to your hearts content!


Detailed Plots:
Kind of wanted to do an rp with an age gap. I was thinking MC(the younger character), had been taken in by the government at a very young age. His parents were gone, and one day, while living in an orphanage he was taken... and propositioned. The government had created a very top secret program for young people like him-- teens(they'd be like 18 or 19+)-- to undergo training to become spies and informants. MC agreed to join the program, and excelled in it, quickly become their youngest top agent in their program.

And finally, the day came when his first real mission was to be handed out... Which brings in YC.

YC is a very wealthy and powerful... business man lets say. YC has his hands in pretty much anything and everything he can get his hands on. Drugs, money, power... People.
YC likes to... collect things. People to be exact.
He likes pretty things, and will do anything to get his hands on the best. After all, that's what he believes he deserves... The absolute best.

MC and YC meet 'fatefully' during the latest Black Market Auction. An auction only meant for the elite of the elite... And YC is on top of them all... And MC, MC is the star of the show.
YC immediately takes Interest of MC as he is brought on stage. He is... Different from the others. And he knows he will make a fine addition to his little collection.

All the while MC is making sure this does indeed happen. For his mission.... His mission is to take YC down, and all his partners in crime with him.
Who will be on top in the end in this little cat and mouse game?


MC has a secret... He is an incredibly powerful wizard. MC can bend the elements to his will, can manipulate and control them in a way to protect... Or destroy all those who come before him. But he can not tell anyone or show anyone his incredible gift, because magic and sorcery is outlawed, forbidden in the kingdom of Adarlan. The king of Adarlan banned the practice of magic since his wife died by a dark wizard, and the king has had a twisted and warped outlook on witches and wizards ever since, despising all magic users and magical creatures and things. YC is the kings son, the prince and heir to the Adarlan throne. YC doesn't know how he feels about magic, he hardly knew his mother since he was very young when she was killed, but he has grown up under his father, who has taught him to distrust all things and people who use magic. MC and YC are best friends. Despite MC just being a commoner-- much to YC's fathers dismay-- YC loves being around MC, who is a healer in training, an apprentice to the master healer/doctor of the court and royal family. YC and MC were thick as thieves when they were young-- still are. But now they have... Grown up. YC is going to be stepping up and ascending the throne soon, while MC becomes the master healer. They can't be kids any more together... And worst of all, MC can never tell YC about his incredible abilities.... and YC is also hiding something as well, his true feelings for MC. YC has been in love with MC for awhile now, but has been keeping his true feelings locked up inside of him for so long. It pains him, to have MC so close yet so far away...

MC has been protecting YC secretly. YC is in danger, many wish to kill or take YC for ransom and start a war with Adarlan. And although YC is incredibly strong himself, a true warrior in his own right, YC can not fend off all the many threats out there... Which is why MC does it from within the shadows. But YC is getting suspicious, he isn't stupid. He feels something... Someone watching him from within the shadows when he's out late at night, like a guardian angel watching out for him... And what happens when he starts to notice the limping, cuts, and bruises on MC? What will happen when the secrets start to slowly unravel? Will they be able to stay by each other's side? Or will the truths tear them apart?


Once upon a time, the land of Altissa flourished and prospered. All the different races-- the Fae, Pixies, Elves, Shapeshifters, and Weres(which are part human part animal creatures), as well as other different species lived in harmony. The Fae, Elves and Weres-- mainly the Werewolves who were the most powerful of the Were types-- were the big threee races, known as the 'Triad.' They were the ruling the races, and they oversaw the wellbeing of the other races as well as their own.

However, in the past couple years tension began to boil between the Triad. Soon after the tension starts to peek even further, something happens... A disease sweeps over the land known as simply the 'Plague.' The Plague mainly targeted women and children, and soon the population of all races was severely reduced. Famine, chaos, fear, and terror broke out throughout Altissa. The Triad was falling apart, their alliance now no more and they began clawing at each other's throats. The seed of discontent and upheaval was implanted long before the Plague, but that made it grow much more swiftly with every passing day, every passing life.

While the Plague mainly killed women and children, causing a dramatic population drop, it also took its cold claws and buried it in men and young boys as well. While some were killed, others came out... changed. An ABO dynamic established within the remaining survivors of every race as new clans and small tribes formed.

There were the Alpha's, the strongest and the fastest of them all, the heads of the clans and tribes, and unable to get pregnant themselves, but could make an Omega bare their offspring. Then there were the Beta's although they weren't as strong as an Alpha, they were still much stronger than an Omega, mainly they were only able to get Omega's pregnant, but presently, there have been rumors in some rare instants that Beta's could become pregnant as well. The Beta's were often chosen Seconds to commanding Alpha's, soldiers.
Finally, there were the Omega's-- also known as 'Breeder's.' they were the lowest of them all, they were the ones who could get pregnant and bare offspring to grow the clans or tribes ranks. It was found early on after the ABO Dynamic was established in the New Altissa, in the post-Plague world, that Omega males could become pregnant and bare children, the Plague having ravaged their old bodies and changing them to fit the new world. Where females were almost non-existent now.

The Omega's were often seen as slaves, pets, Breeder's in the Alpha's and Beta'a eyes. Omega's were forced into slavery, to be bred into they could no longer do so. Every race clamored to get ahold of as many Omega's as they could snatch up. It didn't matter what race they were, mixed breeding wasn't an issue any longer due to the severe population-- and there were Black Auctions constantly where clans and tribes came together to trade their wares, but also their enslaved Omega stock-- the Black Auctions being the only time where different races of different clans and tribes could really come together in relative peace.

It is now not so much of wars between races, but wars between different clans and tribes made up of certain races ruling over others. Raids and ambushes and battles take place constantly in Altissa-- in the lush forests, on the vast plains, the airy deserts, and even in established villages, towns and cities. The rivaling clans and tribes only have one goal in mind-- to grow their ranks, to gain more soldiers through the Omega's, to ultimate reign supreme over the others... But over the years-- decades-- of abuse and torment, of friends and family being torn apart, of blood and tears shed, rebellion stirs from its long slumber....

Who will win out in the end?



1) MC is an infamous Omega-- a leader of a small tribes of other Omega's that have been going around breaking out other enslaved Omega's. That is, until MC boldly attacks YC's clan, a fierce and powerful one at that, known throughout the land. YC has heard of this enigmatic Omega tribe with a fiery Omega leading it. YC has been tracking MC's tribe for awhile, trying to capture him for himself, only to have MC to stumble right into his lap.

2) MC is an 'Unbreakable.' An Omega who is unyielding and will not submit to an Alpha or Beta to be bred. It is even rumored that MC killed his last trainer who tried to get him to do his bidding. MC is still, sent to the auction house-- the Black Auction is a huge gathering, clans and tribes of all types and races gathering to inspect the goods shown off... Like himself. YC is a respected Alpha, leader of a clan or tribe. He has yet to take interest in any Omega before, not caring for their mainly submissive nature... Until he sees MC, spitting and hissing like a wild animal onstage, YC can't resist.

3) YC is a Trainer(an Alpha or Beta), MC is an Omega who was freshly brought from the wilds and unruly, unwilling to submit.

4) MC already has a litter of kids, YC is the alpha of a different pack that had stormed into MC's territory, killed his mate(or he could already be dead) and took MC.

5) MC is going into his first heat, and is not apart of any pack but a solitary omega that YC had scented when going on a hunting expedition with some other people of YC's pack.

6) MC and YC were mates, when something made their relationship sour and MC tried to run. Not wanting to lose MC, YC starts to hunt him down and their relationships turns into a cat and mouse game.

7) MC is a Beta, but he has a dark secret, he can become pregnant like an Omega. If any Alpha were to discover this, he would be used over and over again to breed incredibly strong and powerful offspring-- the pet of probably a leading Alpha most likely. It can go one of two ways--

1. YC already knows MC, perhaps YC is being groomed to be the head Alpha of their fathers clan or tribe, and MC is suppose to be his Second in command. YC somehow discovers MC's secret, blackmailing him into becoming his little pet to keep his secrets

2. They don't already know each other, they meet somehow-- rivaling packs clashing, or they are still in the same pack, whatever. This can be thought out more!

8) MC and a group of omegas were being transported to another pack for a big sum of money when YC's pack raids the caravan and takes MC and the other omegas for his own pack.

9) MC is an unmated omega, YC is the alpha of the same pack YC is apart of and wants to take MC as his mate, MC wants nothing to do with YC.

10) MC despises being a lowly Omega, only considered useful for breeding purposes or for pleasure. He wants to escape all of that before it is too late, so he does something reckless... MC comes up with a way to disguise his Omega pheromones and scent, replacing them with a Beta's. To test it out, MC integrates himself into a new pack-- and YC is the leader of that pack. YC has been chasing and hunting the scent of an omega for a long time-- an omega he believed to be his true Mate. He will stop at nothing to get his hands on him, but it seems as if the omega has just up and vanished! Little does YC know, he has been at his side this entire time since he joined his pack... That omega was none other than MC.

11) Suggest your own starting point


I'd really like to do a Master x Slave/pet rp! Except it is with a twist! MC(the master), is actually the bottom/Uke/submissive, and although he has a cool, icy exterior when out in the public eye, when he has locked himself up in his manors bedroom... He is completely different and allows his own lust and desires to dominate him, he lets his darling pets take control.

YC has been put up for auction many times before, but has never lasted with a owner for long and keeps being brought back. He is feisty, wild and dominant, unable to be tamed... And then he is purchased by a male known as the 'Ice Prince.' When MC is out showing off his latest pets YC witnesses how MC is a cold, calculating and a stern master in public, and then sees that is all just a mask... YC is really in charge.

It is all just a giant facade.


MC is an omega, and every omega, when they turn the age of 16, they begin to look for their alpha or beta mate. MC however, wants nothing to do with an alpha or beta, and will bare his teeth/fangs to any alpha/beta male that tries to make him their omega mate. A few years have passed, and he has managed to ward away all the prowling alpha's after him. MC has a startling delicious scent, it's no wonder why almost every alpha wants to 'get with' him, but he still won't break.

MC has to be about the most feisty, un-submissive omega YC has ever seen. YC loves it. YC always preferred a challenge, and MC would definitely be a challenge to get him to submit. But YC is the alpha leader of his pack, YC is sure he will win. YC always gets what he wants.

And right now he wants a feisty little omega to be his omega, have his pups, and submit to him. It won't be easy.


~Mpreg will most likely occur in this rp(though it isn't required).

~MC will most likely have a darker past, which will explain why he loathes alphas so much. Please tell me if you have any triggers!

~I'd prefer realistic pictures for this, but I will accept anime or in depth descriptions of our characters!

~Lots'o drama and angst in this one for sure.


I'd like to do a really smutty and kind of violent rp. Where YC is a serial killer, stalking and then kidnapping, and then of course killing his prey. YC is incredibly meticulous and good at it, and no one would ever suspect him. YC is incredibly charming, smart, handsome and seemingly all around good guy... But of course, he has a dark side. A Killer side. And it can't be satiated... And then he chooses his next prey... MC.

MC is a very unusual male. He is an aspiring artist, and he tends to use unique mediums to finish off his art... Blood. He liked to use his own blood. YC begins to watch MC, setting up cameras inside his apartment and becomes utterly fascinated with him and begins to desire him in other ways, not just picturing MC with YC's hands around his throat or a knife poised at his delicate neck.
And then MC finds out.
He discovers he is being watched...
But much to YC's surprise and pleasure... MC begins to make a show of it. Teasing him as he undresses every morning and every night, pleasuring himself in front of the webcam. YC can't get enough, and MC wants more. He has no idea if YC even is really out there, it was just a feeling, and his doubts are starting to creep in, has he gone insane?
And then YC starts to leave little 'presents' for MC. Like a collar on his bed when he is out of the house.... Visiting MC in the middle of the night, blindfolding him and giving him all he desires... But MC still wants more and so does YC. What happens when YC final decides to show his face at one of MC's art galleries?
And what of their 'relationship?'
Will MC really be willing to do anything to please YC? To stay by his side? Would he be able to kill? And will YC be able to hold back all of his desires?
Only time will tell...


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Feb 27, 2019

☪ Storyline ☪
Kelsidin, a long hidden city in the wretched mountains of Kheldarim, ancient mountains that had seen the rise and fall of countless of races, including the Old One's, the ancient dragons. Only a handful of people today on Earth know of Kelsidin and the mountains of Kheldarim, for these parts of the world are now lost, and haven't been seen for thousands and thousands of years.
Meet YC1 and MC1, who have gone on many explorations and adventures together that always leads them into some sort of trouble... Which usually leads 99.99% of the time back to Quantum, a corrupt and evil organization hellbent on acquiring all of the lost totems, ancient relics of the Old World that had great significance in all different cultures, that held incredible power. Put in the wrong hands and one totem could be used to destroy a lot of the world. This is what Quantum is after, wiping out the world we know and rebuilding it in the form they desire, where they control anything and everything, and they would stop at nothing to achieve this terribly goal.
Long ago, men and women with pure hearts and good intentions of protecting their people came together known as the Great Gathering. They were in a horrible war with corrupted men and women who wanted to use the lost totems to do a lot like Quantum wished to do today, to control the new world, complete domination. They new that the only way to make sure that the corrupt didn't get ahold of the totems, were to hide them, and hide them well, so good that they would get lost for centuries, even thousands of years for some. Then, they began to war, trying to destroy the evil that was no plaguing their lands, and although they won, they did not get rid of all the bad seeds... To this day, those bad seeds grew, spread their roots throughout the generations until it formed the large multinational and multibillion corporation know as Quantum.
Continuing with YC1 and MC1, their parents have always been great archeologists and adventurers. They had uncovered many ancient ruins, lost cities, cultures uncovered, old languages discovered... But they had never ever uncovered the ultimate mystery, the mystery of the lost city of Kelsidin in the lost mountains of Kheldarim. They had dedicated their lives to uncovering them, and although they made many breakthroughs, they did not succeed in uncovering the city, not before both couples died, leaving their two young children to fend for themselves.
Their deaths were written off as "accidents" but YC1 and MC1 knew very well that they were murdered, by Quantum leader's Arthur and Lilith Quantum, brother and sister, twins in fact, and rotten to their very cores. Their parents too, their whole family, had been apart of the business, power-hungry bastards that wanted to be rulers of the entire world. Their terrible greed drove them to even more terrible deeds, like tearing two families apart and leaving two little boys without parents.
YC1 and MC1 have always wanted to carry on in their parents footsteps ever since their untimely deaths. They wanted to uncover what their parents didn't, it made them feel like they were still there with them. Through the years of trying to uncover any other clues, YC1 and MC1 had grown very close, more intimate than they had ever been before, they became lovers... Then one of our characters strikes gold, they uncover a map of Kelsidin in the ruins of a smaller city that was connected to Kelsidin way back, most likely they traded supplies together, since Kelsidin was so isolated in the mountains.
☪ ☪ ☪ ☪
Kelsidin, almost as ancient as the mountains surrounding, protecting, and hiding the cities, was the capital of the Old World. To live in such a great, beautiful, and powerful city was a privilege, and to be able to lay eyes on the Pureblood's, royals in other words, of Kelsidin, was an even greater honor. Creatures of all kinds, supernaturals that seem to be long extinct now, use to flourish and thrive there. The Pureblood family were known for their powerful gifts of healing magic, they could cute any illness, disease, anything, which was why their city flourished the most out of all of them. When the heir of the Pureblood family reached a certain age, the healing gift would be transferred to them, and they would take the place of the leader of Kelsidin.
Thousands and thousands of years later, now in the present, very very few people believe that the generations of Kelsidin heirs survived, one currently alive, and still with the gift of healing... The heir is actually one of the lost totems. Long ago, when the very first people of Kelsidin stumbled upon a gorgeous valley hidden in the mountains, it was said that the first heir of Kelsidin found a cave, and in that cave was a dragon. To be specific, a dragon of earth, who possessed powerful healing abilities, but also terrible destructive abilities. The men of the small tribe wanted to kill the dragon, dragon skins were extremely invaluable and priceless, but the girl who found the dragon fought fiercely for the dragon, not wanting one of the last dragons to be killed, but ended up being overpowered by her own tribesmen.
In grave condition, the dragon went to her side after throwing back the men who had wounded the girl. With the dragons great healing abilities, if healed her, but also for her valor and courage, the dragon bestowed a gift upon her... The great gift of healing. The dragon also warned her, that if her heart was tainted. The gift could turn destructive, just like the dragons abilities, and to use them with care and with a pure heart. With that, the first Pureblood was born, and the line continued down, up until this present day, with MC2 being the last heir of Kelsidin.
Quantum's goal is to hopefully obtain the heir, if such legends are true anyways, and turn MC2's power into that destructive force the dragon warned the first heir about all those years ago.... They believe they can control the power, use it to form their new world and be the leaders of that world. So fearing the destruction of the last remaining piece of MC2's home, he seals the remaining people and himself inside of Kelsidin, hoping to keep out any outsiders.
YC2 is MC2's most trusted advisor, bodyguard, and friend. They are never seen apart, and YC2's ancestors were the greatest warriors of Kelsidin ever known. It was their duty once they were old enough to hold a sword, to protect the heir with their lives. They lived by a code, to protect the heir with their dying breath, to make sure the heir is content, but to never ever fall in love with the heir. MC2 has been in love with YC2 for since he can remember, YC2 has always been with MC2, but at birth the heir is always promised to a suitable match, to ensure that there will be another heir, even though years and years have passed, the tradition had never died, and so YC2 and MC2 can not be together, even if they wish it with all their hearts.
Then something unbelievable happens, Kelsidin is broken into for the first time in centuries... By none other than MC1 and YC1, and these outsiders being grave news... That Kelsidin is about to be under attack, and they are coming for the heir, and will stop at nothing to get him.
☪ ☪ ☪ ☪
**This side storyline is optional**
MC3 is just a normal soldier, the one thing you could say isn't normal is that he lives in a hidden city in a lost mountain that has been lost for thousands of years until now. YC3 is his squads captain. Although it isn't uncommon to sleep with someone for a night or so, relationships with soldiers are strictly forbidden, reason being is that with how small their army is already, they need them to focus on their training and protecting Kelsidin and the heir, and not protecting their lover.
Which is unfortunate for our characters as they have set their sights on each other for awhile, though the general of the whole army, if he found out, would make sure they'd never ever be together again.
And with outsiders coming in now, speaking of people threatening to invade Kelsidin, it gets increasingly hard to keep their little relationship a secret....
☪ ☪ ☪ ☪


