Furry Harem Interest Check


May 25, 2020
Greetings everyone, I'm OneLovely, and I've been on Hiatus for quite awhile due to Covid hitting my family last year and just not being in the head space to play sexually, obviously. ^^

Anywho, as the title states, I'm checking for potential interest in starting up a Furry Harem. I don't really have a sort of core idea where this story would go, but I'm definitely thinking it's something more Modern Fantasy esque, where Furries are considered beneath humans and are used in everything from Slaves, to Sex, to Currency. I'm thinking we have something in place in terms of how many Dom's can be around, and how many "subs" can be around. I've been playing and watching alot of Pokemon lately, so I think it could be fun that people who own Furries are limited to only so many, like Pokemon Trainers, and can trade them in and out, to be discussed by the players of course. This is something up for debate, as again I don't have a real core idea of what the story should be, could just be free form and who knows what happens.

That being said, I do also have a sort of dark side when it comes to RP, I know alot of people don't so this is something strictly optional, not something that needs to be in the RP. I think it could be a very unique take to have in place, if the Owner is wealthy enough, they can kidnap a human and turn them into a Furry, tagged and everything. Thus, making them a non-consensual Furry that they abuse and use and just treat poorly. I have several darker kinks, but that can be discussed at a later time.

Obviously, I don't want to be like, the controlling Dom in this Group RP, just one of them, so any and all recommendations and thoughts and discussions are welcome.

Thank you very much for reading if you made it this far, and I look forward to seeing what others have to say. Again keeping in mind, this is just super random, very impulsive idea just being thrown out there, so be gentle. ^^


Feb 23, 2019
It's certainly an interesting idea - these sorts of group RPs always seem to lack enough submissives, though. We doms are a dime a dozen. I prefer the less dark option but I'm sure the idea of being turned anthro or half-anthro and thus being enslaveable enough has some people all hot and bothered. Is there a reason for the furry harems to exist beyond pleasure, is there any sort of story to the RP you're thinking of at this point? Sometimes having a unifying plot driver and some simple lore can help set up the fun parts.
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