Feb 13, 2020
Hi. I'm Violetta, a cisgendered female, LGBTQ+ friendly. You can expect multi paragraph posts, in the range of 300-700 words, weekly.

I like a lot of genres and settings, but my favorites are romance, historical, sci fi, and horror. Slice of life usually bores me, so the plot has to be strong and I have to love the characters.

I'm used to playing dominant characters, but to broaden my horizons, I'm taking a break until I get bored with writing submissives. If you don't like that, tough. I'm not bending your arm to play with me.

One final detail: I'm happily married, and I don't like to play flirt. Don't use terms of endearment with me, I don't appreciate it. And don't use the, "honey, I'm southern," excuse because so am I.
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