Long ago... Dragons once flourished in this vibrant world known as The Realm. With dragons however, soon came the dragon Rider's. Once the bond between dragon and Rider were established, that forged connection was unbreakable, unwavering. Their two souls intertwined forever. The dragons and their Rider's ruled over the lands, protecting The Realm and keeping it in balance... In peace. Until one fateful day... When a powerful man named Lorcan decided to claim the mighty power of the dragons for his own... He did not care whether it was given to him freely, or if he had to take it by force, he would obtain it whether they liked it or not... And he did.

Lorcan sized a mighty dragon of his own by the name of Onyx, one of the most powerful, bloodthirsty, and fearsome of dragons in The Realm. Onyx desired power as much as Lorcan did... They became a formidable, an unstoppable pair. Enslaving as many of the other dragons and Rider's as they could, and killing the rest that dared defy them. Lorcan quickly claimed the title as 'king of The Realm. Ruling with an iron and unforgiving fist, misery and darkness soon swept over the land.
The humans were stuck under the harsh hand of King Lorcan, the other mythical folk like the Elves, Fae, Dwarves and more went into hiding, trying to build up there numbers and raise an army in hopes of one day defeating King Lorcan and his Shadeling's-- his dark army of amassed dragons and Rider's.

However, they knew it would not be enough... They needed their own dragon's and their Rider's back, the good Rider's who sought to protect the land and all the creatures in it from evil and harm... But the remaining dragon's were either enslaved or slaughtered... And new Rider's had not emerged for hundreds of years since King Lorcan took to power. Until now.

However, it was in the most unlikely of places... and the Rider, the most unlikely of men... For he, was merely just a boy. Lachlan Drake. An orphan boy, a boy who only had his name as he grew up... And sometimes not even that. Usually going by the infamous nickname 'Lock,' for he was incredibly skilled thief and pickpocket-- no lock could keep him away... Or out. One particular night however, having heard of a high-up noble-- close to the mad king-- had such a bountiful treasure tucked away, it would be enough to supply dozens of lifetimes with means to support themselves until their death.

Overcome wuth his curiousity-- and greed-- Lock steals away into the night and breaks into the nobles house, disabling all the tricky security and traps to uncover the hidden away treasures... But what he finds is absolutely priceless. Dragon eggs. Three gorgeous eggs nestled into an ornately carved gold and silver chest, as if they were just waiting for them to finally hatch... But never had. That is, until Lock barreled in and swept the three eggs. Little did he know, it would change his life forever.

At first Lock sought to sell them, just one dragon egg would have him set for life... But with three, he'd be living like King Lorcan himself. However, as days pasted with the eggs still in his position... The young thief found it increasingly difficult to think about letting them go and selling that... As if he was already forming a bond with them. And he was... For only a few days later, a miracle happened, those three eggs... Began to hatch. Revealing three gorgeous baby dragons, and it appeared they had all bonded to their 'savior,' Lock-- who had whisked them away from their life of sure enslavement if they had stayed with the noble who would have eventually given them away to King Lorcan.

The dragons bonded to Lock, desired to make him their Rider, and grew... But they knew, they knew that as they grew... So would the
attention cast upon Lock, infamous thief... It was only a matter of time before he was found, with three dragon hatchlings to boot who had bonded to him of all people. The young thief knew he would gain enemies, that if-- when-- the king learned of him and the dragons that Lock had stolen right from under his nose... That he would be hunted, probably even killed... And he was right.

Now starts the story of YC. YC's father happened to be King Lorcan's most trusted advisor and confidant-- almost or even just-- as evil as the king, YC's father was ruthless in his quest to gain powerful and control for his king... Even putting his own son through rigorous training, forging him into an assassin, a hunter, a living weapon... YC. However, try as they might... The king nor YC's father could get a dragon to bond with YC. YC was the most skilled deadly assassin of his generation, and knew how to handle himself, how to handle any weapon he was given-- even just using his bare hands... However he had yet to claim a flying beast of his own. YC grew frustrated and jealous of the other trained fully fledged Shadeling's who had dragons of their own... He
desired-- he craved that more than anything else... And then he was finally given a mission...

The mission to claim what was rightfully his, a dragon of his own... All he had to do was bring down the man who had deftly and foolishly stolen three of the kings dragon eggs, and he would be promised a unhatched dragon of his own from the bunch... Unfortunately for YC, once he had tracked the elusive dragon thief down... He saw that not one-- but all three dragons-- had hatched for Lock-- a mere orphan boy who had no clue what he had been getting into when he stole from the king himself. YC quickly reported what he witnessed to the king, and then to his surprise-- was given strict instructions not to kill the boy-- but to capture and bring him in... alive. Even after all he had done... The King wished to make the boy an... offer. And the king always got what he wanted.

However, unfortunately for YC it was his task to actully being Lock in... Which at first he thought would be no problem... Until he realized, Lock wasn't just some clueless and naive kid... But skilled at deceit, hiding in plain sight and remaining under the radar... It looked like this hunt would be harder than YC assumed... That it really would be a challenge, lucky for him he loved a good challenge.. Not to mention YC still would stop at nothing to attain a dragon of his own, even if it means tearing one away from Lock himself...

But what will happen when the two finally meet face to face? What will happen with the dragons? To The Realm? Will YC finally come to realize just how destructive King Lorcan and his father had been to this world? Will he come to understand the connection between dragon and Rider? That a bond can not be forced but forged through trust and raw connection when his sights are set on the young thief? Will something spark between the two? And if it does, will they be able to contain their feelings, or will not be able to resist it?

and if they can't, will they rise up and fight the oncoming danger that lays ahead of them... Together?

Only time will tell...


MC's private plane crashed... And they were the only survivor, their pilot dead on impact. They were stranded on a small, lush island... That nobody knew about. All alone.... Or so MC thought.

You see, this island contains many sins and secrets... Like YC. They had planned this whole thing from start to finish. When they had first laid their eyes on the beautiful male-- MC-- YC had been ensnared. They wanted them desperately. And would stop at nothing to claim the oblivious male as their own. So they set up this very elaborate and supposedly fool-proof plan.

YC worked tirelessly. Money was not an obstacle for them either. They purchased the whole damn island, and made sure it was small enough to not really be on many maps-- if any-- and made sure it was remote enough that nobody would think to look there. Then they planned the trap. They made sure that the plane would indeed malfunction, and crash land exactly where they wanted it to... On their little slice of 'paradise.' MC still oblivious about the whole thing, and still believing it had all been one giant accident... Until they heard that voice.

'Hello my precious little mouse... You have unknowingly entered my realm... My hunting grounds...' a shiver ran down both MC's spine, the voice continued in that low, dangerous tone. ''I have three simple rules.... 1. You must play along to the fullest and best of your capabilities. 2. You can use anything on the island to try and evade capture and to get off the island.... and 3. If you can't escape... And you get captured by me, you are mine.... So little mouse... With that, let the Hunt begin!'


The Earth has been ravaged.
It is no longer the world we once knew... Destroyed by humans greed and cruelty. It first started with solar flares, flares like we've never seen before, decimating everything in its path. Once great big cities wiped off the map. Next came the war, what little natural resources we had left countries and the people in those countries began fighting and killing each other. Bombs turned the rest of the cities and towns in husks of what they once were. The next came the disease. Called simply the 'Blackblood Fever.' Over the course of days, once the person was infected they began to go through all the phases.... Until the last one where the turned into a mindless monster that craved human flesh and blood.
The world became a wasteland, and that wasn't all...
Oh no, that was just the beginning of this terrible new world.

Then came Abberations-- mutants.
It seemed that the solar flares and the radiation soaked world had done much more than just cause the Blackblood Fever to destroy lives.
No, it created these mutant children-- these Abberations with terrifying abilities that could only be described as extraordinary... Supernatural even.
In addition with these strange and peculiar gifts, the children also appeared to have incredibly enhanced senses... and immunity to the Blackblood Fever.

The semblance of government still alive slowly began to pick themselves back up again at the discovery of these amazing Aberrations. The scientists and officials new that these children were the key to their ultimate survival... To the finding of a cure. So they formed a new establishment they dubbed "SPYDER." There web of power and influence extending everywhere in the world. They were unstoppable, and they would stop at nothing to get their hands on all the Aberrations...

They created facilitiea simply called 'Compounds.' There they kept locked away the Aberrations, stolen away and considered SPYDER's property. The more powerful Aberrations were trained, trained to be honed in weapons... SPYDER's own personal army to one day take over the floundering world with. The ones who weren't as powerful were experimented on more, ushered and huddled into packed labs where the scientists and doctors poked and prodded them with needles... All in hopes of finding a cure.

Even with most of the Aberrations taken and locked up, SPYDER is still greedy for more... And will stop at nothing to capture every last mutant. But there are forces working against them... While most of the Scavengers(the remaining human survivors) tend to stay away from the mutants and treat them harshly... There are some that believe they have the right to a normal life like anyone else. And then there is the rumors of the mutant resistance... Led by one of the most powerful mutants out there, trying to save and recruit as many other Aberrations as possible.

Who will win out in the end?


-So this will definitely be a multi-character rp, just stating that now. I was thinking we could play out a couple different scenarios. Perhaps a few of our characters are locked up in a Compound. Another scenario could be more characters could be in the Wastes, just trying to survive and evade SPYDER, as well as try to find their way to the resistance. I also would like to play characters who are already apart of the resistance, I was thinking one of MC's could be the leader of the Resistance, unless you're itching to play the part? Perhaps YC could be his second hand man.

Idk, there are many different scenarios we can play out so don't hesitate to suggest your own ideas! ^.^

-We will be laying multiple characters in this rp, at least three at the start. Mainly Aberrations. By we can also play out SPYDER scientists/officials/agents, and other types of characters.

- I was thinking all of our characters could just be seke/switches when it comes to smut(because that will happen). Unless you'd like to play seme/top characters. I also prefer to keep our characters strictly male and BxB Pairings please. :3

-This storyline is a little bit based off of the Maze Runner series, so think of that but with its own twist.

-The mutant characters will be 18 and up, but young. So around 18-25 or 26 lets say? They are the younger generation.


Anyone played or watched the Thief video games? I kinda want to do a storyline based on them. Where our characters are in this steampunk and Victorian/Gothic world. MC will play the thief-- a master thief-- very infamous in the world-- and has been plaguing the streets of The City for years, snatching up any valuable he can.

MC has been craving a challenge though, everything he sets his mind to stealing is too easy... And then he hears about YC and his incredible item.
YC-- the baron(the leader/ruler) of The City, has acquired a very precious artifact... It is known as the Primal Stone. MC doesn't know anything really about it, other than the fact that it's priceless.... But YC-- YC knows that the Primal is more than a valuable trinket to be sold to the highest bidder, it is true and raw power. Power that can be harnessed so that YC can take control of anything-- and anyone-- he sees fit... Until one little thief decides to crash down on his party.

MC managed to literally crash into the ceremony taking place with YC and a couple of priests, who were trying to transfer the stones power from it to YC... But then the glass window MC had been balancing on-- shatters-- and MC comes tumbling down, just as the powers of the stone begin to transfer into YC... it suddenly and violently halts as MC falls ontop of the stone and it begins to be absorbed into MC.

And then everything goes to Hell.
The transfer of the power was unable to be stopped, and the last bit of it was taken by MC involuntarily... And. Afterwards, YC is so enraged he sends his guards after MC who is still disoriented and barely standing before the guards are swarming him.

Still, MC true to plow through as many guards as he can, them launching some rope up to the ceiling and climbs up-- manages to make an escape and disappear into the night before YC captures MC or even manages to get a glimpse of his concealed face.

But MC is still not the same man who came barreling into the ceremony as when he left... The Power absorbed by the stone changed him, made him stronger, more agile, able to focus and see further... Amd those abilities are only growing...
Meanwhile, YC is still furious... Although he did absorb a lot of the Primals powers as well, it is still not complete... He is not full. And he will only be complete if he somehow managed to get his hands on that slippery little thief that somehow managed to keep getting away from him.... What could possibly happen between the two?


It is like a savage, feral beast. Rearing its head at you, coming descending upon you before you even realize it. The shadow cast over your throbbing heart. There is no turning back. You have been ensnared. And you can not stop it.

