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Kinky Canine

May 8, 2020
Looking to play as either male animal, human, or both for some RP's that either focus around: "Bestiality", "Incest", "Dom/Sub", "Gloryhole", "Fantasy", "Best Friends", or maybe even Group hanging out that turns into sex.

I'm open to combining ideas or even taking an idea you may have and wish to try out. My pairings are usually M x F with the exception of a third party pet being also male or female. It doesn't mean I won't partake in a M x M or even a F x F RP but, the plot/story would have to really interest me. I prefer to play Dom regardless of my role. Not really into being a Sub. (I have tried it many times).

My Kinks: Zoophilia, Bestiality, Pokephilia, oral, rimming, pet-play, maids, cock-worship, Incest, anal, light-bondage, frotting, food-play, choking, blindfolds, etc.

My Turnoffs: Scat, vore, gore,
Not open for further replies.
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