Sep 5, 2021
Thought I would come over here and introduce myself! To make it easier, everyone can definitely call me Lex.

I have been RP'ing on and off for many years (I would guess about 8-9). I had to put it down for the past 3-4 years due to home life stuff (nothing terrible, just time consuming). I am really hoping to get back into it, slowly of course so I do not overwhelm myself.

I would say that I love plot/romance to be the main focus of RP. But I have also done smut based ones as well, I feel that they seem to fizzle out a lot quicker. I'm open to a lot of different themes for RP. To be honest... I read a wide variety of books (okay... wide variety of romance/smut mostly :sneaky:) but I like it all! Period stuff, future/post apocalypse, aliens, shifters... you name it i have probably read/enjoyed a book or two of that type.

Well... thanks for taking time to read this! Cannot wait to meet some of you!
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