MC thought he was just your average teen trying to scrape by in life. After the terrible accident in which left him an orphan and with many scars-- but physical and emotional-- MC didn't think there was anything out there left for him. Nobody wanted him, nobody cared. Life was meaningless, like chasing the wind. He went in and out of different foster care homes, each one worse than the last. Until he was finally placed with a good family-- the Smith family. And while life wasn't perfect and they had their quirks, MC finally felt safe, grounded for once since a very long time.
Too bad that never lasts.

Now coming up on his eighteenth birthday, MC had been looking for a job. Something to keep him occupied over the summer and not think too much. The circus was just the place apparently... They had been looking for a temporary worker who would help with the animals, selling tickets and souvenirs, etc. for two weeks. Now MC had never worked at a circus or really had a job for that matter, period. But he was willing to try it... Animals had always fascinated MC, and animals always seemed to take an unusual interest in him to. Honestly, it was the strangest thing about MC. That, and the very faint twisting and swirling markings on his hands that trailed all the way up to his elbows. MC had no clue how he got them, it was like they had always been there. Very faint, but still noticeable if you were looking for them.

MC would soon learn that these markings were indeed special... And in the most unlikely of ways and places.

The time came when MC was suppose to start working at the circus. So packing some of his few belongs and saying quick goodbyes to his foster family, he was off on a new adventure-- think it would just be a bland dull of cleaning up after animals and trying to serve annoying customers. He was dead wrong.

The circus-- though smaller than most-- was welcoming and homey, and the performers and other staff were nice and treated each other like family. And that wasn't all... The animals there were absolutely incredible. Specifically one in particular... A gorgeous, white tiger... With the bluest eyes MC had ever seen. Now the tiger the trainer said was rather unusual and didn't exactly act like normal tigers. This beautiful beast was strangley docile. Like one giant house cat. The tiger let MC get close... really close. He let MC pet him, stroke his silky fur and even scratch behind his ears. Even more, MC found himself drawn to the gorgeous animal like he had never been drawn to a person or animal before in his life. Like a cord was tied to both of them... Connecting, fusing them together. The beautiful tiger was taken with the strange marked human too, his wise blue eyes solely focused on MC whenever he entered the barn where he was kept in his cage. MC would often go and spend the night in the barn when he couldn't sleep, talking to the tiger as if he could actually understand and listen. And weirdly enough, MC felt like he could. MC would talk about himself, about his much too short time with his parents, how he barely could remember their faces now and how much that hurt, about his time in the foster care system, and then finally being placed with the Smiths. MC even read to the tiger, fantastical stories, mysteries, legends, song and even poetry.

For some reason, MC felt as if the beast could understand him... And it comforted him, made him feel safe. However, MC's time at the circus began to draw to a close... But on the last day, something strange happened. MC was in the barn, feeling rather heartbroken that he'd have to leave his tiger soon... And MC wished, wished that the poor creature was free, free to roam the wilds and be happy. No animal should be caged, despite how pretty or big the cage may be... It was still a cage. And that's when it happened, the strange markings on MC's hands and arms began to glow, a bright and stunning blue-- and MC swore he saw the tigers eyes do the same thing. And then... It was over.

MC packed all his things and left, feeling as if he was leaving another piece of himself there-- like it had been with his parents accident. He returned home, and began to go back to how things were-- but all MC could think about was the tiger. How he swore he saw his eyes glowing the same electric blue color as his markings. Days passed, and MC had tried moving on from the whole ordeal and the circus in general. He didn't want to dwell on it any longer and forget himself, it would only make it worse... But then something happened... Or more like someone.

One knock on MC's door and his life changed forever. His course altered dramatically by one man... One breathtaking man that is.
MC open his eyes to see him just standing there. Like he walked out of some sort of fairytale, or off the cover of a magazine or something. MC could barely speak, this mesmerizing-- and achingly familiar gorgeous blue eyes... And then that smile, oh that smile almost brought him to his knees.

And then those words flowed out of his perfect, tantalizing lips, wrapping around MC's mind like tentacles and pulled him into the abyss; "Hello darling, it is me... The tiger you saved all those days ago... Miss me?"


Let me tell you a story... a story of many adventures, of danger, darkness, light, of revelations and discovery, of romance, and of much much more. But most importantly, a story like no other...
There once was a young boy, a boy-- who like you-- dreamed of adventure and of great discoveries-- however, like most, believed such things we're unattainable. You see, he was just a mere village boy, normal in every way, with no special talents... or so he believed, until one day changed his life forever, but we are getting much too far ahead of ourselves... His tale shall unfolded, but in a matter of due time... Let us begin with the land. A land of once great beauty... now torn apart by bloodshed and violence.

A land called Solaris.

The sister land to Lunaris. Solaris, the 'Kingdom of the Sun' and Lunaris, the 'Kingdom of the Moon.' There once was a time, where these two now warring kingdoms came in harmony and united their kingdoms under one reign, and the land use to be called Sol Luna, however, that time had long passed... And now, the people of Solaris and Lunaris were at each other's throats.
The once peacefulness between the two once united people's were shattered, however the reason for this long lost over the hundreds of years, all the two kingdoms know as that they took something from one another, and now are fighting to whatever it is they took, back from the other.

The people from Solaris-- the Sol's-- and the people from Lunaris-- the Luna's-- each had their own 'Gifted,' or people who had been touched by either the Sun God or the Moon Goddess. The Gifted who were Sol's usually could call down the suns heat, having golden Marks-- tattoos-- all over their bodies that would glow with blinding fiery light when using their incredible abilities. The Luna Gifted drew from the power of the moon, had incredible healing abilities, and could manipulate shadows. While the Sol's spirit animal was the great Phoenix, the Luna's chosen animal was the Wolf. Some believed that there would come a day, when a powerful enough Gifted from either kingdom would have the ability to transform into their spirit animal-- Others even believed that the Gifted had either the soul of a Phoenix or a Wolf.

Many of the normal people of both kingdoms lived in fear of these 'Gifted,' of their great power... and one day, an Ungifted man by the name of Arun Triton usurped the Gifted Solaris king, slaughtered the royal family save for his youngest son-- only a few months old at the time-- and took the throne. Then, the now King Arun Triton enslaved as many Gifted in Solaris as he could, outlawing their abilities unless they pledged themselves to him. King Triton killed all of the defiant Gifted and normal people who spoke out against him and his tyrannical rule. And then brainwashed the rest to be his faithful and loyal dogs, all the Gifted who submitted to him in fear, or willingly, King Triton made them his dutiful slaves. And that included the old kings son... YC.

YC grew up under King Triton, believing that he was his real father. If anyone tried to tell him other wise, the king would have them silenced... for good. Arun soon came to realize that YC was Gifted as well, as his Mark began to appear from a very young age... and YC was a very powerful Gifted indeed, perhaps even more powerful than his real father.
King Triton tried to stifle YC'a powers, forbidding him to ever use them, but YC always had a knack for breaking the rules and defying orders. He practiced in secret, until there was an incident and his 'father,' King Triton discovered what he had been up to. At first, Arun was furious, however, finally relenting-- since he had actually developed fatherly feelings for the young man-- and finally allowed YC, the young prince, to train as a Gifted soldier in King Tritons growing Solaris army.

King Triton had plans... Plans to conquer all of Lunaris, and enslave their Gifted as well.

That's where the boy comes in-- a supposedly normal village boy in the kingdom of Solaris-- who went by the name Atlas. Atlas had a mother and father who loved him deeply, an only child, they tended to spoil him and protected him with their lives... You see, Atlas' parents were hiding a dark secret that could get them all slaughtered or taken by King Triton's Gifted soldiers... They, were Luna's, from the kingdom Lunaris. His parents were both powerful Gifted in Lunaris, and feared for their lives as the Solaris king began to send his soldiers into their kingdom, raiding their villages and cities, destroying everything, tearing apart families to please their mad king. So they fled.

Atlas' parents concealed their Marks that would surely give them away, and hid themselves in a small Solaris village miles from the Kings capital. Atlas had to hide his Marks from birth, having been born with them, which was very rare and mostly unheard of. Atlas had always had to hide who he truly was. He had no clue about his abilities, although he often found himself climbing up on his small houses roof to gaze at the beautiful glowing moon and the twinkling stars, but other than that... the young boy believed he was a perfectly normal, Sol boy... or so he thought, until one day changed his life forever....

The small Solaris village was raided at night, someone in the village had tipped off the kings soldiers that there were hiding Luna's in the village. Knowing that they would be discovered, Atlas' family tried to flee, but his parents were caught and cornered, and Atlas was soon separated from his beloved parents. Having no other choice lest he want to be captured and possibly killed alongside them, Atlas ran. He ran through the rolling hills, ran until his legs were so sore and shaking he could barely stand, until his bare feet were bleeding. Atlas hadn't even realized he had crossed into Lunaris land, deep into the heart of the Spirit Woods, an ancient forest full of beauty and deadliness... the young boy had no idea where he stumbled into... Until nightfall.

Atlas found a cave he thought to be abandoned, and huddled inside it-- cold, hungry, thirsty, and alone... until they came. Like ghosts, like mist-- appearing out of nowhere-- slinking from behind the skeletons of trees. The wolves came. With a terrified cry, Atlas began to run, tearing through the trees and thick foliage of the lush forest around him. The night hunters followed in pursuit on almost silent paws, eyes gleaming and beautiful coats shimmering in the moonlight. One wolf finally tackled the young boy to the grassy floor of the woods, fangs snapping at Atlas' neck and he stilled, closing his eyes and just waiting... waiting for teeth to sink into his soft flesh and tear him apart... But it didn't come.

And so the boy opened his eyes and saw all of the beautiful wolves, gazing at him with wise-- kind eyes-- almost looking slightly amused. They were not here to kill Atlas, they were here to help him. They gave him shelter, they gave him warmth in the coldest of nights... They had sensed Atlas, his great power that laid deep within him, those Marks gifted to him by the Moon Goddess herself once concealed on his skin, now shining brightly... They could feel his spirit, that wolf inside him Atlas that called to them... He was one of them, apart of the pack, and they formed a deep bond over the many years that Atlas roamed and lived in those woods with them... Until danger came to them, and threatened their home.

King Triton had heard of these mysterious 'ghosts' roaming what he considered now his woods, now that he had started to take over Lunaris. King Triton, intrigued by these enigmatic shadows that ran and lived in the Spirit Woods... King Triton sent his Gifted Soldiers to capture Atlas and his pack, but they came back empty handed... some of the members even missing, the rest bloodied and battered... Each party of soldiers he sent came back the same way, sometimes didn't even come back at all... Furious, after many months of fruitless search and capture missions failing, King Triton decided to send who he thought was best and brightest... and most trusted-- his 'son,' the prince.... YC.

YC was sent out to find out who these 'ghosts' really were... To find and capture them, and to drag them back to King Triton himself.... But these 'ghosts,' were nothing like YC ever expected... He never expected it to be a young, wild boy who had such raw and incredibly power that he had never seen before... Or that his 'comrades' were six beautiful and fierce wolves always at his side... YC, was in for the challenge of his life.

Would he even be able to capture this untamed boy with the spirit of both the wolf and woods so deeply rooted inside of him? And what of the many secrets shrouding his own life? What will happen when things start to unravel? And what of the land? Of the people?

Who will come out alive in the end? Who will win the game of fangs and fire?


Myles is a ghost, as simple as that... Yet not so simplistic as it may seem... You see, Myles is special. He is cursed... Myles just can't seem to disappear, meaning he is visible... To everyone. He's almost human, if it weren't for the small fact that no human can touch him without passing right through him. Which is why he lives in fear every day of being discovered.
Myles makes sure all of his skin is covered, accept for his face for the most part, even going so far as wearing gloves, long sleeves shirts and pants, all year long, twenty-four/seven. His co-workers have gotten use to Myles little 'quirks,' and his boundaries which include giving him a wide birth of about four or five feet away at all times... and absolutely no touching.
Everything was working fine for the ghost, despite the fact he couldn't move onto his afterlife and just die already... That is, until YC comes crashing into his life and breaking all the shockingly fragile barriers Myles had tried putting up.
YC didn't give a damn about the 'rules' or 'boundaries' Myles set up. He was curious. From the moment he set his sights on the quiet, reserved male who seemed to push everyone out. YC made it his mission to figure Myles out, no matter what.
Myles began to avoid YC outright, getting into work early to get away from him quicker when he was finished. But that still didn't stop YC from hunting him down.
One particular day, YC decides he had enough, he wanted answers. So when Myles managed to 'escape' into the bathroom, YC corners him inside and rips of the ghosts rather annoying gloves-- in YC's mind-- and pins him to the wall. Skin on skin.
YC could touch Myles.
And Myles world just exploded right in front of his very eyes.


They were not normal,
but at least they had each other.
They were a team, a family... A Flock.
Ever since they were kids they had been experiments... Not considered human beings. That came to be more so when the whitecoats tests and experiments were actually successful in turning them into winged freaks.
Yeah you heard me,
they had wings.

Real, beautiful bird wings that they could fly with.
When they were just little kids, the scientists grafted avian DNA into their human DNA, forever changing their genetics... The strangest part was it actually worked, and the outcome were their bird-like wings.
98% human, 2% avian.
100% freak.

Now the Flock is on the run from the same people who turned them into what they were... The scientists from a very top secret facility known to the Flock as the 'School.' A dark, cruel and awful place that appears in their nightmares... A place that they never ever want to go back to it, after they faught tooth and nail to get out.

How will they hope to survive though?
With a hord of scientists gunning after them,
a group of Hunter's hunting them... As well as trying to stay out of normal humans eyes.
It's going to be one difficult ride.

**Based on the Maximum Ride books by James Patterson.**
**These characters will of course be 18+**

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Feb 27, 2019
"ᕼᑌᑎT TOGᕮTᕼᕮᖇ, ᗪIᕮ ᗩᒪOᑎᕮ."

This is every bounty hunters creed. Their one and true motto they take to heart... And to the grave. They know in this cruel and ever changing world that they could wind up dead at any turn and at any moment.

Years into the future after everything has gone to Hell-- They are living it every day since it's the new norm-- the world is not like how it once was. Monsters/demons have taken over the world as we know it. Somehow a tear was created between their two worlds/realms and opened up portals all over earth that all different kinds of wretched and twisted monsters were able to slip through.

Plagues swept across the world, natural disaster destroyed entire cities-- states. Some of which are now completely underwater. The monsters tried to destroy everything... And now the world is nothing like it once was... Now they call the land plagued by these beasts "Grimsend." For it is a bleak, bitter and unforgiving place.

Highly trained and skilled people with peculiar abilities on tracking down the monsters now run the show, and they are known as 'bounty hunters' or sometimes 'slayer's.' The rest of the surviving population who have managed to scrap by besides the monsters constant terror, consider the bounty hunters savages, ruthless killers with only one goal in mind... gain as much money and glory as they can.

The bounty hunters are a reclusive group of people, who tend to keep to themselves and their partner-- also called their 'Sanguin.' Which is short for the Latin word Sanguinem which means "blood." The Sanguin come in pairs of two, they are both each other's blood partner. They have each other's backs in the fight for their lives against monsters... And other hunters.

The bounty hunters have unique abilities that allow them to survive against the unworldly monsters better than your average human being. You see... When their two worlds collided-- the monsters and the humans-- Darkness leaked into the human world as the monsters poured through. It is the monsters very essence, their energy and life force... And it also infected some of the human population that survived, and continued to be passed down through the generations... And these people became the first bounty hunters, the first monster slayers, because they were touched by this Darkness now rooted permanently inside of them.

The hunters have the ability to locate monsters who are nearby, as well as other hunters. You see, the Darkness links all 'infected' hosts together, binding them together even in the smallest of ways. They can sense other beings out who are infected. Bounty Hunter's are also stronger, faster, more agile and harder to kill overall than a normal human being.

Furthermore, because the Hunter's have been touched by something so dark-- even just a little bit-- they tend to be a little twisted in the head. They have no qualms about killing other Sanguin pairs when going after powerful monsters. Sanguin pairs like to horde the bounty and the glory for themselves, they like to banish the monsters back to the pits of Hel themselves... and won't let anyone get in their way. Even if they have to kill.

This is where our characters come in. They are bounty hunters, a Sanguin pair. But they are both different than the rest of the other bounty hunters... They have been touched by the Darkness more than anyone else, and because of that... Have even more abilities than the rest. However, because it is a bloodbath between other hunters fighting for their own bounty and glory, they have tried to keep their strange and twisted abilities to themselves and to each other, not wanting to become more of a target than they already were.

But can they ignore the Darkness trying to claw its way out from where they've tried locking it up deep inside of them? Can they sate the Darkness' hunger for flesh and blood? Can they ignore the bloodlust? They both have vowed not to kill other hunters for pleasure or for gain like the others do, not unless it's absolutely necessary... But will they be able to hold onto that vow?

Will they be able to hold onto their sanity?


NOTES: **I would really love to do a lot of flashbacks in this. I want to go back to before they even met, when they both are looking for a new Sanguin to hunt with. Perhaps their last partner died or maybe they have been soloing this whole time. Either way I want to do flashbacks when it all started, with parts also in the present of course.**



They had broken out of their own personal Hell, a place of darkness, of relentless pain and torture. Where they were continuously stabbed with needles, poked and prodded-- forced into the most humiliating of acts-- over and over again. And even worse? Forced to transform. Transform into something otherworldly, innhumane... Something never seen before.

The lab surely had been Hell, and there was no doubt about it that it left the survivors more than a little messed up. But in their eyes... It had also shifted them into something better. Stronger. Faster. Capable of things no mere human could dream of. For they weren't completely human anymore themselves... They...
They were angels.

Or at least, that's what they called themselves. Technically they were genetically enhanced human beings, their DNA spliced and merged with different avian (bird) types to create mutants. Mostly human... witha hint of feathers dashed in there.
Due to their genetic make-up being messed with among other things, it caused most of them to be a 'little' screwed up. They thought of themselves as angels-- heavenly beings who were sent down to 'save' humanity from themselves. Starting with the horrid scientists who ripped away their normal lives in the first place.

After the large group of 'Angel's' escaped, they stuck together. Forming a cult of sorts which the leader of their so-called cult dubbed 'The Flock.' The Angel's claimed a vast patch of land in Montana, in a county fittingly called 'Hope County.' It had rolling plains, tall trees, and a gorgeous backdrop of sharp mountain peaks. It was their perfect home, a perfect base. A place where they could finally put together their plans of domination and destruction.

The Flock leader is a very charismatic and warm male, able to get people to hang onto his every word. It was no wonder how he was able to keep all of the survivors from the lab together. He wished to take down the labs that tortured him and his people, considering them the 'demons' and 'devils,' pure evil. But the lab has plans of its own, like recapturing all of their escaped test subjects.

But thisisn't just a two sided war. There is also a resistance of sorts of normal humans who are furious at The Flock for taking over Hope County, their towns and land in general. They are fighting both the labs, and the Angel's who they think are abominations.

With a three sided war coming to a head, who will possibly come out on top in the end? Or will a new threat come to light? What will go down?
Only time will tell...


This is a multi-character rp. I have a few ideas for different plots for different characters. We also introduce other side characters as well, and we can play out romantic relationships with them as well! I love multiple character rp's so don't hesitate to add new characters! I will also most likely update previous character form posts with new character forms (because I love making them!) so make sure you check back there every once and awhile as the rp progresses!


1ST PLOT: I was thinking for one YC could be The Flock's leader, a very charming and manipulative guy who tends to get what he wants, when he wants. His followers (the other survivors/self proclaimed 'Angel's', worship this man. They believe him to the 'purest' of them all and would gladly die or do whatever he asks of them.
For MC I was thinking that he could be one of YC's personal 'Birdies.' Birdies are special males who are chosen to be apart of YC's private harem. To serve and pleasure YC as he so wishes. Perhaps MC is a new addition to the harem and therefore not well versed in servicing YC (yet), anyways MC catches YC's eye, moreso than the others which obviously makes the other Birdies very jealous. Lots of angst, backstabbing, kinky shit and smut involved in this plot.

2ND PLOT: MC works for the lab, but they want to send him to the cult to infiltrate it and figure out how to take them down and bring all their experiments back safely. MC has also been experimented on, having wings of his own so he'd fit in with the cult, but he's been brainwashed by the lab more effectively and obeys the labs commands, infiltrating the cult. He lies and says that he got left behind while they were escaping and he only just now was able to arrive and find the others. The Flock believes him and allows him into their ranks unknowingly. I'm thinking YC could be your leader characters righthand man/general or perhaps just a soldier. Anyways, he's still a bit suspicious of MC and idk, could definitely be interesting!

3RD PLOT: Something with both of our characters being apart of the human resistance trying to take down the lab and kill off the Angel 'abomiantions' that took over our characters homeland. Perhaps they wer just fellow resistance soldiers or maybe both captains of two different squads and have been Rivas with each other since as long as they could remember? Though they have just recently started to feel a spark of intense feelings for each other?

4TH PLOT: Where both of our characters are 'Birdies' or harem males for the leader, but have fallen for each other and want to be together, just the two of them. But they are bound by their oath to serve their leader, and are also very afraid of the consequences if they are caught trying to escape.

5TH PLOT: Where YC can either be a lab scientist or Resistance member, and MC is a captured 'Angel.' YC has always been fascinated by them ever since he heard of them, though has yet to be able to see one... Until now.... After he shot MC down in the sky, capturing him. YC is in awe by MC, and for some reason... Just can't bring himself to take MC in either to the lab or to be slaughtered by the Resistance what will happen between the two?


Those are just a couple of plot ideas I have! We don't have to do them all that I listed, but I would really love to do the first and second one! If you have any ideas yourself, don't hesitate to share! We also don't have to do them all right away if you'd like, we can introduce each of them over time, not all at once.



I decided to take the fairytale princess or other fairytale
storylines and twist them a little to make them my own a bit! I'm super bored and would really like to rp! ^~^


1. Bippty-Boppity-Boo!
Set in a futuristic time period, where there isn't much left of the world accept for the Wastelands and a few 'hubs' cropping up here and there-- cities, towns and small villages. MC is a survivor. Over 200 years ago the bombs dropped and everything was wiped away. MC thought he'd surely be dead, but he managed to make it into one of the vaults that were built. There MC was frozen-- cryogenically stored-- but he wasn't woken up at the right time. 200+ years later, and he was finally woken up.. But a little too late. Something had gone wrong with his pod, and while he was still alive, most of his body was dead. Paralyzed by the cold. The people who found him were scientists though-- engineers. And so they got to work 'reconstructing' him. MC was now part him, part machine. Better yet known as a "cyborg." One of his arms and one of his legs were mechanical, as well as multiple organs and bones were now mechanical or steel-enforced. Some might even consider him more machine than human. So he hide his 'condition' from the public eye.
Furthermore, MC had to struggle to fit into a whole new, post-apocalyptic world. It is then when MC hears of Black Auction Ball. This 'ball' of sorts takes place in the biggest city hub in the Wastes, and it is hosted by none other than YC-- the leader of it all-- the 'Prince' of the Wastes if you will. There at the Black Auction Ball, not only can you dance the night away, but also sell your wares, your crafts, your skill, yourself. MC decides, 'what the hell? What does he have to lose?' And goes to this 'ball,' where he almost immediately catches the eye
of YC... YC has never seen MC before, and can't help but feel very intrigued by the new arrival. MC, more than a little taken back by the unwarranted attention from the 'prince' himself, makes a break for it. But in MC's haste... He loses something.... A part of himself... A foot. That's right, MC loses his goddamn foot.
Now, YC is even more intrigued by this mysterious, mechanical male... And he knows, he knows he must find out who MC is and have him for himself.

-Yes this is based off of Fallout 4 and the Cinder series as well.-

2. Colors of the Wind
YC is an explorer. In gorgeous, fantasy realm full of exotic flora and fauna alike, it is no surprise why many chose to take the path of the adventurer. There is just so much to discover. And YC always has to be on the top of it all. A world renowned adventurer, he has uncovered many lost treasures, cultures and even cities. But he has yet to find something truly thrilling. Something that takes YC's breath away. Until YC's kings charges him with a dangerous and daring task.
There has been rumors... legends of land so beautiful it was as if the God's themselves handcrafted it for themselves, and full of the most astounding creatures... of animals and plants no one has ever seen before. But most of all... The legendary tribes of the most amazingly gifted Elementals.
Human-like creatures who have the ability to manipulate the elements and help the earth around them thrive and flourish.
The king has heard of these people, and of one native in particular. A boy(MC), different from the rest. With snow white hair contrast their normally dark strands, and ivory skin, and the most striking eyes. This boy is said to be the most breathtaking of them all-- as well as the most powerful.

And the king charges YC to capture this Elemental, and bring him back to be his own personal Elemental servant. YC accepts, knowing this could be an adventure of a lifetime... But has no idea just what he is getting himself into. He has no idea that he just might fall for the very same Elemental boy he is suppose to be bringing back to the king in chains....
No clue at all.

3. Under the Sea
MC has been captured and put on display. As a young Merman, he had been taken and put in a cage... Now apart of a circus, to be gawked and stared at for every human who desires to. Trapped and bound by the evil ringmaster who just repeatedly uses and abuses the poor Mer. But MC can not escape-- at least not completely intact. For you see, the cruel ringmaster stole MC's voice-- basically the soul of a Merperson-- and locked it up, hidden away so MC can not find it. Voiceless, powerless, caged.
And then YC comes in. YC has always been a skeptic of the supernatural, but his friend managed to drag him along to see this new circus act that had come to their village, his friend practically begging him to com and see the real life 'Merman.' So he goes... and to his great surprise, he isn't disappointed. A real live merman! To YC's displeasure... The poor thing seems upset... Distressed even. That's when YC notices the chain... Wrapped around MC's delicate throat... a collar. YC realizes that MC is trapped, caged, like an animals. And that's when he also realizes... That he was going to do anything that he could to set MC free, no matter the cost.

4. Let Down your... Hair?
MC was taken at a young age, and grew up... Not knowing of his true heritage, that he was the Heir of a huge fortune, that his family came from royalty. Instead, MC grew up, locked up in his room, in a very tall tower. Why, you might ask, was he taken? For his gift. His incredibly gift of healing and revival. MC could make people young once again, with
one simpls touch... One simple brush... Of his hair. Yes, you read that right, his golden locks could turn back time on aging and on the old, restoring them to their youthfulness and beauty. After hearing of MC's incredible gift, an old woman, greedy for power and greedy to be young once again, stole MC away in the middle of the night. Locking him up and not allowing him out at all, nor was MC allowed to cut his hair, for it would lose its power once severed... So it grew longer and longer with each passing day, month, year, until it was so long it could wrap around his body twice!
MC was now in his later teens, bored out of his absolute mind (as usual). Having begged so long to be let out but always being told "no." MC just wanted adventure in his life? Was that too much to ask?
Fortunately for him... It just came knocking at his door... Or more like barreling through a window. It was none other than YC, an infamous thief. Good at pickpocketing anyone and anything, or breaking into places that were once deemed 'unbreakable.' YC had a habit of getting intro trouble-- in fact he was a wanted criminal in many kingdoms and lands.

YC has heard about the missing, long since kidnapped prince(everyone has), but also knows about the missing heirs... ahem... abilities. YC knows that something-- someone-- like that would fetch a very good price on the black market. If only he knew where the little prince was hiding?
Lucky for YC, he hits the jackpot! But doesn't realize it right away... All he knows is that he's being blackmailed by an insolent boy with incredibly long hair, MC threatening to bring him in if he doesn't help him get out of the tower he's locked in and get to the nearest village. What happens when along the way YC discovers exactly who MC is? What he can do? And what about them, as they grow closer... What could possibly happen? Especially when everything starts to unravel... One strand at a time.

5. I'll Make an Alpha Outta You
MC is an omega, the lowest on the food chain in this omegaverse. Omega's are seen as weak, only helpful for producing offspring(this can contain Mpreg if you want). MC has always hated the stereotypes that went with being an Omega. They aren't really allowed to do anything, and MC has always wanted to go to the famous academy for Beta's and Alpha's who help them train and become the best warriors they can be. Deciding enough is enough, MC disguises himself. Managing to mask his Omega scent to come across as a Beta and gets accepted into the academy. There, he meets YC, one of the best Alpha warriors in the entire school. He is MC's and MC's classmates mentor and trainer. What happens when YC starts to take an interest in MC beyond just teacher and student? What happens when MC starts to fall for YC? And what of the little charade MC is continuing to act out? What will happen when it all falls apart and he is discovered...?
Only time will tell.

Basically this is a Peter Pan x Captain Hook rp. YC being Captain Hook-- he can be young if you wish, though I don't mind a bit of an age gap. MC-- Peter-- has always caused Hook a lot of trouble-- and pain. But the truth is, Peter has been feeling differently lately... His teasing and pranks having increased due to these strange and foreign feelings now residing in the male. Whenever Peter sees Hook he gets this fluttery feeling in the pit of his stomach, his hands start to sweat and he isn't as coherent as he had been previously... And when they touch, even when it's Hook grabbing Peter and throwing him into a wall, or just barely brushing past Hook when he's trying to escape, he feels all fuzzy and... Bothered. Strange, when Peter has always claimed to hate the man's guts! The boy is completely oblvious
to his new found feelings... But unfortunately for Peter, Captain Hook is much more aware and not as nearly as airheaded as the flying boy. He knows exactly what Peter is going through, and Hook is all too gleeful at this. He now has the upper hand-- ahem-- hook, on the little brat! He will lure Peter in, ensnare him, and when he's at his most vulnerable... Strike! And finally put him out of his misery.... But what happens when... Uh oh.. Hook starts to gain feelings for the insolent little brat as well?! What then?!


I'd really love to try a futuristic rp(I've been watching the new 'Lost in Space' lol), where humans now live on multiple planets in different galaxies and have a shitton of cool technology, etc. Anyways! MC is a boy who has grown up in a lab, and has also been lied to for most of his life. You see, MC was merely told that he had unique powers that made him very special and highly valuable, and so that's why he was kept in the lab since he was little. In reality, MC is a hybrid. A cross between a human and a humanoid-type alien species, the first of his kind. MC has been studied, poked and prodded, tested and cooped up ever since he could remember. Yet he has no idea what he truly is. Until one day... He stumbled across something... Someone.

You see, the alien species that his human genes/DNA are mixed with had these protectors or guardians. They manifested at birth, and then alien species believed them to be their 'Souls' that walked along side them. Each guardian or 'Soul' is unique and different, having their own abilities and physical attributes, their own personalities. But their goal is the same, to protect their host at all cost, no matter what. Their bond is unbreakable.

MC's 'Soul' has been trapped-- caged by the scientists and researchers of the lab that MC has grown up in. They fear that the Soul would take MC away, but they fear their combined abilities even more. So they locked MC's Soul up, and never told him about it or exactly what MC was.
But one day, that all changes when MC stumbled upon a hidden section... and then stumbled upon the missing piece, the hole that he had felt for so long in his chest... Sealed. With one look at the poor Soul locked in the cage. Their bond was sealed once more, stronger than ever, and the truth finally revealed.
They had lied to MC, taken something from him. Purposely kept him from it. And MC, was understandably, very, very angry. Furious.

So in the dark of the night, MC and his newly found Soul make a break for it, escaping from the lab for the first time. He was free... but for how long?

For in walks YC. He is the labs top agent, a highly trained soldier-- or maybe assassin would be a better term. Coming from an elite squad and the best in his class, trained from a very private Academy especially designed to train and brainwash new recruits and soldiers. YC is tasked to bring MC back-- alive-- the lab wouldn't want to lose their most prized merchandise. YC thinks this will be an easy job, how hard could it be snatching up one run away kid? But oh boy is he proved wrong. No way in the seven Hells does he believe that a mere boy would lead him on a wild goose chase through space, time and all sorts of different planets-- for years. MC has proved to be YC's great greatest adversary yet... and YC will stop at nothing to bring MC in once and for all, to get his hands on him-- just once.

What will happen when they both start to realize that things have grown more into just opponent vs opponent? Cat vs. mouse? And what of the lab? And all of the galaxies themselves? MC doesn't know it yet, and neither does YC, but there is a storm coming... And when that time comes, they all bet be ready for it. Will they unite and stand as one against all odds? Or forever remain at each other's throats?

**There will be a bit of an age gap in this, not too big though! All characters will be 18+ however.**


The streets were covered with filth and grime.... Twisted, dark alleyways hiding unseen dangers... Smoke rising from chimney tops and factories, filling the air with an awful stench and gloom- but the people of Russia. All they cared about was work, money, food for their table, and their families back at home. But for a small boy named Yasha Ostrovsky, it was a different story.

Yasha didn't have a family, not anymore anyways. They were murdered, or more like slaughtered. In a small, isolated village that didn't show up on any maps... And as far the rest of the world knew, it didn't even exist.

His parents had been keeping quite shocking secrets from him... Though for a good reason.... Yasha was special, his parents were scientists and well... He was the test subject. They had genetically engineered him. He had always been faster, stronger(even though he didn't look like it at all), and more agile than all the other boys. But that wasn't all... He has gifts, 'powers' you could say no one else had... Or at least he thought so.

His parents had not wanted to be involved with the company they were working for anymore who wanted them to make more biological weapons, and more 'super soldiers.' So instead, they escaped, and with Yasha too. They tucked themselves away in that tiny little village with only a run down church that didn't even have a priest, a shop, a barber, a police station, a bathhouse, and a river. Which was all surrounded by farmland. He was ripped away from that place, his parents left behind, and plunged into a new life of peril and danger at every turn.

With what little he knew about his parents being scientists and what they had done to him, he escaped to Moscow. There, his parents had said to meet a man named Misha Dementyev, a professor at the Moscow University. When Yasha came to him, on worn out and tired legs, he realized that this man only cared about himself... And saving his own skin. Misha called the police, the very people Yasha knew he had to try and avoid. He narrowly escaped from them... Now, lost and alone as ever and on the streets by himself.

On the first night of living on the streets though, he meets a gang of thieves and hustlers.... And Your Character just happened to be the leader of that gang of misfits. At first Your Character thought they could just rob the boy of any valuables or money he had... You had enough mouths to feed... Until the boy did the unthinkable and pulled a small knife on you. YOU! The supposed baddest street thug out there... At least you wanted to believe that. But this little runt of a kid had dared to pull a knife you!

Instead of pulverizing the boy... You start laughing. "You've got guts kid" you say and you catch his nose wrinkling up slightly at the word 'kid.' "I'm eighteen.. I'm not a kid" he retorted, only making you laugh again. "What's your name, kid?"

And thus their destinies became intertwined.... In more ways than one. Yasha's parents past had yet to stop haunting him... And as for your character... No matter where you ran, your past was always following you.
**Yasha will be around 19 0r 20. 18+ characters only.**


For ever since he can remember, MC has had a guardian looking out for him-- scaring away the bullies and cruel people who wish to cause him harm, or saving him from danger. MC originally though that this 'guardian' of his was in fact, a guardian angel... But boy was he wrong. Because he wasn't an 'angel' at all... But quite the opposite-- a demon. A demon who has been looking out for MC since he was young, has witnessed him grow into the young man he is today... And fallen for him.

But the demon isn't the only one with dark secrets... MC has quite the closet full of skeletons... And you could take that literally even.
For late at night, MC slips away out of his house, out from prying eyes... Including his little guardian demon's.... And kills people. Those who have wronged him, bullied him or hurt him, though he won't hesitate to kill innocents either if they stand in his way. MC's hands is coated in blood. And he loves it.

But what happens when one late night, something goes wrong and MC ends up wounded? And he comes stumbling back to his house, bursting into his room... Only to find his demon standing in a dark corner, waiting for him with his arms crossed over his chest and a slow, deadly smirk curling on his perfect lips as he murmurs in a silky, lethal voice, "my my darling, what do we have here?"


I'd really like to do an rp where MC can not touch anyone or it will mean pain and death for them. MC's touch is fatal to everyone... Except for YC strangely enough. But YC has an ability of his own, or more like a 'curse.' Whenever anyone looks into his eyes they are put under some kind of spell that makes them crazy... Bur when YC finds MC huddled up in a corner and bends down to see if everything is alright... and then MC looks up into YC's eyes... But is completely unfazed. Stunned, YC reaches out towards MC and manages to barely graze his skin. MC letting out a strangled noise of warning, which dies in his throat as he sees that... Nothing is happening to YC. He isn't dropping to the ground writhing in pain... He's perfectly fine.

YC can touch MC. And MC can hardly remember how long it's been since he last had human contact... YEARS. Most likely.
It is like an instant connection snaps in place between the two. They barely know each other, but YC is already dragging MC back to his place and finally sating MC touch-starved appetite... And MC sating YC's desire to have well... Somewhat, normal contact with another person without them going crazy on YC.
And for a brief but amazing moment, everything is perfect... Bur then MC wakes up the next morning and runs. Afraid that perhaps it was just a mess up, that if he continues to let YC touch him and be close to him he'll end up killing him sooner or later... But YC won't let MC go, not without a fight. And though MC is absolutely terrified, he wants nothing more but to be in YC's arms again.

Will they beat the odds together?

You never could have believed it if you hadn't seen it with your own eyes... But you had, you saw it... Your best friend since you guys were young(and just recently your crush), slay a demon. The small, adorable, seemingly innocent and naive male took a sword and plunged it straight into the monsters chest, a scary gleam in his eyes that you had never seen before... And honestly, it was kind of a turn on. To see your best friend get his hands dirty, face smeared with dirt and blood... But perhaps that was because you were half demon yourself.
Yeah, you could have a problem there Houston.
You were born from a human mother... Who had happened to end up in the bed with a demon. You were a half breed. But it wasn't just any demon that your dear mother had done the deed with, it was The demon. King of all demons... You guessed it, Satan. Lucifer himself. So technically, you were half a prince of the Underworld, a half-breed prince of Hell...
Too bad you couldn't tell your best friend... Too bad he was trying to kill off your kind. You.

Still, despite everything stacked against you, you are hopeful. Hopeful because you know one day, that you'll have your little hunter 'friend' wrapped around your finger, because you will stop at nothing to have him. Even when he's trying to slit your throat. Who said love didn't come with its challenges, right?

Glass Sky-
For the longest time he thought that if he just buried that side of him down... So down beneath his skin, that everything would be okay. That he could stay hidden and that no one would ever be able to disturb him again. He was just so damn tired of it all. Tired of having to get out of bed, of having to put on that godforsaken armor, strap those blood-soaked swords onto his back and fight. Kill. Destroy. But he was the best out of them all, and he was sick and tired of being it.

He was an avenging angel. An angel of death. A force not to be reckoned with, that most tended to run in fear from. But after awhile, after so many years of killing and slaughtering, he didn't want to do it anymore. But with someone like him... Someone with his certain... Abilities and skills, they wouldn't just 'let him go.' Oh no, he was more of a slave, a chained dog more than anything. Sent out when bid to do so, and then reigned back in when finished. He was so goddamn tired.

So one night, when the other angels were celebrating a victory over the demons, he slipped away-- escaped to the human realm. Down, down he went... Straight to earth. The first angel to touch human ground in centuries. And boy did it feel good.
But that wasn't the end. No, of course it wasn't, because that wouldn't be much of a story now would it?

YC happens to be on the opposing side of the light... For he was a demon. A powerful demon at that-- in fact-- he was one of Lucifer's heirs. But despite being an incredibly gifted demon, he had been bested on numerous occasions by the escaped angel over and over again. YC didn't know what about him stumped him, but it infuriated him every time he even thought about the angel. And then... YC hears the rumors... Rumors that the angel had slipped away from the heavenly realm and went down to the humans... And YC was absolutely thrilled.

Because you see, in the human realm-- YC can finally touch him-- and can finally defeat him. To humiliate the angel completely and claim him as his own dog. But tracking him down proves to be more difficult than YC had imagined in the first place. The angel had been glamouring himself, shoving down his angel side and locking it up as tightly as he could-- pretending to be human. Living in an isolated little house on the edge of quaint town, only going into town for supplies and on more than one occasion, a drink-- or multiple. You see, the angel is completely content to waste away on the cracked, rickety bar stool he sits at, drowning himself in booze and trying get himself drunk enough to forget all the blood on his hands. He thinks that it is better that way, to go like this, anything but being the pet he had been before, up there. Never again.

Or so he thinks.

Until in walks YC, the handsomest face he had seen in quite a long time, and the angel could feel it-- the power radiating from him. He knew he wasn't human the moment the angel laid eyes on YC. And YC knew exactly who the angel was the moment he zeroed in on him-- his prey. And so the little cat and mouse game began, either of them not knowing which one was the cat and the other the mouse... But what happens when a bounty is put on the angels head to be returned to the heavenly realm? When more than just YC comes in search for the run away angel... When two very different worlds collide?

Free Bird Fly

Feb 27, 2019
Content: modern world, supernatural, Were creatures/shape-shifting, mating, world-building, possible Mpreg(depending on partner), dark content/abuse/etc, multiple character rp, incredibly stubborn characters, etc.
**Based on the book 'Change of Heart' by Mary Calmes.**
Semel- The Semel is the leader of the tribe. They enforce the rules, uphold the law, and choose their Yareah if they cannot find their Reah/True Mate-- which if they find their Reah, they will mate with them for life and abandon their Yareah(s). The Semel brings logic and strength to their Reah, and they are the dominant one. Other Were's, no matter their status, will immediately know when a Semel is near because they radiate a kind of special raw and primal energy that is special to a Semel only. They are also one of two classes in the Were community (Reah's being the only others) to be able to shift in an 'in-between' form of both their man and beast form. They can shift to have only claws, fangs and some fur on their skin, as well as even feline ears and tail if they want. Other classes in the tribes cannot to do this, they can either be fully human or fully beast. The Semel will be very possessive of their Reah, their True Mate, if they find them, and are known to fly into 'Rages' if their Reah is threatened or hurt, or they feel jealousy. Semel's are known to have a hard time controlling their beast-selves when they shift completely, and their Reah's are really the only ones that can calm them down because of the Bond that they share that is like no other.

Reah- Reah's are incredibly rare and it is believed that they can only be female so that the Semel and the Reah, if found, can produce offspring and continue a blessed bloodline. However, since they are so rare about 1 in a million even, they are even more sacred and coveted. Reah's are meant to mate with a Semel, and the Semel and Reah will both know if they are 'True Mates' when their eyes meet and the Bond is forged once the Semel Claims his Reah with a mark to the back of his neck to show all Semel's who mate try to challenge him that the Reah is taken and Claimed. Once a Reah is claimed and Bonded with their Semel, no other Semel is allowed to touch them without the permission of the Reah's Semel, or they forfeit their life. A Reah is the yin to the yang of their Semel, each complimenting each other. While the Semel is logical and provides and has the almost overpowering primal energy surrounding them, the Reah brings compassion and softness, having a gentle and warm aura around them that draws people in-- though especially Were's.

Semel-re- A Semel who has found his Reah is known as the 'Semel-re,' the highest honor any Were could ever receive is finding their chosen mate and becoming Semel-re because it is so incredibly rare. In fact, it has been over a few decades since anyone has seen a new Reah. Semel-re also known as the 'seat of the eye,' a blessing. The couple is cherished and adored above all others among their tribe and even other Were's from other tribes might try to leave their old tribe to join the 'blessed' tribe.

Yareah- The are the 'wives' of the Semel, the leader of the tribe. A Semel may have multiple Yareah or chosen mates as he pleases. However, if he finds his chosen mate, normally they will get rid of their Yareah and choose to just keep their true mate.

Sheseru- They are the "champion" of the Reah. They will be their Reah's shield and defender. It is ingrained in their nature once their Semel finds their Reah to protect them and be their shield. If they have found an unmated Reah, they will often act on instinct and drag the unmated Reah to their Semel to see if it is their Semel's True Mate. They are also the 'enforcer' of the tribe and the muscle, they are the protectors.

Sylvan- They are the adviser of the Semel. They help run the daily life of their tribe so that their Semel can attend to other more pressing matters like war/bloodshed between other tribes, etc. They are the Voice of the Semel when he is away, unless the Semel has found their Reah and then the Reah is fully in charge unless they accompany their Semel on their trips away. They are also the 'keeper's' of the law, for the Sylvan of the tribe knows the law more than any other within the tribe, even more than their Semel. As well as being the keeper of the laws, they are also known as the 'shepherd' and teacher of the tribe, their role is often to speak on the behalf of others in tribal matters and affairs.

Khatyu- A fighter for the tribe, an underling.

Beset- Usually the Reah's closest friend, but the title of 'beset' is given to the Were who the Reah wants to be their guardian, and will follow them where ever they go, since they do not have the same limitations and responsibilities to the tribe as the Sheseru has. Their only oath really is to their Reah, to protect them and serve them as both guardian and companion.

Shield- A title a Were can claim for someone from a different tribe to act as their 'protector' and patron of sorts. Their Shield is responsible for them when in the Shield's territory, and if something were to happen, the Shield would take part of the punishment along with the person they shield.

(True) Mate- A "True" Mate is very rare and very precious, there have only been a few to have been so lucky as to find their chosen mate. Most Were's are forced to tend to just choose their mate, and Semel's taking Yareah's to bare their offspring and continue their bloodline in order to keep their tribes strong.

Maat- 'Maat' is a saying Were's often use. It means to be respectful and graceful, courteous. An example would be, that it would not be considered 'maat' for a mated Reah to be in the presence of another Semel without the Reah's mate.

Mentheul- An 'honor challenge.' Where to Were's challenge each other in a fight to the death, whether to claim a mate they both desire or to settle some other dispute. The Challenged

**There are other different Were animal tribes besides panthers of course, but these tribes are strictly werepanther's.**
**More can be added later.**


There wasn't anyone or anything like MC.. And to him, that was the worst thing in the world. He'd give anything to be normal, to be accepted, to not be gawked at. Too bad that nothing ever seemed to work out that way... Not for him at least. MC had been apart of a tribe, he use to have everything he ever wanted. A tribe who cared about him and who he had cherished, a family who he thought would love him no matter what... But he had been wrong, so very very wrong. For you see, MC wasn't just any old werepanther. For starters, his father was the sylvan of the tribe Anuket, but that's not what made MC special. For you see, MC was a rare black panther, there were very few who had the same dark ebony fur like MC... But that wasn't all. MC was also the only male Reah to ever be known in existence, and furthermore, MC was gay. Outraged, his tribes semel ordered MC to be banished from the tribe along with being punished. Shockingly enough... MC's father agreed with his semel, believing MC to be an 'abomination,' MC's whole family did, his father even participating in MC's punishment, beating him until he was black and blue and leaving him naked and bleeding on the side of a rode.
It was only until MC's beset and best friend found him that MC woke and with the help of his friend, was able to make a full recover... Sort of. Now that he was outed and banished from the only home he had ever known, they were on their own. MC was afraid, now having witnessed his own families violent reaction to him being a reah and gay to boot, his semel tossing him out like trash, MC hated that part of himself. So he kept that side of himself hidden. For six years he pretended to be just a normal Were, tried to stay away from other Were's and the tribes as much as possible. He knew if he were to meet others that they could possibly discover what he was, and then forcefully drag him to their semel to see if he was their True Mate. MC didn't want a mate, he did not want to be tethered to another person, to be dominated and bossed around. So he hid, for years that plan of his worked... Until one day, that all changed...

It was late at night, around 2 in the morning when MC and his beset were walking back to their crumby apartment after MC got done with his late night shift at the bar/club he worked at. That's when they both heard it... The female scream of help. Acting on instincts alone, MC and his friend shed their clothes and transformed into their werepanther forms. Perhaps it was because MC was a male reah, perhaps the first of his kind... but MC was different. While it usually took even the most powerful of Were's a minute or two (though usually longer for other) to shift, MC's shifting was seamless, like water. While most could 'feel' the shift, a wave of 'raw and primal energy rippling under their skin' is how most describe it, MC's shift is too fast for him to feel anything-- blink and you'll miss his transformation from man to beast. Not only was he fast in transforming, but his speed in general was incredible, while he lacked in brute strength he clearly made up for agility and quickness, as well as healing. MC was different to say the least, but all he considered himself as was a 'freak.'
They hurtled themselves to the source of the screaming. A young female clearly being followed by four males all with matching wicked grins as they started to corner her. That was, until MC and his beset showed up, putting themselves in the middle of the woman and the four men... MC expected to be met with more screams and cries of terror, instead all they were met with was cold and calculating stares from the attackers and even some snickers.
"What the fuck is this?" one asked with a small snarl in his voice. That's when MC knew... That none of them were just normal humans, humans would have immediately run at the sight of two panthers... No, they were Were's just like them... Well, not just like.
Still, it wasn't in MC's nature to let an innocent person to be attacked, no matter how panicked he was at being found out about. He launched himself at one of the four men and took them by surprise. They weren't expecting a smaller panther like him to be the one to make the first strike, and it had worked to MC's advantage. MC distracted the four while his friend coaxed the woman to shift into her panther form, a golden-brown coat of fur appearing as she transformed into her beast form... Then, they made into the night as fast as they could to get away from the pissed off Were males that would surely try to take another swing at them.

After awhile of running, they finally slowed and the woman called out to her tribe to alert them of where she was at that she was safe, and before MC let her thank him, he sped into the night again with his beset on his heels. They made their way back to where they had stored their clothes and shifted and changed. MC did not want to be caught with the woman, he did not want to meet anyone else from her tribe. It would only bring questions, and the semel of her tribe would most likely want to thank them personally, those kinds of things were dangerous... And if there was even a small chance the woman's semel could be his mate... He shuddered at the thought of it. No, he couldn't allow it to happen...
Too bad luck was never on his side.
For a car pulled up only a few minutes later after the pair had changed back and out stepped three other Were's. They introduced themselves as Khatyu from the tribe Mafdet... And the girl that MC had just saved? Was their semel's younger sister... MC had just saved the sister of a semel-- YC(the semel). They of course, wanted to take MC back to YC, their semel and leader of the tribe, but MC refused. They were confused and curious, but MC was adamant, he would not blow his cover. So instead, MC's beset invited them out to eat with them and they accepted, but MC could not wait to get home and be done with the day so it could be all over... Too bad that wasn't the end of it, oh no, that was just the mere beginning...

A couple days had passed after the incident with saving YC's sister. MC was trying to put it behind him, but he knew that sooner or later, someone could looking for him, like YC's sister wanting to thank him, wanting answers... Or worse, YC himself. Instead, three members of YC's tribe showed up one night at the bar MC works. Though they did not know who MC was, not until later. YC's Sheseru and two other Khatyu whom MC didn't recognize arrived, causing a ruckus in the back as the Sheseru had been drinking pretty heavily. MC had went over to put a stop to their nonsense, but the Sheseru was having none of it and flashed his teeth at MC. Perhaps it was because MC was overly tired or maybe it was just years of instincts being pushed down, but he did it back. But instead of being just normal human teeth, being a reah (or if you were a semel you also had this ability), he was able to transform his normal human teeth into his beast forms fangs and flashed them at the Sheseru in defense... And realized just how badly he fucked up immediately afterwards.
It wouldn't take long for the Sheseru to figure out what he had just seen what MC was. MC did not give off the wild and primal aura that semel's innately gave off. MC had a more gentle and warm aura, an aura that drew people in without them even realizing it, an aura that welcomed them to spill their secrets and talk to him.

"Reah" the Sheseru finally breathed out in astonishment and realization, his whole body visibly shaking in shock and awe. And there MC had it, the one word he hated to hear, had never wanted to hear again... They had discovered him.
But before the Sheseru could do anything, arms were being flung around him-- the scent filling MC's nose familiar but he couldn't quite place-- it was only after he pried the arms off from around his neck and pulled back to see the face that he realized. YC's sister, the semel's sibling had found him. And everything was finally starting to unravel...
Of course the Sheseru wanted to bring MC back to his semel, knowing now that he was reah and the one who had saved his semel's younger sister. But MC couldn't allow that to happen... So he lied. Lied start to the Sheseru's face. He told him that he was already a mated reah, that his beset(though the Sheseru didn't know that) was a semel and was his mate, and before they could question him further... He fled.

But that wasn't the end, not by a long shot.
Once word got out that there was in fact, a reah around, they started to appear... Semel's from different tribes hoping to get a glimpse into MC's eyes in hopes of MC being their True Mate... Because a semel without their reah left a hole in them that no matter how many yareah's they had, they could not fill it completely. MC refused them all, all their advances and threats to take him forcefully. It was only his knowledge of the Were Law that he was taught by his sylvan father that truly kept him safe.. For the most part, until they came again, demanding MC present himself to YC, since other semel's had the chance to see if MC was their True Mate, it was only fair if YC had a chance to... Not to mention they said, YC should also have the honor of meeting a reah at least once in his life.
Begrudgingly. and with the coaxing of his beset, he finally allowed the Sheseru to escort him to their semel, along with the company of the sylvan of YC's tribe as well. It wasn't everyday that you saw a reah, much less a male reah.

MC couldn't even put into words the dread he felt as they drove to YC's territory and to his home lodge. 'What were the chances of him being my True Mate when all the others weren't? One in a million for sure...' MC tried to reassure himself, but all he felt was the tightening in his gut as they got closer and closer to their destination... And finally, they were there, right on YC's front porch to his sprawling lodge.


YC could smell him before he saw him. Mate. It was like something-- someone-- was calling to him, making his blood boil. No one had ever made him feel this way. Not even the yareah from another tribe he was suppose to mate with and form a covenant treaty between the two tribes. For all these years, he believed himself to be straight only having taken female lovers before... That was, until YC set his sights on MC, until their eyes locked for the first time and that instant connection was forged just by one simple look. Mate.
YC knew it, MC knew it-- though he did not want to admit, he couldn't, YC could sense it-- this terrified him for some reason. But YC wasn't simply going to let him go, not when reah's were so rare-- and YC never having believed that a male reah could exist, was more than a little shocked-- but finding your True Mate?-- even rarer. Never in a million years had YC thought that he'd find his True Mate, his Bonded partner...
He had a duty, as a semel, to continue his bloodline for his tribe. To put his tribe before himself, always... But this, this thing that was calling to him, making his heart pound harder than any time before... He could not ignore. He could not let MC slip from his fingertips.
And while most of his family and his tribe were incredibly overjoyed to find that not only had YC discovered his true mate, but a reah as well, some were... Less than thrilled, thought the same things that MC's father had thought.

That MC was an abomination, that MC could not continue a bloodline, that he would not encourage other Were's to join their ranks, to join their tribe... And further more, MC had just barge right in, right when YC and his tribe were beginning to celebrate the union between the yareah of another tribe and the semel of the Mafdet tribe... MC had taken away the chance of a treaty between the two tribes. And some were very very angry about this, namely YC's father who could not believe that his son would be willing to throw everything away for MC.
But YC is stubborn (almost as stubborn as MC), and he won't give up. He would face the challenges presented to him... And he would not give MC up so easily.
To MC, YC is a shock and enigma, when their eyes met... MC could feel it too, the heat sizzling beneath his skin and calling to his wild panther nature... YC was hypnotizing and breathtaking, and their souls called to each other... But MC was afraid, afraid of the mark and bond that would ultimately tie them together for life... Will they overcome all the obstacles in their long path together? Can YC show MC... Show to truly love without restraint?


There is a place-- a forest-- full of magic and amazing creatures that live there. The forests name? The Avalon Forest-- also known as as Auallonia (which means Avalon in Latin). The forest is incredibly powerful, the very trees filled with ancient magic-- as ancient as the land itself. And for thousands and thousands of years, it has been known as the 'birthplace of all magical beings and folk.' The hub of magic, the Mother of Myths. Its location has also been a very closely guarded secret to all good magical creatures, for both who still live in Avalon and those who have spread out-- the biggest rule among them is to never ever disclose the location of Avalon to anyone who is non-magical or seeks to do them harm. And for thousands upon thousands of years, that secret has been kept... Until now.

On the opposing side of the magical folk are known as the Venandi-- or the 'Hunter's.' An incredibly powerful organization who seeks to capture all magical folk and enslave them for their own gain and pleasure-- as well as destroy Avalon-- to lay claim to the magical forest in order to fully control all magical folk. They have waged this war for almost as long as Avalon has been around... And currently, the Venandi are winning.

The Hunter's have finally discovered the location of Avalon. Though none of the magical folk knows who or how they managed to discover them, it doesn't matter anymore... For they are coming, and they will stop at nothing to get their hands on the fair, innocent creatures who have been living peaceful lives in Avalon for many years. They will tear it all down.

This battle, this war for a world full of magic, light and peace between a world full of darkness, despair and chaos...? Begins with our characters... Will it be the beginning of the end? Or the start of something new?

-This will require a bit more brainstorming and planning. I also plan on giving more information about the land/kingdoms and the creatures as well.
-We will be playing multiple characters for this, creatures, hunters, regular humans, etc.
-Side characters that we decide to play out romantic relationships with can be sekes/switches, unless you'd just like to play the seme/top for them.


Anyone want to do a storyline where there are two brothers (so yes, incest) where they were separated at a young age. The younger brother(my character), was kidnapped by a shadowy organization of top-notch assassins. They trained and brainwashed him to be stealthy, seductive, cunning, manipulative and absolutely lethal. A killer, a completely different person from what he had been when he was younger... Full of light, innocence and happiness. YC on the other hand, as a completely different life. After the disappearance of his younger brother, after months (years) still searching and holding out hope that his baby brother was alive, YC threw himself into work. Trying to keep himself as busy as possible, getting away from their shitty home life after high school, graduating from a top university and becoming an incredibly wealthy and incredibly powerful young business... Yet still, YC can't escape the pain of losing his younger brother, desperate for answers. YC has gotten into some shady business trying to figure out these answers, but is a very careful and cautious man, he hasn't been caught... Or so he had thought, that's about to change...

And everything shatters out of control.

MC receives a topnotch contract from his superiors. MC has been on many missions before, being one of-- if not the best-- assassins of his organization. But this mission... This mission is different-- because he knows this target. His long abandoned big brother... Now on the receiving end of MC's kill order. Commanded to silence the one person who MC has ever loved and cared for. Even still, MC accepts the mission, and plans to carry it out... This is his life now... Or so he thinks.
For when he arrives late at night at YC's house/office, MC just can't do it. He can't kill him. He can't kill his older brother, the only person who had ever truly looked after him and loved him. Who the hell would want to kill YC? How much has really changed since their lives had been torn apart? MC wondered these things as he stared down at YC's sleeping face... And then, YC's eyes snap open and he sees him.

The boy he had been so desperately wanting to see for so very very long. Holding a fucking gun to his head yet still looking completely scared out of his mind. And then-- MC bolts for the door-- but before YC gives him a chance to slip through his fingers he will never let him get away again, YC grabs his wrists and pin him against the wall, their bodies crushed together for the first time in years. Everything falling into place and feeling so goddamn right. As YC can't help but whisper, no matter what had happened just a few seconds ago, "oh how I've missed you..."

-There will be a bit of an age gape between my character and your character, but mine will of course be 18+. Probably in his early twenties, at the youngest, 19. YC will be at least a few years older than him.


Okay, so there is this fantasy world, ruled by a beautiful, powerful and lethal race... The Fae. Ancient and immortal beings who have been around for thousands of years. The Fae have always kept reign over the kingdoms, though letting other races and the mortal humans keep guard and rule some of the smaller holdings at times— everyone knows who is truly in charge. Except, currently, there has been a rift forming between the Fae and the humans especially. The humans fear the Fae(like all other species should), however a growing hatred has reached its peak. With wars raging and both human and Fae alike being slaughtered on a daily basis. The humans have grown stronger in the past couple decades, have somehow managed to take control of many of their holdings. For these past years, humans have grown stronger, the wealthy and powerful having found ancient relics from the past that grant them their own magical abilities.
It is the mortals against the immortals, humans against the Fae. Both sides taking prisoners, both sides slaughtering innocents on each side.

For our characters, I’m thinking YC is the prince of the Fae— or maybe even the newly minted king of the Immortals. YC is incredibly powerful, wealthy and influential. Many fear him, even just whisper of his name is enough to get people shuddering.... However, despite seeming to have it all, YC is missing the most important thing of all... His mate.
You see, every Fae has their own mate— a bond stronger than any marriage contract— perhaps even the strongest bond of them all in the entire world. Mates are said to be pre-destined before the Fae is even born— still in their mother’s womb— it is incredibly powerful and extremely hard to resist. Once a Fae scents or manages to catch sight of their mate, the bond automatically begins to snap into place, and is fully sealed with the mating ‘Mark’ during sex. They are bound together forever until death, and Mates are incredibly protective of each other. Bonded pairs can feel their mates emotions when they are running high, but even stronger connections that are forged some say that bonded pairs can communicate telepathically, though bonds like that are incredibly rare to come by.

Unfortunately for YC, he has never felt such a bond... not even a mere flicker. Until one day... Or one night really. During a masquerade ball no less...
It is YC’s birthday and he allowed his family to through a (much too) elaborate ball. That is when he scents something absolutely divine.... MC.
MC has been trying to remain undetected for a long time now. You see, MC has a terrible secret... He, is a half-breed... but that isn’t even the worst part, but we will get to that later. MC has been passing himself off as just a human, and just recently acquired a job as a servant working in the Fae palace. But he isn’t completely human... For while his father was human, his mother was a full-blooded Fae. Which makes him half Fae.... The first half-breed in many, many years.... But now comes the kicker.
MC’s mother— was a Fae Queen. That’s right, which makes MC... a half-breed prince. Problem is, the moment people heard of a Fae— a Queen none the less— cavorting with human— and then having a baby— they were outraged. On both sides— but the Fae were the ones to strike first. Sending in elite assassins, MC’s parents were slaughtered in their sleep, and MC almost along with them if he hadn’t been smuggled out of the castle. Though he was believed to have been killed as the castle was then set on fire, no bodies were able to be recovered... And so MC went into hiding, burying his Fae side as deep as he could get it.

Until one fateful night, it was almost ripped completely out of him.

For a half-breed, MC had some rather amazing gifts— gifts that he thought was a curse. He hates his Fae side for what they did to his parents, to him, and so he took in his human side instead, trying just be a regular boy. MC has been hiding and living life on the edge since then, always looking over his shoulder, wondering if one day, those same assassins that killed his parents would come and find him, and finish the job....
But then that night arrives, the night that spins his life out of control. The night where MC realizes he has a mate... And it’s none other than the prince/king of all Fae.

YC only caught a whiff... A whiff of that intoxicating scent that practically drove him mad... And a glimpse, peek of molten eyes that glowed and we’re locked solely on him... As if the crowded ballroom held no one at all but the two of them... YC’s mate. HIS mate. But then he is gone... Running so fast out of the ballroom he is a blur, the only thing left was that sweet, lingering scent of his... YC has found his destined mate, and he had run from him.

Unfortunately for MC, YC loved the game of cat and mouse... And YC has the nasty habit of always getting what he wanted.... But perhaps this time... Even he will get more than he wished for.


-Possibly more brainstorming for this idea.


I'd really like to do a Robin Hood type of RP. Where MC(my character) is the 'Robin Hood' figure, who steals from the rich to give to the poor and his band of loyal misfits and other thieves working side by side together, living deep in the heart of a forest outside of the kings city. YC(your character) I'm thinking can either be the king who has been wanting to capture Robin (my character) once and for all and make an example out of him. Or perhaps YC could be an elite hunter that the king has hired to hunt down Robin and bring him in for him. Either way, it will be quite an interesting cat vs. mouse game.


-More plotting required for this storyline.
-Definitely will be a multi-character rp. I want to play the other boys in Hood's gang, and possibly other nobles and royalty as well.


I have been mulling this idea over for awhile, and now I'm finally posting an outline for it, so here goes it! I want to do an roleplay where there is this school/academy, but not just any school-- a special school-- a supernatural school. A school for werewolves to be exact known as the 'Silver Crescent Academy (for Wolves).' Also known as SCA(W) for short. There, young wolves learn how to control their more animalistic instincts, learn how to harness their unique abilities and skills, which Head Pack they belong to, and also, to find their mate. You see, when a werewolf is born, they automatically have a 'Sub-Pack' which is the Pack that their parents are in(which would be their Head Pack), until their abilities manifest. You see, when werewolves were created by the great and beautiful Goddess known to them as 'Luna,' she gave seven wolves special abilities of the elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Light, Shadow... And Moon Energy, also known as "Essence." The first six wolves with the abilities to control Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Light and Shadow were known as the 'Guardian's,' and as they had their own families and more werewolves came into the world. some pieces of their gifts were passed down-- though not as powerful as the Guardian's-- these wolves who had some semblance of the Guardian's gifts were known as the 'Keeper's.' Now you may be wondering, what about the wolf with the ability to harvest Moon Energy? Well, that wolf was special. And only one wolf at a time could ever be able to harvest and control Essence, and they were known as the 'Primordial.' But also simply known as the 'Silver Wolf,' for they had fur of the purest most brilliant silver that when caught the right light, looked like liquid moonlight shimmering beautifully.

The Guardian's and the Primordial were created by the Great Goddess Luna in order to keep balance over the earth, to make sure everything stayed in order. So after every Guardian and the Primordial passed on to the Great Hunting Grounds in the Sky (basically the werewolf version of Heaven), they were reborn in a never ending cycle of death and rebirth-- to keep the peace. The Guardian's and Primordial were cherished above all else, they were heroes and champions and who were not them envied them.

One fateful, that envy manifested itself fully in one particular wolf... A wolf with the blackest of fur who although was not the Shadow Guardian, had incredible abilities to control and manipulates shadows to his will. But he wanted more. This wolf's name was Vengra, and he wanted to control the moons energy, he desired to be the next Primordial, and he'd do anything to get his hands on that kind of power. Even if it meant making a deal with the dark and pure evil demon known as 'Tenebris.' Who was the opposite of Luna, who stood for purity, peace, compassion-- for good. While Tenebris stood for corruption, chaos, destruction, darkness, evil. And the moon always had two side... One dark and one light. Through the deal he made with Tenebris, Vengra could now harness Dark Essence, dark Moon Energy that was corrupt to its core and destroyed everything in its path-- and his fur-- his fur seemed to turn obsidian. darker than night, darker than any black. The Dark Wolf.

He slaughtered many of the Guardian's much to the Primordial's horror, and was about to enslave the Silver Wolf to his will-- to make him his mate and force him to use his powers for his own purposes when the Silver Wolf made the ultimate sacrifice. His own life force, all the energy that flowed through his body... Released in one final, brilliant explosion of pure Essence that seemed to completely obliterate the Dark Wolf's body.
Despite the incredible loss, people believed that they were now free from the Dark Wolf's terrible control... Unfortunately that was not the case, for the Dark Wolf's spirit was not destroyed... It had managed to tether itself to the world, now it stayed, lingering on Earth and searching for the perfect host body to finally complete his goal... Watching and waiting for the perfect time to strike...

But that was not all... It seemed, that the cycle of death and rebirth was broken. For while the Guardian's seemed to have been reborn years later, the Primordial was no where to be found, and rest assured they had looked everywhere... Or so they thought. Who would ever dare hide the Primordial from them? They thought... But someone did.

MC1(my character one) is the 'long lost' Silver wolf. He has been in hiding ever since he could remember, since he was born. When His ears and tail came in, his parents immediately began to dye the gorgeous brilliant silver fur to a dull grayish color, redyeing it over and over again when it faded to ensure than no one ever saw his true colors. He was forbidden to shift in public and in front of others, afraid that something could possibly go wrong. His parents tried their hardest to keep him from the Academy's clutches, they did not want their son to end up like the last Primordial... And if MC1 was being honest, he did not want to responsibility of being the 'Silver Wolf,' he did not want that kind of power. Though he would have liked to have been able to be himself. Unfortunately, that could not be... Not if he wanted to be snatched away.

Too bad that happened anyways. For the Academy found them, and although they were still completely oblivious to the fact that MC was the one they were truly looking for, they still required every and all werewolves to attend SCA. So finally, they had caught up to him... And MC was forced to pack his bags and be whisked away to the famous Silver Crescent Academy.
It was nothing like he expected.
Wolves from far and wide came to the Academy to learn and study, to discover their special abilities... And also their mates.
You see, every wolf (even half-breeds, as long as someone even only had a drop of wolf blood in their veins, it was still possible for them to have a 'true' mate), had a 'true mate.' When you found your true mate, the connection would begin to form instantly with just mere eye contact. The draw of the bond instantaneous, though it would not fully form until the Blood Rites were performed. Which was a sacred ceremony between true mates where each wolf would bite and drink the others blood to seal the connection. True Mates could sense each others emotions, could tell when their other half was feeling down or happy, when they were hurt. Some even said that if the bond was even stronger, they could communicate telepathically together through their thoughts.

A little more about the werewolf community, they were broken up into three types-- Alpha's, Beta's and Omega's. Alpha's were the leaders and the heads of the individual packs, dominant, aggressive, more territorial and possessive in nature than the other two types. Beta's were usually the second in commands, the underlings of the Alpha's and incredibly loyal to them, stronger and more agile than the Omega's though they didn't come close to an Alpha's strength or speed. Finally, the Omega's, which tended to be smaller, not as powerful though were much more fertile than Alpha's or Beta's (this can include male pregnancy if you are okay with that and are up for it, though it wouldn't happen between our characters for awhile obviously). They tended to be looked more down upon and deemed not as important considering not many Omega's ever turned out to be Guardian's, and the Primordial had never ever been an Omega... Until now, not until MC1 was born. Just another reason why his parents had hidden him away. Afraid he might also be scorned by the wolf community for what he was.

Furthermore, when it came to figuring out what abilities a wolf had, a good indicator also happened to be fur color.
Brown wolves tended to gravitate to either being able to control/manipulate Earth or Water.
Grey wolves were usually Air manipulators.
Red wolves were usually fire controllers.
White wolves usually controlled Light.
And black wolves tended to be able to manipulate Shadows.
Although it wasn't exact science and they preferred to wait until their abilities truly and fully manifested themselves, the color of their ears/tail (in human form) or their fur color (in wolf form) usually was almost always right to indicate what type of element they could manipulate with only a few exceptions.

Now you may be wondering, how were the Guardian's and the Primordial were identified? They were Marked. Marked with a simple black crescent moon tattoo on the back side of their left or right hand, it also had an outline of a particular depending on what element each Guardian could control-- green for earth, blue for water, grey for air, red for fire, white for light, black for shadow and silver for Essence.
MC1 had this mark on his right hand, but in order to make sure no one ever saw it, he was forced to wear gloves on his hands at all times. He was very careful and diligent about hiding who he really was... But that was all about to come crashing down around him when he came to the Academy. For there were many, many more prying eyes.... Eyes like YC1's(your character one).

YC1 was an Alpha, a prince to his father's head pack... But not only that... But one of the six Guardian's (you can chose which one). YC had gone to the Academy for a couple years now, and he had grown up revered and spoiled as well as not only one of the Guardian's, but as an Alpha and next in line to become the Head Alpha of his father's pack as well. But there was just one thing he didn't have that killed him... And that was his true mate. Now finding your true mate was incredibly hard, if not impossible for most, and YC1 was about ready to give up as he was going into his next year at the Academy... That was, until he smelled it... A tantalizing scent that drew him crazy like no other... A scent that could only belong to his true mate... The problem was, he had no idea who it was... The scent... It was off somehow, though YC1 could not place it... There was something wrong about it. Like it wasn't fully there, wasn't fully complete, like it was hiding something. And no matter how hard YC1 tried, he could not trace it, all it did was swarm him.

Little did YC1 know that it happened to belong to MC1... An Omega who happened to be hiding a secret of a lifetime. And oh if only YC1 knew... And he would, sooner or later... No matter what, YC1 would track down whoever it was, he would find them and demand to know what was wrong. Little did he know the answers he was looking for was right in front of him. From the moment YC1 laid eyes on MC1 something had tugged him forward, to befriend the strange little Omega wolf with dull grey fur. YC1 could not believe MC1 as he was then, was his mate, so YC1 had not seen it... Had not seen MC1 for who and what he truly was... But strange things have been happening, particularly when MC1 is around.
And YC1 can't help but notice it, that and the strange way in which MC1 conducts himself-- always so secretive and closed off-- never really answering any personal questions, avoiding them like the plague. Furthermore, YC1 never ever saw the other boy shift into his wolf form, it was like was too terrified to do so... So what on earth could he possibly be hiding?
Rest assured YC1 would get to the bottom of it.

But that isn't their biggest problem, far from it. For there is a storm coming... A dark storm full of vengeance, hate, corruption and power... A dark power, a dark essence that the old wolves have heard of before... About the tales of Vengra, the Dark Wolf who slaughtered half of the Guardian's and planned to bind the Silver Wolf to him as his mate... That this Dark Wolf is back, that he has re-manifested himself in a brand youthful body... Ready to take his place at the head of every and all wolf packs... And to capture what he considers his once and for all... 'His' Silver Wolf.

But our characters won't let this go down... Not without a fight. And with the wolves most powerful forces slowly starting to gather together, lines will be drawn, bonds will be formed, and battles will be waged... Both from the heart and on the field... And the only question is...
Who will reign over them all in the end?


**We will be playing multiple characters. All side characters will be seke/switches unless you’d like to just play semes/tops. Other side characters will be the other Guardian’s, regular students, staff. Etc. Also it would be great if you could play the Dark Wolf if you are comfortable. Feel free to ask any questions.**
**All characters will be 18 years old or older.**
**Please tell me if you are okay with Mpreg.**


MC is an angel, and one of the most famous ones at that. For he is known not only for his beauty, but for gorgeous wings, the most stunning of them all the others say. For one look upon the divine feathers would have an average mortal mind spinning with uncontrollable lust and jealousy.
YC on the other hand, is the prince of darkness, of demons and of the Fallen. Deadly, lethal, desirable. YC always gets what he wants no matter what the cost, he'd do anything to obtain what he lusts after the most... And then, his current obsession? The most adored angel of them all, MC. YC has been watching, waiting, stalking, gathering information on MC to find the perfect time to strike... And then he does. Snatches MC right out of the very sky that MC thought he owned.

And then, MC was imprisoned. Chained and strung up like the ultimate trophy. Something to show off what YC was truly capable of, of the incredible power he had coursing through his veins... To be able to bend a pure being such as MC-- an angel-- to his will. For a long time MC was lost to YC's whims, after fighting for awhile and trying not to cave, trying not to break and give into him. MC could not last, not matter how many centuries passed by. He became YC's slave, worse, his pet. Practically purring at his very touch.

This continued for a long, long time... And YC grew more relaxed, lazy even, in his awareness of MC and any signs of rebellion that began to spark back up again. No way would he attempt to escape from YC he thought, believing whole-hearted that he had MC trapped under his intoxicating spell. Little did he know what MC was really planning... To destroy what MC thought YC held dear the most... MC's wings.
So one night, after spent pleasing YC, he acted. Taking the sharpest blade he could find... And severing his beautiful wings from his back in two swift cuts. Pain he had never experienced before bloomed through the angel... But he was free. Or so he thought... Free from what bound MC to YC. Believing that YC would not desire him anymore, would find him repulsive without his feather appendages... Boy was he wrong.

Yes, YC was furious-- beyond that-- his dear pet... Had hurt himself. Had mutilated himself and his wings.... His wings were no longer. And not only that, but the angel had run from him.
He had made a fool of YC, lulling him into a false sense of security, that MC had been content with YC as well, that MC had fallen for YC... Just as much as YC... Had fallen for MC.
And that was what burned the prince of darkness the most. His one true obsession, his love, had fled from him... And there was no way in the seven rings of Hell would he let that fly by... Oh no. YC was determined, not only to gain back MC at whatever cost... He was determined to keep him for good.

And what of MC? All those many, many years with the prince of demons... Getting to know him truly for what he really was. That he wasn't as evil and corrupt as people thought, that there was some light in him left... Even if it was small. It shown through, especially when MC was around he saw it as clear as day. Will he be able to deny the feelings he tries so hard to forget? Will he be able to continue to resist the temptation of YC? What will happen when MC begins to realize his wings are starting to grow back? And what about the constant war between the light and the dark? The angels vs. the demons? Neither side will like what is stirring between the two... So the real question is, will love conquer all? Or will it destroy?


MC and YC are brothers (or they could be step-brothers if you'd like). Bonded by blood... But that's not all. They also share the same curse... Though they both may not see it as such.
That's right, monsters, sharp fangs, absolutely lethal beauty, glinting eyes and blood... So much blood. They were both turned together by the same Sire, though that happened a very long time ago. They have been together ever since, both trying to acclimate themselves with their new immortality. YC saw the Vampirism as a gift, he was stronger, more agile, faster-- so much faster-- and he could do things that no normal human could ever do. MC on the other hand, believed it was a curse. He did not want it, and he resented their Sire for what he did to him while his brother revered the much older vamp.
Still, MC stayed by YC's side no matter what, MC loved his older brother... And YC felt the same way about MC as well.... Perhaps more so than brothers ever should. You see, the sparks of romance had already begun to bloom even before they became vampires. Though they had tried to squash it during that time, bury it deep down... But with YC's newfound abilities and strength, he wouldn't let anything or anyone come between him and his younger brother. No one.

A thin, delicate string always seemed to be tethered between the two brothers... But it wasn't until they both became vampires did it fully snap into place and grow into an unbreakable bond.
That's what MC and YC were, but it was crazy, they both knew it... It was wrong... But how could something so wrong feel so damn right? And so they sealed it.
Performing a forbidden ritual between the two vampires. Now the ritual wasn't forbidden between a vampire and a human as for vampires it was common to take human 'pets.' But it was strictly forbidden between two vampires-- the Blood Bond.
But they did it in.
Now everything really was sealed in blood. Unbreakable.

You see, while YC always had quite a bit of control when it came to sucking blood that is and not losing himself to bloodlust, it was the opposite for MC. It was hard to control himself, which was why MC had sworn off drinking straight from humans. Instead stealing blood for hospitals or drinking from animals. Now YC did not like it one bit, he thought it was making MC weaker and making him 'stoop low.' So that's why YC suggested the Blood Bond between the two... That, and because he wanted MC, desired him, wanted to possess him. Not really knowing any better and also wanting to be with YC, MC agreed... And so the bond was formed.

But what will happen when everything begins to unravel? What happens when the other vampires find out what they have done to one another? And about what they are to one another.... And what about YC, losing himself to the bond and the urges to keep MC all to himself? And worst of all... What will happen when their Sire makes a reappearance?
Things will definitely get much more interesting... For better or for worse, only time will tell...

Free Bird Fly

Feb 27, 2019

**Based on the yaoi manga and new anime ‘Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu’ (which I HIGHLY recommend!!)**

My character (MC), has been the #1 Most Desirable Actor of Japan for quite some time, five years to be exact... Until your character (YC) comes blundering in. A slightly younger, much less experienced but blooming actor who quickly stole the spotlight from MC sand replaced him as #1.
But YC has a ‘secret.’ Ever since MC and YC first worked together a couple years ago, back when YC was just a starting out in his acting career, YC had fallen for MC. Despite his cool and serious attitude and sometimes down-right hostile act towards YC, YC has caught glimpses of the soft side of MC, and fell for the older male... And made it his ultimate mission to reach MC’s level... To stand by his side as equals... And make MC his. And that day finally came, YC cast as the leading role to a movie and MC the co-star, YC finally gets his chance! On equal if not better footing than the last time! And this time... This time YC won’t let MC get away. Because YC might be dubbed Japan’s “angel” publically... But when it comes to MC, he is very willing to fight dirty if it means getting what he desires most... My character. But MC, being an extremely proud and stubborn man won’t just give in without a fight! Hell no! He is willing to take YC on, on and off the stage... Evem though he quickly comes to realize... That only makes YC want to chase him more.

Omegaverse, alternate earth, fantasy, supernatural creatures, true mates, possible threesome, multiple characters world building, dark content, enslavement.
Set in an alternate Earth, the world has been divided-- between the Shifters/Weres and then humans. There has been a war between the two species that has lasted centuries. The Weres believing they are the 'superior' species because they have the ability shift between a human form and one animal form, as well as enhanced strength, speed, agility and the five senses. The Shifters are also separated into three different classes of a very strict hierarchical cast system. Alpha's, Beta's, and Omega's. Alpha's and Beta's being the most common while Omega's are an extreme rarity that are seen as 'prizes.' Alpha's are the strongest and fiercest of them all, natural-born leaders and dominate to the very core. Their Beta counterparts are a lesser version of them, and Beta's are also more passive, better mediators and second-in-commands. As for Omega's, the rarest of them all, they are the exact opposite of Alpha's. They aren't nearly as strong and naturally suppose to be submissive, Alpha's and Omega's have the most natural connection than any other pairing-- and it is very frowned upon if an Omega takes any other rank as a mate-- society seeing it as a complete "waste." Another thing? Omega's are only known to be female... Until MC came along. And fucked up anyone's and everyone's expectations of what an Omega male was suppose to be like.

Definitely not like MC.
And that wasn't all he was hiding.

The war between Shifters and humans has been reaching its breaking point. Shifters see humans as playthings and entertainment. The humans get the shittest jobs, the lowest on the totem pole. It is no secret to anyone that humans are the hottest commodity on the Market, Alphas snatching up the beautiful and skillful ones to either add to their 'Collections' or to sell to other wealthy Alpha's or Beta's.
YC is no different.... Or so he would have others believe.
YC is by far, one of the most wealthiest and powerful of Shifters-- a wolf Shifter-- Wolves being the biggest clan of of Shifters in the world over any other type of Shifter. YC has been in the human trade for awhile now, knowing the ins and out like the backs of his hands. He has gathered quite the wealth, power, and reputation of a ruthless, cunning business man. Where it is a dog eat dog world (quite literally), there is no room for error in YC's playbook... Until MC comes barreling into his life.

When YC went to one of his many holding facilities for humans, he had expected it just be a regular check up and see how things were running... But it was anything but that. YC did not expect to have a human male come crashing through one of his windows, intent on breaking out as many humans as he could. YC had been completely, utterly, caught off guard. For what felt like the first time in his entire life, YC was completely flabbergasted-- and intrigued. Caught quite literally red handed in the act, MC was trapped-- things had not gone how he had planned-- not at all.

For you see, MC wasn't your normal 'everyday human,' Hell-- he wasn't even human-- not completely. In the last couple years, MC had made it his mission to break out as many humans as he could within the top secret facilities that the wealthy Shifters prided themselves on being 'impenetrable.' Well they were wrong-- because MC had managed to break into five and release every single human confined in them... Until now.
MC had always thought that Shifters were heartless bastards for what they did to the poor humans-- especially the Alpha's. He hated them with a passion... Which perhaps could be surprising considering MC was half of one. A hybrid in more precise terms. Half wolf shifter... Half human... And Omega to boot, but MC never realized that until he came face to face with YC. And boy was that revelation Earth shattering-- and there was only more to come. MC has had to hide his existence, what he truly was, for as long as he could remember. When he was born, his mother immediately knew he was different-- special in a way that MC would not be able to truly grasp until much much later-- she knew that she had to keep what he really was a secret, the deepest darkest secret. So she had him glamoured to look completely human-- the wolf ears and tail he had in his true form completely invisible-- they did not exist... Not unless the glamour was torn away like a curtain.

Not wanting someone as interesting and as ballsy as MC to get away, YC tried to capture him-- surprised by his speed and before MC could make to the nearest exit YC yelled out a commanding; "FREEZE."
And that had every muscle, every bone in MC's body locking up-- as if under a fucking spell. MC could literally not move, frozen in place. Just by one word, by the compulsion in YC's voice. YC had MC right where he wanted him, and immediately strolled over to claim his prize. And it was only then-- then did YC realize-- the intoxicating scent hitting straight in the face what MC was... an Omega. And not just any Omega, not just a male Omega, the first of his kind he was sure-- but his Omega.

For only that sort of level of Compulsion could mean one thing... They were true mates.

If Omega's are rare, True Mates are practically an impossibility. Many Shifters have died trying to find their soulmate, their other half that completes their soul 100%. So if one were to find their true mate, it wasn't just fucking lucky, it was a divine blessing from Luna (the Wolves moon Goddess) herself. YC had always resigned himself to the fact that he'd probably never ever find his destined mate, he had never met anyone who had, it was really that extremely rare... And not only that because even if he were to meet his true mate, he wouldn't be able to fully commit because the Omega would be female and YC knew he had always and only ever will prefer the romantic company of men... And then MC surprised the fucking hell out of him, completely blowing away all those fears and impossibilities.

A male Omega. His Omega. How was that even possible? Not to mention from what YC could see-- MC was human.
But even that 'small' inconvenience did not deter YC-- if anything it only fueled his intense desire and curiosity even more. Who the hell was MC?
YC also knew from the looks of it MC would rather throw himself back out the damned window than ever submit to the likes of him, so YC made MC a proposition...
'Become mine, and I will release every human I hold in my facilities, replace them as my one and only pet.'
MC is stunned, an Alpha of all people is offering him a deal? Though not without one hefty price tag.... To trade himself over to being someone else plaything... In order to save thousands of other humans from the same fate.

MC (begrudgingly) accepted.
And so the deal was sealed... The bond forged between destined mates cemented that very same night. There was no time to waste, not when MC was the only male Omega in existence, and YC was hungry-- so very hungry to claim what he believed to be rightfully 'his.'
And in that moment when the mating bite was pressed into MC's soft flesh-- the biggest revelation of all was revealed.

That MC was not just human... He was a hybrid.
The glamour torn into ribbons, the beautiful silvery wolf ears and tail he had been hiding all his life on full display. Exposed.
And YC had never been so breathless, so taken back, so stunned in his entire life.

All the stories his mother would tell him late at night trying to put him to bed... The stories he was sure other wolf Shifter mothers told their young pups at night to put them to sleep... The fantastical stories of a beautiful wolf with the most loveliest of fur-- practically liquid silver... blessed by Luna's hands herself... the Silver Wolf. The one person that could help bring peace between the warring Shifter clans... And between the humans... to an end.

He. Was. Real.
He. Was. His. Mate.

And things just got a hell of a lot more complicated.



-First off I want to apologize for the elaborate, long plot, I wanted to get out as many details I possibly could to make it easier to understand. But I'll be adding a few more additional notes here!-

1. The bond between True Mates is much more different than that of a selected mate. True Mates have a much deeper connection when the mating bite is sealed. They can sense each others emotions and feeling when the bond is open between them, some even with the strongest of connections can communicate telepathically. For YC's and MC's bond, I'm thinking that perhaps even MC is able to 'see' through YC's eyes when he's in wolf form, experience what he does when he's running free, as MC can not shift into a full wolf-- only have some of the physical attributes like the ears, tail and retractable claws of a wolf.

2. The prophecy of the Silver Wolf use to be believed widely a long long time ago back in simpler times when the Shifters were more in tune with their animal selves. Now, everyone dismisses as a fantastical tale to tell young kids, to keep them hoping for peace and harmony one day. However, not everyone is eager for the Silver Wolf. The High Council of example, both hates and fears the prophecy. The High Council are a group of twelve Shifters of different types who govern the rest of the Shifters as well as the humans-- and they like the chaos-- they thrive off of it, and they do not want the Silver Wolf coming in and messing up that nearly invincible power they have.

3. YC is not as heartless as he makes himself out to be. Yes he does take in humans, but he makes sure that they are well treated, well taken care of, that they are happy and not abused like so many others are. With so many humans being plucked straight from the streets, YC tries to take in as many as he can in order to save them from harsher masters and mistresses. They are practically free, have the run of the mill at the facilities except for when on 'Inspection Day's' where one or more Council members will tour facilities (they do this to make sure there are no 'sympathizers'), and YC makes sure to put on a extremely believable act of being the cruelest Alpha possible, but those who truly know him know that he is not really a monster.

4. Compulsion. Only Alpha's have this ability. They can use it to calm down unruly Shifters and command the room. However, Compulsion has a much more stronger affect on Omega's specifically-- and especially between true mates.

5. Alpha's have Rut Cycles while Omega's have Heat Cycles, and when true mates are involved kit is also different. For when one goes into either their Rut or Heat Cycle, it triggers their mates own cycle to match them. They usually last about a week or a week and a half, and the first time between the pair is always the strongest and most powerful.

6. So I was thinking that perhaps this rp could also be another threesome or love triangle depending on how the relationships turn out. But anyways, perhaps YC has a brother (maybe a twin?? That could cause some drama because perhaps MC doesn’t know about YC having that said twin and when he meets his twin, and thinks it’s YC and almost gives himself away? Whoops) ANYWHO, I thought it would be interesting because then that brother could also be true mates with MC but YC & MC have been trying to keep MC’s true identity a secret from him and everyone else so it could cause some tension and interesting things to unfold.

7. Perhaps YC’s father could be a part of the High Council? Which would definitely cause a lot of tension when his father begins to realize who MC is and what he is.
Omegaverse, multiple characters, drama, romance, some dark themes, shifters, rough overview, world-building.
Anyone want to rp an omegaverse? I'll be playing multiple characters-- specifically multiple Omega's who have been taken in by YC-- an Alpha looking rebuild his pack. This will start off when YC finds one of MC's running from other alpha's hoping to catch him and sell him on the black market, but YC steps in and saves him and ends up bringing him home to become apart of YC's little pack/harem.
This takes place in a world where Omega's are few and far in-between and seen as a commodity for the wealthy and powerful Alpha's who'd pay a pretty penny in the black market auctions to own an Omega of their own. I'm thinking that YC is definitely the possessive/protective type with strict rules, maybe even a bit of yandere-type of character? But I'm leaving this up to you. We definitely need to do more plotting, but I'd really love to try this out!

I want a Wild West setting, except also with an Omegaverse (an unusual combination I know). So basically I had this idea where I play at least 2-3 Omega’s who were captured by slavers (Omegas are a hot commodity in this day and age), and are to be sold in an auction. However, before that happens they see a chance to escape and they take it— somehow this ends up with them killing an Alpha who had captured them and ultimately forcing them on the run. Not only do the auction buyers who paid top dollar for them want them back, but the lawmen are also hot on the trail and in pursuit of the Omega fugitives.

The Omega’s know that if they keep themselves as the way they are they will be found easily. So they don disguises, concocting a way to mask their potent Omega scents as Beta’s and try to keep a low profile while traveling.

They are left to fend for themselves in the wildlands all on their own... Or so they thought, until YC’s show up. (You’ll be playing at least 3 characters), a small, ragtag team of Alpha and Beta cowboys also trying to find their place in the world. They discover the three Omega’s (maybe they get in some kind of scuffle and they step in to help them), and decide to take it upon themselves to help the Omega’s in anyway they can and travel together.
I’m thinking that YC’s realize that MC’s are actually Omega’s right off the bat— something gives them away like gesture or whatever that only Omega’s do— however YC’s pretend and let them believe that they are oblivious to the truth, not wanting to make them uncomfortable but still desiring to stay with them and keep them safe.
YC’s do not know that they are on the run from the law and from slavers until later. I want drama and some angst, and most definitely romance in this rp. And whether YC’s decide to share all of the Omega’s between themselves as they develop their relationships or whether they pair off into separate couples can be decided later in the topic, honestly I’m fine either way! If you want a polyamorous relationship between their little group or separate couples, either or is good with me!



Appears around 22-23 in human years

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